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Arhi~I Want You!~ FF *Thread 1* (Page 69)

arhiforever22 Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Wow now update please pm me

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nirbasito Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
 omg...Its Awesummm...ClapClap

love it Heart

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khwaishfan IF-Stunnerz

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Hi Nadia...thanks 4 da pm n fantabulous update!

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frenzyy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
awsum ff.. loved it!! plz pm wen u update..

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TheSexyDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
OMG arnav was soo jealous hehehe
poor ranveer
continue soon

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Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 4:49pm | IP Logged

Hi my lovelies,

Thank you for the 213 LIKES for Part 8DancingStar...If you don't mind please go back and press like to the previous parts if you know you haven't.


Part 10

Lavanya sat in Khushi desk waiting for her to come back from her break.  She sat there filing her nails.

"Lavanya Mam aap?" ( Lavanya Mam you?)

She got up from the desk and pulled her pink mini skirt down. She walked towards Khushi in an attitude. "Yes me...You want this company to go down don't you?"

"No Mam...why you saying that?"

"Don't give me that you don't know? ASR has broken all ties with Mr Oberoi because Mr Oberoi asked ASR to bring you to the party tonight to meet his son Vikram because he was 'interested' in you- not that I can see why. Khushi you are so ungrateful to your boss..he provided you a job...stopped you from becoming homeless...the least you could do is ask Mr Oberoi  to not break ties with our company just because ASR said to him in a rage".

Khushi looked shocked and overwhelmed. She knew she had to say something to Mr Oberoi..she knew Arnav valued Mr Oberoi liaison with his company. She got hold of the number of Mr Oberoi and began calling him. He picked the phone up.

"Mr Oberoi its Khushi...I needed to speak to you...I heard my boss broke all ties with you because of me. I know he did it to protect me and my answer would have been the same to your son but I also know you and ASR have a good working relationship and that should not be spoiled due to a third party- which is me".

"Miss Khushi...I assure you I did not say I will break any deal it was Mr Raizada...but if you can come to my party we can discuss it further..".

Khushi had to go and sort this out for her employer. She decided to go straight from work before the party started.  She asked Aman to let her go early and told him the reason why she had to go. Aman knowing fully well how important it was for ASR to stop breaking ties with Mr Oberoi.

Arnav realised he had not seen Khushi for most of the day and it was time for signing off. He came down to get a glimpse of her. His eyes searched for everywhere. Reluctantly he asked Aman.

"Aman where's Khushi?"

"She had to go early"

"Where? I said where?" He sensed something was off.

"Uhhh" He did not want to say a word.

"Aman you damn well know where she tell me or consider yourself fired". He was in a fit of rage.

"Sir she has gone to Mr Oberoi party to persuade him to not break ties with you because Lavanya Mam told her that she was the reason why you broke the deal". Arnav ran as fast as he could to his jeep. A thousand thoughts crossed his mind...he was worried at what she might agree to.

When he reached the party he looked frantically for Khushi and found her standing near Vikram, smiling and talking to him. He looked at them full of anger and hurt. Arnav looked on seeing them joke and laugh and eventually handshake. That was it he could not keep his anger controlled he stormed forward and was intercepted by Mr Oberoi.

"Mr Raizada what a pleasant surprise". Arnav kept his gaze at them both and Mr Oberoi noticed.

"Relax young man...Khushi told me are very lucky to have an employee like that...we understand she is not into the thing we had in mind for her...but Mr Raizada we never wanted to break ties with was your decision but I would appreciate it if we could carry on where we had left off?"

Khushi looked at Arnav and walked beside him and looked a little guilty. "Mr Oberoi I appreciate your words and would love to work with you again". They both shook hands much to Khushi's happiness.

Arnav stayed a little while longer discussing a major fashion show they were meant to organise together. Mr Oberoi asked Khushi to model the traditional range which Arnav had asked her when he first employed her. Khushi could sense Arnav was still irked by the step she had taken so she left without letting him know. As he was keeping a hawk eye on her and realised she had left as soon as his caramel eyes could not see her. He quickly left trying to look for her. It was pouring with rain outside.

He saw her walking. He shouted out. "KHUSHI...STOP". Khushi looked back and panicked and began running. "Khushi how many times have I told you to stop when I'm talking to you dammit!".

She still did not listen and she ran further looking behind to see if he had caught up with her. As it was dark  a car beeped and Arnav ran and pulled her away in his arms from colliding.

(Pic Credit to *Ani*)

Arnav stood still aware that she was scared and she was clinging to his blazer for dear life. Slowly the rain got faster and her heartbeat increased with it...she shyly moved away and was met by his blazing caramel eyes which were reading into her soul. His nose just an inch away from her forehead..their eyes lost into another world. His hands gripped her by her biceps and she rested her petite hands on his waist. He asked her in a quiet husky voice. "Khushi why did you do this?"

She hesitated and realised she was really close to him and moved away. She had her back to him and began holding her hands. "Because your company would have been losing out because of me..and I didn't want you to blame me as always".

He looked gutted that she was only worried about his loss and profits and there was no other reason.

He looked at her trembling with cold and took his blazer off and placed it around her shoulders. This   was of no use because his blazer was drenched. She uncomfortable clutched the blazer while he led her to the car.



Arnav got home all drenched and HP got worried and made him kara to stop him from catching a cold. He went upstairs to change into his dry clothes.

He was met by Lavanya in his bedroom who was waiting for him to stay the night.

He looked at her annoyed and began getting flashbacks of what she made Khushi do.

"How dare you go behind my back and accuse Khushi of ruining my business..."

She stepped back seeing him coming towards her.

"How many times I have to tell you Lavanya to stay out of my business...your my girlfriend and stay that way..."

She began making excuses. "ASR I only said all that because I care for you and your welfare".

"Lavanya I am not a kid and I don't need you to care for me got it? Now just go home okay".

He stormed off to change and she tearfully headed off home.  Meanwhile Khushi put his blazer to dry and went to sleep pleased with herself that she had sorted Arnav's issue with Mr Oberoi.



Anjali left to go to her university with plenty of cash to spend with her boyfriend Sonu. He was a very popular boy . All the girls use to die to want to date with him but lately he took a shine to Anjali. One could say Anjali was a love stricken girl who was in awe of his 'stud' status in university. Anjali decided not to tell her brother as she knew he would never allow any boys to be anywhere near her but she was in love. And as they say love is blind.

Her only connection with Arnav was through her mobile and he made sure she was provided with everything. Sonu also did not want Arnav to know about him and only time could tell why.

Precap; Khushi trips and Arnav catches her.Embarrassed

Hit the LIKE button and comments pleaseee...I love reading your feedback.

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awesome update loved it that was very well written loved his reaction to where she went la is so going to get it if she keeps butting into his business loved the update awesome precap thanks for the pm

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Is Sonu Bad ?! : O Awww, Khushi Fixed The Deal For Arnav; Lavanya Is So Irritating :| Can't Wait For The Fall In The Next Precap Embarrassed

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