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Arhi~I Want You!~ FF *Thread 1*

Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged

Part 1

Arnav Singh Raizada was a tall, sexy, suave and intelligent bachelor.  Every girl was at his feet. Who he wanted and when he wanted was at his disposal. He did not give a damn about anyone. The ideology he had was that money could buy anything. He had enough confidence to seduce any girl. His only weakness was his younger sister Anjali. All his family had passed away at a very young age but nonetheless he became a ruthless human being.

He walked into his office and the staff began scattering around making themselves appear that they were working very hard. All the staff greeted him but he kept a serene face not acknowledging anyone.

"Where's Aman?" he barked.

"Here I am sir...just was finalising a deal" stammered Aman.

"How many times I have to tell you that when I come your attention should be on your boss not some petty deals".

"Sorry sir".

"What the I pay you to stare at me..Get back to work..NOW!"

He walked up the stairs angrily and began speaking on his Bluetooth.  A girl walked up the stairs in low cut top and a mini skirt and entered his cabin.

"Oh hello sexy!"

"Hi Lavanya am I glad to see you..have you sorted out my secretary??"

Lavanya came near and pecked him on the cheek.

"ASR I am on to it..and I am so efficient I have a girl coming in for an interview in 30 minutes".

"Good and let me interview her because I can't leave to chance now..I have changed 4 secretaries in one month".

Lavanya shook her head. Her ASR was hard to please. She came near and put her arms around from the back.

"ASR shall we go out for dinner tonight?"

Looking at his files intently and then answering her. "No Lavanya I need to spend time with my sister Anjali she has come from university for two weeks".

Lavanya pouted and turned around. "You never have time for me. Always making ufff I have had enough! What kind of girlfriend am I?"

Arnav got up from his seat and came towards Lavanya and spoke to her in a bad tone. "Lavanya I have no time for your girly fantasies. Grow up in the real world love and bollywood magic does not work...the sooner you realise it the better".

Lavanya fought back her tears and went to her cabin. One year of a relationship and nothing coming out of it. It was her making the moves, her making the relationship work but Arnav was always cold as a cucumber.

Arnav was man of a few words but he let nothing get to him so Lavanya's  outburst had little affect on him. For her she was girl that threw herself at him and he just enjoyed a no strings attached relationship like he did with the other girls.


A young lady walked in to the Raizada office. She was wearing a shocking pink chooridar. Her long gorgeous black silk like hair adorning her face. She was very fair and extemley slim. She was a girl dressed modestly but her choti choti adai (small charming ways) would topple any man. Her dazzling smile was a killer. To top it off her beauty spot on her cheek further enhanced her beauty.

She walked in and the men at the office began turning their heads. The girls that were skimply dressed were wondering what was so great about this girl covered from head to toe. Little did they know that in a mans world the more mysterious a women is the more she is a turn on for them to discover...kya cheez hain ye larki?

"Hi my name is Khushi..I have come to give an interview for the secretary post".

"Yes Miss would you follow me to the boss cabin?"

Khushi nodded. She was feeling nervous as this job was important to her. Her Landlord had threatened her that if she did not pay the rent by the end of the week he would evict her. Khushi only trusted her Devi Maiya. Her family had passed away in an accident when she was very young.


Arnav was busy on the phone looking very angry. Khushi knocked on the door.

"Come in".

Arnav was facing the glass windows and talking very abruptly to someone.

"Listen Mr Kapoor I don't care..this deal is didn't make the payment on time and due to this I have lost so much I want my money and the rest of the deal cancelled".

He disconnected the call and sat his chair looking at his mobile.

"Lavanya look at the cheek of that man..he said he will take me to court..."

Khushi looked at him..his style...his attitude...his hair...his so perfect English...and that suit made him look like an angrez. 

"Lavanaya pass me that file".

Khushi looked around and was wondering which file she was meant to give him.

"Bloody hell give me the god damn file!" he fumed. She picked up any file and gave it to him. He without looking snatched the file and with the force he took Khushi with him and she fell into his lap.

"What the!"

She closed her eyes feeling scared and scrunched his shirt.

He looked at her face and then her lips. Oh god they looked juicy. He eyed her a little while longer.

"Hey Missy open your eyes"...she immediately opened them. She looked into his brown eyes that were looking stern but yet soft.  He looked at her in awe...never had a girl looked so good and smelt so good.

"Sir sorry". Saying that she got up from his lap and he looked away feeling something strange and shy. ASR and shy?? That was one for the books but he recovered soon after.

"What the hell! Who are you and what you doing in my cabin?"

He looked at her waist length hair and brought his eyes to meet hers.

"My name is Khushi and I have come to give an interview to become your personal secretary". She said feeling insecure with his personality.

 "Oh really?!" he arched his eyebrow and then tilted his head to the right with a smirk. Looking at her sexy stiletto's and then the outfit she was wearing.  

Precap; will ASR give her the job?Ermm

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Part 2

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Loved the start amazing!! He's already goneLOL. Khushi seem to have already given him the kind of feelings that don't wash away with soapDay Dreaming. Can't wait to read Lavanya's reaction because she's bound to realize that ASR is attracted to Khushi. Look at me getting all excited this story has a lot of potential. Please continue soon...LOL

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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loved the start goodbye la hello mrs raizada love it please continue soon thanks for the pm

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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awesome start.loved it

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Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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passion1 Groupbie

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Thank you for sharing you'r lovely& amazing story I love the star it realyyy riche& I can't wait for you'r next part so please can you update sonnn please please bcause I realy love it it superbe & great &you wairting very good thi's soo interesting & I want to khnow what will happend withe Arnav & Khushi 
so can you please pm me for you'r next share thanks again 

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-Sanjana- IF-Sizzlerz

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reserved babe! Hug

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ErichPawJane Groupbie

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like it... plese continue

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