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Aaliyah/Ranveer SS - For Our Country - ON HIATUS (Page 2)

Allbut1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
This is really great! You're doing a wonderful job building on to the concept of the show and it's beautifully written which is an immediate plus!

Waiting for the next chapter, so please update soon :)

Joker Newbie

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
Note: Once again, thank you so much for commenting and liking my previous episode(s). Also, I would like to thank everyone who co-operated with me being a laze by not sending PM's. I promise I'll try next time but to everyone who wants a PM, please make sure you like the first episode post. On with the story...

Episode 3

"A.T.B - Put your hands where I can see them! NOW!" he yelled entering his apartment with his gun aimed straight at Mahendra's head. He had fluid movements and his posture was confident. His gun did not leave it's aim as he moved like a predator around him nearing Aaliyah.

But just with enough swiftness, Mahendra barricaded his way standing protectively in front of his Julia. 

"You stay away from her!" He reached slowly for his hostler while engaging him in his talks. It would just be a second before he would shoot him and end this once and for all. Ranveer had been his friend in the past but he had come to separate him from his Julia. Never would he allow that - not even on his dead body.

"Shut up, Mahendra!" He touched the trigger lightly almost wishing to put a bullet through his head. How dare he get close to her? She was not his Julia. Hell, she was not even Julia

"Now, do as I say. Put. Your. Hands. Where. I. Can. See. Them. And do it, NOW!" he commanded placing his finger dangerously close to the trigger. One shot and this man would be a goner, he thought.

"No. I want a guarantee - in writing that Julia will not be touched. Harmed!" refused Mahendra touching his hostler now. He could see Ranveer's eyes were fixed to his face and he would not realize when he would shoot him in the leg. 

But before he had a chance to do that, he felt cold metal press on the back of his head. It was a feeling of confusion and his hand immediately touched his now empty hostler.

"Didn't you hear what he said? PUT YOUR HANDS UP, NOW!" She roared at the thought of Ranveer getting hurt. However what she was not aware if this was her concern for him or for her own interest at not staying a minute longer with a crazy, obsessed man.

He swung around crazily not caring if guns were aimed at his head from both sides. All that really mattered was his Julia. His Julia was holding him at gunpoint? He simply would not accept it!

"Julia, what are you doing?" he asked placing his hand on the gun and pushing it down from his face. "What is wrong with you, my love? Why are you trying to get us both killed?" 

"No more shit, Mahendra! Put your hands up now or..." Ranveer cocked his gun aimed at the back of his head. "...Don't make me kill you - I would feel an ounce better if you were not killed by my hands!"

He ignored him and stared into her ample eyes. And the next minute he was being dragged away from the fabrication of his dead wife.


"Aaliyah, Ranveer!" cried the Chief rising from his chair and rushing to greet them. He didn't return Ranveer's usual gesture and instead hugged him tightly. "Congratulations and a very hearty welcome back!"

"Thank you, sir. I... We have caught the bas***d," smiled Ranveer turning to glance at Aaliyah who still had the blank face mask. "He's behind bars away from every detonator, bomb and Julias."

The Chief chuckled heartily at his little joke. "Aaliyah, this was your first successful mission! Congr-" 

"What are you implying?" asked Aaliyah bluntly. "This was my first and final mission."

Ranveer nodded in reassurement. "Relax, Aaliyah. We will not overburden you with any more missions. Your help was appreciated and... I remember our deal."

"Deal?" echoed the Chief walking back to his chair. "Ranveer, you do know that you are our best Agent. You are the vital figure to every successful mission and you are wasting your time in silly deals!?"

"B...but, he promised," she protested, tears pooling in her brown doe eyes. Ranveer concernedly stared at her wondering how he could lighten the conversation. He hated to see her in tears or trouble for an unknown reason he did not know.

Turning to his Chief, he explained their deal and the importance of it to Aaliyah. Finally the Chief had agreed and dismissed the two.


As soon as they had been dismissed, Aaliyah raced to the lift without saying a mere goodbye to him. But she still felt his footsteps behind her and beside her while she waited for the lift.

Not wanting to wait any longer she turned to walk down the stairs but the next minute she was on the linoleum floor. The air had whooshed out of her after colliding with an iron chest and she felt her whole body protest against massive force. 

Ranveer would've laughed if she hadn't stared up at him dazed. He wondered how much he had indirectly harmed her by just blocking her way. And then a memory of him picking her up flashed before him. He stared down at her and saw recognition light up in her eyes. 

Quickly standing up and ignoring the deja vu, Aaliyah muttered an apology and raced past him down the stairs. Her legs protested but she ran until she was out and away from his piercing stare.

He stared after her as she ran - or more likely limped. Why was he so concerned for her? Why did he care for a mere foolish girl like her? Was what Chief said true? Was he really falling in love with her?

Note: Pardon my errors and mistakes in this episode(s) and once again I would like to clarify some points because this story will be progressing very quickly.

First of Ranveer and Aaliyah were on this mission for 4 months where Ranveer decided that they would end the mission early. That was because of his protectiveness or should I say love for her...

Second, Aaliyah and  family scenes will be very brief and I didn't think I would say this but next episode is Ranveer's strong realization of his love for Aaliyah.

Until then, ciao! :D 

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Liza. Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
& it just keeps getting better.
Really really great part.
I also love the the way you write.
Hope you update again soon. Please :)
-Namita- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Your grammar is really good and I love reading it. Please do continue.
Allbut1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
Woot woot! The mission is finally over and that creep has officially left Aaliyah and Ranveer's life meaning their real love story can start now! I am loving the Aaliyah you have created, she is very real. Anyone who has been in the underground world, and not only that but has been working for a huge undercover mission like she was, can never go back to being the way they were. These things are life changing, they open your eyes to all the harsh realities of the world, and there is no turning back after that. The innocence she has lost though this cannot be salvaged, and I am glad that you seem to be thinking along the same lines!

She definitely cares for Ranveer, she might even be in love with him, but after all the horrors she has seen, it's going to take some time for her to open up to these emotions and try to understand what they mean. Till then Ranveer's realization and acceptance will be more than interesting to read!

Lastly, I have said it before, and I will say it again, I love the way you write, proper grammar, spellings and cohesion, makes it so much easier and fun to read! Can't wait for the next part, so please update soon :)
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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 5:21pm | IP Logged
Note: Thank you so much for commenting and liking on my previous episode. It is such a pleasure to carry on writing this story - it just builds up itself! :D Once again, I will only be PM'ing those who liked the first post. Thank you all for co-operating... :D

Quick clarification about this chapter: Aaliyah has disclosed everything to her family but not yet to Rishi and Meghna. Reason for this is... I liked Meghna's exuberant and Rishi's dreamy lover personality. I guess these two will make things interesting later on...Censored
Episode 4

Freedom. That's what it felt like when Aaliyah sat with her four friends in a canteen chatting happily away. It had been five days since she had arrived back home and revealed everything to her family. Much to her dismay, everyone wanted to know about her little adventure and moreover on who she met. After every futile attempt to close the topic, she had disclosed everything to her family. But even after four days the topic hadn't been fully closed as her Aapa was determined to have a little 'chat' with Ranveer about not informing her family.

"Hey, Aaliyah. Where are you lost?" asked Rishi; flashing his hand in front of her face. "You haven't had your ice-cream yet? Look, it's already turned into a river!"

Glancing down at her cup of ice-cream, she realized that her favorite ice-cream no longer appealed to her anymore. Instead, she felt rather disgusted and wondered how someone could enjoy something with such a high amount of sugar. 

"What's wrong, Aaliyah? You seem so... off," exclaimed Meghna touching her hand rather vigorously nearly hitting her damaged wrist which she had broken 3 months ago. "Since you've returned from London, you just seem so freaking serious!"

"What do you expect, Meghna?" interrupted Nargis placing her hand rather comfortably on Aaliyah's shoulder. "Every place is different and I'm sure if you spent 6 months in London, you would feel very weird coming back," she added directing the conversation at her.

"Oh me! I would be so glad! Aaliyah, you are really unbelievable, you know? How can you not click pictures of the handsome men there?" She sighed dreamily leaning on her hand.

Rishi chuckled at her. "You see Aaliyah? Some people just never change!" 

"Yes, but unfortunately I am not one of them," she replied disappointingly drinking her water.  


Ranveer concealed himself behind the draperies of the canteen watching and hearing everything they said - everything she said. He was rather shocked how she had hardly contributed to the conversation. Maybe this mission had changed her after all and her little impromptu ending suggested in favor. 

But the bit that drove him crazy was Rishi's constant bickering and touching. It drove him mad to see him touch her on the arm, talk about how her hair was short or even say 'I missed you'. 

And when he had finally hugged her and whispered an 'I love you', he had snapped. Striding angrily towards them, he had stood exactly behind her and with extreme patience had waited till the two separated ignoring the looks Nargis and Meghna throw at him. 

He had briefly caught Meghna's whispering to Nargis. "He's hot! Does he know Aaliyah or Rishi? Man, forget Londoners - there's enough good looking men here in our India!" To which Nargis had rolled her eyes and had continued examining him.

"Rishi, what's wrong with you? I'm here now, aren't I?" she had complained pulling away and he had smiled. But then Rishi had noticed a man staring at him - more likely glaring.

"Aaliyah - you know this man?" he asked keeping his eyes fixed on the man's piercing glare. "Why is he glaring at me?" 

To which Aaliyah had chuckled before turning around to stare at Rishi's mystery glaring man. And then she had met the same piercing eyes and had felt her breath hitch. He hadn't changed at all and she didn't expect him to. He still stood there confidently with his muscle bulging arms folded and his gaze was still piercing. 

For him, he had seen her eyes had the usual shine back but it soon blurred as soon as her breath hitched. Her mouth was still open in shock and she had not shown any signs of greeting him.

Taking a step forward, he smiled at her lightly. "How're you doing, Aaliyah?"

"Oh, you know him, Aaliyah?" asked Rishi a little disappointed. His negative expression didn't go unnoticed and once again he earned a glare. "...Aaliyah, shouldn't we be going now? Remember, today we have to-"

"No. Not yet." Ranveer had interrupted having had enough. "Aaliyah, I wanted-"

"Oh, but of course you should join us! Don't you think so, Nargis?" rejoiced Meghna stepping forward in front of Aaliyah. "In fact, we should really head to the mall! There's this new-"

"Meghna," said Aaliyah, dangerously. "I don't think Ranveer would be joining us. And I-"

"Oh, your name's Ranveer! Awesome! It so matches your personality," Aaliyah sighed at being interrupted again but kept her eyes fixed on the man. She noticed he kept glancing her away but his confident posture never crumbled.

"Actually, I would like to join you," he contradicted glancing at Aaliyah as he said 'you'. Much to his annoyance, Meghna had squealed in his ear and had nearly taken hold of his arm before he had abundantly made it clear that he didn't like to be touched.


Now as they walked in the mall; Aaliyah, Nargis and Rishi had stuck together whereas Meghna had matched every step of Ranveer's with hers. 

"Seriously, how do you know people like him? The dude creeps me out," commented Rishi nudging her arm lightly. He then looked around and noticed Ranveer's eyes fixed straight on them or moreover on Aaliyah.

"Why did she even invite him?" he grunted shaking his head disapprovingly. "He's looking at you, Aaliyah!" 

Her breath hitched but she concealed it by pointing to a book shop. "Look, Rishi. Let's go there," 

Staring at her with a confused expression, he didn't realize when Ranveer had stepped in front of them. And then did Rishi notice how inferior he seemed compared to the broad and manly personality of him. 

Sighing, Ranveer extended his hand towards Aaliyah but was cut of by Rishi barricading the way. "What do you think you are doing? Don't touch her!"

Sighing, Aaliyah pushed him out of the way. "Stop this nonsense, Rishi. What's wrong with you?"

"But Aaliyah, did you see-"

"Rishi, stop!" She silenced him and noticed everyone was waiting for her response. "I... have to go home. I'll see you all later." And with that she turned and stalked away making sure to not meet Ranveer's eyes. Something told her that this was not about her brother Aalif. 

Note: Extreme apologies if this episode lacked of the romanticism. To be honest, I do not have a strong knowledge of love and well I am one of those quite nerdy people who find solace in books. Once again, sorry if this episode didn't live up to your expectations. PM's will shortly arrive, hopefully.  

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Awesome part !!
I'm loving these regular updates LOL ,
So thanks so much for that :)
Can't wait for epi.5 !
Hope you continue soon :)
-Namita- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Girl, you can write. I am in love :) please continue soon. It's so exciting!

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