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Tuesday 24 April 2012 Episode:265
Update by Sneha

The Episode starts with VD saying that i feel now why i married you nu !!!Shocked
abi is shocked and she feels ,uma is watching all this ,uma comes  calls abi to eat and then abi says vendam,she asks why ...,abi says that enna nu solurathu ...
uma starts saying that morning prabhu dad told na are you feeling for that ? and she says that 20yrs i have seen him like a mother he dnt not tell me anything while he went out of the house ...even he dnt give you respect in office ,then see how much she have changed him ,she does all this to palivanga tana and since all this is done by revathi as she dnt have way to go anywhere
and then we all came to know abt ther na so that leave it you have told it to prakesh na he will do anything for you !!!!Angry if i say somthing na kuda he will say will see to it !!bt he thinks you as his God so he will do anything Angryfor you as you said do anything bt prabhu should home nu tp prakesh he will do it 
thats what i told na prakesh will see everything come to eat ,and uma goes ,abi thinks of 
something ,what uma said prakes will do what ever you what and then he will do anything to bring prabhu back to this house and thinks of that she told to prakesh that do anything ...
 shifts to reva house reva eagerally seeing that laptop and then prabhu comes there she dnt notice him and he says reva and then she shows the pics of karthi and jo in london photo Angry and she says that jo looks cute na he asks dnt you get angry and she says no since they dnt understand me so they all speak konjam varutham irruku since jo too dnt understand me so that and then prabhu says avanga mattum tan honey moon povangala we can also go .
she says that how much you have he says 5000 as cash she says edha vachi ..he says bt one lak 20 thousand as check ..she says how he says its that money for waht i worked and then she says illa we have pay advance for this house and we have to get things for the house and we have to pay ashok money 75 tousand to him and then he says ok rest 50 thousand irrukula so athula we will go and then she says no he say illa na asapattutan we have to she says ok even i though of going to kanchipuran ...he says what kanchipuram honey moon place ha LOL enna revathi she says ok i will go put coffee for you ,you go get fresh ,he say wait i will come to kitchen adn then she says you go get fresh he says i am going to lear to cook she smiles and goes in he fools he and tell that avan avan small hotal vachi eppo foreign la peria hotel kathuran ...and goes in to kitchen 

Abi in her room thinking of past that prabhu says you are not my motherCry !!! and prabhu changes and calls her as amma ...etc...then there comes VD and says dnt think of anything sleep..
.two ppl in bike comes to prabhu reva house ,where those both were sleeping and they pore something on them  through window  both wakes up and both shouts who is this ? then at a stage they put fire on them both shouts ...reva shouts romba !!!!!ShockedShocked


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Wednesday, April 25th, Episode 266
Prabu and Revathy are sleeping in their room and two gundas come with a can of petrol and pour into the room and also on Prabu and Revathy as they got up and trying to stop thiose men...but they lights the matches and throw into the room...thee...thee...oreh thee...
Suddenly Abirami gets yup and sits on the bed calling Prabu...Prabu...Vasudevaqn wakes up and she tells," Prabu is in somekind of trouble...I drempt that some people burnt Prabu down...please call him right now...I want to know whether he is him" She cries...
But VD consoles her and asks her to go to sleep. But Abi tells that she never had such bad dream about Prabu and she is so scared. VD tells that it is almost 2 am...and they can not go to Prabu;s house that time...more over Prabu will not come here even if they go there. Abui replies," For me my son is important...I dont care whether Revathy comes here or not..but I need him to come back"
VD gets upset and tells," look here even now YOu are only concerned about Prabu and not abour that poor girl...You need to change ..anyway..Pranu will never come to us leaving Revathy...mind it"
Next morning...Abi is  in a temple Praying for Prabu...Revathy and Prabu also come to the same temple...Abi is sitting in a place and brooding over everything...feeling sad...she does not notice Revathy and Prabu neither they did...
P&R comes to one place and start doing Prathakshanam...meantime two men  are sent into the temple by the hit man who was engaged by Prakash. They both come in and spot P&R. In their mind they plan the murder...they both will disturb Revathy and Prabu will come to fight with them...then they both will push Prabu onto the soolam...and he would die...
As per their plan...they come stand closer to P& of them start whistling looking at expected by them Prabu holds their shirt and starts hitting them...suddenly Prabu is pushed on to th3e thiri soolam..but someone hoklds back Prabu...Revathy is shgocked to see this. Prabu is saved in a fraction of seconds...before his neck hit the soolam.
It was Abi who saved him...SHe chases the rowdies away and cries to Prabu and asks him to come with her home. Prabu pushes her hands and tells," podum this drama ...just to bring me to that house...I was not happy in that was like a hell to both of tell me you want me to have such a life again..?"
Abi tells," Prabu..I came to the temple just for you paa..since I had a bad dream about you...That God only sent me here I think...luckily you are saved..My paasam looks like a drama to you Prabu?" Prabu replies," If you want both of us to be happy please leave us alone...I will never get happiness or any I got nothing to do with that house...Revatheee...vaa polaam...poolaaam" Revathy slowly starts walking with him.
Revathy and Prabu are outside the temple walking to the house. Revathy tells," You never even called your mom ammaa...petha manasu eppadi thudichu irukkum...I think what ever she told in the temple is true...I feel  like that...what is this ? you are not talking anything at all...?"
Prabu is still anhgry," Whatever I should talk I already did in the temple and I told her what I had to tell right?..let her feelings be true but... for me it looked like a drama..." Revathy tells," What ever you said...she would think that I only made to talk like that nu..illiyaa?"
Prabu," yes you said it correctly...when ever she changes her mind about you...we will see.." Reva asks him why shpould he suffer like this instead..why cannt he go back to his mom's house. Even before she ends the sentence Prabu stops her and tells,"All I have is naamma veedu...where we both live tigether happily...I want to be with you only...veezhvaanaalum...vaazhvu aanaalum...that is only with you...come lets us go"
Revathy is angry..and Prabu makes fun fo her and asks..." hey we are huisband and wiofe right? then why this much gap between us...come closer if not  evanaavathu idaiyileh pugunthuruvaan..." Revathy smiles and comes closer to him...Prabu puts his hands on her shoulder and walks..

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Thursday, April 26th, Episode 267  
Abi is back from the temple..she looks worried..she comes upstairs...and VD comes there too. ABi asks," Wont you ask anything to me at all?" VD sarcastically replies," What to ask...even the walls know that you are sad and crying for Prabu...imagining stuff nu...ok tell me what happened?"
Abi tells what happened in the temple with those two rowdies and how she saved Prabu before he fell on the soolam...she pleading Prabu to come home and Prabu thinking all this is a drama...finally she tells," While all this conversation between me and Prabu was going on...that Revathy never even opened her mouth and supported me and my views!!...Is it true that Prabu will never get any happiness here in this he feels that this house is like a hell...ennaga..please go and talk to him...and bring him to me..." ( Abi's dubbing voice given by someone..does not suit her at all???!!)Big smile
VD answers," Look here Abirami...he is not a small kid anymore...he is married and has his own life...only your problems are growing day by day.." Then he calls Prabu's work cell phone...but can not get thru so..he calls the office manager to find out about the phone which POrabu carried all this time. The office manager tells," Sir..Prabu sir surrendered the sim card and the phone to us when he left the office" Hearing this VD tells," Dont you see this...he does not even want to carry the office phone...ivanaam thirumbi varuvaan nu you are expecting?" He goes away from there...leaving confused and disappointed Abi there.
Next morning VD's car stops infront of Prabu's house. He gets down and slowly reaches the gate and walks towards the door which is kept opened and he can see Prabu and Revathy sitting in the hall with the Lap top. Prabu is looking for a job. Revathy asks," there are so many openings in so big companies and why are you not picking them to apply? why do you look for small companies?"
Prabu replies," What challenge is there to join a compnay which is on top level...If I take a job in a smaller company and I can work hard and bring that one to the top level illiya...? that will feel nice to me" Reavthy tells," Whatever it need to take up some job within a week...because we do not have any money after that"
Hearing all this VD ...softly calls,"Prabu" Both P&R are surprised to see him...ask him come in and Revathy  asks him," coffee?" VD replies," Sure...but not come to our house and make coffee and anything ..I will have them...Prabu veettuku vaappaa...tell me what should I doto bring you home...? shall I make everyone ask sorry to you?"
Both Prabu and Revathy refuse that and tell that there is no need to do all that and they both are happy the way they live at present. Again VD asks whether he should send Abi to talk to Prabu..but Prabu answersd," SHe came to see me in the office and what happened? she never even asked for Revathy..all she wanted was my going back...which I can not do...where there is respect for Revathy I can not go..."
VD asks Revathy to change Prabu's views and he also asks," from the time I cam here you both never addressed me appa or mamaa...amma revathy why dont you try to change his views about coming back home amma?" But Revathy refuses that and tells," illeh maamaa...he has taken a correct decision only maamaa" VD tries to force but Prabu asks whether he wants coffee...VD leaves from there.
Prabu attends a job interview with a gentle man who is the MD of an export&Import company. Seeing his resume he asks," I am very impressed with your qualification but what about your experience? have you wroked anywhere before?" Prabu replies," Sir..please trust me...if I get this job I will prove myself"
Again he insists on asking about his experience...and Prabu tells that he has three years of working experience. ( That means...he started going to the office and it is already three years...which means they are married for three years...??!! which means JO& KArthi problem was going on for such a long time too???wow...time flies ha??!!)Wink Now the MD asks," Ok you never mentioned that in your resume but can I know which company you worked?" Prabu tells," Abirami Industries" Hearing this he is shocked...and asks," from such a big compnay you came here to work in this small company? what was your post MD or wait outside for five minutes..I have to decide"
As soon as Prabu goes out this MD talks to himself and then calls ABi's office and asks for VD. He enquires about Prabu to VD he also tells that it is regarding Prabu's job appilcation. VD replies," Sir, he is a very sincere worker...he is my son only...he wants to stand on his own legs without using his fathers or grandfathers money...hence he decided to look for a smaller job for himself from his position as a MD...Sir please give him this job and I will support you and he will defenitely bring up your compnay"
He calls Prabu and tells that he is appointed...Prabu asks how come and this MD tells," are reallyn great...these days it is hard to see young people like you who wants to be on their own withpout depending on their parents money...From such a big Position to this small GM position you have applied...I am happy to give you this job"
Prabu is surprised to see this change in him and aks what happend and who told about his job in ABi's office. MD tells," who else your dad only...he is very proud of you Prabu" Prabu asks," That meand after talking to my dad you decided to give me this job? Sorry Sir" HE takes his folder and starts walking towards the door.
He is walking on the road and he is upset...He sits on a parked scooter infront of a house. A man comes and chases him away from his scooter ...and takes his vandi. Prabu starts walking again...

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Friday, April 27th, Episode 268      
Reavthy is at home..Prabu comes home after his interview. Revathy asks about the interview and Prabu shows his thiumbs up...and then the thumbs down..he smiles.." velai kedaikallai". Immediately Revathy tells," It is ok...that company is not lucky enough to make use of your service" She goes in and comes back with coffee.
Prabu is in some deep thoughts...noticing this Revathy asks...what is bothering him. Prabu slowly starts telling about the interview and how it went on. " I don't know how to move forward with this kind problem"
Reavthy asks," Prabu...where ever you apply for a job...some homw they will come to know ..whose son you are right? So what to do now?" Prabu replies," The same thing only I am also  thinking...In fact I can start my own business in  a small way..but even for that we dont have money...what to do...what to do?"
Meantime...VD comes there...he storms in..both P&R are shocked to see him there.Vd screams at Prabu for not accepting the job...VD explains to Revathy," is too much...amma Revathy why dont you try and put some sense into him amma...? he is  not willing to work in our office as before...ok...fine but he is not even willing to tell that he is my son...???"
"Well in that case you will never get a job anywhere...vbecause your initial can not be wiped away just like that...Dei prabu yempaa...ippadi kashta padareh..please come home daa..." Prawbu tells," Appa...we are not in any kashtam...we are happy here ..please leave us alone" But VD again pleads Prabu," I will bring your mom tomorrow and please be ready to come home..." Prabu replies that they will not be home as they are planning to go to the temple in KAncheepuram.
VD is upset to hear this and asks," Just because I said that we will come tomorrow you are telling this..?" Prabu replies " this trip was planned Revathy has made a vow to visit that temple long time back. Even if you both are coming here when we are here...Iwe will not be coming to that house that is for sure...we are happy here and please do not ask us to come there once again...and leave us alone"
Still VD is not satisfied with Prabu's attitude and tells," Ok...that means you will never come home...until I am alive I least if I die you will come home right? Do wahtever your mind tells you Prabu..." He leaves.
Ashok comes to VD's office to meet him as he was called by VD. VD tells ashok how he feels about Prabu's decision aboutm not using his name or company's name to get a job etc...and also about him refusing to come back home...he continues," Ashok...he values frienship more than you only can make him understand...he was looking after everything in this office and I was relaxing but suddenly he threw away all this forcing me to suffer breaking my head about this business matter at this old age...I can do this I am so worried about Prabu and his life...I am not able to concentrate on anything..Ashok...please do this help for me"
Ashok promises to him," SIr...I will try my best to talk to Pra bu...and also to Revathy...may be she can make him u8nderstand things.." VD continues," whatever you can within your capacity and also please tell him..that I am ready to set up any business of his choice...he can be even away from this long as he is doing well...I will be at peace.." Ashok leaves...VD sits there frozen with tears.
Ashok meets P&R in a coffee shop. Prabu asks," ok...coffe saapitaachu...sollunga...what ypou want to talk...?" Ashok  is shocked hearing this and mazhuppifies..."illeh,,,illeh nothing summathaan ungalai vara sonnen...yes I want to talk to you about your job search etc"
Prabu immediately asks," did you meet my dad...? are you here to convey something from him? come on? dont refuse...if you are my true friend..then you knwo very well there  is no secrets among frinds...right? and no poi pesals too"
Ashok has no other option but accepting that he met VD sir nu. Prabu says...not to talk about the same matter again and again. But Ashok insists and tells," need to understand that he is your father...and your name can not need to take some wise decision about this...I would suggest you to go back to your house...but I am pretty sure you will not do that..."
"So the next option is...get your share of property from your dad and start off a good business...only that will help you Prabu" Revathy refuses," No ashok...already they all are angry with me thinking that I only took Prabu away from them...more over we do not want any of their property and money..."
Ashok asks," So what else to do...?" Prabu requests him to get a job in the same company where Ashok works. Ashok is shocked to hear this and tells," that is such a small company...and you work there aa?" Prabu insists on that and tells," So what...I am willing to work...then ...come on get a job there"  Ashok asks him to give some time find out about this...
Prakash calls the killer and informs him about P&R trip to some temple near Kancheepuram..." they are taking some call taxi..servie...which menas you have about 4 hgours with them on the roads...this is the best chance for you to kill both of them at the same time...go fast and do things correctly...atleast this sodappals..."
The hitman tells," What you think killing two people is that easy? ok...ok...I will see what I can do...after finishing the job..I will call you..."
Revathy is busy packing...Prabu asks what is her venduthal
 ...Revathy replies, athellam I can not tell now...I can tell only when I reaxch there to that God only" Prabu konjifies and asks her again and again...Revathy tells," ok...I will ask that kanchi kamatchee to give me a baby like her"
Prabu continues," ada...daa..appo let us go to Madurai and ask that Meenkshi also..." Revathy tells," ok and also go to Pazhani and ask that Saravanan too" Prabu smiles and tells," ok..ok Saravanan..Meenakshi pethukkuvom..." Reva," Sartavanan, Meemnakshi and Kamatche...3 pothumaa?" Prabu seriously tells," oru five babies naa nalla irukkum...mudiyaathaa,,? wait..and see after you give birth to one will ask for more...yei...I have a doubt...? for you to have a baby why should you approach that GOD...this God theaneh athukku venum"
Revathy stops him and asks him to get ready...Meantime he gets the call taxi drivers call. Prabu tells him he can come out to show the hpouse. He goes out and signals the driver who parked the car away from the house...At the same time the hit man is waiting in a red SUV with another killer who is going to the "job". Prabu asks the driver to wait for ten minutes.
He comes in and both of them have their food. They both look very happy. Prabu serves Reavthy with so much love...he also makes her laugh ...they both finally finish having the food ...Take their luggage and locks the house...get into the car..while the Red car is getting ready to follow. The call taxi slides on the road and the SUV follows they reach the highway..." />

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achooo Revathi missing vaa? Shocked ending which we will not forget vaa Shocked I hope they do not kill Revathi character here Ermm Jo seem to be searching too Confused ennamo pongapa!!

D'oh Total 5 minutes of waste scene ... subahhh thangamudiyalae. Both Reva Prabu in car on the way for honeymoon. They talk happily and the driver says his happy to see them so close like this. He then complains about his marriage life and Prabu gives him advice like his been married for years. (enna kodumai saravana idhu!) Behind them Prakash set up adiyals. They are planning to bang on Prabu's car and make it seem like accident. ShockedOuch

Both Abi and husband at temple. Abi wants to discuss about Prakash. Abi tells him she went to Prakash room ... FLASHBACK ... Abi searches around the room and finally found some documents. As she screen through the documents, she is shock. BACK TO PRESENT Abi tells her husband that Prakash has almost 7 kodi sottu in his name.
Husband is shocked as well. Abi says he even has bank lockers but she is not sure how much of money or golds he has there. Abi tells husband she don't care Prakash cheated them so far but what if in future he harms Prabu only for the sottu? Hubby ask if Prakash parents knows about this and Abi says no. She then tells him to decide what to do about Prakash and what ever he decides she is fine with it. To forgive him or to punish Prakash ...

Prabu asks the driver to stop car as he wants to buy coconut drink. Adiyals plans to hit and run when Prabu buys the drink and head back to the car. They start approaching towards Prabu. Reva notices the van behind through the side mirror and gets down pushes Prabu and she too falls down while the van misses them and leaves the place. Reva fainted. (the entire episode gave headpain Ouch something wrong with the shooting vaa illa video upload like that vaa nu teriyalae)

Prabu takes Revathi to hospital. Doctor after checking Revathi congrats her for being pregnant. Revathi very happy. Prabu comes in and Revathi tells him the happy news. He gets way excited and almost carred up the nurse ShockedShocked who gets shock as well and tells him to carry his wife not her nu ROFLROFLROFL
Prabu is so happy that his speechless. At the same time Prabu father call asking if the have arrived but Prabu says they are at hospital as Revathi fainted. Father says he will come immediately. Prabu tells Revathi his parents should not know about this baby. Prabu looks proud and happy and Reva blush.

Thodarum ... Sleepy

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