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Thurssday 12th April, Episode 258


Prabu and Reva leaving in an auto. Finally auto comes to a stop in front of  a park and they go inside and sit on a cement bench with theier bags..  He smiles happily. Reva ask how can he be smilling with all the problems around. He tells Reva she worries for small matter while he care less for big matter.
His very happy cause since small, his life was only in a room and after marriage still in the room.. even office his in a room. This is first time his out and his very happy about this freedom. Not only that he says," My friend and my caretaker...NEE en pakkathuleh irukkiyeh..?" Reva fells touched hearing this from him.
Reva replies," Prabu I actually worried...due to my decision things shoulkd not go wrong in our lives fact even to think about tomorrow I am scared.." Prabu once again happily smiles and tells,"There is no point in worrying about tomorrow...these are all common...the happiness is not far away from is actually within us only...all I want to tell you is...I am happy and I am confident that I will keep you happy too"
Reva tells," Yes Prabu even I have that confident in you...but when I lost my mother at that chinna vayasu...and then when I am gorwn up and wanted to know about my father but he tpoo died...abd now my mamaa...ippo all I have is you...onlu you and I do not want to loose you too"
Prabu stares at her and then asks, " ok...let me ask you a simple question now...who is the one person whom I like the most in this world?...( smiles) is me..only" Reva smiles wiping her tears. Prabu tells that he is hungry and he will buy some fruits and come nu. He goes  away from there...mean time Reva-Jothi's friend Ashok comes to the nearby shop and as he is about to go he notices Revathy sitting in the park... Meantime rabu comes back with some fruits and makes to Reva to eat.
Here comes Ashok..saying "hi" to Revathy. Reva introduces him to Prabu. Ashok notices the bags and guesses the situation. He tells them," I guess there is some problem..otherwise you both will not be having your breakfast in this park that too with your baggage like please come with me to my house and I promise I will not bother asking you any questions at all..." At first both Prabu Reva refuse but after being forced, they follow Ashok. 

Reaches Ashok's house and he introduces his wife Deepa. " Look Deepa they both may stay here with us for a month or two and please take good care of them but please do not ask them any all Ok vaa?" Deepa agrees to the condition happily . She serves coffee to them ..Ashok takes them to the room in the upstairs and asks them  to feel  at home and asks if they need anything. He leaves from there.
 Prabu tells Reva he did not know the value of friendship all this while as he never had friends. He then tells her that he no longer wants to work at  Abi and group company as it will not be nice. He will look for job outside. Reva says she agrees with what ever decision he makes. But she asks him to make sure to give resignation letter. He agrees.He also tells Reva they should look for a house soon.

Prabu holds her hands and asks," unakku kashtam onnum illiyeh Revathy..." She tells," as long as you are with me I have no kashtam "
Prabu's father Vasudevan is on phone with his Inspector friend asking him to find where Prabu is.  His friend tells that he is looking for him...Vasudevan requests him not to make it a police case anbd his friend agrees to it.
At this time Prabu  walks in and VD is happy plus shock to see him.  He asks what happened. Pranbu addresses his dad as "SIR" and VD is sad over this and asks him why this formality...BUT prabu tells that he is there as an employee of that company and hands in his resignation letter to him.
Father refuses to accept it and requests him to stay as such...until he finishes all the projects which were started by him as the compnay invested so much on those projects. Prabu agrees to stay until he finihes the  projects compkletely for which he will take about 10 days only...he also puts a condition that he need complete control of everything until this is done. VD agrees to his condition. VD says Good luck to him

Prakash comes to office jollya ...he gets a pohone  from one of his office staff. He replies," is it? when you get your next calls please tell all of them that the company's MD has run away somewhere and now I am the ionkly one handling all his there will be a lot more delay in everything and Prakash Sir will call when he gets time nu...ok vaa vaiyaa phone ai"
 He reaches his room and  gets shocked to see his room is locked. Office boy says Prabu had locked and took the key.  Prakash is annoyed ," ivan eppo...ethukku office ku vanthaan" He walks into Prabu's room.
Prabu screams at him where his manners for entering his room without asking Clap Prakash says sorry and demands a reson for locking  his room. Prabu gives termination letter to him and tells," Open and read this will give you the answwer as you are dismissed from here" Prakash is shocked and stunned. ShockedShockedShocked

continue ...

PRECAP : prakash brainwash abi about Reva and abi going to see Reva ...

 Puthandu vazthukal to everyone Hug

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Friday: No trelecast of serials...
Tamil New year!!!
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Monday , April 16th, Episode 259
Continues with Prakash demanding for an answer from Prabu on the termination. Prabu says there are many but only the important onces are highlighted here. Prakash screams at him and ask who gave him those rights? Prabu screams back to Prakash Clap and ask him to get out. Prabu father comes and Prakash tries to complain to him,. But he tells Prakash that he gave all rights to Prabu as Managing Director and if he has any problem with that. Prakash leaves in anger.

Prakash walking up and down at home while his father just ignores him. Uma and Pavithra comes and ask what happen. Prakash tells them the whole thing and everyone is angry. Only his father sides Prabu saying that he will not give the termination without any reason. Abi comes there and Prakash tells her what happen. He also pour fuels saying this all must be Revathy work. Uma too joins in and blames Reva for using Prabu as the key to take over the entire company and later this home. Abi is angry and says somethings need to be straighten out and leaves. Prakash and Co seem happy Confused

Abi comes straight to Ashok house (eppadi she knows they are living here nu Shocked) She ask Ashok for Revaty. Revathy welcomes her but abi ask her sternly why did she terminate Prakash (idhu enna asking Revathy Shocked) Reva declines doing that and ask her to wait awhile and Prabu will come back so she can ask him directly. Abi tells Reva that she already took away her son and then tried destroying her brother's life. And now she is doing all this. Reva to talk but abi shuts her off. Prabu comes there and ask his mother why shouting at Reva. Abi ask Prabu what rights he had to suspend Prakash? Prabu tells his mother if only she had taken time to read Prakash profile and work activity, she would have known the answer. He further tells her this is their friend house and she has no rights to shout here. He ask her to leave before he has to make her leave. Abi shock with the way Prabu talks but just leaves. Reva looks worried.

At night, Abi ask her husband on why he allow what Prabu did. Hubby said because that seem right. Abi argues with him that all this is done by Reva. She is using Prabu to play her card well but hubby refuse to believe Abi further ask her not to blame Reva such. Both argues and finally hubby says Reva is way better then Abi who always assume the right thing. Abi shock plus disappointed.

Next day both Prabu Reva goes house hunting. Reva ask Prabu not to look for luxury home. A simple one will do. They bump into Sanggy on the road Shocked who happily looks at them and ask "enna nadaroadku vandhuthenga" Both prabu reva just look ... thodarum

Semma mokkaiyana episode D'oh today episode was total waste Ouch ...

Hai PS Makkazs Hug Since we are not sure whether it is ending or not ..Ermm we have decided for the rest of the week we would do the updates as daily tread Smile

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TUESDAY , April 17th, episode 260

Sanggy rombha sarcastica asking if they had came to road. Both are quite. Sanggy invited them to have ice cream, which Reva says no but prabu agrees after being forced. While having ice cream, Sanggy insults Reva saying that probably its been long since Reva had ice creams like this or luxury life. This is what she gets for trying to ruin Jo Karthik marriage. Reva is hurt and ask her not to talk like this but sanggy carries on talking bad and insulting Reva.
 Prabu is angry but remains silent. Finally finish eating ice cream and Prabu call for bill which sanggy says she will pay since both Prabu Reva suffering nu (Shockeddoes she not know the position Prabu is and he could even terminate Arunasalam LOL) Prabu takes out his wallet and says panni cannot be yaanai nu ROFL Sanggy ask if his insulting her as panni nu. Prabu says she is full of kuppai and now she is here to dump it on them. But still a panni can never be yaanai and his always yaanai. Sanggy is angry. Reva and Prabu leaves .. prabu turns back and tells her "unnake free advise varadha.. unnake nakkala sani. Vina adivangi sagadhey .." Sanggy is angry

Prabu hardworking in room. Father stands outside and observe him a while and then goes in to see Prabu. He ask Prabu if any changes on coming back to house again but Prabu says he can't do that. Once decided leaving home, its better to stay out. Further his already found a house which even no luxury, they at least have happiness and peace. Father then offers him some money for expenses which Prabu refuses saying he will take it from his salary at the end of month. Father is sad and leaves.
Abi comes and see her husband at office and ask if he had spoken to Prabu. Hubby says yes but Prabu is not coming back. Abi is so arrogant Angry and said she only ask Reva to leave not him. Hubby says both are not like Abi and husband .. both are Reva and Prabu. Abi gets annoyed and angry when hubby compares this (her hubby is so right Thumbs Up) One must take Reva Prabu as example Star Hubby said when entire family rondafy and blame Reva, Abi had remain quite. Any girls with VMSS will leave the house. Hubby finally tells her that Prabu will never come back. Abi forces hubby to talk to him again but he refuse. So she goes to see Prabu. Hubby says he is not going to talk to her. Abi says she is mother and he will talk to them. Its manam peratchanai his left the house. (Shockedshe is concern about manam mariyadhey) Abi goes to talk to Prabu despite hubby warning her that Prabu will not talk to her.

She ask secretary to buzz Prabu that she is here but Prabu tells secretary he is busy. Abi still goes in and ask him to talk but Prabu ask her to leave as its working hour. Abi says she will close the company if she needs to make Prabu talk to her Shocked. Prabu sternly tells her that she is wasting his time and shows her the way out. Abi is angry and leaves.

thodarum ...

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Wednesday, April 18th, Episode  261     
Abi reaches home after meeting Prabu at the office. She is so angry and upset. ( pinneh irukkaathaa...adi patta paambooo illiyaa...??!!Wink) Uma, Psavi and Prakash are with her..putting thoobam on her anger. Prakash starts polamabling," Chithi...I am not even worried about my lost job buyt I can not see and tollerate if you are insulted by anyone..that too since you qent to talk about my job...naan summa irukka maaten.." ( ahaa...vanthuttangayaa...uthamaputhiran...mavaneh??!!)
Uma aslo joins and tells," All these days she has been doing stuff against others but now she did this to never treated her as a marumagal...sontha magal maathiri you did everything for her...but today she separated your own son from you..I am scared now what else she can do...she has broken this family into pieces...she will do anything for her own happiness...?"
Pavi joins the polambals too," I have been telling from the beginning to look for some other never did that...soon we all will come to the streets only...if she wants all this sothu and panam...she could have simply asked athai...right? what kind of a ponnu she is?" ( oreh jaalraa podals...!!ayo wake up abirameee...ammma wake upppooo!!)
All this thoobam podals works...Abi tells," How dare she is..? she made my own husband and son to turn agisnt me...I have only showed paasam on everyone...I have never considered anyone in ly life as an enemy...but now she made me do that too...ithukkaana balanai avan anubavuche theeranum"
Uma again and again accuses Revathy for everything ..Prakash stops Uma and Pavi and tells," whatever you think about  me being fired by Revathy is wrong...she did this with another solid intention in her mind...Now Karthik is not in town...and I am the only one who will question any mishaps in the officve...but if I am not there...then she can do what ever she wants right...? that is why she made Prabu do this..." ( ahaa...vachaan paarunga...aappu...Abi...dont believe him...!!)
Uma again tells," Look Abirami...what a woman she is...she stepped into this house with huge plans in her moind..." PAvi also "aamaa athai" Prakash romba vegama...does his veera vasanam," en uyireh ponaalum...I will not let athai or this family suffer...if I have to kill her...I will never hesitate even to do that.."
Uma scolds him," dei what are you talking...? after killing her you will go and sit in the rpison...vendaa daa...leave everything to Abirami...she will take care of her..." Prakash replies," illeh maa...even a snake has posion only in its teeth...but for her even her paarvai can emit visham...if anything happens to us...chithi is there to save us...but chithi ke problem nu vandhaa...? that is I am telling...if I put an end to her...the problem will be over...if not that poisonous plant will gtow in some other form...what do you say Chithee?"
Abi stares at him and tells," due to that saniyan...I do not want to face anymore new prachanai...ennavo panniko" She leaves freom there leaving this trio...Prakash is happy toi hear this from ABi. (Big smile know what you should have told...sari paa...ava thalaiyeh vetti oru tray leh vachu engitteh kondu vaa...po mavaneh...po...pongi yezhu solli irukalam...)
Uma still discourages him but Prakash convinces her telling," amma do not worry...I am not going to do this directly...I have people to do this...they are experts in this and if they maattify in the police...they will only tell Abi's name and not mine...dont you worryt...saamiuyeh varam kuduthaachu...let us not waste this opportunity" 
The hit man is with another man who introduced Prakash to do "the job". He calls and asks Prakash to reach the spot they wait. Prakash comes there and  the hit man asks him to rush and tells the matter fast...he also asks for the photo. Prakash gives Prabu's pictures first and then Revathy's.
Before the killer asks for more money...Prakash takes bundles of money and hands over to him and tells," take this and innum evlo venum naalum I will give...finish off the matter promptly...and one more thing...Take this 10 more laks too...if you maatify in the should tell them that "Abirami" only asked you to do these murders nu...sariyaa?"  ( ahaa...ivlo easy...paa intha velai...??!!Clap)
The killer agrees and Prakash leaves from there. That man takes the pictures and stares at them.
Sangee and Aunachalam are on the raod...Sangee asks Arun to stop the bike as she wants to eat ice cream again...( ada kadavuleh...murupadiyum ice cream thaanaa? vereh yethavathu sappidumaa Sangee??Tongue) Arun stops in front of the ice cream cart...A girl comes there and says hi to Sangee sshe introduces herself as Sangee does not remmebr her.After some time Sangee remembers her coming to he house with RevTHY nd Jothy..
Rekha says ," condolenses is such a sad thing happened in the fa mily I love uncle...what to do?" Sangee tells her that he dies due to Revathy only. But Rekha does not agree to this and tells," Illeh akka...I can not believe Uncle always talkes very high of Ravathy...and Revathy can never do bad things to people...I guess you are missing something better find out the truth akka"
Sangee gets irritated and says bi and leaves from there with a very confused Arunachalam.
Arun is standing in the terrece..thinking about what Rekha told about Revathy. Sangee comes there with milk...and Arun tells," After hearing  that Rekha...I have started thinbkin...paavam Revathy...I guess...we may be wrong..."
Sangee refuses and tells," she is a criminal that is why we chased her out from the house youdo  not worry about this much" Arun replies," illeh...She came to this house when she was four years old...and lived here for about 20 more years with us...and whenever amma avalai romba kevalamaa badathina pothu kooda...Revathy never told a single word against you know? she only did what is best for everyone here...that is why I am thiniing ...may be namma avasara pattu...misunderstood her nu"
Sangee wakes up and quickly tells," ayo yenga ivlo appaaviyaa irukeenga? evalo oruthi sonna nu you are so confused like much she cheated all of know that well...forget what that girl told...drink this milk and come to bed" Arun agrees and tells," ok...tomorrow we need to get up early as we have to give thithi for appa..."
Sangee says ok and stares...

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Thursday, April 19th, Episode  262 
Revathy and Prabu are with a gurukkal doing "thithi" for SR. To the same place Arun and Sangee come for the sanme purpose...Sangee notices Reva and Prabu and opens her "thiruvaai". " how dare she is...after illing maama...she came to give to give thithee too..."
Arun scolds Sangee and tells," Look here yaaru venum nalum can give thithi to anyone who passed away so keep quiet now and let us do this and go" But Sangee refuses to listen to this and starts walking towards Reva and Prabu...while Arun tries to stop her.
Prabu sincerely is doing the thithi telling manthra along with the gurukkal...When it is the last stage...he hears some commotion behind him...turns and looks ...Sangee kathifying at Revathi...Still he finishes all the sadangu...and asks the gurkkal...whether all the prayers are over...and then he does namakaaram and reacxhes Revathy.
Sangee's loda loda mouth works at its best," nee nalla veh irukka matteh dee...right now only we and Abirami amma chased you away...soon this whole town will do that and you will run away from this ooru...wait and see..." Prabu shouts at her,can you shut your mouth now?" Reva asks him to calm down...Arun..seeing this starts walking towards them.
Nothing can stop Stop sangee's rubber  mouth..."why are asking me stop...? both widfe and husband...keilled my maamaa...and now coming here to give thithee?"  Prabu screams at her," If you talk one more word then I will  not be a manushan" Sangee," why are getting this much aathiram...? if I say the truth...udambu yeriyutho?" Prabu screams at top of his vpoice," Do you know the truth?" Revathy stops him and tells," Prabu please this is not the time and place to get angry and talk like is ok...maamaa knows me very well...and tyhat is enough for me...vaanga polaam.."
By this time Arun reaches Sangee and sge tells," Udambu ellam thelaam...udattula mattum thenaam...pesara pechai paaru.." Atrun tells her," Sangeetha..dont you u to behave...? we are here to give thtithi for someone who has died...come with me"
Prabu consoles Revathy," RevaTHY...look here...if good people talk bad about us...we can worry about it...but kettavanga  thappa pesinaa...there is no need to worry about it...vaa polaam"
Arun is meeting his dad's close friend Selvam. He enquires about everyone at home. Arun asks him ," uncle I wanted to discuss with you something..that is why I wanted to meet you like this...I understand that Jothy's wedding is also is one fo the reasons in appa's death...uncle do you remember appa talking to you anything about Jothy or about the wedding unlce...?"
Selvam hesitates to tell but Arun explains to him," Uncle everyone is accusing each other..there is no samaathaanam in the family...that is why I am asking you this uncle...please tellme if you know anything at all uncle"
Selvam explains," OK...your dad knew about Jo and Karthik love matter  much earlier...but he could not aprove of this as he heard about this only after the engagement of Jo with he wanted the wedding to take place with Arvind...What Jothi did was very wrong...knowing the problem between these two families...she shoulkd have fallen in love with that boy from that family...your dad was very upset abouyt this"
Arun is shocked to hear this and tells," Really he knew before itself? mmm...k uncle has he told anything about Revathy's involvement in this wedding matter?" Selvam replies," Your dad will have some good things to tell about Revathy always...he always talks about Revathy very high...he loved her so much"
Arun tells," Ok uncle...I want to know whether he told anything about Revathy and this wedding" Selvam replies," He told me that he had asked Revathy to do something for him...and Revathy also agreed to that...but I have no idea what he told Revathy nu...Ok Arun do not hesitate to call me of you need help from me...consider me as your own dad kay?"  Arun thanks him and leaves.
Revathy and Prabu are in their new house ( rented house I guess!!)
Praying and paal kachal ..going on...they both look happy praying together in the pooja room...and Reva putting vibhoothy on Prabu's forehead...etc.
Finally Revathy comes to the hall sits next to Prabu...serves Payasam for him...while she also takes a cup forhersel. They both very happy...Prabu tells that Payasam is very nice...and he is very happy in that house." Intha maathiri...just for us oru thani veedu...thani vaazhkai...not expected...but I like it...always ina joined family..everyone has their own opinion...what one say may not suit the do know what is in everyones mind?"
Revathy asks," So...small family naa...prachinai irukaathaa?" Prabu replies," Defenitely there will be problems...who does not have probs...but when we face any problem...I am going to be quiet for 10 minutes...and then you will also feel sad...then we both will try to make up with each other...and thus the problem will be over soon"
Revathy replies," Yes you are correct but...if we have any kashtum there is no one here to support us illiyaa?" Prabu answers," So what...we will have the strength to fight the problems...if we undersatnd this fact we can live happily...for example in that big bunglow...we both never had anytime for were always trying to solve problems for others...
even your maamaa...? he put you in this situation by making you promise to do things which  made others to hate you...? so what did he gain in doing that? he should  not have done this to you ravathy...we missed all the happy moments we should have had...due to all these problems...I never had any chance to do what I want that big I wanted to buy some flowers for you...which I could not do it there"
Revathy smiles and asks," So that means in this will buy me flowers every day?" Pranu says," the way have gone down so much...within one week time you shoukld eatr well and make your cheeks again busu...busu nu chubby aa...ok vaa?" Revathy smiles and says that she will try her best...she goes in and comes back with a gift for him.
Prabu opens the gift and was thrilled to see a Lap top...Revathy tells," I sold two of my finger rings and bought this for you...this will be a useful thing for you when you start going for a new job...righjt?" Prabu thanks her and offers that he would helkp her in cooking their dinner. They both happily walk towards the kitchen.
Arun is in his bed room...thinking about what Rrekha and Selvam told. Sangee cpmes there and Arun tells her about his meeting with Selvam uncle. Then Arun tells," I think..appa must have told Revathy to do all this...and we unncessarily doubted Revathy and treated her like this...we shgould  never gotrget all the good things she did for us and evn my present job is ...ava kuthuthau thaneh...?"
Sangee refuses all this and tells," What is this? you are going on talking about her like this...after all...she is cheating on her loosu husband...going and staying in her ex kadalan's house?...from this itself dont you understand her lachanam...?"
Arun stops her and screams at her. Sangee also shouts back and here is a tight slapping goes right across her face... Arun tells," Stop talking like this...podee...konuruven"
Sangee goes away and Arun stands there and thinks...

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Friday, April 20th, Episode  263 

Ashok   comes to a small tea shop and asked for a he was waiting for the tea...he notices Prabu getting out of an auto...and calls him..Prabu comes to him...Ashok offers tea but Prabu tells that he does not drink many tea a day...
Ashok asks about the new house...Prabu smiles and tells," What is there in houses...every has four walls around al depends on our mind only illiyaa?" Ashok agrees with him and asks him," neenga romba yosikara type pola irukku?" Pranu replies," What is worng in that? hey Ashok...I am sorry the other day my mom came shouted in your house...Is Deepa upset about that? Sorry paa" Ashok says that Deepa did not mind that at all...

Ashok continues," Prabu I am very lucky that I got Deepa as my wife...she is also same like Revathy..a matured type..We are very happy with our lives...but only one thing we are sad about...which is ..a baby...yes Prabu we are married for the past one and a half years but still that happiness GOD has not give to us...more that me Deepa is sad about it.."

Prabu consoles him and asks him to be positive and practical about this issue.. Ashok replies," I understand Prabu...but what is the use in saving money and working the end should we write all our money and property to a trust...?I am not telling that it is wrong to do that...but..we all have happiness in every stage of our life illiyaa? like school, college, velai. promotion, marriage, kuxhanthaigal...then bringing them up...educating this there should be something for us to do Prabu..instead of that what fun is there in our routine life...without all these...?"

Prabu answers," I agree with you will be nice ..with all these in our life...but we have to think possitive always...for everything there si some reason is be positive and things will happen automatically" Ashok...sighs and asks," aamaa...ungallkuk kooda kalyaanam aagi..." Even before he ends his snetences Prabu stops him smiling...telling,"ah...ah..I know what are going to ask...let us talk about this topic later...okay...? naan varen Ashok...take care"

It is night time...Prabu is reading some book sitting on his bed...Revathy comes there with a glass of milk...Prabu stares at her with so much love in his eyes...Revathy feels shy ...and their cute...very cute  conversation starts..

Podum Prabu...why...shouldn't I look at you?...first you drink this  milk....vendaa...why?...first you drink...what is this new habit...? ini mel ellaameh appadithaan...What happened to you Prabu today?...I do not know but I am so happy Revathy...why all of a sudden like this? ...mmm...inna naal...ithanai manikku...thaan santhoshamaa irukkanum nu sattamaa enna?
Appadi ellam illai...still there should be some reason behind my Prabu's happiness illeh? why are you laughing...?tell me the can anyone be happy without knowing the reason...yei...naan konjam appadithaan nu vachukoyen...
Ayo...why are you standing like this..? come sit to me...I did not even realise that you are standing...Ok...ippo sollunga what is the reason for your happiness... 

I will tell you but before that..let me ask you some questions...when we get admission in the college we wished...we will be happy...then when we will be happy?  mmm...when we pass with good reslts with top rankings....correct...ok next question...when we get our dream job..we are happy...then when will have the happiness...? ...when we work sincerely...get promotion and climb ladders...we will be happy....correct...ayo how many more questions you will ask again? you want to know thw reason for my happiness or not?...then answer this last question too...mmm when we get married...manasukku pudichavangalaiyeh...we are happy...then when we will be happy...?  mm...when they understand each other ...and live happily...then...when they have trwo or three babies...mmm

Revathy stops her Prabu was staring at her...into her eyes...She asks," Prabu what happened to you todasy?" He asks her whether she does not like baabies or not...Revathy replies," Who will not like babies...ofcourse I like babies..."
Prabu tells," Revathy I always think that when I go for
work...what will you do? it will be boring for you...but then if you have a baby your time will fly away illiyaa? ..oh...oh I forgot one thing...wait..." He goes and comes back with some flower and keeps the flowers on her hair...then they stare at each gets dark!!

Next day...Revathy is busy packing lunch box for Prabu...She hands over that to him and tells him to eat food properly as she has kept Puli kolambu and poondu chatinee...Prabu tells,"one more thing tomorrow I am resigning my job and will start looking for a new job ..."

Hearing this Revathy feels sad ...cries and tells," All this because of me have to leave your family and come like this..?" Prabu consoles her and asks," Why...?? nallaathaaneh poittu irunthuchu...? why this azhugaachee now?...unakaaga naan en uyirai kooda kudup..." Revathy stops him and continues... ," Already they are all angry with when you stop working from their company they are going to blame me...? is there any way we all will reunite again?"
Prabu replies," Revathy...I dont think this will happen and please stop worrying about all this...whethere you are there or not...they all will find some reason to blame for anything happening aroung leave them alone and move forward..." Revathy asks," Let me ask you one thing...hasn't athai come to meet you at all? Prabu?"
Prabu answers," Yes...vandaanga and also asked me to go home too..but I told her that I am not prepare to talk to her nu" Revathy tells," Why shold have talked to her...? paavam avanga...we did not come out of the house...due to her...we came out because she does not want me to be there illiyaa?" Prabu scolds her for being like this...Reva asks," Why Prabu this revenging nature for you?"

Prabu teplies," NO...I do not want to take revenge on her but I simply want to be away from them and to lead a normal happy life that is Revathy...please send me with a smiling face...let us stop discussing this matter with this...ok...? let me go...close the door.." Revathy smiles and he leaves...

Prabu comes to the office...and starts worling non between he asks the office boy to bring a couple of cups of tea...He constantly prints pulls some docs from the printer and signs them ..arrange them in the files...finally when he is done  with everything...He calls the office boy and gives him some money...gets up...stares at the entire cabin...walks into his dad's room...

He hands over the files to Vasudevan and tells," All the projects are finalised ...all you need to do is just execute them that is all. He also hands over the cabin keys...Vasudevan..stares at him and tells," prabu to execute...we need you Prabu...please..." But Prabu replies," time is over..."

Next week: Prabu tells his dad," I have completed all the three projects ...  please settle my salary...then...there will not any kudukkal...vaangal between us..."
Prabu comes out of the office and takes his  business card and reads...Prabu Vasidevan MD...Abirami grups...and tears into pieces and throws into the air...and walks away...
That more week guarantee  yungo...>>>!!!WinkBig smileTongueClap

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MONDAY, April 23rd, EPISODE 264

Prabu stands infront of his father with the files. Both looks at each other a while before Prabu hands in the projects and tells his father everything is complete. It only needs to be executed out. Father tries to make him stay by saying his the right person to do that but Prabu refuses.He says things should end here
Father and son debate about heart mind and decision D'oh(sattiyama indha dragging tangamudiyalae ...) Finally Prabu ask for his salary. Father hands him blank cheque but Prabu refuse to take that. He ask his father to write down the amount of his salary only. Both father son had tears, Prabu leaves after a long moment silent with his father.
He comes out and stare at his name card which later he tears and throws it away.

Arunasalam comes to Reva house who greets him happily. He ask if sshe is fine and Reva smiles saying yes.
Aruna tells her that he came to talk to her as he has some questions running on his mind. He knows Reva very well yet confused by her actions. Its obvious she is not after wealth like others are blaming her, so there must be a reason behind all this. He had asked uncle and he said Shanmugam had told Reva something. Aruna wants to know what really happen. Reva declines saying nothing happen. Aruna tried many times but Reva keeps declining it. Aruna leaves.

At home Abi comes and husband tells her that he has a news for her to do celebration. Abi annoyed ask him what his trying to say. Hubby goes on how they had one son and lost their happinnes when Prabu at the age of 6 becomes mentally effected.
As parents, they never got to do anything with their son like other parents. Prabu was locked inside the room only. Then one fine day came a beautiful princess who changed Prabu over night. Prabu was back to normal. And today, he has left all of them including this home. Prabu has quit the job and left and all this is Abi fault.
 Abi ask what is her fault in this? Abi still with her timiru D'oh Abi tells her husband to not always accuse her. She did nothing wrong. Hubby gets annoyed and tells Abi she will always be like this. Has she forgot what Reva did for this family? Reva gave both of them their life back -Prabu. Yet Abi does not have any nadrivasam for her. Hubby looks at Abi and says now he lost his son. All this he blames her. And for the very first time now he regrets for getting married to Abi. He leaves .. abi shock and anger.  This is watched by Uma.

Thodarum ... subhaaa mudiayala ennalae Sleepy

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