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MONDAY UPDATES 2nd April 2012
pictures by atina

Both Sangy and Aruna returns back home. SR just gets up and walks away from the house with his murapu face Confused.  But turns back and comes in sits at the front. Inside Sanggy singing her puranam LOL She tells Dhanam and patti that they all curse Jo will not live happily but its total opposite there. Jo is now rich DIL and she has maids. In fact Abi is very pasam with her.
Reva just listen with her sad face Ermm Patti smiles happy while Dhanam muraikuraning Sanggy. SR is hearing all this from outside. Sanggy further says that Aruna is no longer clerk but General Manager promoted by Karthik Wink Soon she will break this old house and build one which is stronger then ambani house ShockedROFL. SR outside mocks "velai poithengal..." Tongue

Aruna tells Dhanam that Jo is sad and says sorry again to her. But Dhanam cuts him short asking him not to talk about her. And he no longer needs to talk to her too. They don't need his daivam to run this family. Patti is sad with dhanam. 
Dhanam further says unga adapu vera enga adapu vera. We have revathi and she is sad indha madhiri pilla she did not give birth nu. The other 2 kids she gave birth is useless Shocked and leaves. Aruna ask patti what wrong he and Jo did. Patti advice him and ask him to calm down and soon everything will change. Patti is happy that Jo is happy nu. Reva just stands there with unknown expression D'oh

Abi thinking. She calls Uma and ask if Aruna told her anything about SR or Dhanam or what is going on there nu. Uma says she is not sure but Aruna told that it would take time for SR to come down.
Abi says she knows SR very well. He will not let go this easily.  She was actually surprise that Aruna and Sanggy came so fast nu. Anyway there is not point of thinking all this. Its time for them to carry on. Though the wedding has been in a rush, the other formalities must be done. They have to think of the santhi muhurtham. Uma says this should be done in ponnu house and what if SR family creates fight cause of this. Abi says she don't care about the anymore. Her brother happiness is all that matter now and besides SR already tanni telikuran already.  She only feels bad for Jo now as she can sense Jo feeling sad without her family doing all this. Abi ask Uma to call Jo and Karthik but Karthik is not in so Jo comes.

Abi tells Jo she is going to make arrangement for their santhi muhurtham. Jo starts her same puranam Sleepy she is not in the situation for all this right now. Though she has married the man she loves, she is not happy. She feels sad because she has betrayed her parents D'oh
Her mind is always thinking about her parents. She is very sure that will accept her one day. And also she is very much hurt and upset right now and need some time to get over this. So she ask Abi to not make such arrangements for now. She hopes abi understands her and not think she is being rude to Abi. Jo goes back to her room (ShockedShocked meenu akka ur soo right ROFL). Abi sad.
 Uma starts poking abi.  Blames Reva for everything. Abi just thinks.

(Shocked Finally Prabu appears .. new hairstyle polaLOL) Abi calls Prabu and ask what is Reva thinking?  Prabu ask what is she referring to? Abi ask Prabu if he does not know what happen? Prabu says Reva has got nothing to do with this.
Abi says that Reva made them love and promised them marriage ...Prabu cuts his mother politely here and says its wrong. K & J loved before Reva knew about this and they agreed to get married before Reva promised them. 
So how can Reva be blamed? Abi says ok .. then why did Reva promise them to get married but went behind Jo to get her marry to Arvind? Prabu believes that Reva has her own reason for all this.  Abi says Reva has change Prabu that much that he cant give up his wife. She then question him about Reva not coming back home yet. Prabu explain to Abi that maybe SR and Dhanam are sad, so Reva is there trying to console them. He tells his mother that she has started seeing Reva in wrong way and no matter what Reva do, it will look wrong to her eyes. He leaves saying he will call her.  Abi is tensed and annoyed.

Reva sitting and thinking.  Sanggy comes and ask her innum yaar valzkai kedukalam nu yosikurei. Reva gets angry and ask what is Sanggy talking. Sanggy says true, already she ruin Jo life.
Patti and Dhanam comes there and Dhanam ask Sanggy what she is talking and scolds her. Sanggy says this Reva is a poison. Since small. She is jealous and does not want Jo to live rich like her and that is why she made so much drama. Reva is a pachondi ..
SR comes there and ask Sanggy to stop. Sanggy says she will stop but she wants to know what Reva is doing in this house? She is married and has her own house. SR says this is Reva house too. Sanggy reminds them that Reva is not even their own daughter and she has tried to ruin their daughter Jo live. Now they will not know about her but one fine day they will know her true colour. Sanggy leaves.

Reva cries and says she is going back home. Dhanam ask her not to talk to heart about what Sanggy says as she had always been a bad person. SR too says to Reva. Reva says its ok and she leaving nu.

Thodarum ...

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Tuesday,  3rd April, Episode 251   
Update and picture by atina
Revathi comes by an auto ...back home...Uma, PAvithra and Abi are murachufying at they are not happy with her arrival...Revathy slowly with a sad and confused face start walking forward...and seeing abi there she was a lilttle happy and tries to smile at her but her reaction was not all that appealing ..??!!
Uma stops her and asks,"why are you staring like that? as you did all the sathi thittaams are coming here appadiyeh relaxed aa?" Revathy is shocked and confused..Uma continues," Dont you understand what am I talking about nu? or may be you are pretending that you do not undersatnd...illeh? as you had no parents they showed you so much love for you and that Jothy?...she has been a sister to you always who stood by you always...but  you tried to spoil her life...? "
"you can not allow Jothi to get the same kind of life you got here...even I was thinking that you are such a nivce girl who came into this house as a good marumagal nu...but you made every to think that nee oru kettava nu...Abirami had asked you to help in karthik & Jothy's wedding and you promissed to her to do the same but you were arranging the wedding with arvind..."
"abirami kitteh promissed...even to Jothy and KArthik also you promissed the same...but within you...some sathi thittam was planned by you...luckily due Sangeetha they saved their life...if not what would have happenedx to their lives...? What would Karhik do...? have you ever thought of that at all?"
Meantime Jothi is coming down the stairs...but seeing Revathy she wuickly turns and goes back ...
"You know pretty well...about Karthik becoming a kidukaran after that Nirupama's case...and again...for Jothy's sake he took poison to kill him...knowing all this how dare you did like this?"
" Abirami does not want to talk to you anymore..that is why I am talking to you like this...however you just be here as a marumagal of this house...that is all...nothing more..."
Uma stops ...Revathy quickly climbs upsatirs ...while Pavithra happily smiles to herself...Revathy reaches her room and sits on the sofa and starts thinking about the past...
Sr bringing Revathy home and inroduces Danam as amma and Jothy as her sister...Jothy and Revathy having good times...finally when her dad passed away how shattered she was crying on Jothy's shoulders...Jothy promssing her that she will be there for her...Jothy burning her hands in the temple praying for Revathy...She starts crying...then slowly she  gets up and heads towards Karthik's room.
She stands outside the door...gathers all her courage and knocks on the come Karthik with angry face...opening the door for her ...Revathy cries and stares at him...,enatime Jothy comes there...seeing Revathy she turns back and goes inside...without even saying a word to Revathy...
enna venum ungalukku?...You all misunderstood me...
I do not like to talk to you..please go away from here...
Karthik please do not talk like this to me...kashtamaa know me very wel...Karthik
All these days I never knew you but now I know you very well
I did not do anything with a ketta yennam...nallathu nenachuthaan I did all this Karthik
yes...yes...nallathu thaan you thought...but not for us...but for you...right? what do you want must be worried now as your true vesham is known to enrryone you have created some other new scene and came here right?
no it is not like that...already both the families are separated and maamaa and Athai are simply hating Jothy...already due to my marriage they both were mentally disturbed so much...more over they never liked this family...if jothy comes to this family then they will nirantharamaa avalai pirinjuduvaanga...more over I never wanted her to face all the troubles
...that is why I did all this KArthik...for mamaa's kudumbam only I had to do all this...please understand me...please do not consider me as an enemy...I never meant any keduthal to you this house...everyone is treating me differently and if you also act like this it hurts so much...ok...what ever happened is happened...forget all that and lead a happy life...just to tell this I came here... mean to say just to forget everything as you are planning for something else...just to close our entire life?
no do not understand me...and you are hurting me so much...
yes...I can talk like this will never get hurt...but you are pretending as if you are hurt...just go...
illeh...I want to talk to jothy please...
no she will not talk to anyone now...then ask her to tell me that...
Here comes Jothy and screams," I do not want to talk to anyone...please ask her to get out of here..." KArthik shuts the door ...Revathy stands outside and cries.
Karthik is in the garden...smoking comes Prabu says
ennada...oru maathi irukkeh?"
it is all because of your wife...luckily our time was good so we got married...but Revathy again triesa to spoil our nimaathi...
I really do not understand what you are talking about...
let me make it clear...please tell your wife not to make any more drama and more confussions...even today she came to my door and cried to talk to Jothy but Jothy refused to talk to her...
what? Revathy is here?
why? dont you know?..dont you kjnow what all she is doing nu? do not pretend as ig you do not know anything...she simply creates so much confussion and page after after some sentiments she just came and talked...tell her to stop all this non sense...
Karthik you forgot all the help Revathy did for your love and she taking care of you when you were in the good thing happened in your lkife is this marriage with Jothi otherwise in all your failures it was Revathy who supported you...mind it...
How you both talk the same daa? oh...purushan pondaattee illeh...ok...all I want is she should not interfere in our lives...that is all..
nadakaathu...inimel she will never talk to you or interfere in any of your matters...neenga yaro ...naanga yaro...whatever she talked u ntil now...I ask mannipoo to you..mannichidu...
Prabu comes to his room...finds Revathy crying...he touches her shoulder...Revathy gets up and hugs him and starts weeping...
 what happened? why are you crying?
I simply hate my life ...there is no meaning in my living...and for who? I did all this for everyones good...but I got only bad name for that...everyone hates me and see me as a bad person...they hurt me so much...Prabu
what happened?
After this wedding...Paattee requested me to stay there for a  few more days  just to calm down maamaa...but Sangeetha akka talked so bad to I came here...but it isd worse here...
no one talks to me here...they dont even utter my name...they treat me like some unwanted stuff...Uma aunty talked so much to me...and Athai also never supported me...but she did nothing...but sitting there and watching Uma aunty talking to hurts me so much...
then I went to KArthik's room/...but they both chased me out from I could not talkt to Jothy too...what did I do ? may it ids the curse I got...I never had anyone in my life...though I would be surrounded by 100 people...still I always felt that I was alone...when I lose my appa...I saw Maamaa as appa...but athai was never a mother to me...but I always saw her as my mother only
1.Reabthy enters SR's room ...while Sr is trying to thookku maatikaa...
2.Karthik brings their wedding album and gives to Jo...she goes page by page of that album and cries

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Thursday update  5/4/2012, Episode 253

pics by atina

Scene starts with Jyo crying seeing the album and crying. She says only both of them are seen in the album and she couldnt even seek her parent's blessings and its because of Revathi all these happened.Karthik says why to talk abt her now and I have told Prabhu not to interfere in our matters. Leave her. and think abt our future. She says she needs parents blessings and would like to live with them.She tells him on Abi talking to her on Shanthimuhurtham and her reply. Marriage has happend without their wish atleast other shubh functions has to happen with their blessings otherwise they cant be happy.
Karthik consoles her and says everything wil be alrite but she has to make steps to reconcile with them.He asks her to talk to her mom who will understand her situation more than anyone. It is because of SR that she behaved like that. Mother can never hate their child so can try convincing her first. He calls her home and makes her talk to Dhanam.
Dhanam at first cuts the call hearing her voice. Second time  she asks why she called? Jyo cries and asks sorry. She tells she only did one fault that is she married the person she loved and all her situation made her do so. I have to talk to you on this and cry on your shoulders and hug you.Please forgive me and come to temple tomorrow.
Dhanam reluctant. Jyo tells her I will wait for you tomorrow and I believe you will come. They cut the call and Jyo starts her crying time.

Part 2 - Prabhu comes home, gets informed from the maid that Reva didnt have food while all others had. He goes to the room and sees Reva sitting sadly and enquires the reason for not having food. She says she had and Prabhu asks her Is she worried sitting at home.lets go out and have food.
You will have to have a change.Prabhu consoles her to come out of her depressed state. Reva starts crying. He says I know abt u and why do u worry abt others and cry? If I am against u there is a reason to get worried.
She says we all are one family before they used to be so happy and caring abt me. but now all look at me like an enemy and I dont like to come out of this room. He says if you are in this situation then u need to tell the truth to all otherwise u situations will worsen.She says she doesnt like to tell that to anyone.
Be positive and everything will be alrite.otherwise we can go out for somedays everything wil be alrite. She disagrees and wants to be inside that room itself as all others look at me like a murderer. Prabhu consoles her and takes her outside.

Jyo and Karthik praying at the temple, they wait outside.Jyo worried and Karthik asks her to be positive that her mother would surely come to meet her. both waiting. Dhanam comes slowly, Kar and Jyo happy.
Dhanam seeing her with love in her eyes. Jyo says I am sorry please dont hate me and I cant be happy or stay in nimmadhi even after she married Karthik because she is worried abt SR and Dhanam still angry on her.
 Dhanam says she behaved like that only out of anger seeing SR's plight after the marriage. We had too many hopes and desires on you but you demolished all our dreams in one sec which made us angry. What u did was wrong and all u did by yourself which made us talk like that.

Part 3 -Karthik starts talking to Dhanam. We are sorry aunty.I would have died if I hadnt married Jyothi. We tried our maximum to convince others and marry with everyones blessings and consent but at the end we had to do that way, we are rich and we have too many people but didnt have the proper formalities for a marriage. As it is done already no point in talking  pls forgive us.
He takes her belssings.Dhanam bless him and says she is happy that he loves Jyo this much.. Our ages are gone and its ur future and u both have to be happy. He pleads her to convince SR .She says it is difficult to convince him as he is not in a mentality to listen to anyone.
He is affected by your family. I dont know to convince him.Jyo says all these is because of Reva. It s because of her my parents hate me. She was not brought up by her parents that y she doesnt knw the value of paasam. She betrayed us. She doesnt want me to live in that house with her. She told me not to tell anyone abt my love till the marriage hall arranged with Aravind. She made me Abhi and Karthik believe her till the last minute and she did cheat us. Even Sangeetha has done so much to us, it was God who saved my life in her disguise.Her true face was revealed by anni to me.
Reva is taking revenge on you for insulting her during childhood. She doesnt want me to lead a good life. appa is believing her so much but he hates me for marrying my love. She betrayed everyone in our house and Karthik;s house.I used to love her like anything and stood by her & sacrifced many things. but she betrayed me. Please understand her true nature and accept us. PLease tell abt this to appa and ask him to forgive us. Dhanam thinking...

Tom Precap : Jyo telling Reva what do you know abt parents love after all u are an orphan. Reva shocked. Dhanam telling Reva u are taking revenge on me for all those which I did to u in ur child hood? Reva shellshocked

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Friday,06/04/12, Episode no 254
pics by atina

Starts with Jyo pleading Dhanam to talk to SR on REva's true nature and to forgive Kar & Jyo. Dhanam replies it is not easy to change his mind now and during the course of time things will fall in place and SR will surely accept them. Jyo and Kar happy.
Jyo takes Saree, blouse and kumkum gives her.She says all these should be done formally but situation makes her to do this way and seeks Dhanam's blessings on behalf of both  SR and Dhanam to live as sumangaly for 100 years. It is only that blessings which will make her life happy.Both fall on her feet take her blessings.
She gives back the saree and tells SR would be suspicious and she cant handle his questions. Its only their happiness that matters to her.Jyo marriage was her dream and now she is happy that Jyo married her loved one and is living happily. Karthik thanks her.
Dhanam says Jyo is her blood and no one can separate her blood from her. ananda kanneer ozhugifying.. Dhanam goes inside the temple and make archanai for Kar & Jyo and is shown praying.
Back to SR house,ayya sitting outside murachufying the entrance.Dhanam steps in little tensed and she tells him that she had been to the temple.SR angry on her for not informing him.He questions whom she met there?
Dhanam muzhi and says no one. SR quickly enquires abt the blouse and kumkum.He throws it down and Dhanam tells him that was an ashirvadam and should not throw kumkum like this. Paati and sangee  rushing in.
He starts scolding her on how she could go and meet whom he hates? All are one side now and ignore me. Dhanam says she cant live like that and she is their daughter. SR denies that.Dhanam says dont give sabams she has started new life and she has to live happily.He says she is not bothered abt me and why should I care and I dont care if she lives or not.Dhanam cuts him there and says he is so harsh.He asks her abt the sudden change in her.

Part 2 -Dhanam explains that she was angry on her decision but cannot remain like that forever.SR then asks him to forget abt him.He says maanam mariyathai gone already.Arun has already gone her side for money and now Dhanam fall for her daughter's love. Dhanam tries to convince him as everything has happened. SR says mistakes can happen once can be called accident but more than once is fate.
Revathy was forgiven for this issue because it hapend for the first time and he had to undergo so much kashtam because of that family.Now again Jyo has repeated which is supported by Dhanam and Arun which shows that his feelings are not considered in this family. Dhanam asks him to forgive. He says just go from my way I am not going to toalk to u anymore.Paati tries but he shouts at her too.

Reva comes outside ready to go to mama's house. Kar & Jo comes inside.Jyo fiercely looks at her and asks her how can she go to her house,by making her separated from her parents. Jyo says U betrayed everyone and now u talk me as wrong. Reva self defensive that Jyo is mistaken.

Jo says what does she knw abt parents love as she is an orphan. She says she and her family loved her so much but got this punishment. If Reva had parents she would have known abt the pain she is undergoing.Reva starts crying and she says she knws parents love as she doesnt have anyone.
She wanted Jyo to be happy and not sad like her since her mama hated her after she married Prabhu.She didnt want Jyo to lose her parents because of this but she lost everything by marrying Kar.Her mama forgave her on her marriage as she was an orphan butJyo had her parents thats y he is angry.They cant forgive Jyo easily.and pleads her to understand the reason why she did these.

Part 3- Jyo not ready to listen .I have understood u now.You are acting as if u are nallaval and u are poisonous, just count your days I will not leave u in peace and will take revenge on u. I wll make my parents understand and they will throw you out.. Kar and Jyo go inside.
Reva sad BGM leaves to her mama's house. She reaches SR house meets Dhanam who asks a list of questions. She is perplexed. Dhanam asks her I have not shown any paasam in your childhood but I conisdered u as my daughter after ur marriage Reva agrees.  Dhanam continues In anyways have they kept any kurai for her and SR has done the same as he did for JO. Reva agrees.After I loved u I saw u as ur mom only and do u suspect my love, and why did u cheat me?

Reva wants clarification. Dhanam says I didnt expect this from u.I didnt believe Sangee but now Jo told me ur true intentions. Reva tells her that she is hurting her. Dhanam says do u take revenge for what all  I did to u during childhood? Reva shocked.
Dhanam says thats y u married Prabhu for becoming rich and u didnt want Jyo to be like u in good status. Reva denies. Dhanam questions why she was so stern on Aravind Jyo marriage? Reva says whole  family wished it and not reva alone! Dhanam says u utilised the opportunity, u betrayed them by giving them hopes which u hid from me. U shud have told her before and we could have done something. But u kept mum till the last minute. Tell me the reasonShocked


Next week -Abi family meeting...Prakash to Prabhu - leave her and give divorce.Prabhu shouts"will u stop it?" Shocked
Dhanam telling SR u hate our child and love some orphan..SR shouts back.Confused

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MONDAY, April 9th, EPISODE 255

Shocked SR died vaa? I wonder what is going to happen ...Ouch Last week of PS for us??

Continues with Dhanam questioning Reva for her lies to both Jo Karthik and Abi, She wants to know what Reva did this? Was it to take revenge on her? Sanggy just stands there watching all this with her evil smile and look. Reva is silent but cries. Dhanam accuse her for being selfish and only wanting herself to live happily and not others. Reva has even spoken things to SR and had made his heart hard against Jo. (Shocked dhanam vitta pesikittu pova pola... Ermm) Reva stands and just hears everything crying.
Dhanam demands for answer .. Reva says she did not expect this from Dhanam. How can Dhanam ask such things to her? Dhanam ask her to cut her drama and says its because of her they had isolated their daughter. Why should they? When Dhanam use to ignore her before, it was Jo who had always stood by Reva side and is this how she pays Jo back?. Reva says she did all this for this family gauvaram and manam.

Dhanam ask her to stop saying the same thing as a reason for her act. Reva is trying to justify her act and Dhanam says she is no longer going to trust her. She ask Reva to leave as she does not wish to scold or talk to her anymore. SR does not want to accept Jo because Reva is around but if Reva stops coming here, SR will then start thinking about his daughter Jo. Reva cries saying its not fair. Jo hates her and now Dhanam too.
Sanggy ask Reva to stop talking and leave. Everyone has known about her true colour. Reva wants to be maharani in that house and that is why she did this to Jo. Sanggy uses the word anadhei at Reva (this is not right Angry sanggy is getting over...) Sanggy pushes Reva out Shocked ..Reva cries and leaves the place.

Prabu returns back home. Abi tells him the entire family wish to talk to him. Everyone comes there .. prakash and co .. Karthik Jo and Abi husband. Prabu ask them what is the matter. Uma starts saying they are going to talk about Revathi but she don't want Prabu to mistake them. Uma says since small she grow prabu up like a mother, and when Revathi came and took over in taking care of him, everyone was happy. But now they regret for getting Reva married to Prabu. Prabu is shock ShockedShocked

Pavithra joins in insulting Reva and how she got married to Prabu for wealth and she also was afraid Jo will come and share this wealth and tried to even Karthik Jo marriage. She is the sole reason for Jo family suffering now.
Prakash too joins in and and insults Reva badly (this prakash and co Angry) Prakash says Reva will definitely try to take revenge of Jo Karthi so its better to just divorce her. Shocked Prabu screams "will you all stop it" Everyone is shock.
Prabu goes to his mother and ask softly what she thinks of Reva. Abi without looking at Prabu says she got nothing to say as everyone has spoken. Its a fact. Prabu shouts back "what is fact?" What do they know about Revathi and who are they to talk about her. Only he knows why Revathi did all this.
He goes to Jo and ask if she is so determine to palivangufy Reva? Will she be able to take the real truth on why Reva did all this? Jo looks up at Prabu. He tells Jo the flashback of SR trying to commit suicide and how he made Reva promise for Jo Arvind wedding. Everyone is silent. Prabu says this is the reason and if anyone talks bad about Reva, he will not keep quite.

Reva returns back home. She is confuse to see everyone standing there. Everyone looks at her and remain silent. Prabu takes her up. Reva ask him what happen down there. Prabu says nothing happen and ask her to get ready as he wants to go out for movie.
Reva forces him to know what happen but Prabu says nothing new.. as usual they were blaming Reva for everything that happen and Prabu says he did not want this to carry on. So he told everyone the truth about SR and her. Reva is shock. She ask why did he do this? She did not want SR to get any bad name. Prabu does not agree with this and says everything has got a limit. SR is very smart, he had used Reva and and yet when the time came, he remains silent. He is not a good man.
Reva ask Prabu not to talk bad about her Mama. Now that his told everyone the truth, what had happen? Nothing happen but they would further think Reva using Prabu and turning the story over. Prabu gives her some palamozhi and tells her the best thing is everyone clear about what had happen and its better be like this.

Jo sitting in her room thinking. Karthik comes and ask what happen. Jo says she is confused on what Prabu said. Karthik says Reva is very smart. Prabu is appavi and Reva has used him to make everyone see that she is the good person. Further ... none from this family is talking to SR .. therefore Reva daringly has used SR name as she knows no one is going to question him about this. Jo gets angry and says she will not remain quite about this. She is going to settle this for once and all today. Karthik tries to stop but Jo is determine to settle things today.

SR sitting on and thinking the best moments he had spend with his 2 daughters. Dhanam comes there to invite him for lunch. He ask her not to talk to him. Everyone has gone to Jo and so he does not want to talk to them.
Dhanam gets annoyed and ask how can he say like this. Jo is their daughter. Its not right he listen to Reva and ignore Jo. After all, everything that happen is all because of Reva. SR turns and stare at Dhanam.

PRECAP : Jo confronting Reva and asking her not to lie and tell the truth to others while Reva cries. Another scene is .. both Reva and Jo again, different location different saree.. Reva cries to Jo and Jo slaps Reva Shocked

Thodarum ...

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TUESDAY, April 10th,episode 256


CrySR passed away!!!!!CryDead
episode full of crying sogam CryConfused
episode starts with dhanam telling SR that reva is one reason for all happend ,she acted as good girl and at last she did all that she is one who told jo that she will arrange marriage for both jo and karthi , dhanam goes on tell bad abt reva and then SR tell if you again tell any thing abt reva something na! dhanam says if i tell she is reason for all this happend ,she said abi also that she will make jo and karthi together ,SR tell dhanam then she tell till these days i have not said any thing for my wish bt now as for my daughter i will talk , she acted smart and made all of like thisAngry ,SR thinking abt what araving parents told Ouch

jo coming to reva room and asks her to come out and tell the truth and jo goes on telling that dnt lie tell the truth and jo says you did all and said my dad name for waht all you didConfused !! reva says you are thinking wrong and talking like this and you are hurting me ,and then i fell bad that till these years i was with you nu !! as your husband came told that SR only asked to do all this to reva come tell ever one that you one did all and my dad is not responsible for this ! all are thinking my dad wrongly ,reva tell that waht to there to think wrong ?Confused he was right in his decision and then jo tell that as if your talking that all my dad told to do like ? and rave tells that ama mama told this to do bt i want you and karthi to get married bt as i have to save mama life so that i have to accept and then jo say come let ask my dad ,reva tell no vendam dnt ask him and hurt him ,jo forces her and take her to SR house...Angry

SR house all are crowed sogam ,crying SR passed away Cry

both jo nad reva shocked both standing for while and then both comes crying at the same time and then fully crying reva thinks of the flash back that as a kid she came to SR house ,and he dad gave her hand to SR and then karthi running and coming than afte some time all that sadangu finished,

wahole famil is siting and crying ,jo comes in anger and slaps reva ,tell that you killed my dad ,you put fault on him and you killed him he will never forgive you ...

and again tell that he took care of you more than me and treated as his own daughter bt you and tell he thought you should not stand alone nu he took care of you !! you lied like this and put that faullt on him and how would he have been felt , again slapped ,and reva sees his photo and tell that your are feeling that seeing this your are not able to help nu ,let it be now are thinking me as bad ,let it be as for me waht you did it right ,if i tell the truth then these much day all have believed and loved you all that will go so let me keep it to my self all that truth can be hidded and it can be that i did all that nu bt all this made my anadhay DeadCry i will accept as i did all this nu ,bt having hope that soon all will get solved ...Cry

dhanam tell that if you stand hear then i will dnt know what i will do
abi telling only 24 hours get out of this house that only i can tell you

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Update by nithya:

Wednesday 11th Apr 2012

Episode 257

Reva standing in front of SR's photo.. She says Let the secret we hid remain as a secret.. I shall take the blame.. She wipes her tears and declares Please forgive me athai.. I am the reason for all this. I am a drohi..

I planned everything but unfortunately things did go as planned.. I put the blame on mama thinking he would support me.. But we have lost him.. I always wanted to show myself high.. I could not digest Jo at my home and hence planned to prevent her marrying to Karthik.. But all my plans flopped.. I am stone-hearted and have become the reason for the death of my father-like mama..

I am a very selfish person.. Please forgive me.. Danam angrily says how can I forgive.. Yen thali aruthutiyedi.. You have separated my life from me..

Just get lost this minute before I kill you.. She pushes Reva and Reva walks away crying..

Oppari continues at SR's home..

At Abhis' home Abhi, Prakash, Uma and Pavi are waiting to pounce on Reva.. A lifeless Reva walks in.

Abhi asks Why did you come here.. Don't you have any nandri vishvasam.. You killed the person who brought you up..

Uma says you put the blame on him.. he could not lie against you since his love for you prevented him.. But he could not take the blame and killed himself.. No you killed him.. Didn't you at least think once what pains he underwent to raise his 2 kids.. Pavi says he took such good care of you for 20 years.. But you betrayed him and shattered his family.. If you can do such big droham to the family which took care of you or 20 years, gave you education and this life.. I dread to imagine what you would have planned in the 2 years you have been living here.. I am scared to live with you in this house..

Prakash says looking at your face no one will believe us if we tell them about your cheap acts.. How can you act like this .. SR brought you up, you put the blame on him and acted innocent.. What guarantee that tomorrow if any problem arises in this home, you will not turn the blame on us.. Me and Prabhu are like brothers though not born to same mother.. You will separate us too.. People like you cannot live in a joint family.. Abhi says why should she live in a joint family.. She is no more a part of our family..

Abhi tells Reva I give you 24hrs time to walk out of this home.. This is the punishment I can give you.. Reva stands shocked and walks away crying..

Reva in her room, recollecting good and bad moments in her life with Danam, Jo and SR.. SR's death, SR bringing her first time to his home and telling her this is you home henceforth.. SR telling Danam we should take of Reva like her parents and Danam gladly agreeing saying I understand.. SR telling we should never hurt her and Danam agreeing. Reva and Danam smiling at each other.. Danam telling Arunachalam and Sangee that she is proud to have a daughter like Reva, Danam cursing Reva for snatching her thali and chasing her out.. Jo burning her hands for welfare for Reva and same Jo abusing and slapping her.. Abhi and Uma accusing her of killing SR. Abhi's ultimum of 24hrs time..

Morning, Reva walks into Abhi's room and says I am leaving.. My parental home and my in-laws have branded me as a baddie.. No point living here anymore.. I am leaving as per your wish.. I don't have an opportunity or time to prove my self. I accept the punishment you gave..

Abhi asks are you threatening me.. Reva says no.. Abhi asks where are you going to.. Reva says I will go somewhere and live but not die.. Abhi says fine.. vazhndhu kaattu .. Parpom..

Reva thanks her folded hands and walks away crying..

Reva is shocked to see Prabhu standing outside..

In their room, Prabhu asks whether she was determined about the decision announced to his mom.. Reva says Yes.. This option is the best for me and the people at this home.. Prabhu says what about the promises we took in our marriage that we will stand by each other in good and bad times .. How can you leave me alone..

Reva says you are born with a silver spoon, why slog with me, You remain here.. Prabhu says what nonsense, how can treat me as third person.. I know you are innocent.. I don't care about you leaving others.. But why me.. Come let's us leave together..

Reva says If I take you with me.. I will be blamed for that too..Prabhu says why should someone blame you.. Husband and wife should stay together. It is wrong if they are separated.. I don't want you to face hardships alone.. I shall be with you always.. You have been with during my rough times and made me a sane person.. Everyone can forget that but I cannot.. You have been like a mother, wife, friend and stood by me always.. I cannot forget that.. Lets leave and face the good and bad together.. They pack their clothes and come down the stairs...

At the entrance, the driver opens the car door.. Prabhu signals No and walks out of the gate holding Reva's hands.. As they are walking on the road, the evil trio stand in the balcony and smile looking at each other..


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