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Brief Update : 5th April 2012 (Page 9)

sushkita10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jaishankar

Well well I feel really sorry n thankful for u Tanya dear and Bhalla...
Sorry for having to endure the torture of having to watch the whole epis to do the update and thank you for enduring that torture on our behalf so that we can read ur updates and save ourself...Thank you to the two dearest souls...Clap..

What a pain in name of an epi...At this rate one day the actors are going to get frustrated and just leave show...I wonder what will the actors closed ones be thinking about seeing their closed one humiliated in the form of bad characterization...I pity both Hiten and Anki here...

I can understand since Anki being new and this being her first venture will not be able to go against things i guess but I think Hiten needs to keep his foot down and let Ekta know that he is not happy about where Manav' and Archu relationship is going..Hiten is one of the top actors and a 'to go' person for Ekta..Hiten is quite a patient actor and has had a excellent admiration from Ekta for his talent but even he must be pissed along with his family members with his character...I think if any person in the current cast can speak to Ekta more openly its Hiten...
Hiten can represent Anki and entire cast and let Ekta know that if she wants trp to come up ,she needs to bring in better storyline otherwise even current set of new joined actors might start leaving the show along with them..
Ekta and CV's need to be waken up and provided with some facts by her own actors to sink it in i guess...
excellent post.thanks jai for this wonderful commClapmay b  fan get me wrong  but i m hating to see archana is degraded in such a low wayDeadso if nothing more to show about archana only being foolish and being abused so anki should leave.i m saying it bc we all commenting we all fed up to see archana manav this way ,only ARVI giving fresh air in PR so who r crazy for anki want her leave the show bc nobody interested to watch her characterOuchConfused

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LovePRSoham IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tanyaz

Originally posted by star_wars

Thanks Tanyaz for Brief Update. The show sounds like a must miss. I cannot stomach the constant abuse of Archana. It is really getting overbearing, no reason the show trps dipped last week when he was at his best calling her greedy and what's not. The CVs need to realize people are getting really annoyed and turned off with this.
Worse than Manav abusing her and her kids abusing her is Archana  loving every bit  of this abuse and enjoying her tiem as the perfect martyr...
It is like this these days ..
Archana ...I love being a martyr .The whole sad music , all the abuses make me want to have more and more ...
Manav ...I love being a jerk .This is what my money did to me ...turned me into a complete jerk who has a God complex ...
Savita ...I love being evil.
Sachin ...I love being the nosy aunty who always spies on Archana as I don't really have much a life anyway .
Teju ...I love acting like a baby because I know I am older than Ankita in real life ...
Ovi ...I love playing the bimbo
Purvi ...I love running after Manav  baba and loving him ( don't ask me why because even I don't know what on earth he has done to deserve this love )
Arjun ...I love playing the lover boy these days because after looking at Manav , I know it will be my turn next to play the jerk ...
OMG Tanya Di ROFLROFLROFLROFL ... Your anger can sometimes be funny too... LOLLOL        Well said about the characters Tongue

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--Min-Yoongi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
I Missed The Epi... Thanks For Post
Tulsey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Thanee

hi dears..thanks Tanyji...for your wonderful work...Smile

I don't know what to say...for today words just Angry
Think Archana don't know what is self respect god..D'oh
when she come in that room to wish him..she was like a dog dearsCry...

and when she wish him...""the dog got beaten..""Unhappy why she let her been treaten like this;..and for how long;..we can't have a 5 months that we dont have to see these nonsence...Angry.can't bear that now fed up with Manv..Angry Fed up with ArchanaAngry..if they want to fight till death ..just go a head.nobody will stop them...Just for a wish..she had been treaten like

You know what..Manv has a prob somewhere..when there is a prob to think about or to solve ...manv always is angry for what had happen...accuse the one who did that...screamed..yelled..on that person...but never he ask the words..Why??? look for Tej...he asked her to stop to been taxi.driver;.not work ect..but he don't ask her why she's doing that works..or why she come to India??You know a real talk ...all he know sceaming...

So Mr Manv continue screamed.treated Archana..Oh yes you must change her name..and you put Lalchi...its will be very good for her...AngryLOL as you don't want to see her/face...its will be easy for you to call her Lalchi...her name will be out of your mind..Ya...

Archana you continue cry...cry and cry...and one day you will really need tears you will don't have..LOL.When .You will one day be alone .. you will say ""Kash..Kash kash.."".LOLyou will be very burri...You will say Kash meh Jawan nehi ho...LOL

ok  just want to make a request to Cv's and EKta Matta...these two little birds..ARVI...just let them fly...don't spoil their you did for Manv and Archana..please please please...Smile

bye everyone...don't even want to comment more..very bad episode..tomorrow  I'm waiting for Arvi scene not manv birthday..don't want see..Archu treaten like dog once more...Angry THink she like that..Evil Smile

Why she gone to the party..she had already wish...the gift she can give at why..put her nose there..she heard sachin...talking to TEJ...why??? my god..D'oh Make a magic  I enter in my computer to shake her and give her a deserving slap...LOL so that she can wake up

ok Let see bye...dears

Oh really made me laugh.  good one.

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Tulsey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by johncena2003

Originally posted by Tanyaz

Originally posted by johncena2003

i m not comparing my hero to others i just give my opinion on ur statement just like others u came first and argue with me and give lectures i just want to say dat the idea of leap is compltely non sense ekta should end the show on a happy note with sushita but u give ur opinion and talk about money and also others actresses and said dat u feel good dey earn lots of money from show i m not saying dis u said it all... i just want to say dat as an actor u should think about the character u played bcoz lots of people admire u specially todays young generation its not dat  u entertain people its also necessary dat how much u educate and motivate people through ur charcter i just give u one example...big diffrenace between shahrukh and aamir...shahrukh only entertain people though his film and earn money  but aamir not only entertain people but also educate and motivate the young generation through his movie and earn money dis is the main reason between this 2 superstar.
John , I don't wan t to give you lectures, who am I to give anyone lectures ..It just seemed from your post that you sort if said that because Anki is palying Archana in this show and making money then she is doing something  wrong ...maybe I misunderstood you and you did not really mean this ..
I would have critisized Ankita if she was doing cheap sort of reality shows or cheap dances in films and all that but she is plauying a very dignified role and is doing  a great job in whatever is offered to her ...
 I am sure you also appreciate it , I mean why would you put down Sushant's fiance ...I am sure you also respect her and her work a lot ... because I am sure whatever she does is with the advise and support of her fiance ...
Ok, if I sounded like giving you a lecture than I am sorry ...that was not what I meant ...
By the way  , I like some of SRK's work too...but yes, Aamir Khan does a lot of quality work these days ...
i give u reply but my duty time finished and time to go sleep...and not in a mood to discuss on such  a wastage and pathetic show..u continue go ahead...and my favourite already leave so why i take so much tention...just go ahead.
Hi John,
I have known Tany since the start of PR and I can vouch for Tanya as she is one of the sweetest person on PR forum.  There is just no way she would have meant to hurt you.  Every person is entitled to their views without hurting comments to others.
Seems like this show has really ticked you off.   Yes like you don't want to waste your time on this pathetic show so please don't write any comments to hurt others.  We are already hurting from what is going on with ARMAN.  Thanks for your understanding.

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Tulsey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
When Archana went into the room to wish Manav, Manav said to Archana "to this date you have never cared for me or my feeling" 
He was so right when he said that to Archana because if we look back to when Manav and his family left India, Archana never really took any steps to secure her relationship with Manav and her kids.  She kept on doing what Savita told her without even confronting Manav as to why he had sent Savita to Archana to get the papers signed.  She had caused many many misunderstandings by keeping quiet.  Manav on the other hand has given Archana many chances to come back to him.  Even now, she is playing on Sachin's tunes...why?  Why has she become a doormat for the Deshmukhs?
charmedforlife Goldie

Joined: 24 January 2012
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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tanyaz

Originally posted by sereaishitedare

Thanks for the awesome update! I'm a silent member, just thought I'd leave a comment of appreciation. 

Is anyone else skipping the Manav Archana scenes? Or is it just me? =P I always read these updates so I know which scenes I wanna watch and which ones I wanna skip to not waste my time. 

It's just so depressing and frustrating to watch them, and comparatively ArVi scenes are a breath of fresh air, even with Punni there. I wish the CVs would lighten up the ArMan track a bit, even if its just a little bit. It would make it more bearable and less like I wanna tear my hair out. 
Thanks for the appreciation ...
I wish I could skip but then  how would I do the update ...LOL
The best thing would have been to just leave the show for a couple of months and then check after 2 months ...and if everything is as boring as  it is now then leave it again...LOL
thank you so much Tanya diHug
you have no idea the amout of appreciation i have for you for doing this for all of us...most importantly for the following reasons:
firstly,for actually watching the showClap
secondly for not throwing something heavy with great velocity and speed...towards the television screenLOL
and,lastly for actually writing it...for usHug
@bold...excellent idea di...even if i don't watch the show,that can definitely be the course of action for people who love their hair and home appliancesLOLand you would be even better when the come back and the show has ended...and for ankita's sake i sure want it too...her talent is getting completely wasted over here.
thanks diSmile

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tulsey


Why she gone to the party..she had already wish...the gift she can give at why..put her nose there..she heard sachin...talking to TEJ...why??? my god..D'oh Make a magic  I enter in my computer to shake her and give her a deserving slap...LOL so that she can wake up

that's good question .
why is she going when she heard her boss Sachin clealry say that he does not wish her to be there ...Confused.. these writers don't know what to do ...
yesterday's script was I think written in just half an hour ...

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