Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

last day 1 of 6 month lifetime begins

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"Rani Saheba! I think your idea of sending me along with Khushi Ji is really a good one. I will take really good care of her. I will not even let her out of my sight for a single moment.

Let me call the travel agent and make arrangements asap. You do not worry. I think Saleh Saheb in this situation, needs his wife to be around. I will make sure Khushi ji have a good time in the flight and during the transit stay."


"Please try to make the arrangements soon and I will prefer if there is no overnight stay at transit.

The sooner you guys reach Sydney, the better."


"Yes, yes sure, I will see there is no transit stay over.

But you know, it all depends on the last moment ticket availability. I will call the travel agent now. Excuse me.

I will talk from the other room, so you can rest in this bedroom."

And Rani Saheba! I love you. I mean I really do. You are the best. You always take so much care of me!!"


ANJALI is taken aback from the sudden show of affection. She smiles and asks what is up today, that SHYAM is suddenly being so vocal.


SHYAM smirks and walks away to the other room ………….and drowns into his fantasy…….

" RANI SAHEBA…you are to thank for this arrangement.

Oh !  How well I am playing this game, that my wife is placing KHUSHI on a silver platter and giving her to me to ENJOY!! ……………..


I will give her so much pleasure that she will forget all about Arnav.

I will be her first lover, will make my WOMAN! "



" Hello ! Mr. Rubel ! I am Shyam speaking, I need two tickets in first class asap for Sydney and I need an overnight halt and booking for a 5 star hotel during the transit.


Book a single room under my name and a suite under Mrs Raizada's name. Collect the money from the account that is linked to Anjali. I need first class service all the way.

And about this travel plans, do not inform anyone else. I am booking this and you talk to me OK?

I will pay you extra for this. You understand what I am saying right? OK? Thanks.

Send the tickets to my office, I will pick up asap. I will get you the passport details by 2 hours. Do you need anything else for the ticket?"


ANJALI texts Khushi:

" Dear Khushi ji ! it has been 3 days since you left, but did not hear from you. I want you to go to Sydney asap. I am making tickets. Please reply to my text or call. I am waiting. Chotey has been badly hurt and he needs someone to be with him. Bring the passport back with you."










(10.21 PM)


ARNAV starts to run again. His hand is throbbing and the bandages are becomes soaked with fresh blood. Sweats appear on his forehead and he is panting. But nothing can stop him now. Nothing can block his way.


He is determined to find the address and find out about the meaning behind all this.


Half way out of the club, ARNAV realizes that he should have stopped for a second and ask NK about what is going on. He has been so focused on finding the truth that he overlooked the whole situation concerning NK. 


"Uff !! Shit !! Why haven't I stopped and asked him about it? Damn it !


This GIRL will really make me go MAD !!

My judgement is getting cloudy and I am running like a mania to an unknown address."


ARNAV halts for a second thinking that he might go back and find NK to ask him about it, but the next second feels an immense pull towards the address, it's like gravity pulling a meteor towards the base, like a magnet pulling the steel …………..

………………..he bolts out and revs the engine again.


SIRIUS LOOK OUT SPOT (for the best view of the starry sky)




SYDNEY, 123356



ARNAV loads the address in the GPS ( global positioning system) in the car and the address pops up. Its an observatory near south Sydney.




Who can be there?

And why is this address so important that NK had to battle with the guards to give it to me?


The jumbled up dots starts to take a picture and everything falls into place.

The pixels gather up and make the picture visible in his mind.

Arnav connects the dots and solves the mystery:


         Khushi loves stars

         She looks at the stars and speak to them

         Khushi hangs starts even on her bed.

         Sydney has the best start observation in the world.

         And this observatory in specific has the best system to see the SIRIUS star alignments.

         And SIRIUS is the biggest star visible in human eye



ARNAV'S head starts to buzz with excitement, joy, thrill, delight, anticipation and eagerness…..


KHUSHI might be here……………

KHUSHI might be now HERE… in SYDNEY….

BUT HOW CAN SHE BE HERE?...WELL who cares? As long as she is here…………..YES !!!!


All the minute details, him getting hurt, her deception, she signing the divorce papers, singing the check, the six

month contract, the neglect, the rudeness, the tears, the hatred, the ignorance, the lies, the bluffs, the

emotions, the pretences, the conflicts, the compromises, the agony, the trauma, the loneliness, the wounds, the

pains, the indecisiveness, the decisions, the sudden marriage, the desperateness, the tension, physical

pain……everything……………….everything just fades away into the surrounding….each and every emotion,

each and every feelings…gets replaced by HOPE.


ARNAV'S senses get stimulated by HOPE alone……………….HOPE of seeing her again…..Arnav leaves for the address the next second…he is not willing to waste no more time……


ARNAV hits the accelerator, the car jumps up and gradually picks up 60 mile speed under 4.5 second and reaches 150 mph within a minute….…………bolts as lighting into the pitch dark road.

A flash of neon blue flashes pass the blank road, it burns through the night sky, it slices through the silence……...ARNAV smiles his million dollar smile and thanks his decision of getting this baby as his toy….


KHUSHI I am coming……………..just be there……..please my LOVE, just be there…………I will make up for

everything……………I will love you the way, you deserve to be loved.







(11.49 PM)


THE car comes to a screeching halt.  He dives under the hood and opens up the door. Slams it close and starts to run again.

He runs straight to the main lobby.

Its still 11.55 PM , 5 more minutes till midnight.

5 more minutes till the completion of their 6 month fake marriage.

A deep throbbing wound stirs up Arnav. He tries his best to focus on his mission.

The place should be deserted as its almost midnight  ………………BUT


BUT THE PLACES IS crowded with hundreds of people. People from all walks of life, White, African American, Indian, Asians, Australians, children, men, women….

What the hell if going on? How come there are hundreds of people all clammed up in this space in the middle of the night?

Arnav loses his mind.

How on earth will he find his KHUSHI among all these people?

And he doesn't even know if she is here or not…or why he is here, the first place…….


ARNAV keeps on running, skimming through the crowd of people: Trying frantically to locate the single face, obsessing over each tiny area just to catch a glimpse of his angel's face.

He jumps up on the staircase and runs upstairs to the main deck. It's full of enthusiastic people who came tonight to watch the SIRIUS up close. This is the night that comes in every 15 years when the star can be shown as bright as today. Meteors gather around the Milky Way and the view is spectacular.

Arnav feels lost. One by one he tries to see the faces……….Each and every girl, each and every woman.

He runs down to the lobby again.

Then off to the main grounds where the grassy land escape surrounds the main building.

He turns around and looks at the crowd cheering and chattering. Amidst of hundreds of people, he finds himself all alone.

Nowhere does he see a single familiar face, the face that means so much to me, the face that stood by his side through his most troubled time…the face that shed a thousand tears for his cruelness.

Hopeless and defeated.

Arnav has never felt so lonely in his entire life.

Arnav feels crushed. He gathers himself up with full effort and takes a last look around.


He glances at the clock and its


12.20 AM…………..20 minutes past midnight of the last day of their marriage.

The day has passed.  

It is all over.

Arnav gives another keen look around and runs up to the lobby, main desk, grass ground and parking lot

ALL OVER, ONE MORE TIME….…..but NO…..its of no use. …….



Khushi left me and she will never come back.

I have lost her.

Even if she came here to me, I let her down once again.

She must have waited for me all day long , and I reach passed the deadline………….


( The man who have build a million dollar empire on his own will, who can face any challenge in life without a single doubt, a person who never fears his own decisions now :   feels like a lost cause.)


The truth darts his heart as a razor blade.

His head spins, he feels dizzy. The physical pain jumbles up with the inner agony, his feet starts to sink into the ground.

Heart palpitates, eyes become numb, and he loses his grip on life.   


"What on earth am I doing here? How will Khushi come to Sydney all by herself? How will she manage?

I might be going insane.

This girl has made me go insane even by not being around me.

Why am I acting like a fool? I pushed her away from me. And now I am suffering like hell !

Is this LOVE?

If this is LOVE, then why does it hurt so badly?

Why do I feel like dying inside?

Why does my world holds no meaning , now that she is not here?

…………if this is LOVE, then this is a GHATIA thing………"


Arnav kicks his heels on the floor and collapses on the ground.

The reality is looking at his in the face.


He made a huge mistake and the severity of the mistake is irreversible.


"Khushi ! My love !

Why did I not ask you once?

Why did I not ask you once about how you felt?

I knew, I could sense that you feel for me, you cared immensely. But why was I so blind? Not to see your feelings for me?

Why did I let my ego get the best of me, and make me neglect you?

I treated you so bad, but still for my sake, for my sister's sake you did not utter a single word.

You kept me and my family happy, kept your mouth shut tolerated all of my rudeness and unjustified anger.

I pushed you, I shoved you, threw you out of my house, made you sleep on the ground, hurt you physically, let alone emotionally.

You still stayed with me…………….

I doubted you all the way…..

Even you had to put up with the creep all by yourself.

How could I leave you alone in this time? Alone, to defend yourself ? To keep yourself safe from him?

How could I just leave you like that?


Khushi Kumari Gupta Sing Raizada: if you left me, then I GUESS YOU MADE THE PERFECT DECISION: CAUSE







Its 2.30  AM…..


( Arnav is sitting in his neon blue car , in the parking lot of the observatory. His eyes are closed and resting on his car seat. His hand is bleeding with fresh blood.

The corner of his white shirt is stained with it.  Small breaths of air are coming in and out of his chest.

The crowd left….. Only a few people are getting in their cars , to prepare to leave the premises.

The parking lot, that was full with 500+ cars, is now empty and barren…..

Its dark, warm and humid.

The air is heavy. Only the sky keeps on twinkling with the bright blue stars !!

Arnav sighs!

A single  glistening drop of salty water runs down his face !

He keep his eyes closed and tremble  inside with pain……………… )  


30 more minutes passes………its 3.30 AM now………………….Arnav  is still in his car, in the parking lot, sitting as a defeated departed human being…….



Knock ! Knock !

Knock !...Knock !

(Jingle of glass bangles !)

( A irritated whisper) …………… "Uffo"

Knock !!!...

Knock !!!


Arnav's trance breaks.

Someone is knocking  on the car window , by his side..



DAY 1  of


( A thing called LOVE )






MY Readers! Thanks for being with me in this journey……...hope to come to you guys very soon with my next FF:  "A THING CALLED LOVE". Arnav and Khushi together as a couple.

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Kannvee Senior Member

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wow...splendid's so gripping...

felt very bad for our arnav...

continue soon...

thankx for the pm

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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i must say only u can spin such a fabulous tale...i am completely mesmerised with ur style of writingClap

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bluetaj Goldie

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ah an engaging update as usual. UR thank you note at the end, am confused. okay from day 2 we ran over day 1? am lost. but Australia is ahead in the time there is time left right? what happened to Khushi's journey...hope you continue. yeah will love to continue reading ur writings.

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wildandsweet Goldie

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I was not expecting the ending like this. Was expecting the typical ending. Arnav finds Khushi and professes his love to her.
But this is better as he now realizes how much she really loved him during those  6 months and how he under his ASR attitude really loves her.
She understood this and you brought it out by having her watch him try to find him.
Love that ending.

Can't wait for your next story A Thing Called Love!!!!!

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wawww nice

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ab aur suspense mat banao...pls pls milado jaldi... :)

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