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mg ff: distance brings us closer#3 pt 47 pg 117 (Page 42)

_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neha5058

Originally posted by jyothikrish

Originally posted by neha5058

wow wow awesome twosome... mind blowing
loved it so much...
ha ha ha all got to know about maaneet... wow
me really very happy for them...
she was planning for a surprise.. which surprise?
grrr i hate this swetha...
iska kuch kar na.. warna mai hi kar dungi iska kuch...
please... jaldi isey ff se bahar nikaal...
uff geet tujhe kuch banana aata bhi hai ya nahi... jhalli..
wow maan is back... me jumping in joy... thank u for maan ki entry karane ke liye
hmmm dono akele terrace par..
ek kiss to banta hai boss...Wink
love you dear...
precap.. maaneet marriage... haaye...

song... jaaniya... from huanted which i used in tere ishq mein. that'll be perfect on maan's condition..

aww thanku so much neha dear...
love u for a wonderful comment..
hahaha chinta mat karo... maan jald hi kuch karega uss sweta ko...
yeah... i will listen to that song n tell u... Smile
i am confused with many songs...

my pleasure dear...
me too love you...
maan hai to chinta kis baat ki...
okay tell me later...
kya hua kyun confused ho?
yaar next part me i want maaneet kiss...

just songs ko lekar confused hu...
first i thought of tanhayee from dil chata hain...
hmmm ofcourse u will get a kiss n ahem ahem Wink too... LOL

minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
beautiful one
waiitng for maaneet marriage
but will wait till ur done wid ur exams...
all d best
just rock

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anime_gal Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 1:24am | IP Logged
all de bst for ua xams...nd wen u pm me plz...

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Rupal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 8:10pm | IP Logged
All the best..Smile

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misty_drastifan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
awesome update jyothi i want to tell you do many things but
not now

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meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
awesome dear
loved it
continue soon

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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                                                                Chapter 42:

note: plz add 'maneetmaneet' to ur buddylist for pms.

Geet went to terrace from the kitchen door. She saw someone is standing facing his back to her. Geet eyes widened in shock n happy.

She immediately ran n hugged maan tight from back.

Maan smiled n took her hands n kept them on his heart.

Love u mishty..

But then he realized that his shirt is getting wet. He immediately made geet face him n cupped her face n asked worriedly.

Mishty tum ro kyun rahi ho?

Geet hugged him tight n told I miss u.

Maan smiled but he is worried as he saw some sadness in her eyes.

Geet tum thik tho ho na..

Hmmm.. geet is feeling like heaven n peace being in his arms after long time.

They both are in the same position for long time. No one wants to break the hug. Maan is very happy to be with his mishty.

After some time maan broke the hug and cupped her face.

Geet, jaan r u fine?

Geet just looked into his eyes even though she is happy to see her life back but the words which swetha told are ringing in her ears.

(I didn't mean that geet is responsible for all this. Aur waise bhi maan is there for her n hope he is safe.)

Geet(st): what if something happens to maan. No no I cant live without him, I don't let anything happen to him. Meri jaan de doongi meri maan ke liye.

Maan saw that she is lost somewhere n called her.


Geet came out of her thoughts and smiled at him.

Geet tell me whats the matter asked maan.

Arey maan nothing, I was just thinking that your flight is after 2 days na so how come u r early?

Hmm why should I not come early to meet my mishty.

Geet blushed and hugged hin and told nothing like that, never leave me and go maan.

Never in my life mishty told maan and tightened the hug.

When they heard someone coming, they broke the hug n turned back and saw karthik and shanti.

Hii bro. how r u? asked karthik and hugged him.

Maan too hugged him and told I am fine chinna, how r u?

They broke the hug n karthik told fine bro.

Shanti too hugged him. They all settled happily on the terrace n catching up with each other after a long time. They 4 are chatting, laughing and expressing their sadness how they missed maan n finally in a happy mood. Even geet too after talking with maan n being near him made her happy.

Later all had dinner in HM. As maan is tired of journey n due to jet lag he dosed off early.

All retired to their rooms and geet is tossing here and there on her bed. She want to be with maan. To her luck today khurans's r in HM.

Slowly geet got up and went outside near maan's room window and climbed the window. (haila geet kya kar rahi tho tum'.Shocked )

She is successful and entered into his room and took a sigh of relief.

She saw maan is sleeping peacefully on bed n she smiled at his cute face.

Geet went near him and caressed his face. Maan slightly moved due to touch but smiled in his sleep.

Geet too smiled seeing him. Geet placed her head on his chest n hugged him.

Maan hugged her by her waist thinking it as a dream. But he suddenly opened his eyes n was shocked to see his geet real.

Geet' called maan.

Hmmm answered geet.

Suddenly maan jerked her n got up with his eyes wide open in shock. Geet frowned and asked what happened.

Tum tum' yaha kya kar rahi ho? Btw how did u come inside asked maan n looked at the entrance.

Geet made a innocent face and pointed towards window.

Maan looked at her in horror but smiled but frowned again.

R u mad? Tumko lagi tho nahi na asked maan worriedly.

Nahi I am fine told geet n made a baby face n hugged him.

Mujhe tumate saath rehna hain isiliye ayi hu yaha told geet.

Maan smiled and hugged her back n told u should have called me mishty.

Sorry if I have disturbed ur sleep told geet.

Maan kissed her hair and told nahi, but someone is so eager to be with me teased maan.

Geet blushed n hid her face in his chest.

Arey ab kya hua? Asked maan teasingly.

Hmmm yes I want to be with u told geet boldly n kissed his bare chest.

Here maan is loosing his control with her innocent acts. His passion is increasing more and more. Maan lied down with geet on top of him. His hands went under her top feeling her bare skin. Geet closed her eyes surrendering herself, she want to forget all her pain which is caused due to swetha nd sid.

Maan kissed her forehead, her cheeks which now turned red, her jaw line. His hands are doing their work. Finally he captured her lips into his n drove her into different world. Where only their love exists nothing more than that.

He nibbled her lower lip to open her mouth, she gave in and allowed him to enter n they both are exploring their secrets and enjoying their re-union after 2 years. How much they missed all these.

His hands reached her b** hook n unclasped it. Geet's breath stucked in her throath. Finally they broke the kiss due to lack of air. Now maan pinned her to bed and coming on top of her.

He was about to slid her kurti off her shoulder, geet moaned maaan. Then maan n geet came back to their senses and their position.

Maan immediately got up n geet too n adjusted her dress.

Um.. wo' sorry geet told maan.

Geet kept her finger on his lips and told no maan don't be. Only u have right on me.

Maan took a sigh of relief and was very happy listening her.

They both talked for sometime and geet is yawning by this time.

Maan I am feeling sleepy told geet and rested her head on his shoulders. Soon she dosed off.

Maan looked at her face and kissed her forehead. He took her in his arms and made his way to her room. He gently placed her on the bed n covered her with blanket and left the room.


After like one week rishab and anand handed over the responsibilities of MD of KT to maan. He took blessings of all the elders and started his career. Geet, karthik and shanti wished him good luck.

Maan became busy in his work but never ignored his family mainly his mishty. He is very strict in his business and adi too completed his studies and working for KT as a chief accountant. Sasha is maan;s secretary very kind hearted girl.

Shanti is happy seeing geet happy. 6 months passed this way and geet joined KT for her final year project work. But alas swetha too koined as no one knows about her evil plan. One day geet had class in KT based on her project work. She and swetha came to office to attend class. After 2 hours the class got completed and they both were about to leave geet saw sasha and wished her.

Hii sasha di wished geet.

Hey geet how r u? asked sasha.

I am fine di, how r u?

Me fine dear. Waise aaj tumara class tha na?

Ha di abi abi katam hua told geet.

Ok geet, yeh maan sir ke liye coffee hain I will give him and come told sasha.

di.. can I give? Asked geet.

Sasha smiled and told ya sure.

Soon geet went to maan's cabin and saw him engrossed in some fine.

When geet was about to tell him something, maan asked hogaya tumara class?

Geet is first surprised but smiled and told hogaya. Yeh lo tumara black coffee.

Geet went near him and gave him coffee.

Maan smiled and took it, but he kept it aside and pulled her towards him. She landed on his lap.

Geet encircled her hands around his neck and told mr. khurana yeh office hain.

Hmm so??

Thoda sharam karo, chodo mujhe I have to go.

Nahi told maan.

They shared some romantic moment and after sometime geet left the cabin. Swetha saw her coming out blushing n she burned with anger.

Swetha (st): ab aur nahi chalega, mujhe jaldi kuch karna hain. Nahi tho pata nahi kya hoga. I have to talk to sid soon.

Geet I have some work, mujhe baahar jaana hain told swetha.

Ok.. told geet and completely ignored her.


Later that day swetha and sid met in a coffee shop and swetha informed all what is happening between maan and geet.

Sid we have to do something but uss geet ko maan se duur karna hain.

Sid smirked evilly and told don't worry swetha this time I will plan and see geet hamesha hamesha ke liye meri hojayegi.

Swetha smiled and told then maan will be mine.

They both left from there. Sid who is driving car smiled evilly poor swetha maan tumara kabhi nahi ho sakta kyun ki wo is duniya main bhi nahi hoga. I will kill u maan sorry my dear business partner.


Next day morning:

Maan is getting ready for office, he is not at all feeling good today like something is going to happen a big in his life. Suddenly his mobile rang. He saw anand papa is calling him. He smiled and picked the call.

Hello papa'

Hello is this Mr. khurana asked someone from other side.

Yes.. told maan confusingly.

Sorry to say this sir your father Mr. anand handa met with an accident and we admitted him in city hospital.

Maan was shocked to hear this at the same time he panicked n asked Ho.. how is he now?

Plz Mr. khurana I request u to come to hospital now told that man.

Maan immediately cut the call and ran downstairs and tension n fear written all over his face.

Rishab and pooja saw him and asked maan what happened?

Nothing dad I will be back told maan n ran to his car. With in 15 min he reached hospital.

He ran to reception and asked excuse me my dad met with an accident Mr. handa.

Yes sir he is in ICU 2nd floor.

Thanku told maan n rushed there.

He reached ICU and was pacing outside waiting for doctor to come. After like half hour doctor came, maan rushed to him and asked doctor how is my papa?

Doctor face fell.

Doctor tell me something , how is my papa? Asked a frustrated maan.

We r sorry Mr. khurana we r trying our level best but he lost lot of blood.

Maan held his collar and told I DON'T KNOW WHAT U DO, MY PAPA SHOULD BE SAFE.

Relax Mr. khurana, but he is continuously taking your name and geet name. so plz call her immediately. I think he wants to talk something.

Maan is just rooted there how can he now inform about papa to geet and mama. How will they react is running in his mind.

His phone rang, without seeing the caller ID he picked the call.


Hello maan, where r u? mama told me that you went somewhere and you r looking tensed. R u fine? Aap tumko aur dad ko kya hogaya, dad bhi subah kaha chale gayeaur abhi tak phone nahi kiya. I am worried maan where r u? asked geet without any full stop.

Geet give phone to dad told maan.

But maan'

Plz geet pleaded maan.

Papa, maan wants to talk to u told geet and gave him the phone.

Hello maan beta bolo asked rishab.

Dad, wo wo..

Maan tell me beta what happened?

Dad, papa ka accident hua, I am in hospital now.

How is he beta? Nothing serious na asked rishab on the verge of crying.

Dad, papa wants to talk to me and geet plz u come here told maan.

Ha maan u don't worry beta we r coming told rishab and cut the call.

Papa what happened? Asked geet.

Nothing beta call your mom, we have to go somewhere now told rishab.

Where papa? Asked geet.

Plz geet I will tell u everything told rishab.

Soon vijaya came to KM and all of them headed to hospital. Once they reached hospital all others panicked.

Papa why we came to hospital asked geet.

Ji bhi sab kuch thik hain na? asked vijaya.

Just then maan came out, geet rushed to him and asked maan why u r here?

Geet, papa ka accident hua told maan.

Geet is shocked to hear this and tears started flowing down her cheeks.

She held his collar and asked what are you saying maan, nahi dad bilkul thik hain.

Maan cupped her face and told plz geet, papa wants to talk to us.

Geet rushed to ICU and opened the door and she was shattered to see her dad's condition.

Here vijaya hugged pooja and crying furiously.

Pooja yeh kya hogaya? Wo thik hojayenge na?

Ha bhabhi, bhai will be fine you don't worry told pooja with tears in her eyes.

Vijaya, aap chinta mat karo anand will be fine told rishab. He is shattered from inside but he has to be strong for his family.

Ji mama, doctors hain na don't worry told karthik who just came now.

But vijaya is very much tensed but karthik, pooja and rishab stood by her side as a great support.


Geet went inside and held her fathers hand and called dad.

Anand slowly opened his eyes and smiled at geet and maan.

Dad yeh kya hua aapko? Asked geet crying bitterly.

Don't cry my princess, I am fine told anand with great difficulty.

Nahi dad, don't talk anything, u need to rest told geet.

But anand held her hand and asked geet will you fulfill my last wish.

Dad, plz don't don't talk like that.

Plz geet listen to me requested anand.

Maan held geet's shoulders and calmed her down n asked to listen to dad.

Geet, maan will u both fulfill my last wish.

They both just nodded with tears in their eyes.

Maan, tum meri princess se abi isi waqt shaddi karogi?

They both are shocked to listen this so as others who came to see anand.


Precap: maneet shaddi, their Milan in a most painful situation.  

             Geet leaving.


Hi friends here is part 42. Hope u all like it.

This is a long update and next update will be on 4th and that will be almost end of the past.

Silent readers atleast now comment yaar...

Plz hit LIKE n do COMMENT.

Waiting for ur response.





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