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mg ff: distance brings us closer#3 pt 47 pg 117 (Page 116)

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Interesting !! Can't wait !!

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lovely teaser dear
um already waiting

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[QUOTE=jyothikrish]UPDATING IN AN HOUR... Big smile




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Me also waiting di.

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Ur kiddo came here
present teacher

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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                                                   Chapter 47:

note: plz add 'maneetmaneet' to ur buddylist for pms.

I dedicate this update my kiddo, sweety mona (maneetlover1), she got her 1st year result and passed with 80%.. CONGRATULATIONS DARLING...


Maan, geet, karthik and vinod went to hospital as they told no to others.

In the house all are tensed seeing maanvi like that.

What is all happening? We all are happy that our geet is back but see now what happened? Why it all happening to us. 2 years we all suffered and ab bhi babaji is testing us. What wrong we did? Told vijaya not able to control her emotions seeing her grand-daughter in that condition.

Anand looked at her worried face and told don't worry vijaya nothing will happen to our grand daughter. When our love is there with her then what will happen. So u don't worry, if maan and geet see u like this then they will be angry on us. Haina ranbir? Asked anand.

Ranbir nodded and told ha vijaya u don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Once I will call maan told pooja.

Ha pooja once we will call him seconded vijaya.

Anand and ranbir nodded their head in no and told nahi, see firstly they are also tensed and if we call them again and again they will be stressed. So its better not to disturb them. They told na that they will call us after the treatment told ranbir.

Both the ladies looked at them sadly.


In the hospital:


Maanvi is sleeping is maan's arms holding his collar tightly. Vinod and karthik are doing arrangements for treatment.

Here maan sat on the bed of the special room which is given to maan. As he don't want any kind of disturbance to his little princess.  

Here geet is trying to take maanvi from maan but he is not at all leaving her.

Maan give maanvi to me asked geet.

Maan nodded in a no.

Maan plz requested geet.

Maan held her more tight.

Tum na pagal ho gaye ho told geet and with no other option she sat on the couch. Seeing her sad face maan sat beside her and put maanvi on her lap. Geet smiled seeing that and kissed their princess cheek.

Eventhough both are acting strong but they are tensed and worried about their princess. They are peaying to god that nothing should happen to princess.

Later vinod and karthik came to the room and saw the sight in front of them and smiled.

Now give ur princess to me for some time told vinod.

Maan and geet looked up and smiled at him, a nervous smile. Today MSK is worried and tensed for his daughter. The MSK who deals the business deals with in a matter of fact now tensed and his face show the helplessness. But karthik is his brother and he can understand his inner turmoil.

He went near maan and told bro don't worry nothing will happen to maanvi. u be strong and when we come out you will see a smiling maanvi.

Hearing this maan hugged karthik and told thanku so much chinna.

Vinod took maanvi from geet and kissed geet's forehead and told don't worry gudiya, we r there na.

Geet just smiled a little and kissed maanvi's cheek.

Vinod and karthik left from there and took maanvi to other room where they arranged everything for treatment.

Soon they started the treatment.

Here maan and geet are waiting outside and they sat there hand in hand. Geet rested her head on maan's shoulders and closed her eyes. Both are silent, they don't want any words now. They both know what is going on in their mind.

1 hour passed.

2 hours passed neither vinod nor karthik came out and the tension and fear is increasing in them with each passing second.

Maan why they are not coming out? Cried geet.

Maan held her tight and told geet treatment will take time na. bhai already told us right?

But its 2 hours maan told geet impatiently.

Shhh geet calm down dear told maan calmly.

Geet saw maan's face who is also so desperate to see his princess.

Just then the door clicked open, both vinod and karthik came out.

Both maan and geet rushed to them and asked how is our princess?

Vinod and karthik looked at them and smiled at them, seeing their smile they are relieved, now they are sure that their princess is safe.

Maanvi is fine now she wont get any attacks and she is perfectly fit and fine. She just needs some rest and have to use these medicines for a month told vinod.

Thanku bhai, thanku so much told maan and hugged him. A lone tear escaped from his eyes hearing his princess is fine now.

He broke the hug and asked can I see her?

Karthik saw his curious face and told sure bro.

Maan rushed inside and saw her princess is sleeping peacefully.

Here geet stood there outside with tears in her eyes.

Vinod saw that and asked what happened gudiya?

Geet looked at him and told I am so cruel bhai, I didn't told about maanvi for more than a year. How could i? cried geet.

Both karthik and vinod understood and hugged her tight.

Geet its better to forget about past. Think about ur present dear, u bro and ur princess and our family told karthik and kissed her hair.

Here vinod is angry on those two creatures for making his sister's life hell. They broke the hug and went inside to see maanvi but they smiled to see the scene infront of them.

Maanvi opened her eyes and saw maan infront of her. She smiled and held maan's finger tight with her tiny hand as she was not able to hold his hand. Maan smiled at her and took her tiny hand in his and kissed it. maanvi smiled at this and she made a sad face not liking the hospital atmosphere.

Da' da' gh' gha' tried maanvi to say something.

Maan looked at her confused and soon understood that she don't want to stay here.

Princess just for sometime, then we will go from here told maan so ever cutely for which maanvi smiled widely.

Geet came there and kissed maanvi's forehead. Later in the evening all of them went to KM as vinod will be there in KM so its not needed to stay in the hospital.

All of them are happy with the piece of news they heard. All of them took extra care of maanvi and even sudha's little kid rups too took care of her.

One week passed the same way. Maan became over possessive and didn't leave his child even for a second.

At the same time he is not sitting quite at home hw started his plan to destroy those creatures sid and swetha.

After like 10 days maan went to office in the banglore branch. Even vinod and geet too accompanied him as he asked them to come.

Maan walked with geet and vinod in his MSK style followed by his bodyguards and with googles on.

Geet and vinod are watching all this wide eyes and thought he is not at all their maan.

As they came out of lift, all of them wished maan but he just nodded but geet gave them a sweet smile.

Once maan entered his cabin, he settled on his seat where as geet and vinod on couch.

Just then someone knocked the door. Maan knows who is that and said come in.

Adi opened the door and wished maan.

Good morning maan.

Morning adi. Maan signaled him to sit.

Adi too settled and told she is on the way maan.

Maan smirked and told that's good. What u told her?

Adi smiled and told I called her and told that the professional and the personal life is different so she can join office.

And she believed ? asked maan.

Think so told adi.

I don't think so she is not such a fool.. something is cooking in her mind told maan and looked at geet who is looking at him confusingly.

Maan sighed and looked at geet and told geet.. swetha is coming here now.

Geet is horrified to hear this and vinod smirked as he knows maan's plan.

Why??? Maan enough is enough I don't want anything happen now told geet worriedly.

Maan went to her and sat on his knees in front of her and told geet listen to me. Nothing is gonna happen this time. We too have to play game along with them.

No shouted geet.

Listen gudiya, this time u r not alone we all are there with u assured vinod.

Bhai u too asked geet.

Hum bhi geet came a voice from entrance.

Geet looked at person and told u r always with ur maan bhai, wonder u r my friend or his.

Shanti smiled and told how can I leave those who made my friends life hell for 2 years.

But.. now I am with u all and I am happy protested geet.

Just then sasha came and informed about swetha's arrival.

Geet got tensed hearing that.

Then there was a knock at the door.

Come in maan told sternly.

Swetha entered the cabin and saw maan in his seat but she didn't see other 4 people in the cabin.

Maan u called me? Asked swetha nervously.

Maan gave her a deadly glare and told her to sit. Before maan speak swetha started speaking.

Maan I am really sorry for what I did in the past. I didn't really mean to and I don't know that u and geet are married. I just that I love u so much and I cannot see u with others. But if I know about your relation then I never come into your way told swetha and looked at maan with teary eyes.

Maan looked at her with no expression on his face.

Swetha saw that and thought maan believed her and she smirked inwardly.

Maan too smirked and told ok if u want to be safe in ur career then u should what I tell.

Swetha looked at him shocked but seeing his deadly glare she gulped and told o.. ok.. I will' do.

Maan smiled and told I know that by now u might have told sid about mine and geet's marriage. Haina?

With this question swetha started sweating and looked at him with fear and kept quite.

Seeing her silent maan's anger rised and roared BOLO'.

She got frightened and abruptly told ha. Ha I told.

Good.. now u will call him again and will tell that mera aur geet ka shaadi nahi hua.. ok??


Precap: what maan is gonna plan?

             What will be geet's reaction..


Hii friends here is part 47. Hope u all like it.

Friends as I already told this ff has very few parts, so I request everyone to comment.. atleast when it is ending..

Plz hit LIKE n do COMMENT..

Waiting for ur response'

Silent readers plz hit like n comment.. its coming to an end guys..

plz give me long comments.. Embarrassed

and ha COMPLETE this THREAD... wanna post next part in NEW THREAD... Big smile




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Yayy!yippie!me first dinka chika no yar iam bored of ths sng nw...i'l dance for ringa ringa ringa ringa ringa ringa re..hogaya hogaya
awesme update darling..every1 was tensd n wanted to cal maan bt anand n rishab managed them..
Aww my maan sat huggng maanvi tight i could c ths scene nw..u knw iam imagining maan in red shirt with blackwaist coat n maanvi in light pink sleeveless frock..cho cute scene he's nt even ready to gve her to geet..papa scared for hs princess
thankgod maanvi is cured nw n i felt so happy when i was readng the scene where maanvi holdng maan's fingers n tryng to tel hm that she dnt want to stay there..that was really heart touchng scene
wow my angry young man msk in actn nw..poor geet shockd to c hm..geet u would hav seen the maan be4 ur return..shayad behosh hojathi..
Wow nw kaminees ke liye plan ready hai mere msk ke paas..kameeni again pretendng bt maan also dealing her in her way..
Cant wait to knw hs plan..
Darling plz update soon na ur kiddo wil die with excitement..
Love u muaah

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