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mg ff: distance brings us closer#3 pt 47 pg 117 (Page 101)

_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by uteem

Katti katti for not updating...katti

kaan pakadke sorry... Ouch

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Me katti

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by jyothikrish

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="5"><font color="#FF0000">UPDATING...</font>
<font color="#0000FF">IS ANYONE WAITING FOR UPDATE? </font></font>

e waiting me waiting

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meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Cherishh IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by jyothikrish


Me toh always ready for it yaar...still how much time more...

After reading UPDATING...just can't wait anymore.

Bring it on dear...waiting for Maanvi a lot rescuing MaanWinkLOL...just love their bondingBig smile.

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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                                                              Chapter 46:

note: plz add 'maneetmaneet' to ur buddylist for pms.


Vinod went to his room and geet took maanvi from maan and went to her room. Maan just silently followed her like a obedient student. Geet placed maanvi in a cradle but maan immediately took her in his arms. Geet looked at him questionly.

I want to sleep with my 2 princess told maan.

Geet nodded and told ok, u look tired sleep now.

Maneet with maanvi settled on the bed with little one sleeping on his chest and geet placed his head on his shoulder and maan held her by her waist. 3 of them slept peacefully. A perfect family, how a life changed them and again after 2 years they got their happiness back with a new bundle of happiness maanvi.

Next day morning:

Our geet got up and saw maan and maanvi cuddled each other and sleeping. Maanvi kept her thumb finger in her mouth, geet saw that and removed her finger and smiled.

But maanvi frowned and made a cry face.

Dramebaaz murmured geet and caressed her face and placed a kiss on her forehead. And she smiled at maan too and placed a kiss on his cheek and left to washroom to get ready.

She stood under the shower and thinking about maan and yesterday night's incident. She closed her eyes and the image of maan hurting himself flashed infront of her. She opened her eyes and thought

Hey babaji yeh sab meri wajah se horaha hain. Kitna khush rehta tha maan par ab he is hurting himself because of me. He is feeling guilty for not saving me. Par isme maan ki kya galti hain. Galti tho meri hain, maine maan ko kuch nahi bataya aur ghar chodkar chali gayi. Now I should do something, maan should come out of his guilt.

With that geet got ready and came out of the washroom and saw that maan is playing with his princess.

Uth gaye tum dono, jao jake fresh hojao told geet to maan.

Arey wait na, let me play with my princess for some time told maan and kissed maanvi's cheek.

Maanvi smiled at maan and she too kissed maan's cheek making it wet.

Da.. da.. called maanvi and started jumping on his lap.

Oho.. maan go now told geet and took maanvi in her arms. With no other option maan got up and but princess started crying.

Kya hua princess ko bhook lag rahi hain asked geet.

She nodded in a no and jumping in her arms and stretching her arms towards maan.

Lo dada ke paas jaana hain? Asked geet.

Maanvi smiled widely at that.

Maan smiled and took maanvi and they both went to washroom.

Maan placed maanvi in the small bath tub and filled it with warm water. Maanvi being naughty sprinkling water on maan. Maan smiled at his naughty daughter and he too started enjoying with her. Its been 1 hour they both didn't come out. Geet who is waiting for them heard noises from inside and peeped in what they are upto, she got a shock seeing their condition. Maan and princess are playing in water and made the washroom a big dustbin.

Yeh kya horaha hain yaha pe? Asked geet placing her hands on her hips.

Maan and maanvi turned to her and smiled cheekily.

Ufff maan tum bhi bache ban gaye ho told geet and went inside and took maanvi with her and came out.

After some time maan took shower and came outside with a towel around his waist. He saw geet taking out his clothes from wardrobe. He smiled and slowly went near her and hugged her from back.

Geet got scared with sudden touch but relaxed as she know who is that. She closed her eyes and leaned back. Maan kissed her shoulder and asked what is my mishty doing?

Geet turned around and saw his bare chest, she slowly caressed near his heart and kissed there. She placed her head on his chest and hugged him.

Kya hua geet? Asked maan.

Mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain told geet.

Bolo kya baat hain told maan.

Geet broke the hug and told first tum ready ho jao.

Maan nodded and geet gave him clothes. Maan got ready and came out.

Ab bolo geet told maan.  

Why u r acting in front of me? Asked geet.

Maan looked at her confusingly, geet saw it and continued.

I know that u r acting normal infront of me, but why u r punishing urself because of me? Kal raat wo sab kya tha maan, tumko pata bhi hain main kitni darr gayi thi. Maine tumko itna gussa kabhi nahi dekha. Pehli baar mujhe tumse baat karne se darr lag raha hain maan. Jab galti meri hain tho tum apne aap ko sazaa kyun de rahe ho maan? Aisa mat karo maan, main jeete jeet mar jaungi.

Maan closed her mouth with his palm. But geet removed it and told let me talk maan.

 Plz maan jo kuch bhi hua isme tumari koi galti nahi thi, galti tho maine kiya tumse baat chupa ke. Uss waqt mujhe kuch nahi samaj aya, main sirf tumare baare mein soch rahi thi aur iss parivaar ke baare mein. Uss waqt dad ka condition bhi kuch thik nahi tha. Sab log pareshan the. Aur uss sid ki phone call se main bohot darr gayi thi. Aur mujhe tumari safety ke alawa kuch nahi sujj raha tha. Agar main chali gayi tho uss sid ne tumko kuch nahi karega. I was forced to take that decision maan. I never thought that I will meet u again told geet and tears rolled down her cheeks continuously.

This is the least thing maan want to see. His anger for that sid has increased several folds, his eyes became red due to anger. Geet looked at him and got scared to see so much anger in his eyes and she took few steps back. But more than anger she can see the pain in his eyes.

Ha geet tumne sach kaha, I am acting in front of u. but jo dard hain na tumse judaa hone ki wo itni aasani se bhool nahi sakta main. I was so helpless, pata nahi tum kaha thi kis haal mein thi. Those 2 years kaise kaise khyaal ate the tumko pata bhi nahi hain. Tumari bina meri zindagi adoori hain geet. The pain and guilt of not saving u is killing me inside. Itna sab kuch hua, meri mishty itni dard mein thi aur mujhe kuch nahi pata. How can u expect me to be happy. Nahi geet jab takh wo log zinda hain main khush nahi ho sakta roared maan like a hungry lion.

Ha geet, aaj tak jo hua so hua aur meri baat khan khol kar suno agar tum iss baar kuch ulta seedha karne ki koshish bhi kit ho mujhse bura koi nahi hoga. And baat hui uss sid and swetha ki, the time od their destruction started. Now they have to face the wrath of MSK. They have to pay for all they did. They have to beg for death roared maan and punched the mirror infront of him and the mirror broke into pieces making his hand bleed.

Geet looked at him in horror. Is he the same maan whom she knows from childhood, itna gussa she didn't face this MSK anytime. But now she has to there is no other option.

Seeing him punching the mirror she shouted MAAAN'.

Hearing her shout other family members got worried and rushed to their room.

Anand and rishab barged into the room and saw the condition of maan.

His eyes are splitting fire and his hand is bleeding. Other family members too followed them.

Vijaya and pooja came near maan and told yeh sab kya hain maan with tears in their eyes.

Maan seeing all of them calmed a bit and told kuch nahi mom.

But least he expected that his princess started crying seeing the sudden noise in the room.

Sudha took maanvi in her arms and went out and karthik started bandaging maan's hand.

After that anand and rishab came to maan.

Maan try to control ur anger, har waqt gussa is not good. We have to think what we should do now told rishab.

Dekho yeh kya haal bana rakha hain tum apne aap ka told pooja getting emotional.

Main thik hu mom, aap chinta mat kijiye told maan.

But all of them looked at him angrily. Seeing them he gulped. His family is the main weakness to him, he cant see them sad and cant say no to them too.

Geet came there and gave breakfast to him and told lo eat your breakfast.

Maan showed his bandaged hand.

Geet gave an angry glare and gave that plate to vijaya mom.

Vijaya started feeding maan with her hands and pooja caressed his hair lovingly.

Suddenly they heard a shout of sudha..


Maan immediately rushed out and saw that his princess maanvi is breathing heavily.

He rushed to sudha di and took maanvi.

Beta what happened? Asked maan worriedly.

Dekho dada ko dekho, kuch nahi hoga aapko told maan.

All others got worried seeing her. Geet came there with a medicine.

Maan got tears in his eyes seeing his princess in that codition.

Geet immediately gave medicine to maanvi. After some time maanvi became normal and she slept hugging maan tight.

Maan and geet got very worried about maanvi.

Mom, vinod bhai kaha hain? Asked geet.

He got some emergency case, so he went to hospital told vijaya mom.

Bro, once let me check princess told karthik.

Maan nodded and they took maanvi to their room and placed her on the bed. Geet too followed them.

Karthik checked maanvi and sighed.

Chinna what happened? Nothing will happen to my princess na? asked maan caressing her head.

Karthik placed his hand on his shoulder and told nothing will happen to our princess bro. hum kuch nahi hone denge.

Geet do u have the reports of ****** tests asked karthik.

Yes I have but not here told geet.

Ok.. but I want to see those reports immediately told karthik.

Geet nodded and told I will ask Vicky to bring those reports. They are with him.

Ok geet.. told karthik and kissed maanvi's forehead.

Geet immediately called Vicky. He picked the phone.

Hey di.. hwz u? asked Vicky.

Vicky mujhe maanvi ki reports chahiye, tumare paas hain na? asked geet.

Ha di reports are with me. What happened di, phir se attack'

Ha Vicky abi abi, maan is very much worried and karthik is asking for them. So I want them immediately told geet.

Ok di, I will there in half an hour. Don't worry di every thing will be fine assured Vicky.

Geet smiled slightly and cut the call.

Later Vicky came with reports there and went to maneet room. By that time even vinod too came to home.

Sudha told vinod what happened and he rushed to maanvi.

Karthik and vinod checked the reports and they both looked at each other.

We should take maanvi to hospital immediately told vinod.

Bhai, kya hua? Asked maan.

Kuch nahi maan, don't worry. By today evening our maanvi will be fine. There is a small treatment, acha hua ki u approached to doctor in early stage told vinod.

Maan and geet sighed.

Maan, geet, karthik and vinod went to hospital as they told no to others.


Precap: maanvi's treatment..

             maan's first plan.

             Will maan's plan will be success.

hii friends here is part 46. Hope u all like it.

As many are not interested in this FF anymore as i got very poor likes and very worst comments for last update.. I decided to end this in 4-5 updates..

plz hit LIKE n do COMMENT..

I must thanku for not commenting.. ur wish guys.. fed up with ur response..



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meettu IF-Rockerz

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loved the update

cute maanvi

geet feeling scared because of maan anger

nd maanvi ka treatment

nd maan ka plan

want worst punishment for dat bas***d sid nd swetha


its a request dont end dis

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