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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sajanfan004

Originally posted by little.angel56

Hey i never knew you wrote too :)
read all your updates, they are seriously way too good!
thank god, there are some Virika ss on the forum too because we get so few to read
it was really interesting your update,continue soon please
looking forward to virika Smile
treat to read ur ss :)
PM me please

I agree with you completely! There are really less virika writers on the forum and the ones who do write, generally leave their stories in the middle! It's really sad! Even I'm a big virika fan like you! Will add many virika scenes in my updates, atleast I will try to!
Thank you so much, I'm happy you are liking the story! 
Surely... Thanks once again!

Seriouslyy :)
I am waiting for your part! wohoo a virika fan like me,they are so natural yr Clap

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Originally posted by sajanfan004

Originally posted by kushalkidewaani

I want a pre-Cap for the next update please...
I loveeed this one too...
I loveeed how you undid the VirIka misunderstanding...And I cant wait for Chep (Virat to order Bandariya (Manvi)...Pleaseee use these names for the next Part...and why not have Maya to have a lil jelaousy angle and then maybe Manvi can feel for Virat...Please take my suggestion into consideration :)
I know this comment will be very boring but this is how much I loveeed it :)

Hey! Thank you so much!
Surely, I will put a precap for part 15, in my next part... 
Yeah, surely.. I really like the names chep and banderiya, dedfutiya! 
I had thought of adding maya to this, but the majority said no maya!
Yaa I know I red the No Maya Comments but still I feel that a lil Maya toh banta hai yaar she was a part of the show fr quite long :)...and a lil jelaous Maanvi will be fun for the viewers soo...That's why I just suggested :P

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Hey guys! Im back with another update!

ABOUT the update: I'VE TRIED TO MAKE IT FUNNY, but i have no idea how its actually turned out.
Its actually a rather weird update with a bit of JeeMan and a bit of devar-bhabhi scenes..and mixed scenes. I hope you'll like it.

RECAP: Virika sort out their problems and confusions while Virman have a great feast at night and Virat gives Manvi her dare!

I have no idea when i'll be able to post the next part, so i'm not giving any time, it may be in a week if a short update, or even in 3 weeks if i post a really long update, i really dont know.

I hope you'll really like it. Do comment and press the 'like' button. I hope i've not made it stupid.

Here it goes:-


Part 14: Next Morning:-

At sharp seven, rang Manvi's mobile. At first she ignored it and remained deep in sleep, but it did not help. It only rang louder and louder. At last she opened her eyes slightly, picked up her phone which was kept on her bedside table, shut the alarm and peered at the time.

" saat (7) baj gaye! Uhh, yeh alarm bhi na! Itna punctual hai, 5 minute deri (late) se bajta toh kya ho jata?" mourned the sleepy Manvi. She yawned and then remembered- 'arrey jeeju ne toh kaha tha ki 7:30 tak so sakhte hai, to fir mein abhi kyu apna neend kharab karu, thodi der baad uthungi...'. She, then, set an alarm for 7:25, lowered the volume of the alarm and kept her phone under the pillow. She, then, went to sleep.

In room no. 3783:-

"Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong" went the alarmclock as well as Virat's mobile. Virat woke up with a jerk. He sat up on the bed and picked up the clock which was kept on his bedside table and looked at the time.

He thinks: arrey, its already 7! Lekin.. mein alarm ke ghanti se kese utha! Aajtak toh meine bohot saare alarms lagaye hai, magar humesha breakfast ke liye late hi hota hu, mujhe toh roz bhai uthate hai! And meine toh apne mobile pe alarm set hi nahi kiya tha... toh fir aaj kese?

After a moment of thinking, it clicked him. He smiled, and murmured 'BHAI bhi na!'.


Yesterday, in Virat's room, when Viren had come to make sure everything was all right:-

Virat: arrey bhai aap yaha kaise? Aur jeevika bhabhi kesi hai?

Viren: Woh bilkul theek hai, tu chinta mat kar...

After sometime:-

Viren: acha virat, sun, apna mobile ek baar dena..

Virat(suspicious): kyu?

Viren: woh kya hai na, mujhe tere messages check karne hai... tu kin kin larkiyon se din bhar flirt karta rehta hai, woh dekhna hai.. actual mein na ...tumhari jasusi (spy) karna chahata hoon!

Virat(confused): kya? Bhai, Yeh aap kya bol rahe ho?

Viren: arrey yaar, mein toh mazaak kar raha tha! Tujhe sach me laga ki mein tere messages check karunga, waise... mein janta hoon ki tu aajkal kisko text karte rehta hai!

Virat thought he was joking.

Virat: acha, toh bataiye... mein kisko din bhar message karta rehta hoon?

Viren: batadu? Pakka?

Virat: bhai... dekhiye, mere koi girlfriends toh hai nahi, ki mein unhe roz-roz message bheju.. i mean, mein kissi ko itna tolerate nahi kar sakhta hoon ki usse har roz baatein karta rahu! mein keh raha hoon na, meri koi girlfriends nahi hai...toh fir... aap..

He was cut off by Viren.

Viren: GIRLFRIENDS  ka toh pata nahi, magar tu MANVI se toh din bhar hi baat karta rehta hai..kyu? meine sahi kaha na?

He emphasised on the two words.

Virat: Kya bhai! Aap bas soch rahe ho, aisa kuch nahi hai.. aap itne successful LAWYER ho na, isliye aapke brains na bohot tez chalte hai! Isliye aap cheeze assume karte rehte ho!

Viren: tune sahi kaha virat mein ek bohot SUCCESSFUL lawyer hoon.. isliye kyuki, mere saare predictions SAHI hote hai!

Virat: dont be too sure bhai!

Viren: acha... toh mere paas proof bhi hai!

Virat: acha? Kya? Dikhaiye..

Viren: mera proof toh tere haath mein hai..

Virat: kya?

Viren: tera mobile.. tu mujhe apna phone de, aur mein tujhe abhi inbox kholke dikhata hoon ki kaun tujhe roz roz message karta hai.. agar manvi hui, toh mein jeeta... agar uske messages nahi hai...toh theek hai.. mein man loonga ki manvi sirf teri dost hai!

Virat knew very well that his inbox was filled with his chats with Manvi. But he didn't want Viren to tease him with anything, so he tried to change the topic.

Virat: arrey, chodiye na bhai... kuch aur baat karte hai..

Viren(teasing): nahi nahi, phone de na... sabh abhi clear ho jayega!

Virat: chodo na bhai...please..

Viren: acha... chalo.. hum iske baare mein baad mein baat karenge! Abh tu mujhe apna phone de..

Virat glared at him.

Viren: arrey, chinta mat kar, mein tere messages check nahi karunga... promise!

Virat: ok..

Virat handed over his phone to viren. After sometime, Viren gave Virat's blackberry back to him. That night, Virat kept on wondering what Viren had done with his mobile, but he had his answer now.

*flashback ends*

"Oh... toh bhai ne mere phone par alarm set kar diya aur alarm ka ringer volume full per bhi kar diya tha, woh bhi, bina mujhe bataye, taaki mein bilkul time pe uth jau! No wonder i got up!" Virat frowned.

He thought of sleeping for fifteen more minutes, but in vain. He was wide awake now, and nothing would make him go back to sleep! he tried closing his eyes and resting repeatedly, but it was no use. Finally he stood up.

"Abh uth hi gaya hoon.. toh.. tayar ho jata hoon!" Virat mumbled.  He walked to his cupboard and then stopped. Ho got an idea.

"Mein toh bhool hi gaya tha- aaj manvi ka dare ka din hai! Yes, finally woh din aa gaya, jab MISS MANVI CHAUDHARY har woh cheez karegi jo MEIN chahata hoon.. She has to listen to me, but i just hope ki usne koi naya plan nahi banaya hoga iss dare ko escape karne ke liye!

After a second:-

"Toh chalo, mein ek kaam karta hoon- Subah se hi manvi ko orders dena chalu kar deta hoon...Manvi ko irritate karne ke liye, sabse pehle mein uske FAVOURITE cheez ko finish kar deta hoon- uska neend! Usse utha deta hoon! Waise bhi, abh agar meri neend toot gayi hai, toh mein usse bhi sone nahi doonga!"

He grabbed his phone and dialed her number. A caller tune immedietely started playing, from a recent Salman Khan Movie- Ready. He smiled at her choice, she was really so FILMY!

But she was just not picking up, it went on ringing and ringing.

Virat(to himself): Perhaps Manvi kept her phone below her pillow like she always does, when someone trys to interupt her sleep in the morning! What should i do... what should i do?

After thinking for sometime Virat got another idea. He ran to the hotel room phone. There he dialed '3782' and waited for the response. He thought 'abh toh manvi uth hi jayegi, room phones have a really loud ringer'!

He was right! Manvi was disturbed by this call. She thought it was her 'di' who might have called to wake her up as she had asked Viren to tell Jeevika so. She went near the phone and was about to pick up when she saw '3783' flashing on the screen. She went back to bed.

'Yeh Virat Vadera na! Subah se mere peeche lag gaya hai! Chal manvi, call ko bas ignore kar! Poore din toh aise bhi uska baat sunna hai, aur tabh toh koi bahana bhi nahi bana paungi! Bhagwan Ji ne tujhe acha mauka diya hai Manvi, uss chep se bachne ka... mein usse keh doongi ki mein so rahi thi aur meine suna nahi, aur mein usse ignore nahi kar rahi thi! Thank you Bhagwan Ji!' She folded her hands. 

Virat cut the line. He was annoyed, Manvi had again got a way to avoid him! He knew very well that she was awake and on asking she would just say that she was asleep and had not heard his call. But he knew her well, this was just one of her tricks. But he could not say anything for certain because he knew how deep a sleeper was Manvi.

He tried calling one more time, but by recieving no response, he gave up the attempt. He made up his mind to talk to her later and then, he went to get dressed!

MEANWHILE, in Room no. 3781:-

The sun rays spread into the room and fell on Jeevika's eyes. She tried to move her head away from the light but she couldn't. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. It was not the usual one, it was quite different- her surroundings were different. It took her over a minute to realise that they were in a suite in Singapore and not in a huge  room in the Vadera mansion, to which she was so familiar. She smiled, she remembered the previous night, their cute fight and then Viren's tickling. She looked beside her and saw Viren cuddling two cushions. She immedietely recalled:-


At night:-

Viren was hugging her really tight and she was not comfortable. His grip over her was so strong that she could hardly move from her position. She lay still. Till 2 in the morning she could not sleep but when she looked next to her she saw Viren sleeping peacefully.

J(cutely grumbling, like a kid):khud toh ghore bech ke soh gaye, aur meri toh inhe chinta hi nahi hai... (He made himself comfortable and slept peacefully in deep sleep, but did not care about Jeevika)

So slowly, she lifted his hands from around her waist and placed them around a pillow and went to the other end to sleep. It disturbed Viren, who streched out his hand to feel Jeevika but, once again, Jeevika handed him another cushion, which he thought to be her hand (he was in sleep, so he didn't realise) and he pulled it towards him. Jeevika smirked sweetly at his actions and turned the other side to complete her remaining five hours of sleep peacefully.

*flashback ends*

 She smiled at this memory and at her childish behaviour. Viren had put an alarm on his phone of seven thirty. She was not sleepy anymore, and decided to get up and get ready before Viren woke up. She slided quitely off the bed and went to get dressed. But suddenly she remembered that she had to call Manvi to wake her up!

She could not find her phone anywhere, and thought that perhaps Viren had kept it somewhere by mistake. So she called Manvi from the landline.

"TRING RING RING" ran Manvi's room phone again. Manvi was lying on the bed.

M(to herself): Iss CHEP ki problem kya hai! Kabhi nahi sudhre ga! Baar baar phone kiye ja raha hai! Lagta hai woh dare ke baare mein bohot serious hai, tabh toh subah se 4 baar call kar chuka hai- ek baar mobile mein, aur jab usse meine usse ignore kiya, toh abh continuously landline pe phone kiya ja raha hai! Yeh mera peecha kab chodega! Chod manvi, ignore kar phone ko!

Manvi did not pick up. Jeevika tried calling once more, but again no response.(Manvi thought that Virat was calling her. She didn't see the room number.)

J(to herself): Shayad mannu abhi tak so rahi hogi! Hrishikesh mein toh woh aath (8)baje tak soti thi, toh fir abhi sirf saat hi baje hai! Aur shayad kal ke journey ke baad woh bohot thak gayi hogi! Mein ek kaam karti hoon... mein tayar hokar manvi ko uske room mein jakar utha deti hoon...

Jeevika went to the cupboard, opened it and looked through her suits which were neatly hanging from the wooden rod. After a moment her eyes went on to the last suit. She took it out, put it in front of her and looked into the mirror. 'I should wear this...' she thought, 'Its Viren's favourite colour'. In addition, it was her favourite suit as well, not because of the colour or design, but because it was in this suit in which she had spent some wonderful moments with Viren and in which she would always recieve a compliment from him. She remembered all the olden times when she would be wearing this and then Viren would admire her. She looked at Viren through the mirror and blushed, obviously, she expected one that day as well. It was going to be the first time that she was wearing that suit after marriage, after a whole year, so she was hoping that Viren would realise. She smiled and went to get dressed.

By seven thirty, Jeevika was completely ready in her white coloured Salwar suit, with blue emberoidery and white sandals with very little heels just like before! (Its just a little different  from what she used to wear- its not plain. It has emberoidery at the lower part and its like a flair. The twirls at the end made it look beautiful and since JEEVIKA was wearing it, it looked even more pretty. )

Just then Viren's mobile started to ring. Jeevika looked at him and wondered who will be calling him at that time. She rushed to his mobile before he would wake up and saw that it was the alarm ringing and no one was calling. He had put an alarm of seven thirty. She switched off the alarm. 'Viren seems quite tired, i'll put an alarm of 8 instead'. She changed the time and kept the phone on his bedside table.

She knew Viren very well. She was well aware of the fact that when he would get up, she would be the first person he'd want to see, but when he wouldn't find her in the room he would get worried. So she quickly took a piece of paper from the table and a pen and wrote down:-

"Viren ji, I have gone to check on Manvi and Virat. You seemed very tired so i didn't wake you up that time.
See you soon for breakfast!
P.S. I love you viren ji..- Jeevika

She left the note under his mobile  on his side table, where she found her phone!

J(to herself): Viren ji bhi na... mera phone bhi apne paas hi rakhliya! Issliye mujhe subah se mil hi nahi raha tha!

She grabbed her phone and went out to the corridor, silently. She put a stopper on the gate so that, if she returned to the room, she would not have to ring the bell and wake viren up.

She went across the corridor to Manvi's room. Suddenly she saw Virat in his white pants and green shirt. She went up to him. Virat saw her.

Virat: Waah bhabhi! Aap bohot achi lag rahi hai apne suit mein! Hmm... white colour... bhai ka favourite, bohot sochke aapne yeh colour pick kiya hoga na!

Jeevika glared at virat and blushed. Virat laughed at her expression!

Virat: sorry bhabhi, chalo..mein aapko aur pareshaan nahi karunga... magar aaj toh aapko bhai ke taraf se bohot saare compliments milenge!

Jeevika smiled and hit virat slightly on his arm.

J(making a cute face): apne bhabhi ko iss tarah se tease karoge?

Virat: nahi bhabhi... mein toh bas aise hi aapke saath mazaak kar raha tha... magar mujhe bhai ka expression dekhna hai, jab woh aapko iss suit mein dekhenge! I mean, i'm sure aapne unhe bataya nahi hoga ki aap suits pehenne waali hai, right?

Jeevika nodded.

J: par Virat... mujhe suit mein dekhke Viren ji itne khush kyu honge?

Virat: sabse pehle toh, poore EK SAAL baad, woh aapko inn suits mein dekhenge, 12 months se aap saari mein ghoom rahi ho... aur..

J: aur?

Virat: kuch nahi bhabhi...jaane dijiye!

J: Virat! Mujhe batao na...please...aur kya?

Virat: bhabhi, agar mein aapko bolunga na, toh bhai mujhe bohot daatenge! Meine unse kaha tha ki mein woh baat kissi se bhi share nahi karunga!

J: mein hoon na... mein unhe tumhe daatne nahi doongi... please bolo na!

Virat: ok, agar aap itna insist kar rahi ho toh.. bhabhi, jab aap dono ki shaadi hone waali thi na... tab bhai humesha subah uthke, apne drawer se ek tasveer (photograph)nikalte the..

J: kaisi tasveer? Kiski photo?

Virat lifted his eyebrows.

J: Meri? Iss white suit me?

Virat nodded.

Virat: aur fir humesha kuch na kuch bolte rehte the... ek din meine chup kar sun liya!

J: kya kaha unhone?

Virat: mujhe exactly toh yaad nahi hai magar woh aapke iss white dress ke baare mein humesha bolte the, ki aap isme kitni sundar lagti ho, etc... aur fir jab bhai ne mujhe pakar liya, toh mujhse kaha, ki mein aapko iske baare mein kuch bhi nahi batau..

Jeevika just smiled at Viren's sweetness.

Virat: magar bhabhi, aap please bhai ko iske baare mein kuch mat batana... warna woh mujhe chodenge nahi!

J: mein unse kuch nahi kahungi!

Virat: thank you!

After a minute:-

J: Waise, Kya baat hai, aaj toh mera devar bohot jaldi uth gaya!

Virat: haan bhabhi... magar mein jaldi apne man se nahi utha hoon..

J: matlab?

Virat: matlab ki mujhe uthaya gaya hai!

J: par kisne?

Virat: Bhai ne!

J: aise kese ho sakhta hai Virat! Viren ji toh abhi tak soh rahe hai, toh woh tumhe kaise uthayenge!

Virat: bhai ne mere mobile pe alarm laga diya tha, woh bhi volume full karke! Aur jab mera alarm clock aur mobile dono saath mein bajne laga toh aap soch sakhte ho ki kya hua hoga...

J: haww.. Viren ji bhi na!

Virat: dont worry bhabhi! Mujhe uthake, bhai khud araam se soh rahe hai... not done! Mein abhi jake unhe uthata hoon..

J: arrey virat, ruko toh... viren ji, bohot thak gaye hai...

Virat: toh bhabhi, kal ke journey ke baad toh mein bhi bohot thak gaya hoon, unhone mujhe toh jaldi utha diya na?

J: haan...lekin..woh bohot hi gehri(deep sleep) neend mein..

Virat: nahi bhabhi... mein toh ja raha hoon unhe uthane!

J: virat, mein janti hoon ki tumhe bhi sona tha magar abh toh tum uth gaye ho na, toh abh hum uska kuch nahi kar sakhte, magar please viren ji ko toh sone do na... woh sach me bohot thak gaye hai...

Virat(teasing): hmm... Bhai ki itni chinta? Mein toh sirf mazaak kar raha tha bhabhi, aapko chirane ke liye!

J(glaring): Viraaat!

Virat: acha theek hai, theek hai... mein unhe uthaunga nahi.. waise bhabhi aap kaha ja rahi hai?

J: woh mein manvi ke paas ja rahi hoon..woh mera phone nahi utha rahi thi... toh isliye mein sirf check karne ja rahi thi ki manvi uth gayi hai, ya abhi bhi soh rahi hai!

Virat:ok.. theek hai..

J: tum yahi ruko... mein bas do minute mein aayi..

Virat nods. Jeevika goes to her room. She knocks several times and rings the bell, but there is no response.

"yeh manvi bhi na! Pata nahi kitni gehri (deep) neend mein soh rahi hai!" Jeevika muttered. "abh mein kya karu..".

Suddenly she remembered something.


In the hotel when Viren had handed out keys to everyone:-

M: Jeeju, yeh do(2) keys kis khushi mein?

Viren: Manvi, mein tumhare aur Virat ke room ke 2 keys ke liye request ki thi..

M: Magar kyu?

Viren: kyuki mein janta hoon ki, tum dono bohot careless ho, aur apne keys sambhal ke nahi rakhte ho, isliye, security ke liye, ek extra waala..

M: oh.. wow, acha idea hai jeeju! Thank you!

Viren: your welcome!

M: umm... DI! Mere paas ek solid idea hai..

J: Kya mannu?

M: Mein na, aapko ek key de deti hoon...yeh lo (she hands over one key to Jeevika)

J: par kyu mannu? Tu mujhe kyu de rahi hai?

M: kya hai na di, aap janti ho ki mein kitni shararti hoon, toh kya pata mujhse doosri bhi chaabi kho jaye! Isliye aap ek rakhlo, kyuki mein janti hoon, ki aapse behetar yeh key ko aur koi sambhal ke nahi rakh sakhta!

Jeevika smiled. "Theek hai" she said.

M: aur isse ek aur kaam bhi ho jayega!

J: kya?

M: aapko jabhi bhi mere room mein aana ho, toh aapko knock karne ki zarwat nahi paregi aur mujhe baar baar uthke darwaza kholna bhi nahi parega!

Virat muttered: aalsi (lazy) banderiya!

M: kya kaha tumne?

Virat: kuch bhi toh nahi... bhabhi aapne kuch suna kya?

J(smiling): nahi toh virat...lagta hai mannu ke kaan baj rahe hai...

She loved irritating Manvi with Virat.

Manvi looked at Jeevika. She made a sad face.

J: sorry mannu...I was just joking... now smile please..

Manvi smiled and the continued:-

M: aur toh aur di, raat ko, aur subah, jab mein soh rahi hoon, toh aap araam se ander aa sakhti ho na..warna jab tak meri neend nahi khulegi aur mein darwaza nahi kholungi, tab tak toh aap meri chinta karte rahogi..

J: Theek hai..

*flashback ends*

Jeevika goes back to her room. Virat sees her.

Virat: kya hua bhabhi? Manvi kaha hai?

J: woh kya hai na Virat, manvi room nahi khol rahi hai, shayad bohot geheri neend mein soh rahi hogi.. mere paas uska ek key hai, mein bas leke aati hoon...

Jeevika goes to her room, next to the sidetable, and opens the drawer. She sees the key lying there and picks it up. She goes back to Manvi's room.

Meanwhile, Virat thinks: Arrey, Manvi ne BHABHI ka call kese nahi uthaya, aur door bhi nahi khola, shayad bhabhi sahi keh rahi hai, Manvi sach me soh rahi hogi, isliye mera phone bhi answer nahi kar rahi hai...par itne deep sleep mein kaun sota hai? Agar mujhe 5-6 phone calls aate, aur mere room pe koi lagatar knock karta toh meri neend toh khul jaati! Pata nahi iss dedfutiye ke dimag mein kya chalta rehta hai... shayad salman khan ke koi sapne dekh rahi hogi..issliye toh abhi tak woh uthi nahi!

He frowns and shakes his head.


Jeevika slides the key into the hole, turns it and opens the gate. She sees Manvi's room. She had not been to any deluxe room before so she spent some time checking it out. It was smaller than her and Viren's room. She looked around, and thought 'I'm glad Manvi's keeping her room clean...i was expecting it to be full of food wrappings scattered here and there, but.. im so happy to see my mannu so well organized, but where is this girl?'. Jeevika went near her bed but there was no sign of Manvi, but then she saw the washroom door shut. She went and knocked.

J: Mannu...Mannu..

Then came a voice "Haan, di...".

J: jaldi bahar aa.. mujhe tujhse baat karni hai..

M: Bas 2 minute Di!

J: Theek hai, mein wait kar rahi hoon...

M: ok..

Jeevika went and sat on the bed. After five minutes, Manvi came out.

M: Kya hua di?

J: mannu...tu darwaza kyu nahi khol rahi thi?

M: arrey di, mein washroom me thi na! 

J: acha...mein toh bas yeh dekhne aayi thi ki tu uth gayi ya nahi..

M: haan di, mein toh aadhi ghante pehle hi uth gayi thi!

J: Kya! Par meine tujhe phone kiya tha, aur tune uthaya nahi..

M: AAPNE mujhe kab phone kiya?

J: meine 2-3 baar try kiya tha, magar koi utha hi nahi raha tha!

Manvi took her mobile and showed it to Jeevika.

M: dekho di, kaha aapne call kiya... yaha toh koi bhi missed calls nahi hai!

J: arrey, meine mobile pe nahi kiya...kyuki mein janti thi ki tu mobile ko pillow ke neeche rakh deti hai!

M: toh fir?

J: meine landline se call kiya!

Manvi suddenly remembered ignoring many calls on her landline which she thought was Virat's. She bit her tongue slightly.

J: mannu...tu mujhse kuch chupa rahi hai... bol kya baat hai..

M: kuch nahi di bas woh Virat...

She stopped abruptly. She remembered the rules of the dare, she was NOT to mention it to anyone.

J: Virat kya? Tu ruk kyu gayi?

M: woh..woh..di...virat, haan.. virat kal raat ko aaya tha yaha mere kamre me..

Jeevika looked at Manvi for an explanation.

J: Kyu? Usse koi kaam tha?

M: arrey di! Dinner karne ke liye aaya tha! Jeeju ne idea diya toh humne khana kha liya...

J: toh, tere paas khana kaha se aaya?

M: di... aap hi ne toh itna saara khana banaya tha na mere liye? Aur humne kuch samaan airport se bhi khareed liya tha.. and i'm sure ki aap soch rahi hogi ki mera room itna clean kese hai! Woh kya hai na di, kal meine aur virat ne milke poora room safa (clean) kar diya tha!

J: acha hua... par tum dono ne airport se kab khana liya? Tum dono toh humare saath hi the, toh fir tumne kab khareeda, meine toh nahi dekha..

M: aap kese dekhogi di?

J: matlab?

M: aapke aakhe (eyes) to bas jeeju par hi focused thi! Toh fir aap humein kese dekhti..

Jeevika blushed and looked down.

M: Oye hoye! Di, aap mere saamne kyu sharma rahi ho? Yeh sabh jeeju ke liye bach ke rakho na!

Manvi winked at Jeevika. She pulled Manvi's ears slightly.

J: chup.. bas apni di ko pareshaan karte rehti hai! Tu bohot badmaash ho gayi hai mannu! Mujhpar har samay jasusi (spying) kar rahi thi kya airport par?

Manvi laughed.

J: waise bhi, aaj subah se sab mujhe tease hi kar rahe hai!

M: acha? Aur kaun tease kiya aapko? Dadaji aur ghar ke baaki bare (elder people) log toh aisa karenge nahi, aur khud Jeeju toh aapko nahi irritate karenge na? Hrishikesh se aapke koi students ne call karke aapko pareshaan kiya kya? Ya fir Chandigarh ki mona aunty ne?

J: Inn mein se koi bhi nahi..

M: toh fir?

J: tere partner ne!

M: kya baat kar rahi ho di, mere pantars to Hrishikesh mein bethe hue he, aur unhe kese pata chalega aapke aur Jeeju ke baare mein!

J: meine PANTARS nah PARTNER kaha..

M: Aapka matlab hai...?

J: Virat ne..

Manvi's face got pale.

J: arrey tujhe kya ho gaya, virat ka naam sunte hi?

M: kuch nahi di...bas aise hi...acha Virat kaha hai?

J: Virat? Virat toh bahar mera wait kar raha hai..

M: Kya!

J: haan...

M: kyu? Kyu wait kar raha hai?

J: Mannu... breakfast nahi khana hai kya?

M: itni jaldi!

J: kaha jaldi hai mannu? 8 bajne waale hai..

M: haan..par..

J: manvi, chod na yeh sab baatein... tu chal humaare saath neeche, breakfast ke liye, hum dono tera bahar wait kar rahe hai... theek hai?

Manvi was in no mood to meet Virat in the morning, at 8, and hear her first work of the day! She tried to find an excuse to get away from the situation.

M: uh..uh..di, mein toh abhi tak tayar hi nahi hu..

J: tayar toh hai na manvi, yeh red salwar suit tera nightsuit toh nahi hai na!

M: haan magar di...larkiyon ko tayar hone me kitna samay lagta hai... mujhe abhi bohot kuch karna hai..

J: kya karna hai? Mujhe bhi toh bataao! Tu toh make-up karti nahi hai!

M: nahi nahi...make-up nahi di! Aur bhi bohot kaam hai..

J: acha...jese?

M: jese..uh woh...baal banana, joote (shoe) select karna, aur uh... bracelet pehna.. aur bhi bohot kuch karna hai..

J: acha! Yeh sabh toh 2 minute ke kaam hai mannu!

M: nahi di!

Manvi thinks: yeh di bhi na, humesha bhabhi ka role ache si nibhati hai! Abh bhi, anjaane me hi sahi, magar fir bhi, apne devar ki hi help karne me lagi hui hai... mere saviour jeeju kaha hai!

M:uh...uh...di, Jeeju kaha hai?

J: woh soh rahe hai?

M: kya?! Abhi tak soh rahe hai..

J: haan, woh bohot thake hue the...issliye meine unhe jaldi nahi uthaya..

M: oh... toh unka breakfast?

J: woh baad mein karlenge!

M: to bas perfect!

J: kya perfect?

M: di, abh aap hi batao jeeju akele breakfast karenge kya? Unhe acha lagega ki hum sabne unke bina hi khana kha liya hai? Woh bhi trip ke first day par?

J: arrey, haan... meine yeh toh socha hi nahi..

M: isliye toh, mere paas ek idea hai..

J: kya?

M: aap apne pyaare devar ke saath neeche jao aur mein jeeju ka wait karti hoon.. mein unke saath kha loongi!

J: magar tu kyu bhooki rahegi? Tu jaake virat ke saath khale, mein viren ji ka wait kar lungi!

M: nahi nahi di! Please, mere liye! Dekho di, mujhe abhi thoda samay lagega...toh aap aur virat araam se jake breakfast karo aur mein tayar hoke aapke kamre mein jeeju ke paas chali jaungi ok? aur hum breakfast bhi karlenge! Theek hai? Aap bilkul tension mat lo! Meri pyaari behna, mein aapke patidev ko ache se khilaungi...ok?

J: theek hai! Aur ek kaam karna...agar tere pyaare jeeju 8 baje tak nahi uthe na, toh tu hi unhe utha dena! waise toh meine alarm laga hi diya hai, magar fir bhi tu ek baar dekh lena..

M: haan...haan di, aap tension mat lo, aap bas jao breakfast karne..

J: theek hai, bye!

M: see you!

Jeevika smiled and went outside.

Manvi sighed "Bach gaye!".

Virat was waiting outside, Jeevika went up to him.

J: chalo Virat! Hum neeche chalke breakfast kar lete hai!

Virat: haan bhabhi, magar Manvi?

J: usne kaha ki woh aaj breakfast apne jeeju ke saath karna chahati hai! Aur pata hai woh toh aadhi ghanta pehle hi uth gayi thi!

Virat thinks: MISS MANVI CHAUDHARY! Your really smart, subah se uthi hui thi, magar ek baar bhi mera phone nahi answer kiya! Aur abh breakfast mein bhi bahana banakar chali gayi! Abhi tak toh tumhara acha plan chal raha hai manvi... jitna chahe avoid kar lo! Magar jabh hum bahar ghoomne jayenge tab kya karogi? kitni der avoid karogi? aur tumhe iski saza bhi milegi! Abh tumse mein double kaam karaunga!

Virat smirked.

J: arrey virat, aise has(smile) kyu rahe ho?

Virat: kuch nahi bhabhi, woh.. mein bohot excited hoon trip ke liye! Chaliye, breakfast karte hai...

J: chalo..






"kuch chahiye aapko?"

"Jeevika" he pulled her hand.

"Jeeju! Mein di nahi Manvi"


Hi! I want another suggestion from you'll. 


I thought of adding a negative character, which would affect virika. What do you all think? 

Viren to be more precise. But obviously, if anything affects viren, it will affect jeevika and then virika. What do you'll suggest?


Also, I wanted to add a character between virman, but not maya, another character! What do you'll think? Or should I just let it be? 

Please post your suggestions ALONG WITH YOUR COMMENTS out here! 


Thats it for this update!

I hope you'll like it. Please do give your suggestions.




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Saaraa. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 4:17am | IP Logged
The update was as usual awesome but after reading the precap i want to read more ! pleaseee update the next part this week because the precap is on virika and when it comes to virika i can't control! Fabulous update Clap
As long as the third character is concerned i don't mind but please don't disturb the romance.
And i don't know anything about virman so i won't say anything which leads to bashing Clap

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preethis IF-Rockerz

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very nice update dear... 

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Nishtha.Relan Goldie

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 5:01am | IP Logged
awesome update and pls pls pls pls continue soon waiting for next part to blast... more vrika scene pls... and thanks for the PM continue soon... !!!

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2189mansi Senior Member

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
The precap sounds hilarious. Update soon.

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little.angel56 Goldie

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Virikalicious in your lang Wink
too good, specially jeevika's flashback about the nightSmile
please please update fast!
more virika scenes, and i know about the precap a little maybe
how manvi reacts, wooh more virika scenes,, againClapClap
ThankYou for the PM

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