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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Dat was really a maha maha update. Wow. Thanks a lot for this. It felt so good to receive a pm from u after ages. Anyways nice update it was. And update soon.

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged
very nice update...wasn't aware of ur update...opeened it by chance...earlier u have PMed me...this time u forgot...try to pm me nxt update if u can...anyways loved it

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged
finally i got a new ss to read!!
*running to read it*
and i will tell u how i found it after reading Smile

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Posted: 16 October 2012 at 1:27am | IP Logged
Thank You all! 
I am really happy that you'll loved the update! Thank You!

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nice update ya loved it thanks for the pm and pm me

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Hey guys! Im back again with another update!

I really hope you'll like it. Its a long update after a week.
Next update will be in a week or two.

This update is mainly about VirIka. But there are MANY VirMan parts as well.

RECAP(for all who have forgotten): Well, in the last update- Viren wants to go back to Chandigarh early for his work, All family is against it, Jeevika wound deepens, everyone is worried, Vanshika knows of Virat's love for manvi and lastly, they sit in the car, ready to drive-off to the hotel.

Ihave added a PRECAP at the end for both VirMan and VirIka. I hope you'll are liking the story. Please be free to give your suggestions.

Here it goes:-


Part 12: The Hotel and Check-in

In the car:-

Viren: Boliye badi maa, aapko mujhse kya baat karni thi?

Virat: haan bua, aisi kya important baat hai jo aap mujhse bhi discuss karna chahati hai..

SB: Woh Virat, Tumhara BHAI!

Virat: Bhai ne kya kiya?

Swamini Bua tells Virat the whole story.

SB: Isse kaam ke alawa aur kuch soojhta hi nahi hai!

Virat: Bhai! Mein manta hoon ki aapko kaam se bohot lagav hai, aur har aadmi ko hona bhi chahiye, magar itna zyada kaam bhi theek nahi hai!

SB: haan Viren, Virat bilkul theek keh raha hai!

Viren: Janta hu badi maa, dadaji ne bhi pehle mujhe yeh baat samjhane ki koshish ki thi... Magar, Inder chachu akele case kese handle karenge badi maa? Aap hi bataiye... aur abh toh saare proof bhi mit gaye hai, unhe support ki zarwat hai..aur fir..

SB: hum kuch nahi sunna chahate hai Viren.. tum Chandigarh jaldi nahi jaoge and Thats final! Tum Inder ki fikar mat karo, woh akela manage kar lega...Tumhe Inder ki kabaliyat(talent) par shaq hai kya?

Viren: Nahi badi maa bilkul nahi... chachu mujhse behetar har case handle kar sakhte hai magar saare proof mit gaye hai aur agli tareekh ek hafte mein hai! Inn halaat(conditions) me, mein unhe akela kese chod sakhta hoon?

SB: Bauji sabh sambhal lenge Viren.. Tum kyu itni chinta kar rahe ho?

Virat: haan bhai, kissi ke baare me na toh sahi Bhabhi ke baare me toh sochiye na!

Viren: Mein janta hu ki Jeevika ko shayad bura lagega magar mere paas aur koi option nahi hai... Dadaji ne hi mujhe humesha sikhaya hai ki kaam har cheez ke pehle aata hai!

SB: Haan Viren, Lekin kaam family ke pehle nahi aata hai!  Aur jaha tak Jeevika ki baat hai toh woh sirf kehti nahi hai Viren, usse obviously bohot bura lagta hoga na? tum usse samajhne ki koshish toh karo...

Virat: haan bhai, abh aap hi bataiye agar Jeevika bhabhi ghar ke kaamo mein itni busy hone lag jaye ki aapko time hi nahi de paye toh? Aur toh aur, jab aap holiday par bahar jate ho, aur tab bhi bhabhi ke paas aapke liye samay na ho toh aapko kesa lagega? Aap hi boliye?

Viren: Haan mein manta hu ki mujhe bura lagega, aur uss hi tarah Jeevika ko bhi bura lagega par...

Virat: Par-var kuch nahi Bhai! Aap rukoge... ok?

SB: Please Viren?

Viren: Theek hai... Jeevika ki khushi ke liye mein kuch bhi kar sakhta hoon...

SB: Good!

Meanwhile, in the other car:-

J: Uh...Dadaji?

D: Haan Jeevika beta, kya baat hai?

J: Woh dadaji, mujhe aapse ek baat poochni thi?

D: Haan beta, poocho na?

J: Dadaji, woh, Viren ji ke... baare mein...woh...

D: Mein samajh gaya beta, tum yahi poochna chahati ho na ki Viren mujhse kis baare mein baat karna chahata tha? Dekho Jeevika, tum toh janti hi ho ki Viren ko apne kaam se kitna lagaav hai?

J: Ji dadaji..

D: Toh bas, abh ek naya case aaya hai Chandigarh mein, aur Viren Inder ki madad karna chahata hai...

J: Dadaji magar, isme sabh unhe rok kyu rahe hai, yeh toh achi baat hai na ki woh chachu ki madad karna chahate hai..

D: Haan beta, magar humein agle hafte ki hi tareekh mili hai!

J: toh iska matlab...

D: haan beta, tum sahi soch rahi ho, iska matlab yeh hai, ki Viren ko Chandigarh jaldi jana hoga...

Jeevika remained silent for sometime.  She was quite sad from inside. She didn't want Viren to go away in the middle of their first abroad trip!

Manvi was also listening. She got a shock as well.

M: Par dadaji, Jeeju aise, holiday ki beech mein kese ja sakhte hai?

D: beta, mein janta hu ki yeh galat hai, iss liye toh mein usse manane ki koshish kar raha hu! Magar tum toh janti hi ho ki Viren apne kaam ko lekar kitna ziddi hai? Swamini usse samjhane ki koshish kar rahi hai...Ek minute, mein abhi Swamini ko phone karta hu..

Swamini's phone starts ringing. Its Dadaji. She picks up and starts talking. Catching the chance Virat whispers into Viren's ear:-

Virat(mocking): Aap Chandigarh Sirf Jeevika bhabhi ke khushi ke liye nahi ja rahe ho, ya fir khud ke khushi ke liye? Haan?

Viren(smiling): tu kya keh raha hai Virat, meri toh kuch samajh nahi aa raha..

Virat: Haan haan, kyu samajh mein aayega! Arrey bhai, mujhse kya chupa rahe ho? Mein sabh samjhta hoon.. Mein Janta hoon, ki iss waqt jitni excited bhabhi hogi usse double excited toh aap hai, unke saath time spend karne ke liye! Boliye, boliye!

Viren smiles.

Viren: Tu bhi na Virat! Kuch bhi bolta hai!

Virat laughs.


SB: Hello?

D: Haan, Swamini Beta..

SB: Kya baat hai bauji?

D: Beta meine yeh poochne ke liye phone kiya hai ki uss bare mein kya tumhari Viren se baat ho gayi hai?

SB: Ji Bauji, aur Viren man gaya hai! Pehle toh bohot zidd kar raha tha magar abh finally, usse humari baat samajh mein aa gayi hai..

D: Viren man gaya? Chalo, yeh toh achi baat hai.. Meine kaha tha na Swamini ki Viren tumhari baat kabhi nahi taalega..

SB: Ji Bauji.. acha abh hum rakhte hai..

D: Theek hai swamini beta...

Dadaji keeps the phone.

D: Jeevika, Manvi, Viren maan gaya... Abh koi problem nahi hai..

Jeevika looks at Dadaji and recalls what he said 'Viren man gaya hai'.. 'meine kaha tha na ki woh tumhari baat kabhi nahi taalega, Swamini'.. All these words were forming only one meaning. Jeevika began to think that Viren was convinced to stay in Singapore by  Swamini. She knew that everyone was insisting him to stay back because of her. She was quite happy that Viren would stay with her, but on the other hand she didn't want him to sacrifice his work for her. She knew how important it was for Viren to win a case.

Jeevika wanted to clarify Dadaji's thought regarding her, that she was upset with Viren's  excess of work.

J: Dadaji woh..

But she was cut off by Vanshika.

V: Arrey Jeevika beta, baaki baatein baad mein kar lena, dekho toh, hum hotel pohoch gaye!

The car came to a halt and everyone looked outside the window.

M(overexcited): DIII! Hum pohoch gaye! Abh finally mujhe jakar thoda rest milega...

Jeevika decided to forget all the issues for once and enjoy with her sister.

J: Haan Mannu! Sach, itni lambi journey ke baad mein bhi bohot thak gayi hoon! Chal ander chalte hai..

As soon as they stepped out of the car, they saw another car drive in and stop right behind their car. Viren, Virat and Swamini Bua also got out and they began walking in towards the hotel. Viren went next to Jeevika, who had got tired of him, hiding things from her. As they entered, Jeevika and Manvi felt asif they were pushed into a world of snow! Viren was enjoying a lot, as he loved a cold atmosphere. Jeevika took out a shawl from her purse and drapped it around her. Viren smiled.

It was the 'ORCHARD HOTEL'. The best hotel in the whole city of Singapore. The Massive hall was tiled with glass. There was a huge counter at one end which had a metal board attached and it read 'RECEPTION'.  Further in, there was a bar with a band of musicians in the corner. There were several restaurants as well. After a turn, there were four lifts which were arranged side by side, each big enough to hold 15 people. The lifts had a big centre mirror on the ceiling and the speed was quite fast. There were more than 1000 rooms in that hotel and it had numerous floors.

The family entered the hotel.

Viren: Uh, dadaji, hum check-in karke abhi aate hai, aaplog yahi rukiye..

D: Theek hai Viren..

The four of them walk towards the counter. VirIka step forward to talk.


Viren: Excuse me?

R: How may I help you sir?

Viren: I had a booking in the name of Mr. Viren Vadera..

The receptionist checked the computer and said "Yes sir, 6 rooms?"

Viren: yes..

She put forward a document. "Please sign here sir."

Viren looked at it. It read:-


Welcome to Orchard Hotel  Singapore.

You have 6 rooms as follows:-







We hope you enjoy 10 days of comfort.




Viren took out a pen from his shirt pocket and signed. He returned the document to the lady who handed him a bunch of 6 keys.

Meanwhile VirMan:-

Manvi was shivering because of the low temperature.

Virat(teasing): Ooo, mujhe toh nahi pata tha, ki sherni ko thand bhi lagti hai..

M(irritated): Virat, tumne kabhi snow leopard ke baare mein nahi suna hai kya? Wohi, jo Himachal mein rehta hai?

Virat: Haan? Kya? Tum kiss baare mein baat kar rahi ho?

M: Arrey Virat! Tum hi toh bol rahe the na ki Mein sherni hoon, sherni ko thand nahi lagti etc,etc, toh mein bhi, obviously, ussi ki baat kar rahi hoon..

Virat was confused.

M: Haan, socho ki mein wohi snow leopard hoon, aur meherbaani karke thodi der reh liye apna chapar chapar bandh kar do please! (she folded her hands in a clap.)

Virat: for your information, mein kabhi bhi mounrat (a promise not to speak for sometime) nahi rakhta, aur tumhare liye toh kabhi rakhunga bhi nahi!

M: Mounrat? Yeh beech mein kaha  se aa gaya?

Virat: Woh..

M:Acha chodo, mera sar bohot dukh raha hai, iss liye abhi dimag mat khao samjhe!

Virat: Acha, dara rahi ho?

M: Dekho Virat, yeh sherni tumhe ek warning de rahi hai, samjhe? Yaha chup chap khare raho, warna..

Virat: warna? Mein tumse darta nahi hoon, samjhi?

M(trying to be sweet): Uhhh! Irritate mat karo yaar Virat, sach me mera sar bohot zor se dukh raha hai, aur agar yeh sar dard ko better karne ke liye tum kuch nahi kar sakhte na, toh fir kum se kum isse aur kharab toh mat karo?

Virat: tum itne sweetly mujhse kuch maang rahi ho, toh chalo mein de deta hu, tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi!

M: Thank You So much Virat! ABH PLEASE CHUP!

Virat made a face and stood there quietly.

VirIka returned from the counter with the keys and along with VirMan walked back to the others.

SB: Chaabiyan (keys) mil gayi Viren?

Viren: Ji Badi maa..

A man came with a platform rolling on wheels and piled up all their luggages onto the rack. Viren told the man to wait for a minute.

Viren: Virat tu ek kaam kar, saare luggages ke tags par room numbers likh de, taaki yeh log sahi suitcase sahi kamre mein pohochai aur koi confusion na ho..

Virat: Ji Bhai..

Virat went to the man followed by Manvi.

M: Oye Chep! Sunno!

Virat: Kya hai?

M(pointing her finger): woh jo bag dekh rahe ho na, black wala?

Virat: Mein andha nahi hoon, dikh raha hai, uska kya karna hai?

M: Woh MERA bag hai!

Virat: Toh, uska mein kya karu? Bahar fek (throw) du kya?

M: Pagal ho gaye ho kya! Bilkul sahi naam rakha hai meine tumhara, 'CHEP'! Tum uss bag ko bilkul dhyan se sambhal ke rakhna ok? mein nahi chahati ki tumhari wajah se mujhe aadhi raat ko poore hotel mein, apna suitcase dhoondne jana pare!

Virat: ji, Aur koi aadesh?

M: actually, mein tumhe trust nahi karti! (turning to the other man) Excuse me?

Man: Yes madam?

M: Could please make sure that this black bag is carefully kept in room no. 3782?

Man: Sure Maam..

M: Thank You..

Virat: Wese Manvi, mein pehle se hi janta tha ki woh kala bag tumhara hi ho sakhta hai!

M: Kese? Meine toh uspe apna naam nahi likha!

Virat: Dhyan se dekho Manvi inn saare suitcases mein, woh sabhse bara bag hai!

M: Toh? Tumhara matlab hai ki... dekho chep, yeh zaruri nahi ki har samay sabse bara bag mera hi ho, samjhe?

Virat: Arrey aur kiska ho sakhta tha? Tumhare bag mein pata nahi kya kya bharti ho! Khane ka samaan, cosmetics, 20-30 set kapre, jabki hum sirf 10 din ke liye ja rahe hai...

M: Pehli baat, mein ITNA nahi khati..

Virat: par...

M: DOOSRI BAAT, mein cosmetics ya koi bhi make-up use nahi karti! Mein un larkiyon ki tarah nahi hoon jinhe tayar hone mein 3 ghante lagte hai, aur jinka chehra make-up se bhara ho!

Virat: aur..

M: MERI BAAT ABHI KHATAM NAHI HUI HAI! Mujhe apne saath 20-30 set kapre le jane ka koi shauk nahi hai! Woh toh tum larko ki aadat hai! Samjhe?

Virat: Larko ki? Right! (sarcastic)..

M: Aur nahi toh kya? Tum toh aise baat kar rahe ho jaise ki..

They were interupted by Jeevika.

J: Arrey mannu, virat, tum dono phir shuru ho gaye? Yaha toh mat laro na, please? Holiday pai aaye ho, toh enjoy karo! Aise larne se tum dono ka mood kharab ho jayega..

M: Meri koi galti nahi hai di, woh toh yeh chep...

J: Manvi!

M: mera matlab hai yeh Virat, Di! Mujhse lare bina na iska ek din bhi nahi guzarta hai...

Virat(sarcastically): haan haan, bilkul..

Jeevika smiles.

J: Virat, tumne saare suitcases pe room no.s likh diye kya?

Virat: kaha bhabhi? Aapki behna disturb karna choregi tab na mein kuch kaam kar paunga!

J: Manvi tu chal yaha se, Virat ko yeh kaam karne de..chal..

M: Par di..

J: chal na mannu..

M: Ok..

They go and join the others.

Viren: Dadaji, 3786 aapka room no. hai aur yeh raha aapka key! Badi maa, aapka, room no. 3785, maa,3784 aur Manvi! Tumhara 3782! Yeh lo, tumhara key..

M: Thank you jeeju!

Viren smiles. He hands their room key to Jeevika and goes to give Virat's key to him.

D: Viren, agar saare hotel ke formalities poore ho gaye ho toh, hum apne kamre mein jaana chahenge..

Viren: Ji Dadaji! Chaliye..

They are lead to the lifts by the hotel manager. A lift was waiting on the lobby and the family filled in. Virat clicked on '37'. In a couple of seconds the lift came to a halt and it opened to reveal a long corridor which extended to either side of the lift, with many exquisite, magnificent and beautiful paintings on either side of the wall. Viren led the others.

Viren: 3778...3779...3780...3781! Yeh raha! Dadaji, yeh mera aur Jeevika ka kamra hai...aap log ka kamra aage hai..

V: Theek hai beta, hum apne room mein ja rahe hai, kal subha milte hai..

Viren: Ji maa..

The 3 elders leave.

Viren: iske bagal (next) wala room, manvi, tumhara hai!

M: Sach me? Wow Jeeju! Kya bookings karai hai aapne, mera kamra bilkul di ke kamre ke bagal mein! Abh toh mein kabhi bhi unke paas aa sakhti hoon!

J: Lekin mannu, tu toh poore din mere saath hi toh rahegi na?

M: Haan di, poore din toh aapke saath hi rahungi, magar raat ko, agar neend nahi aayi, ya fir jeeju ko pakane ka man kiya toh, easy rahega na mere liye!

Viren: Sure manvi, humara kamra tumhare liye humesha khula hai! Jab chaho aa jana!

Manvi smiled.

Viren: Virat, next kamra tera hai!

Virat: Kya karte ho bhai! Mujhe Manvi ke paas wala kamra hi kyu diya?

Viren: isme kya problem hai?

Virat: Isme sirf problem hi problem hai! Raat ko jab yeh kharate (snore) legi toh neend toh meri kharab hogi na?

Manvi's mouth fell open.

Viren: Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho Virat! Meri Saali koi kharate nahi leti!

M: Jeeju bilkul sahi keh rahe hai! Aur wese bhi tum toh aise baat kar rahe ho jaise tumne mujhe sote hue (asleep) dekha hai!

Virat: Manvi, shayad tum bhool rahi ho, kuch dino se tum Chandigarh mein hi reh rahi ho!

M: Haan toh? (after pausing for a second) Matlab ki, TUM raat ko MERE room mein aaye the?! Tumhari himmat..

Virat: Oh madam!! Mein aapke kamre mein  nahi aaya tha! Mujhe apne kamre se hi tumhare kharate SUNAI de rahe the!

M(sarcastically): Acha? Pata hai mujhe kya lagta hai? Mere khayal se, tum khud itne kharate lete ho ki tumhe lagta hai ki koi aur le raha hai!

Virat(sarcastically): Ha Ha! Very funny!

J: Wese mannu, virat sahi keh raha hai, tu thoda toh...

She stopped seeing Manvi's glare.

J: Aisee...aise kyu dekh rahi hai Mannu! Mein  teri bari behen hoon! Sach hi toh hai, thoda kharate toh tu leti hi hai!

M: DII!!!!

Virat started laughing.

Virat: Hahaha, DEKHA! Meine kaha tha na!

M: Tum toh chup karo! (turning to Viren) Jeeju, kya yeh raat ko kharate nahi leta?

 Viren: Nahi Manvi, meine toh kabhi nahi suna! Haan, lekin agar aaj kal koi nayi aadat apna li ho, toh mujhe nahi pata!

Virat was smirking. Manvi was quite annoyed.

M: Acha, jo bhi ho, abh mein bohot thak gayi ho, mein toh apne kamre mein rest karne ja rahi hoon! Baaki ki baatein, baad mein! Aap log continue kijiye..

Manvi went away. Virat looked at Viren who was continuously looking at Jeevika. Laughing at his brothers expression, virat said:-

Virat: Bhai, bhabhi, woh kya hai na, actually mein bhi bohot thak gaya hoon! Toh mein bhi apne kamre mein jakar thoda rest karta hoon..

J: Theek hai Virat, baad mein milte hai!

Virat: Ji bhabhi..

Virat goes into his room. Viren looks at Jeevika.

Viren: Hum bhi ander chale?

Jeevika nods.

They hold hands and go into the room. Their luggage had already been brought in. The room was chilled. It was furnished with wooden tiles. There was a small dinning space in the centre, as well as a kitchen behind. There was a sitting area with a low table in between. A big screen television was attached to the nearby wall. To the right there was a wide passage which led into their big room. With the bed at one end there were two black couches with another television at the other end. There was a working table. On one side there was a window, big enough, with no grills. It had a broad white framed glass. It was a beautiful, massive room, which Viren had specially booked for them. He wanted everything to be perfect for Jeevika.

Jeevika was quite stunned to see the room. She had not been expecting such an elegant one. After checking out the whole suite, Jeevika stopped. She turned to Viren.

J: Viren ji, Thank you, aapne itna..

Viren: Thank you ki kya baat hai Jeevika? Tumhari iss 100 million dollar smile ke liye toh mein kuch bhi kar sakhta hoon..

Jeevika smiled.

J: Waise Viren Ji, mujhe aapse kuch zaruri baat karni thi..

Viren: Abhi kuch nahi Jeevika.. Itni lambi journey thi, tum subah 5 baje se uthi hui ho, tum thak gayi hogi.. tum sabse pehle fresh hokar aa jao, fir mein tumhari haath ki dressing kar doonga...

J: Par Viren ji meri baat important hai..

Viren: Hum yeh baat kabhi aur discuss kar lenge Jeevika, tum pehle mujhe tumhare haath par dawai lagane do..

J: par..

Viren: Tumne mujhse promise kiya tha na Jeevika?

Jeevika remembers her promise which she had made on the airport about listening to Viren, and putting medicine.

J: Haan..

Viren: To bas, abh promise nibhao..

Jeevika thinks: Mein Viren ji se aaj raat ko sone ke pehle baat kar loongi.. Abhi nahi... unhe pehle haath ki dressing karne deti hoon.. Warna woh yu hi fikar karte rahenge..

J: Theek hai..

She takes her night dress out from her suitcase and goes to freshen up. She comes out after sometime to find Viren looking for something in his bag.

J: Viren Ji, aap kya dhund rahe hai?

Viren: Woh Jeevika, mein first aid kit dhoond raha tha! Meine aaj subah hi apne suitcase mein dhala tha, abh pata nahi kaha chala gaya, mil nahi raha hai..

J: Viren Ji, aapke bag ke aage wale pocket mein rakha hua hai.. rukiye, mein de deti hoon..

She went to the bag and took out a medium sized box consisting of cotton, bandage, gauge, dettol, savlon, scissors, tape, crape bandage and other medical necessities. She handed it over to Viren.

Viren made Jeevika sit on the bed. He sat beside her and kept the first aid box down.

Viren: Apna haath do...

Jeevika put forward her right hand. Viren held her hand and slowly pulled the blood-stained napkin. He took some wet cotton and cleaned her wound with dettol. Jeevika shut her eyes with pain.

Viren: Bas, thodi der aur Jeevika, fir tumhe aur dard nahi hoga..

Jeevika nodded. Viren applies a medicine on the cut and then ties a crape bandage around it. He looks at Jeevika.

Viren: Dressing ho gaya, abhi bhi dard ho raha hai kya?

J: Nahi... abh theek hai.. Thank you..

Viren: fir se thank you?

J: Acha, sorry.. dobara thank you nahi bolungi!

Both of them smile. Viren puts away the first aid box.

Viren: Acha Jeevika, mein bas do minute mein aata hoon..

J: Magar aap kaha ja rahe hai?

Viren: Mein baaki sabhko dekh ke aata hoon... (He wants to see, whether everyone is comfortable or not and whether they are having any kind of problem)

J: Theek hai..

Viren smiles. He goes to Dadaji's room. Dadaji's talking on the phone to Inder and seeing Viren, he tells Inder to hold on the line.

D: Arrey beta, tum? Kuch chahiye tha kya?

Viren: Nahi nahi dadaji.. mein bas yeh dekhne aaya tha ki aapko koi takleef toh nahi ho rahi hai..

D: arrey nahi nahi beta...aisa kuch nahi hai..

Viren: Acha, toh mein chalta hoon dadaji...

D: ek minute ruko viren..

Viren: ji, dadaji?

D: Mein tumhe sirf yeh kehna chahata tha ki tumhe us Mehra ji ke case ke baare mein fikar karne ki koi zarwat nahi hai, mein Inder se hi baat kar raha hoon.. Usne kaha ki, office ke baaki lawyers bhi uski madad kar rahe hai, aur unki preparation bohot achi chal rahi hai...

Viren: yeh toh bohot achi khabar hai dadaji, acha toh mein chalta hoon..

D: Theek hai beta...

Viren leaves and goes to Swamini's room. She is busy listening to some classical music.

Viren: Badi maa?

SB: Arrey Viren tum? Jeevika kaha hai?

Viren: Jeevika kamre mein hai..

SB: Tumne uske haath par dawai lagadi na?

Viren: Ji badi maa..

SB: abh usse kesa lag raha hai?

Viren: woh theek hai.. Badi maa, aapko yaha koi problem toh nahi ho rahi hai na?

SB: Nahi nahi Viren, tumne bohot ache arrangements kiye hai.. abh jao, tum jake so jao.. tum thak gaye hoge..

Viren: ji..

Viren leaves Swamini's room and goes to Vanshika's room.

V: Viren? Tum? Mein abhi tumhare paas hi aa rahi thi..

Viren: Kyu? Kya hua maa?

V: woh Viren, tumhe bhook toh nahi lag rahi hai na.. 8 baj rahe hai, tumne 3 baje flight mein khana khaya tha.. tum aur Jeevika neeche jake thoda bohot kha lo... Nahi toh raat ko bhook lagegi!

Viren: arrey nahi nahi maa... mujhe bhook nahi lag raha hai, mein theek hoon..

V: Aur Virat? Usse toh mein ache se janti hoon, bhook se uske pet (stomach) mein toh chuhe daur rahe honge!

Viren: maa, aap room mein araam kijiye, mein jake usse dekhta hoon...

V: Theek hai beta, goodnight!

Viren: Goodnight... 

He goes out of her room and enters Virat's room. Virat is unpacking. Actually, to be more accurate, he was messing up his room. His clothes were kept in a bunch in the cupboard, all unfolded and jumbled up. His books were scattered around and he was roaming from one corner of his room to another trying to organize everything.  Only one thing was in place-the music CDs which he had carried along with him. His favourite hobby- MUSIC!

Virat: arrey Bhai! Aap yaha kya kar rahe ho?

Viren: woh sabh chod, tune apne kamre ka yeh kya haal banake rakha hai?

Virat(chilled out): Choro na bhai! Holiday pe aaye hai, yaha toh kam se kam mat daatiye..

Viren: haan virat, holiday pe hai, magar yeh sabh toh basic cheeze hoti hai yaar, tu apna room clean rakhna kab seekhega?

Virat: Bhai, aap aur mom ho na, meri madad karne ke liye, mujhe seekhne ki kya zarurat hai!

Viren: Yeh bilkul sahi nahi hai Virat! Tujhe pata hai, agar Jeevika yaha hoti na, toh woh iss kamre ko dekh kar behosh ho jati!

Virat: arrey, bhabhi se yaad aaya.. Unka haath kesa hai? Woh theek toh hai na? Unke haath mein abhi bhi dard ho raha hai kya? Aap unhe waha akela chod kar kese aa gaye?

Viren: Kya yaar! Jisse dekho Jeevika, Jeevika, Jeevika... mere baare mein toh kissi ko fikar hi nahi hai..

Virat: Bhai, manvi ke saath rehe rehe ke aap bhi ek poore drama King ban gaye ho! Boliye na, bhabhi kesi hai?

Viren: Jeevika bilkul theek hai aur uske haath ka meine dressing bhi kar diya hai...

Virat: Waise mein janta hoon sirf mazaak kar rahe the, aap toh bohot khush ho yeh dekh kar ki sabhko Jeevika bhabhi ki kitni fikar hai..

Viren smiles.

Virat: Mujhse kuch mat chupao bhai! mein sabh kuch janta hoon, 'Aakhir, Bhai hoon aapka!'

Viren: Acha sun, tujhe bhook lag rahi hai kya?

Virat: Haan, thoda sa! Woh flight mein khaye, bohot der ho gaya hai na, isliye!

Viren: Toh ek kaam kar, tu room service order kar le ok? ya fir neeche jaake khale...

Virat: Okay bhai, mein toh kha loonga, magar aapko bhook nahi lag raha kya?

Viren: Nahi yaar.. acha, abh mein manvi se milne ja raha hu, tu kha lena, ok?

Viren is about to leave, when Virat stops him.

Virat: Ruko, ruko, ruko Bhai! Mein bhi aapke saath uss dedfutiya ke paas jaunga..

Viren(teasing): Kyu tujhe kya kaam hai Manvi se? Woh bhi raat ke 8 baje?

Virat: Kya hai na bhai, I'm sure Manvi ko bhi solid type ki bhook lag rahi hogi! Toh hum saath mein hi kha lenge na..

Viren: Theek hai chal, magar waha jakar tum dono firse apni larai shuru mat kar dena!

Virat: Haan bhai, abh chale?

Viren: Manvi se milne ke liye itna bekarar?

Virat: aap bhi na bhai! Chaliye! Mujhe bhook lag rahi hai..

Viren: Chal..

They both go to Manvi's room. The door is shut. They ring the bell. Inside, Manvi's sitting on the bed putting nailpolish on her left hand. She hears the bell.

M(to herself): Yaar, raat ke 8 baje kaun tapak gaya irritate karne? Chodo, koi room service wala hoga..

Another bell.

M(murmuring): Kya yaar! Koi yaha bhi chen se jeene nahi deta hai..

She forgot that she had locked the door. She shouted "ANDAR AA JAO"...

Another bell. But this time it rang for a longer time. Manvi was totally annoyed. She didn't understand that if the gate was open then why were the people ringing the bell. She thought of ignoring it and continued to apply red coloured nailpaint.

After a second, a thought striked her. She jumped up from bed and in a hurry, her nailpolish got spoilt.

M(to herself): agar SWAMINI BUA ya fir DADAJI ho toh!!tu toh mar gayi manvi.. bhaag..

She ran to the door, opened the lock and saw Viren and Virat standing out.

M: Jeeju, aap? Aur Chep tum? Tum thoda dheere bell nahi baja sakhte the kya? Meri poori nailpolish kharab kardi! Thoda patience nahi rak sakhte the kya?

Virat: Itne baar bell bajane par bhi nahi khologi toh meri kya galti hai!

Viren: Anyways Manvi, sorry for your nailpolish...tum baad mein, fir se laga lena..

M: Arrey Jeeju, aap kyu sorry bol rahe hai, saari galti toh iss Virat ki hai!

Viren: acha, Manvi, tumhe bhook lag rahi hai kya?

M: haan Jeeju thoda sa, woh flight mein..

Viren: Mein janta hoon, tumhe bhi khaye hue bohot der ho gaya hai... Virat ko bhi bhook lag rahi hai! Ek kaam karo na, tum aur Virat, dono neeche jaake khana kha lo, nahi toh room service ke liye call kar do..

M: arrey Jeeju, in sabh ki kya zarwat hai.. Meine aur Virat ne toh already iski planning kar li hai!

Virat: Planning?

M: haan! Bhool gaye mein ghar se itna khana layi thi! Aur tumne airport se bhi itna samaan khareeda tha!

Virat: Oh haan, Bhai, hum ussi mein se kha lenge..

Viren: Ok, magar ek baat bataao tum dono ko kese pata tha ki raat ko tumhe khane ki zarwat hogi?

M: Nahi nahi jeeju! Woh sabh iss chep ki galti hai! Usne mujhe bola ki flight mein humein koi desi khana nahi milega, isliye mein ghar se khana layi thi... agar mujhe pata hota ki, pasta plane mein milta hai toh mein itna saar samaan nahi laati!

Virat: Oh, madam! Meri koi galti nahi thi samjhi..woh toh..

Viren: Acha jo bhi ho.. abh tumlog yeh discussion chodo aur khana kha lo..mein chalta hoon..

Virat: Ok bhai, woh khane ka bag toh manvi ke kamre mein hi hai, toh mein uske saath khana khake sone chala jaunga and dont worry, jaldi so jaunga kyuki humein kal jaldi uthna hai!

Viren: Very good, aur kal subah 7 baje ka alarm lagake sona, Manvi tum bhi!

M: 7  BAJE!!!!! Itna jaldi kyu?

Virat: toh tumhe kya lagta hai, poori Singapore tumhare liye wait karti rahegi kya?

M: Hum toh holiday pe hai na? Late tak sona toh banta hai jeeju.. aur, meine dadaji se permission le li thi.. humein breakfast 8 baje karne ki koi zarwat nahi hai, hum kabhi bhi kha sakhte hai...

Viren: Woh Manvi, 7 baje ka alarm lagaogi, toh saare saat (7:30) tak bed se uthogi, 8:30 tak tayar hogi aur 9 baje breakfast. Dadaji ka rule nahi hai magar hum sabh ko yaha se theek 10 baje nikalna hoga.. woh, tour guide ke saath booking hai... isliye late mat hona!

M: Oh ok.. Jeeju, aap ek kaam kar sakhte ho? Mein na bohot gheri neend mein soti hoon, aur aksar alarm bajne ke baad bhi mein late ho jati hoon... aur kyuki kal holiday ka pehla din hai, toh mujhe kuch bhi exciting miss nahi karna! Isliye aap please jakar di ko bol denge ki jab woh uthegi, toh mujhe bhi ek baar phone karke utha de!

Viren: haan haan, manvi, kyu nahi!

Virat: toh seedha seedha bolna tha na! Itna ghuma fira ke kyu boli...tumhari baatein sun sun kar toh mere toh kaan pak gaye hai!

M: tum toh..

Viren: Chodo na Manvi... Virat ki aadat hai tumhari taang kheechna, usse tumhe irritate karne mein bohot maza aata hai... Isliye toh har sentence mein woh tumhari galtiyan (mistakes) nikalta rehta hai!

Virat went in the room. Manvi wished Viren goodnight and went in. Viren went back to his own room. It seemed very quiet. He went inside and saw Jeevika asleep on the sofa. He smiled. He lifted her up and took her to the bed. He placed her very carefully and slowly on one side and pulled the blanket over her.

Then, he opened the suitcase. It was empty. He wondered where his clothes vanished. He went inside and opened the cupboard and saw all his clothes neatly folded and arranged.  'Jeevika does very neat work even with her left hand' he thought and smiled. He freshed up. As he came to the room, he saw Jeevika awake, sitting up on the bed.

Viren: arrey Jeevika, tum uth kyu gayi?

J: Woh meine gate bandh hone ki awaaz sun li thi... Im sorry Viren ji, mein sofa pe bethi hui thi, bas pata nahi kabh meri aakh lag gayi, mein aapka wait kar rahi thi, par..

Viren: Its ok jeevika, isme sorry waali konsi baat hai? Aur wese, ek baat bolu? Tum apne left hand se bhi sabh perfect hi karti ho..

Jeevika understood what he was talking about. She looked down and smiled.

J: Waise Viren ji, mujhe aapse bohot important baat karni hai..

Viren: Jeevika abhi nahi, abhi tum so jao, tumhara aakh toh dekho, neend se bhara hua hai, im really sorry, mere wajah se hi tumhari neend kharab ho gayi..

J: please viren ji, meri baat sun lijiye...

Viren(a little annoyed): Hum yeh sabh discussion kal bhi toh kar sakhte hai na jeevika? Please, mere liye? Abh so jao..

J: Viren ji, please!

Viren(really annoyed): Nahi Jeevika! Dekho, jo bhi baat hai, tum mujhse kal keh dena ok? abhi mein bohot thak gaya hoon...

He went on her side and placed a goodnight kiss on her forehead. He went back to his side of the bed and was about to shut the light when he heard a teary voice.

"Aap mujhe ignore kar rahe hai na? Kyu avoid kar rahe hai?"

Viren turned around to see Jeevika sitting on the bed crying. He was shocked.



VIRIKA- Midnight serious conversation –is Viren Angry with Jeevika?

VIRMAN- Midnight funny Feast- Will Virat tell Manvi her dare?


Thats it for this update!

I hope you'll liked it. Do comment.

Thank You!


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