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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Tinu-

Hey Smile
Sorry I'm not able to give a long comment at the moment but I will try with the future updates... I loved the last few updates... you have explained each relationship so perfectly... and the characters have some resemblance from the characters in the show... specially with the way Viren reacts with Jeevika's injury... and manvi's and Virat's witty side comments to the family moments... I hope Virika sort out their issues as quickly as possible so we get some romantic scenes Wink.
Thanks for the pm... and please continue soon. Big smile

Thank you, I'm really happy that you like my updates..
Yeah, I have made all characters have the same nature as they have in ehmmbh! 
Your welcome, and thanks once again!

sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KT_4eva

Wow! A quick update. Big smile

You know, what I love about this story? You write about everyone and keep an eye on every little thing. The way you explain is just fab! Love every little thing! :) 

The start was awesome! Glad Viren FINALLY agreed! Embarrassed But, I feel bad for Jeevika. She is taking him wrong. Though, I know they'll sort out everything soon! And they have great understanding!! Embarrassed

VirMan - Gosh! I love their nok-jhoks! LOL They always crack me up! LOL Especially the bag wala part! LOL They are so silly! And I love silly! LOL 

Oh Gosh! Poor Manvi .. Kharate leti hai! ROFL 

Viren/VirIka - Gosh! He is such a caring person! Big smile Loved how he is taking care of everything and everyone! Such a sweetie! Embarrassed And he booked a special suite for them! Day Dreaming How romantic! Big smile I hope they sort out their differences soon! Big smile

The pre-cap is so exciting! Tongue Mid-night serious convo .. I'm waiting for this like from ages! LOL And I'm sure they'll sough out their problems soon! And then we can hope for something romantic right? Embarrassed

And VirMan mid-night fest! LOL It's gonna be a treat for me.. I love their nok-jhoks! Big smile Next part is gonna be fun,fun and fun! 

Great job! Thumbs Up Continue soon! 
You always have me waiting for your comment! Really, thank you so much! I'm glad you are liking the story and I hope you continue to do so further! 
I thought of adding some serious scenes between virika.. That's why put this Chandigarh issue in the middle! But as everyone wants some sweet virika moments they will definitely get it in the next update! 
Thank you once again, for this huge encouraging comment! 
P.S. do update your FF soon... 

sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:18am | IP Logged

Hey guys! Im back with another update! There is a note on the next page. Do read it.

This update has both VIRIKA AND VIRMAN. I really hope you'll like it. The next update will most probably be in 2 weeks.

RECAP: In the last update, Swamini and Virat convince Viren to stay in Chandigarh, Dadaji tells Jeevika and Manvi about Viren's decision, Jeevika is tired of Viren hiding things from her, they check into the hotel, Viren books a special suite for him and Jeevika while the others have deluxe rooms, not suites. At last Jeevika decides to clear the matter once and for all with Viren and VirMan decide to have dinner.

Please give your suggestions. I hope you'll like the update. This part is not extremely long as the others!

Here it goes:-


NOTE: Some people may be wondering about the character sketch of this SS, well, in this SS, ALL characters have the SAME nature as in the show- Sweet and shy VirIka and naughty and mischievous Virman- just one change- Manvi is not at all ill.


Part 13: Midnight:-

As Viren was going to shut the light he heard a teary voice.

"Aap mujhe ignore kar rahe hai na? Kyu avoid kar rahe hai? Meine kya kiya hai? Meri kya galti hai?" Jeevika sobbed softly.

Viren turned around. He was shocked. Only he knew how his world had shattered in front of him, on seeing Jeevika cry so much. He always wanted to be there for her, and he could not bear to see the love of his life crying. It hurt him, as each drop of tear slided down her cheeks. He could never forgive any person who brought tears in her eyes, be it him, or anyone else. 

"Aap iss tarah se kyu behave kar rahe hai? Itni der se aap bilkul theek the aur jese hi meine ek important baat discuss karne ke liye bola toh aap... aap jaante hai na ki mein kya baat karna chahati hoon? aap aise kyu kar rahe hai? Mein aapse kabse baat karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon, magar aap baar baar baat ko taal rahe hai! Kyu? Kya aap mujhse naaraaz(angry) hai?" Jeevika went on crying.

Viren immedietely climbed on the bed and hugged her tightly. He clutched her hand and gently rested her head on his shoulder. He patted her head to comfort and calm her. But tears continued to make their way down her cheeks and onto Viren's T-shirt. After sometime Viren realised that his sleeve was wet. He kept still.

Viren the whispered:-

Viren: Kuch nahi hua hai Jeevika... aisa kuch nahi hai jo tum soch rahi ho.. Mein tumhe Ignore ya avoid bilkul nahi kar raha hoon.. tumhari koi galti nahi hai.. sach me..

J: toh fir aap aise..

Viren: shhh, Jeevika abhi kuch mat bolo.. meri poori baat dhyan se suno...

Jeevika remained silent. Viren went on.

Viren: MEIN tumse bilkul bhi naaraaz NAHI hoon... mein koi bhi baat ko nahi taal raha.. Jeevika, mujhe tumse koi shiqayat (complaint) nahi hai, aur kabhi nahi hoga... tum meri zindagi ho, bhala koi kabhi apne zindagi se naaraaz ho sakhta hai kya? mein janta hoon tum kya baat karna chahati ho... flight ke baare mein..mein tumhe sab bata doonga.. tum bas shaant (calm) ho jao..

Jeevika slowly broke the hug and looked at him.

J: Sirf flight ke baare mein nahi, aap mujhe yeh bataiye ki aap mujhse sab kuch kyu chupate hai?

Viren: Meine tumse kya chupaya hai?

J: agar aapko kaam ke liye pehle chandigarh jana tha toh aap keh dete na.. magar aapne yeh baat mujhse discuss karna zaruri hi nahi samjha..

Viren: tumhe iske baare mein kese pata chala?

J: meine dadaji ko poocha tha.. agar aap mujhe pehle bata dete, toh mein dadaji se baat karti, mein unki permission leti.. mein unhe kehe deti ki mujhe aapke kaam se koi problem nahi hai, jesa woh aur baaki sab sochte hai..

Viren: Jeevika, mein tumhe batane wala tha, fir socha ki business ki baat hai isliye pehle dadaji se baat discuss kar leta hoon...tumhe kya laga? ki mein tumhe bina bataye hi yaha se jaldi chala jaunga?

J: fir bhi, aapne mujhe kuch nahi bataya...aur mein itni der se pareshaan ho rahi thi ki shayad aap mujhse naaraaz hai, ki mujhe aapka zyada kaam karna pasand nahi hai.. magar aap pehle mujhe bol dete toh mein..

Viren: Jeevika, Jeevika, Jeevika! Tum kya boli ja rahi ho? Mein janta hoon ki tumhe mere kaam se koi shiqayat nahi hai.. (after a pause) magar mein yeh bhi janta hoon ki jab dadaji ne tumhe yeh baat batai hogi ki mein chandigarh jaldi ja raha hoon, toh yeh sunte hi tumhara dil beth gaya hoga na?

Jeevika remembered how sad she was when she heard that Viren had to go back for some important work, and he wouldn't be there with her for the whole journey. She looked up at Viren. He knew her so well. She smiled and nodded slightly.

Viren: aur wese, isse ek kaam toh acha ho gaya..

J: Kya?

Viren: poore pariwar ne mujhe yahi rehne ke liye convince kar diya... warna agar mein tumhe batata aur tum jake sabse baat karti to shayad sab maan jate aur mujhe jaldi jane ke liye permission de dete..

Jeevika laughed.

J: Viren ji, aur ek baat thi..

Viren: arrey, abh aur kya baat karna baaki reh gaya hai?

To tease Jeevika, he added "abh baad mein baaki sabh baatein karenge, abhi so jate hai..". He lied down and pulled the blanket over him. He pretended to fall asleep. After a couple of moments he opened one eye and saw Jeevika sitting in the same position staring at him. But this time she had a really serious expression on her face. Viren jumped up seeing her *pretend to be angry* expression.

Viren(sort of scared): arrey, mein toh mazaak kar raha tha yaar! Mein tumhari baat ko kabhi taal sakhta hoon kya? Bolo kya baat hai?

Jeevika smiled.

J: Mein bhi mazaak kar rahi thi, aapko kya laga? ki mein sach mein aapse gussa ho gayi hoon? Mein janti thi ki aap sirf sone ka naatak kar rahe the.. aur aapko jagane ke liye meine apna serious expression ki help li..

Viren's mouth fell open.

Viren: iska matlab Mrs. Vadera, aapne mujhe budhu banaya! Aapki itni himmat?

He began tickling her and she fell on him and he fell on the bed. She went on laughing as Viren went on tickling her. Despite of her constant attempts of trying to remove his hands, she couldn't succeed. At last, she said "Vir..viren ji, abh bas, haste haste mera pet(stomach) dukh raha hai" (since she was laughing and trying to speak at the same time her voice came out in a stammer. She said that she had laughed enough and now her stomach was aching because of it.) Viren left her. She had forgotten what she had to talk about and so had Viren. Viren shut the light and pulled the blanket over them and Jeevika slept happily in Viren's arms.

Meanwhile VirMan:-

Manvi goes inside and sees Virat sitting on a couch, with his legs on the nearby table and his eyes fixed on the television screen which was presently showing an INDIA vs SRI LANKA cricket match. She frowned and rolled her eyes.

Manvi went and stood in front of the television, blocking Virat's view. Virat shifted his head right to see the screen, and Manvi moved right as well. Virat moved left, Manvi moved left. This went on for sometime, after which both of them got fustrated.

Virat: Kya yaar? Beech se hatto na!

M: Mr. Virat Vadera! Shayad aap bhool rahe hai ki yeh mera room hai, isliye mein jaha bhi khara hona chahu, mein khari ho sakhti hoon!

Virat: Arrey Manvi, yeh apne ratte (mugged up) hue dialogues hai na, kissi aur par jake barsaana (use them in front of someone else), mere upar hi kyu use kar rahi ho? Mere upar toh inka koi effect hi nahi hai, kyu waste kar rahi ho?

M: Kya kaha tumne? Ratte hue dialogues?

Virat: Haan! aur nahi toh kya? Har samay ek larai karne ka bahana yaad karke aati ho, aur aake mujhse jhagra karti ho! Dekho, mujhe tumhare kaam se koi problem nahi hai magar, tumhe ek suggestion deta hoon..

Manvi looked at Virat and moved forward, towards him. She went close to him and pointed her finger at him.

M: Pehli baat toh yeh, ki mein koi bhi larai ka bahana dhoond ke nahi aati hoon! Aur doosri baat, mujhe tumhare stupid suggestions ki koi zarwat nahi hai, samjhe?

Virat: Jitna time tum larne mein lagati ho na, utna time agar apna dimag use karogi na toh bohot acha hoga! Infact sabh acha hi hogi! Kyuki, tum poore din toh larte rehti ho, kissi na kissi bechare ko dhoond ke jhagarne ka bahana dhoondti rehti ho! Toh socho, agar poora time tum apne brains use karogi toh poore duniya ko kitna faida hoga!

M(smirking): Haan, apne brains use karke na humesha yahi plan banaungi ki Virat Vadera ko kin kin tareeko se mein irritate kar saku! Aur tumse kisne kaha ki mein poora din sirf larti rehti hoon?

Virat(smirking): Manvi,kissi ko mujhe batane ki koi zarwat nahi hai! Tum poore din MUJHSE hi toh larti rehti ho na, toh mujhe pata hai!

M: toh tumne apne aap ko bechara bulaya? Anyways, mere paas tumse larne ke alaawa aur bohot saara kaam hai, samjhe?

Virat: Acha kya kaam? Beeji aur baaki ghar waalo ko pareshaan karna, dabbu ko daatna, ya fir Jeevika bhabhi ke ache tasty khane mein aur namak mirch dhalna? Bataiye?

M: Ho gaya? Abh mein bolu? Mere paas in sab se better kaam hai, jaise ki, Beeji, ki seva karna, dabbu ko sumi ke liye naye naye tips dena aur Di ke life mein har problem ko door karna!

Virat: 'Mein toh tumhe free advise de raha hoon... lena hai to lo nahi to jane do'..  

M: Yeh filmy dialogues hai na, mujhe mat sunao.. aur..

Virat: chodo na Manvi, fir se larne mein lag gayi ho! Dekho, meine sahi kaha tha na, tum poore din larte rehti ho!

M: taali ek haath se nahi bajti, tum bhi toh lar rahe ho?

Virat: acha jo bhi ho, meine bhai se promise kiya tha ki mein tumse aaj larai nahi karunga..  

M: kyu jhoothe (false) promises karte rehte ho Virat? Mujhe pareshaan kiye bina toh tumhare jeevan ka ek pal bhi nahi guzarta! Aur aaj ke din hi kyu, kal, parso, saare din mujhse larai mat karo, tab manungi..

Virat: Jo bhi.. chalo khana khate hai.. mujhe bohot bhook lag rahi hai, tumhari bakwaas baatein sunte sunte mein aise bhi pak gaya hoon.. Waise Manvi, abh toh tumhari bhook khatam ho gayi hogi na?

M: Kyu?

Virat: itne der se mera sar jo kha rahi ho!!!

Manvi got really angry she climbed on a sofa and started hitting Virat with all the pillows she could find. Virat joined in and soon there was a pillow fight between them!After some time, one of Virat's pillow hit Manvi really hard. She looked at him with such a scary expression that he knew that danger was coming. He ran for it-- all around the dining room, under the table, behind the counter, on the bed, outside, on the sofa, chased by manvi who was continuously shouting "mein tumhe chodungi nahi Virat, tumari itni himmat ki tumne Manvi Chaudhary ko maara...".

After sometime both of them got tired and they stopped running like cats and dogs. They saw that the wooden floor had turned white with the layer of feathers which had squeezed out of the pillows while they were fighting. They looked at each other and laughed. They both sat down on the sofa.

M: bas, Virat, ho gaya...abh mein bohot thak gayi hoon, aur meri bhook double ho gayi hai..

Virat: same here Manvi! Chalo yeh larai hum kal continue karenge abhi ke liye khane ko enjoy karte hai..

M: haan, acha idea hai partner, mein abhi khane ka bag laati hoon..

Virat: ok..

Manvi got up, went to the corner of the room picked up a light shaded bag and marched back to the sofa. She kept the bag on the table, grasped the television remote kept beside it and switched off the television.

M: tum bhi na Virat, pata nahi kya bakwaas dekhte rehte ho TV par!

Virat: Oh madam! Yeh bakwaas nahi tha ok? This was an international ODI match of the worldcup 2012. The finals between India and Sri Lanka!

M: Whatever.. mujhe match ke itne details chahiye bhi nahi.. pata nahi larko ko cricket mein itna interest kyu hai!

Virat(imitating manvi): Pata nahi larkiyon ko saas-bahu serials mein interest kyu hai!

They both shared a laugh.

Manvi took out all the things from the bag, naming each one of them as she kept it on the table.

M: yeh rahe, di ke haath ke samosa, fried rice, dal, aalo ke parathe aur meetha achaar.. aur yeh raha jo humne airport se khareeda tha- fried chips, coke, cheese balls, popcorn aur chocolates!

Virat: yeh toh sach mein feast hai yaar!

M: meine kaha tha na! Chalo abh khate hai..

"Mein to sabse pehle bhabhi/di ke haath ka bana hua aalo ka paratha khaunga/khaungi" Virat and Manvi said together. They smiled. They decided to eat it together. Virat took a piece of the paratha and dipped it into the pickle. He then put his hand in front of Manvi's mouth. She smiled and opened it, but Virat gulped it into his own mouth. Manvi squinted at him. He again took a piece and put it in front of Manvi. She opened her mouth and this time she was a centimetre close from the paratha when Virat withdrew his hand and ate it up. Manvi was annoyed. She bent forward to break a piece for herself, but then Virat stopped her. She looked at him. He held his ears, and again broke off a piece for Manvi. He brought it close to her mouth. This time Manvi didn't want to take any chance. She held his hand and forced it into her mouth and bit so hard that she nearly cut Virat's finger.

Virat: OUCH!! Partner! thoda dheere please!

M(smiling): Sorry Virat! Magar tumne woh kahavat toh suni hogi na 'Jaisa karoge, Waisa bharoge'.. sab tumhari galti hai..

Virat ignored her and continued eating. She joined in and both of them ate, sometimes having fun, sometimes feeding each other. After sometime while drinking coke:-

Virat: Waise Manvi, mujhe tumhare dare ke liye ek bohot acha idea aaya hai! Its mind-blowing!

Manvi thinks: Arrey yaar, is Virat ko dare ke baare mein abhi yaad aaya? Ek din ke liye bhool nahi sakhta hai kya! Mera poora feast kharab karne mein tulla hua hai!

Virat: Hello? Manvi? Kaha kho gayi? Mein tumse kuch keh raha hoon!

She came out of her thoughts.

M: haan haan, mein sun rahi hoon! Kya dare hai bolo? Mein bhi toh sunoo tumhara mind-blowing dare..

Virat: toh dare yeh hai ki..

M: abh zyada suspense mat create karo, seedha seedha bolo na..

Virat: dare yeh hai ki ... TUMHE...KAL POORA DIN...

Manvi's mind was racing in all directions. She was continuously thinking ' 'poora din! Kya dare ho sakhta hai, poora din uske saath rehna, poora din usse larai nahi karna, poora din KYA!!!!'

Virat continued: MERA HAR BAAT MANNA PAREGA...

Manvi's mouth fell open. She was shocked. She didn't want such a dare! She had not thought about it even in the dizziest of her daydreams.


Virat: YES! Mein jo bhi kahu, woh karna hoga! Mera saara baat manna hoga! Koi bahana nahi chalega... No cheating ok?

M: Kya virat! Dare mein koi cheating kese kar sakhta hai!

Virat: baaki ka toh pata nahi, lekin, tum zarur kar sakhti ho! Zarur koi na koi plan bana logi, issliye mein pehle se hi clear kar raha hoon! Dekho, agar mein tumhe koi kaam doon, toh tum, bhabhi ke paas nahi bhaag sakhti ya fir, kissi bhi tarah kaam ko taal nahi sakhti! Done?

[Basically, the dare was that the next day, Manvi had to listen to everything Virat said! EVERYTHING! Without postponing the work in any way, or running off to any of the family members for help or making any sort of excuse for the work which Virat wanted her to do.]

Manvi didn't want to be teased by Virat, so she made up her mind to think of something that night only.

M: Theek hai DONE!

Virat: acha chalo, abh mein thak gaya hoon, khana bhi khatam ho gaya hai, toh mein sone ja raha hoon!

He stood up. Manvi stopped him.

M: Oh Virat! Kam se kam, yeh saara mess clean up toh karne mein help karo! Kal agar di iss kamre mein aa gayi na, toh pata nahi kya hoga! Itna messy room dekh ke toh woh mujhe bohot gussa karengi...

Virat: Oh haan! mein toh bhool hi gaya tha, bhabhi ko dirty rooms bilkul pasand nahi hai! Chalo, mein tumhari help kar deta hoon!

Manvi smiled. They started to pack up all the food left and cleaned up all the feathers. After sometime they had cleaned everything and the room looked much neater.

M: Thank you so much Virat!

Virat: arrey Manvi chodo na! Partners ek doosre ko thank you nahi bolte! Aur waise bhi yeh room toh meine bhi dirty kiya hai, toh obviously mujhe bhi clean karne mein tumhari help karni chahiye!

M: yeh toh tumne sahi baat ki hai!

Virat: Mein toh humesha sahi hota hoon..

M: acha, abh yeh deenge (false praise) maarna bandh karo..

Virat: Ok see you tomorrow!

M: See you...

Manvi escorted Virat to the door and after wishing a goodnight, she shut the door.

That night:-

Manvi was lying on her bed and thinking(to herself): Iss dare ka mein kya karu! Bari jaldi jaldi mein haan bol diya tha na manvi, abh nateeja bhukto (bear the result)... Virat ko bhi yahi ek dare mila tha kya? Usse waise bhi isse acha mauka nahi milega mujhe irritate karne ka! Kuch na kuch toh sochna hi parega, mujhe! Lets just hope ki raat ko Virat ko itna distracting sapna aaye, ki woh kal subah dare ke baare mein bhool jaye! Fingers crossed manvi!

Meanwhile Virat:-

He was sitting on his bed thinking about the next day.

Virat (to himself): Waah Virat, waah! Kya dare diya hai! Isse toh manvi chaha karke bhi nahi bach payegi! Kal mein jo bolunga, usse meri saari baatein manni hi hogi!

Thinking of the next day Virat set the alarm for 7 and slept. Manvi to set an alarm on her mobile for 7 'o' clock and fell asleep.


Thats it for this update!
I really hoped you'll liked it. Do comment and click on the 'like' button.

Sorry, if I have forgotten to PM anyone.

Thank you!


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shine123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Nice update...
thnx 4  d pm...:)

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jenna_p Goldie

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Good UpdateClap
Love the fact that u put in all the tiny details in ur story
Loved itSmile

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sweetdollashita Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
amazing update...
loved it...
try to add more of virika scenes...
Thanks for the pm...I always had a huge smile on my face whenever you pm me...

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sushmakryan IF-Rockerz

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nice update i thought virika  will do fight in next update put more virika scene please thanks for the pm and pm me

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sajanfan004 Goldie

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Hi guys! I Just wanted to make the dress code clear for this trip. 

Jeevika: dadaji had Given her permission not to wear a sari in the trip, she was allowed to wear a salwar suit, so her dress will be the one which she used to wear BEFORE her marriage! It really suits the *shy* jeevika. 

Manvi: she also wears the salwar suits which she used to wear before her marriage, and she has long hair, not the short one which she had during her cancer..

Viren and Virat are the same!

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