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Fixing a Broken HEART !! pt 5 pg 60 (Page 60)

Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 5:58am | IP Logged

               Part 5

2 weeks passed by. geet n komal joined office. everything seemed well from outside but in deep, maan n adi knew, something was terribly wrong somewhere. they didn't get any call yet from kapoor agencies and when they themselves tried to call. they got the ans that Ms.Naina Kapoor is busy and cnt give any appointment for 2 more weeks.

it felt like an insulting slap for maan n adi but they could nothing about it. they did have a meeting wid d model shweta and d meeting wasn't a very good one. at d end she apolizised with the answer that she was offered a better figure by kapoor agencies.

maan knew dis was not just professional. so much thing together cnt be co-incidences. and when it came to naina kapoor . it could never be a co-incidence..atleast after what has happened in the past...

it was a new week, new fresh morning, when maan walked in office with his baby in his arms and geet beside him. the staff wished them morning while maan took his family straight to his cabin.

adi walked in, "maan there is something u should look in.."

adi looked disturbed. maan caught it instantly and so did geet..

"r u alright..whats d matter.." geet asked..

adi didn't smile unlike him, "cnt explain anything, mana u come wid me.."

maan looked at geet, "jaan, tum baby ke sath yaho raho..dnt leave her alone...i vil be back..."

geet nodded understanding while maan n adi left hurriedly..


"what ?? "

"when ??.."

maan looked at adi for answers. adi sighed n replied, "just few minutes ago. i got a call from kapoor agencies that Ms.Naina kapoor deserves a seperate cabin in Ks companies as she is d 25% share holder.."

"what d hell.." maan was evidently angry now..

how d hell dat girl dare to come back in his life..n try to ruin his professional life..he vil not let that happen...what happened was d past...but that doesn't mean he vil not react to anything...

"any more conversation?.."

adi nodded n continued, "she vil be here today in an hour or so.."

Whatt ??

maan looked at adi in shock...naina is coming here..wasn't she d same girl who didn't even dare to hear his name...who...oughh...what on d damn earth...

maan fished his cell out n called

geet answerd, "ji maan.."

"jaan, where r u.."

"ji me cabin me hi hun, baby is eating puff.."

maan smiled softly, "achha suno, there vil be an important meeting in some time, i dnt know how much time it vil take, i vil be in d conference room. so..if i dnt get free till lunch time..tum dono kha lena need to wait..."

geet was worried now, "to fir aap abhi cabin me aayiye.."

maan asked confused, "jaan, m busy baby.."

geet was adament, "jaldi wait kar rahi hun.." with that she cut d call...

mana sighed n looked at adi..

adi smiled, "koi bata nahi..we still have time..u go..mujhe bhi apni Ms.shaitan ko call karna hai..."

maan smiled n left from there..


maan returned in his cabin. baby was still eating...


maan took baby in his lap, "haan shona.."

baby kissed onto his cheek with her messed lips, "u want to eat ??"

maan cleaned her lips n d sideby area, "no jaan, u continue.."

by the time, geet took out another packet of food n passed a plate to maan with puff, "kha lijiye.."

maan made face, "jaan no.."

geet looked at him with such eyes that maan immediately took d plate and started eating..

though geet wnated to maintain that tough look but she couldn't help but smile at maan's cute face..

shooking her head, she kissed onto his cheek followed by maaneeta.

once they were done, baby went out to play while maan pulled geet in his lap..

geet looked at him surprised, "maan apki meeting..."

shameless maan took her lips in his shutting her mouth. geet's eyes widened in surprirse but she gave in instantly. he licked her lips, loving the taste of her gloss while his hand crawled from her waist to her upper chest, massaging d bulg that was oozing out of her blouse.

geet moaned sensuously. her hand covered his as she tried to stop his hand, but he never learned to stop when it came to her. 

his hand massged d upper cleavge, her whilte milky skin turned red under his rough hand. 

leaving her lips, he removed her saree pallu a bit and dipped his face shamelessly into her breasts. his mouth found d flesh of her bulgy chest just above d line of her blouse...the pallu fell again hiding him inside her saree as he continued to lick her 

skin. he tasted her upper chest that had turned red because of his massing...

"maan.." geet moaned uncontrollably, while her hand brushed into his hairs while another went around his neck to keep his closer into her chest. she sometimes hated him for effecting her so much...why she could never deny him. what strong right he possessed on her that he one touch would melt her like a candle...

he bite onto her flesh and d corners of her blouse, wanting to suck n bite more of her.

geet could do nothing but close her eyes and took high breaths along with her lips moaning his name..

his one hand squized her waist, almost messing her saree while his another hand went into blouse from back, fighting with d bra hook. 

"maan.." moaning his name, geet took his out from d back, somewhere remembering they were in office...

"umm jaan.." groaning, maan bite onto d button of her blouse while his hand ran into her pallu to unbutton her blouse. his fingers found her errect nipples over d blouse as he pinched them...

"" she couldn't speak, panting badly. he manages to arouse her desperately always...

mana desperately crushed her curves badly, messing her blouse, while his teeth took out two hooks of her blouse, loosening her curves a bit, showing more of her cleavge...

he kissed them, licked the, sucked them and bite onto them...

panting heavily, geet removed her pallu to one side to take his face out of her cleavage. she grabbed his neck and tried to pull him out but he was no where listening. 

he groaned under his throat, pulled her harshly closed to him till her breats crushed his face.

geet closed her eyes and sighed, she knew he wouldn't leave her without finishing his need. he needed her. he wanted her and he had to have her. afterall she was his..but it felt like insanity sometimes...can she drive him dis much creazy...

his hand moved restlessly to take her breast out of her blouse when his cell cried loudly, braking their passionate moment. 

his hand stopped relucantly knwoing if he didn't stop now, he vil not be able to stop afterwords...he frustratedly massaged her bulgy chest to calm his hormones and his arousal...

his head rested on d sofa while geet rested her face into his neck, while her hand went into her pallu to button back her blouse, he had opened.


maan sat on the front chair, wid adi on one side and sasha on the other. meeting was d last thing in his mind after d passionate moment he shared wid his wife. ouggh,..he just wanted to go back right away and make her his again n again till she would cry for more of him desperately. she was his undoing on a serious note...

"MK, this should not happen..." sasha's words brought maan back out of his wild thoughts...

adi looked at sasha confused, "but sasha, its legally her right that she han attend this office. she have our shares..."

maan looked at sasha, "wats ur point.."

sasha made it clear, "MK, with being in this office, it vil give her chance to break more share holders.."

maan nodded thoughtfully and so did adi...

they knew. this wasn't going right. or say this was utterly wrong. maan was d one more confused in all this. he had laws knew naina as a fun loving and carefree girl. she loved to enjoy her life and being d daughter of a rich man, she got anything n everything she could have never asked for...

but then, what happened between him n naina, he havn't expected to see naina ever again. he had thought she might be ...oughh...why has she come back and what is her motive behind purchasing shares..and dat model..what she want to suggest...what is her motive...has she come back to fight..or to take revenge for what had happened in d past...

unknown to himself his eyes drifted to d past

Flaskback strts..

maan circled her in his amrs while dancing. 

naina couldn't stop her smile. she was in the arms of the person she loved n dreamed. they were not very old frnds but she alws loved him and now having him as her boyfrnd, she was in 9th heaven.

"i love u maan..."

maan smiled casually, "ohh naina, comon, u know we r not that serious gal.."

naina looked at him puzzled..

maan made it clear, "listen sweetheart, we r frnds, and u r doubt about it. but u know me, u r like nth girl, i hang out with.."

sadness formed in naina's eyes but she still had hopes, "but i love u maan, and its true feeling.."

maan smiled n danced even more passionately, "i know nk, have i denied...but i hold no feeling yet.."

"yet ?.." naina's eyes filled with surprised...she presented hima big smile, "yet haan..means u know u vil love me someday.."

maan shook his head at her stubborn nature while she kissed his cheek as both continued to dance..

Flashback ends...

"maan where r u lost ??" adi's words brough him back to his senses...

shit ! how can he think of d past like this, he felt like he just betrayed damn..geet is his love..his wife..his jaan..he 

could never think of betraying her...he suddenly felt the urge to go back to his jaan n take her in his embrace...

maan almost stood up to go n embrace geet but a knock on d door stopped him...

a staff member walked in, "sir, Ms.Kapoor is in.."

an unsure adi looked at maan while a relucant maan looked at adi as they walked out followed by sasha.

there she was...

d reason of all d problems in KS companies

Naina stood in d mid, wearing a beautifull kurta and black legins. her figure seemed perfect to her personality. 

adi looked at her wid no interest and more of anher for creating problems in their life...

while maan looked at naina wid unsure eyes...

her eyes were stable on his...mana looked away not wanting to create any scene...

naina walked towrds maan and hugged him gently, "hii maan, howz u honey ?"

d staff was shocked and so was adi n maan...

maan broke off d hug instantly, "behave urself Ms.Kapoor..."

naina laughed. it was a blank laugh, "Ms.Kapoor, dats too formal maan, u used to call me nk, u forgot so easily..."

maan took a deep breath n calmed himself, "naina, come this way.."

naina smirked and followed by, followed by adi n sasha.

they walked in conference room.

naina sat comfortably in d chain that usually maan's. maan fumed in anger and so did adi n sasha.

naina smirked, "i must say, office have changed a lot. in a positive way offcorse."

maan made it clear, "why did u buy the shares of KS companies ?"

naina looked at maan unaffected, "maan im so tired, can i u get me a cup of coffee.."

maan was stunned wid her behaviour and so did adi n sasha. how dare she order maan for coffee..

sasha could't take maan's insult at all. they shared a different relationship. for maan, sasha was his right hand. like his 

advocate. she understood every move, every thought of maan and wokred accordingly. maan never needed to elaborate on any issue and sasha understood it. and for sasha, maan was not only her bodd but her idol. it was her passion to work with maan. 

she never loved him. she very knew his wife geet and d baby too. she loved them as much as maan did. maaneeta was the apple of eye of sasha. and maan. he was her master. her boss. and not in any way, she would excpet some damn girl ordering her boss...

"behave lady.." sasha said sternly. maan n adi were not stunned wid sasha. they knew what made her say that.

naina looked at sasha in amusement, "ohh, big mouth, ohhho..kyu na ho..its afterall Mr.Maan Singh Khurana..."

maan looked at adi, "adi sasha, leave us alone for a minute..."

adi n sasha nodded and left from there...

the moment they left, maan looked at naina wid pure hatredness...

"why r u back ?"

naina sighed and stood up lazily, "ohh maan, u just broek my heart. r u not happy ??"

maan grabbed her arm ruthlessly, "dnt play games wid me nk, tell me why r u back ??"

naina winced, "ouchh" and puled out her arm from maan's grip, "ofcorse for u sweetheart..u know how much i love u right..."

maan hissed in anger, "cut ur crap nk, get to d point.."

naina chukled, "what point.."

maan was lossing his patience now, he very well knew she had a motive to come back. atleast after what has happened in d past...

"look nk, whatever happened. Im sorry for that ok...just go back and never return.."

naina looked at maan wid blank expressions, "Mr.Khurana, i think u forgot, i hold 25% shares of this company..."

maan sighed, "naina look..."

naina cut him this time, "where is my cabin..."

maan looked at her wid unsure questions...

naina's eyes almost snapped something inside him, "3rd cabin from left side..."

naina smirked and walked away, leaving a shocked and somewhere scared maan behind.

what has he gone n done.

ohh god 

ohh no..

agar geet ko pata chala toh...

no...maan was scared out of death..i cnt let gete know started to sweat abdly...agar naina ne geet cnt hurt my family...no1 can hurt my geet n my baby..i vil not her ruin my life...

and maan knew...

he was into something big !!


Precap : 

"what a lovely baby..."

"naina ??" d voice was full of shock..

naina looked around and was surprised, "geet.."



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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged
awesome update 
loved it seems like maan has done something wrong with naina
and she and geet r friends
Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged
simply amazing..loved it,.'
sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
superb update
but is tat maan was wr0ng in past
Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abinash079

awesome update 
loved it seems like maan has done something wrong with naina
and she and geet r friends

thnqq abi.. Tongue

Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mollycoddle

simply amazing..loved it,.'

thnxx dear Tongue

Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sdlife19

superb update
but is tat maan was wr0ng in past

thnx a lot dear Tongue

26_chaitra Senior Member

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:47am | IP Logged
Amazing update...
loved it a lotzzz...
watz naina upto????
plzz do continue soon...
eagerly waiting for the next update...

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