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Fixing a Broken HEART !! pt 5 pg 60 (Page 47)

Mayamaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged

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Mayamaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged

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Eza_analyst IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Umme u r confusing meee huhhh
Wise deal yyad hai na u first me second

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Eza_analyst IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Koi hai

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Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 8:11am | IP Logged

                 Part 4

geet ran into hospital all d while crying her eyes out, followed by a worried komal. whe she was talking wid komal, she got a call from deir driver wid d news dat maaneeta had met a accident..geet felt her chocking in breaths like life snapped inside her...she broke into tears as she ran d very moment..

geet barged into room, only to find maaneeta laying on bed wid a hand and a leg bandaged and forehead had few scratches...

geet broke into tears as she ran in and pulled her baby into her hug, taking care not to hurt her

" my baby, my jaan...m so sorry beta..r u it hurting..ohh baby...m sorry.."

geet was crying continuously while maaneeta rolled her eyes and raised her other hand to wipe her tears..

"ohho fine..its not hurting..pakka.."

komal walked in and was herself in tears..

geet was still shedding tears, d sight of her baby was not at all acceptable...she felt so scared for her child dat she couldn't express...

"mumma is here na, u vil be all fine, is it hurting..what my baby u want to eat sumthing.."

baby smiled cutely, "can i hav a ice cream.."

geet smiled in tears n kissed her forehead, "dadda vil be here soon, i hav called him.."

baby made face, "vil dadda scold me mumma ??"

geet hugged her closer, "no baby, dadda never scolds his princess..right.."

baby smiled n kissed geet's cheeks..

komal smiled in tears and wiped dem instantly, trying to make d environment easy, "so ms-tufan-mail..kya huva.."

baba crunched her nose, "komal, do not call me dat.."

komal mocked, "haha, i vil.."

baby smirked, "komal, is it true dat adi gets scared of u when u try to kiss him.."

WHATT, komal shot her a fake annoying glare while geet couldn't help but giggle...

"u litle wild..." komal felt like pulling her hairs...wish she would hav been fine at dis moment..oughh..

geet checked her made face now, "mumma nahi lagi hai.."

komal mocked, "kya susu ??"

baby  shot her a deathly MSK glare while komal gave her a evil smile ..

geet smiled and kissed her forehead again...

it was den heard d knock on d door..

geet just ran towrds d door and engulfed him into a tight hug and started to cry expecting him to be maan..

d person remained still on his place and geet felt unfamiliarity in d touch..she instantly broke d hug..

"im sorry..i just thought.."

person smiled, "its is ur daughter now.."

geet looked at him confused, "u ??"

person smiled, "im yuvraj, yuvarj singh..she had ran in front of my car only.."

geet's blood boiled in anger as she decided to give dis man a peice of her mind when maaneeta spoke at d background..

"im sorry uncle, i shouldn't hav run like dat.."

geet shut her mouth realising it was doll's fault..she noticed driver at 1 corner of corridor and walking forward, she gave a tight slap on his face, d driver looked down..

"she was ur responsibilty, wasn't she ??"

driver shivered in fear, "sorry mam, mene baby ko car me rukne ko bola tha when i went out to get her ice cream..but baby (he couldn't finish his sentence)...dat man put d break on d right moment otherwise.."

geet closed her in fear thinking wat couldn hav happened...she didn't say much to driver knowing maan vil probably kill him d moment he reach..

geet went back to yuvi, her eyes filled wid tears, "thnq so much..i dnt hav enough words to thnk u..thnx a million.."

yuvi smiled weakly, "its ok mrs.."

"geet.." geet mumbled..

"geet, take care of ur daughter..i should leave now.."

geet smiled, "thnq again.."

wid dat yuvi started to walk away, as he riched sum distance, his eyes fell on D MAAN SINGH KHURANA, who was running in his direction like a creazy man, his face was full of tears, was not hard to recognise maan, his picture would be daily published in magzines n papers...but as far as from naina's point of view, he is a ruthless man, den wat can bring so emotions on his face...

his thoughst came to an end, when he saw maan ran pass him and barge into d same room he had left a min ago...

and it puzzled him, geet and dat baby...

he walked back to know waht is happening...


maan barged into room madly, he was crying evidently, his eyes were bright red in tears as he noticed his baby, his jaan laying on d bed wid so much bandages, and geet beside her in tears..

"beta.." maan chocked in hicups and crushed himslef on d bed near his baby..

"kya ho gaya mera bachha ko, im sorry bachha, dadda is very bad, don't take good care of my baby na.."

maan was crying like a small kid..geet cried watching his condition, while komal smiled in tears, she hav never scene dis side of maan..1st she had saw him tears on d birth of maaneeta..and dis is d 2nd time...maybe dats what a father is...

"dadda, m fine, look.." she showed her teethy smile..

maan kissed her everywhere..on her forehead, her hairs, her nose her, cheeks, her small small hands, her feet... trying to sooth his wrenching heart...

"maan" geet's voice cracked in pain..

maan wiped her tears and took his both angels in his protective hug...dey were his life, his souls, how is to think of his life without dem...

his wiped in tears and kissed baby again, "is it hurting my jaan.."

"no dadda.." 

maan's eyes boiled in deathly anger, "where is driver.."

geet tried to calm him, "maan relax, it wasn't his fault, baby ran out of d car to d road.."

maan roared in anger, "why did he left my baby alone in d car ??"

geet sighed, "she wanted to eat ice cream, so he had gone to get it.."

maan denied to agree, "he should hav locked d car..its all his fault..not my baby's.."

geet eyed baby to calm her dadda..

baby pulled him closer and kissed on his check, "dadda dnt get angry at him na, it was my fault.."

maan smiled in tears, "u scared dadda so much doll.."

geet cried again, "and mumma too.."

baby made a naughty face, and den smiled..and slowly drifted to sleep feeling her eyes heavy..

maan looked at geet, "why she slept suddenly.."

geet hugged him closer, "medicines ki vajah se .."

maan nodded hugged geet to his dear life, "i was so scared jaan, i never scared dis much in my entire life, i felt like im d most helpless person in dis world, i felt dat sumbody is ruthlessly snatching my life away from me..dose few moments were so horrible..i cnt explain.."

geet sheded tears on his chest, "u dnt hav to bcoz i expericned d same...shh clam down, im here is here..she is fine, see..."

maan nodded and again broke into tears not able to bear dose bandages on d soft skin of his child..

at d background, yuvi understood that d baby he saved was maan singh khurana's child and d lady was his his wife..


a week passed by and baby was already discharged, maan had sumhow controlled himself from bashing d driver black n blue and fired him d very moment. he didn't go to office since a week as he couldn't bare to go away from his daughter at all..a fear started to enguld him within dat if he vil go away..sum1 vil again hurt his baby..geet was understanding his satuation and was herself living d same fears, she herself wanted maan wid dem so didn't object anyway... adi understood d situationa dn handed everything in d office while maan worked from home..adi would cum to meet baby in d evening and vil let maan know about office status..while komal vil be around few times a day...

maan layed his head in geet's lap and stroked d hairs of baby gently who was slipping beside him while geet kept carrasing maan's hairs..


"hmm" geet hummed..

"join office from next week.."

suprirsed n confused, geet looked at him, maan moved closer into her lap all d while carrsing baby's hairs, "join for 2 yrs, when baby vil be five and her schooling strt, u can take off den, i dnt want to leave u and baby alone at home.."

geet kissed his forehead, "maan, why r u so scared, she is fine.."

maan cut her, "no, its decided, i vil not keep u both off my eyes even for a second now.."

geet smiled and learned back to sleep beside maan, "ok baba, as u say " she kissed his shoulder and hugged him to d position was maan was in d mid wid his both angels on either sides hugging him close...


yuvi had felt a sympathy towrds geet and d baby but he had no sympathy for dat maan, he hated his mere sight, dat good for nothing maan dnt deserve dis family, dat gal geet is d more unfortunate person to be maan's wife...

he was unsure if he should tell about dis to naina or not, he was unsure about her mood vil she react...he sighed and decided to tell her as she was asking 1 aftr another questions..

naina closed her eyes, "yuvi im asking u sumthing, why were u in hospital.."

yuvi held her hands in his, "actually, a small gal had accidently ran in front of my car.."

"what, i hope she is.."

yuvi answered quickly, "yes she is fine, i had put d brake, but she had fell down, i instantly took her to d hospital and her mother and family came soon..she got litle injured but not deep.."

naina sighed in relief..

it was when yuvi continued..

"she was maan singh khuran's daughter..."




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                              nxt pt -   Part 5
IMP - reader, i need good response from u all...d lack of likes n comments every time in every update of any story makes me sad...n i dnt feel like updating...if u want more n more updates from me...dnt forget to like n takes a sec to LIKE n a min to COMMENT..dnt i deserve a min or ur time aftr d update ??...i request all silent readers to listen to my request !! THNQ !!


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Eza_analyst IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Hailllaaa Me First  Again
Well Offcourse Yes Me First
Ummeee Grhhh Y U stopped Posting
u VOID the Deal huhhh I can SUE you for this

Okhh NOw For Update
Mish U wanna Slappp Angry
Huhhh For your benefit U Hurt our Maaneeta
Not fair, Bad very Bad, Ouch
awww Geet was Crying more than That It was Maan's tear which tear me apart Cry
U shouldn't do this huhhh Dead
and Here it is ... Shocked
yahi bacha tha Yuvraj  huhhh Censored
Awww he learned the whole truthBroken Heart Broken HeartBroken HeartBroken HeartBroken Heart
 Mummy me scared 
Now he said it tooo that Naina also
Hope woh kucch karena
but yeah I still remember the very first update
Its still under cover from where geet came running
and hugged Maneeta
Uhhh So many unanswered qstns
please update soon
and atlast a tight hug to both Of you.

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SONU_29 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome part.
Omg maaneeta gt hurt & yuvi take her to hospital.
Aww when geet told maan abt joining office he denied & nw for his satisfaction he told her to join office. NOT FARE
Waiting for naina's reaction.

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Mayamaan IF-Dazzler

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Not fair...CryCry

Mai fer se 2nd...CryCryCry

3rd ho gayi...sob sob sob...Cry

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