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Fixing a Broken HEART !! pt 5 pg 60 (Page 34)

Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 6:38pm | IP Logged

                 Part 3

maan closed his eyes in frustration, as d name "Naina kapoor" kept ringing in his mind...

he knew, why he called geet to office to sudden..he needed her d very moment..

d door snapped open and maan almost ran towrds d door as he took her in a bone crushing hug...


when geet entered office, d office was seemed like all were running from here n dere lost in work...before she could move to maan's cabin, maaneeta fought to put her down, sighed, geet put her down and made her way to maan's cabin

d moment, she entered his cabin, she found her body getting crushed into maan's..maan hugged to his dear life like sum1 just gave by his life to him,,he hugged her tight as possible..confused, geet simply reciprocated to it as 

she snaked her hands around his neck while deeped his face into her panting badly...

geet carrased his hairs soothingly, "shh...kya huva.."

maan just shook his head and deeped his face further into her neck feeling her warmth.d sudden name naina kapoor make him feel like he is loosing his geet or his life..he feared of his life without geet..he himself dnt know, exactly how insanely in love with geet, he is...but all he knew is, she is his and he needed her at dat moment to share her warth wid him...

geet walked in cabin, all d while in his arms as she closed d door behind..

"maan, relax...kya huva" d immense worry in geet's voice disturbed maan..he sighed, he just scared her for no reason...why was he even thinking dat way, no matter what geet can never leave him..no1 can snatch his family from him...

pulling away from d hug, he carrsed her worried face soothingly, "i was missing u like hell.."

geet smiled unconvinced, "par aap.."

maan pecked her lips shutting her and made face, "par kya, jaan mujhe bhook lagi hai...r u planning to keep ur poor hubby hungry..."

"poor husband" geet rolled her eyes n murmured, "yah right, dusht kahin ke..."

though, she murmured but maan's sharp ear were enough to hear her, pulling her back to crush her in his strong hold, maan went dangerously close to her n breathed, "dusht aur me ??.."

geet shivered underhis raw manly hold n mumbled, "maan chhodiye na.."

"kyu.." maan fanned her lips

geet shuttered, "plzz.."

maan smirked enjoying his effects on her n pulled away before kissing her forehead, "doll kahan hai..?"

geet smiled, taking sit on d sofa, "meri baat sunti kahan hai me hi hogi.."

maan shook his head n picked up phone," doll wid u ??"

adi, "yup..eating my head.."

maan giggled, "usko bo.dadda is calling her"

adi sighed, "thnx saviour.."

maan went to sit beside geet when he heard banging on d cabin door..smiling, he went to open d door n picked up maaneeta in his arms..

baby made face, "kitna heavy door hai..mujhse khulta hi nahi.."

maan kissed her cheeks as d two sat beside geet..

geet who was busy opening d food, now looked up n was shocked, "what did u eat ??.."

baby giggled, "chocolate ice-cream.."

maan wiped her face wid his hanky while geet gave disapproving look, "dis is so note done doll..u r not supposed to eat ice-cream on lunch time.."

baby made face at maan, "but adi was forcing me.."

maan was convinced while geet knew her doll wery well, "adi chachu was forcing u or u were forcing him.."

baby made puppy face n maan could help but pull her cheeks, "jaan, why r u shouting on my doll..."

"but maan.."

maan kissed her cheeks cutting her, "mumma bhook lagi hai na..."

baby giggled, "mumma..mujhe bhi bhook lagi hai.."

geet glared at d two but soon a smile criped on her lips..she felt so much funny yet special when along wid baby, maan would call her mumma just like baby being a child..geet placed d food in dishes and d three feed each other..talking..giggling..fighting and finally laughing...

maan was all forgot about d name naina kappor n was lost in his family when adi knocked on d door n came in to inform dat d board meeting is exactly in 15 min..

d meeting issue once again reminded maan of d damn name and beeding a small bye to geet n maaneeta, maan left wid adi towrds conference room..

geet patted baby to sleep on d sofa n went to maan chair to relax bored she was, decided to check maans cabin aftr such a long time..she went through files..checking designs ..doing d correction so dat maan's work vil be reduced..dats when, her eyes fell on another file and she picked it up..

not finding any name on d cover, confused, she opened d file and a min later she found herself frized n dazed..

"Naina Kapoor"

dat was all she could mumbled when she felt sumthing snapped inside sum1 just squized her heart, 

waking her up...

Naina kappor, what was dis file doing here in maan's cabin..

naina kappor was maan's past, when geet had joined mana office 4 yrs back, naina was his gf den..she had seem deir pcitures in newspaper n all...geet never intended to cum in between dem but she herself dnt know when dey both seperated...she had alwz knew about maan and hs unlimited gf..he was d apple on every1 gals eyes...being d owner of a company in fashion industry..crowded by gals or dating gals was not a really big thing...maan himself had came to her and dey dnt know when dey started to adore each other or rather claim each other..more like maan...she never heard him talking about naina..once she herself had asked him about his gf nina, but maan had clarrified it to her saying he was never serious in any relationship b4...and geet had ket go of d matter..

but aftr 4 long years, why dis name again in maan's cabin..or rather say maan's life...

d thought shuddered her very core..but den, she mentally scolded herself..maybe she was thinking a litle too much for no reason..may be it is related to work..she went through d file and realised and naina was back aftr 4 years and has opened her own new company..earlier in d past, she used to work in her dad's company..dere was no much details other dan dat..all were official details...she was thinking too much may be..

she loves maan and trust him more dan anything...she hav gone against her daarji for maan..her daarji was never ready to let her marry to sum1 from fashion industry..but she was adament on her decision...

she remembered her daarrji words..

"geet, love is not alwz d only thing u can live with..."

she instantly put d file on its place and cleared d table like she didn't even touch d file and rested her head on d back of relaxing maner...

if its only profession den why didn't maan tell her anything about it..or may be unhe bhi abhi pata challa ho..aur waise bhi he never shared office talk wid dere was nothing new about it..but still a shadow of doubt was here n dere in her mind..

restless, she soon drifted to sleep...


Conference room

maan roared in anger, "what d hell..."

1 of board member, "what is dis can two members sell deir shares without d order of every board member..."

maan was evidently seething,d matter was going out of his hands and he was not able to put a finger on exactly how it happened..d members of d boards members holding 10+15 as in total 25% shares of KS companies sell deir share to sum1 dey dnt even know but d dis model things made a sudden fall in deir shares in market and d scared two took d decision on impulse..

adi tried to ease d situation, "every1 plz calm down..maan plz relax..v vil get sum way..its d matter of 25% of my ownership..ur 60% r stll powers r still in our hands..we vil definitely find sumway out..we all need to calm down n think.."

maan stood up n looked at d head architect, "sasha.."

sasha nodded her head smartly, "i got it MK.." wid dat she walked out..

sasha was maan's right hand to be called..she knew every move of maan..what he do..why he do...n what is her role into it...she was d 1 maan trusted d most and she deserved it wid no doubt..she had alwz attended every board member meeting without being part of it..eralier, many used to point a finger at her attendance but aftr maan's words..dey had got quite a fair idea dat she is meant to be dere...d members walked out when d meeting finished..maan relaxed on d chairs..

adi sighed, "what do u think maan..who d hell on dis fashion industry dared to take dis step against us.."

maan dangeroulsy opened in his, "1st d model shweta n now dis..we r into sumthing adi..and we hav to be alert now.."

adi nodded, "right...but 1st v vil hav to find out d person who now owns 25% shares of KS..."

maan heard a knock on d door n smirked, "come in sasha.."

sasha smiled mystariously, " it is.."

she handed sum file to maan,as maan opened d file,,his eyes grew dark and d anger n agression passed through his veins...

adi took d file from maan's hand and read it, "again d same name..."

mana cut him

"Naina kapoor.."


He twirled her around and took her back in his arms while both danced slowly yet passionately..his eyes showed happines..her eyes reflected pain..his eyes showed love..her eyes reflected hatred..his eyes showed longingness..her eyes reflected revenge..his eyes had dream..and her eyes had destruction..she was his soon to be fiance for dat matter but dere was no emotion in  her forhm watsoever and he was very well aware of it..but den he still liked was not like he was deeply in love wid her..but still he was quite fan of her mystarious life...she was strange and he adored her..

he was Yuvraj Singh

and she was Naina Kapoor

his fingers carrsed her cheeks and she gave him a week smile as hardly had any emotions..

"why r y so mystarious.."

she smiled, "i like to be 1..."

yuvi sighed, "naina..." she rested her head on his chest, "hmm..."

yuvi hugged her closer to his dear life, "cnt u forgive him ??.."

d stiffness in her answered his question but still spoke, "not before i make him realize a THING.."

cupping her face, he stared deep in her eyes and dere were full of pain, "im scared.."

litle surprised, she looked at him, "of..."

"of loosing u.." benting he pecked her lips, she responded to his lips, "and i love u for that.."

"den why dis all...cnt u forget n strt a new life ??..."

naina's eyes became dark as she voiced, "as i said..not before i teach his a important lesson of his LIFE.."

yuvraj was scared..scared of lossing her..he dnt know why..but he had a very different feeling for her in his heart..was it love ?? or anything else..he really dnt know..but den when he had meet her 3 years back in texas..she was almost a dead thing...he hav sumhow managed to brng a life in her..he told her to live her life again..

for her, he was d only person she cared in dis entire earth..but she possibly couldn't forget d name THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA dis easily..for what he had done...he deserved to get a important lesson..and she vil make sure he vil learn it...when he vil experience d same she did...

yuvi heartly wanted her to get of all dis mess, she had made her life

naina wanted him to stay away from her, d path she was walking on, vil be only leading to desrtuction where naina kapoor n maan singh khurana..both d names vil be destroyed in d flames on love n hatred..and she heartly didn't want yuvi to suffer being part of it...she heartly wished a good life for him..

and for her

her path was destroying D MAAN SINGH KHURAN !! 


geet was lost...

she was long lost in her thoughts, sitting on d sofa for last more dan couple of hrs...she had been thinking n thinking..d sudden name naina kapoor dat has poked in deir lifes..didn't seem to stay her in peace...

a week has passed and she waited for maan to himself talk about it watever it is...but he didn't...he atleast expected him to tell her in deir intimate moments..but maan's not even bringing d matter had made her more restless...sumwhere even man had noticed her allofness but she had shrugged him off making excuses like she was tired...

why dat file was laying on maan's cabin, it must be professional..coz she trusted her maan more dan anything..but den..why maan never shares anything wid her..being his wife..she expect him to share his every problem wid her just like his every happines...but he being he never read dose expectations in her eyes as it was coevered by d clouds of love...and maan failed to read what is behind dose clouds...

hrs passed..n geet remained motionless..

komal was annoyed beyond limits when she went to khurana house, geet was lost in her own thought but when she noticed komal storning in, she instantly stood up n cleared her pale face..

"komal wats d matter.."

komal thupped on sofa n closed her eyes frustratedly, "bhabhi..dnt talk to angry wid u.."

confused, geet sat beside her, "why..what happened ??"

"what happened ??.." komal shot her complaining looks, "its been u havn't even talk to me..n u asking what happened..."

geet sighed as d realisation came down on her, "ohh dat..umm..ohh i was litle off.."

"off.." komal checked her foerehad, "kya huva bhabhi.. r u fine ??"

geet smiled , "relax alright.."

komal sighed, "waise ye week tha hi bahot me bhi etni prob chal rahi hai..aap bhi ussi vajah se off hai na.."

"office me ??" geet stood up startled, "kya huva office me.."

standing up, komal passed her a surprised look, "aap aise kyu behave kar rahi hai like u dnt know anything.."

geet was surely worried now, "i really dnt know..kyu..kya huva hai office me.."

komal sighed, "its actually d kapoor agencies.."

"kapoor agencies.." geet tried to remembered if she hav ever been in contact wid dis named cmpany but she didn't remembered any...

"ye kaunsi company hai..mene tu pehle nama nahi suna.."

komal became angry face, "puchho mat bhabhi..dat gal nai..."

komal was cut when gete's cell rang..

geet received d call


geet screamed, "WHATT" , wid d tears rolling down from her eyes...




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                              nxt pt -   Part 4 
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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
naina was  maan gf  and now she came to destroy maan and maan not telling anything about this to geet geet exected him to say but he is not maan is just creating distance betweent geet and hiom by not telling truth
rani1391 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
nice update maan is not doing right by not telling  naina matter to geet
abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
awessome update
loved it
divya22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
Its a lovely part... Happy to c ki maan loves his F*Ly sooo much...
Bt he should share his problems with geet... Idiot he is..grrr...
N what did maan do ki naina wants to tk revenge ??? I think she loved him n den when he met geet he left her
Lets c aage kya hoga...

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nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
wonder y maan is so unwilling 2 share his probs wid geet despite lovin her so much
so mu is bound 2 occur wid neithr willing 2 taalk..
waiting 2 know more
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
great update
--Fairy-- IF-Rockerz

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Awesome Update

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