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Fixing a Broken HEART !! pt 5 pg 60 (Page 18)

-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
waiting for next part mish...
update soon...

Madhuri53 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Where are you dear...missing from IF...
Waiting for update
Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 6:24pm | IP Logged

Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 6:25pm | IP Logged

                 Part 2

aftr a while...

geet, "maan.."

maan smiled kissing her cheeks, " hmm.."

geet smiled as he turned her around, bringing her back to his arms..she looked at him, "umm..wo..i was thinking of joining office.."


maan stopped dancing n looked at her...

geet cleared her throat, "i mean..its komal..she is thinking of joining office and she was asking me d same.."

maan smiled n started to dance again, "its ur choice geet, if u want to join..but if u ask me den u know what i want...(carrasing his nose on her pink cheek)...i want my geet all for myself n our doll.."

geet smiled n rested her head on his chest, "doll is mostly wid u in office..i get bored..."

maan twirled her round as he danced litle more passionately dis time, dere was a authority in his voice, "geet think over it...its mostly 1-2 more years till doll cum to office...den her nursery n all vil strt...u vil be smashed.."

geet nodded her head understandingly..anyway d authority in maan's voice itself was clear confimation dat maan was really into dis...moreover she much he hated dose filthy looks on her by other men...she sighed n hugged maan closer to her...

dey were lost in deir dance, when maan's cell started to ring...

maan irritatedly broke out of d dance n received d call but soon his expression turned from irritation to shock and den he snapped off d call

geet looked at him confused, "kya huva..aap pareshan kyu ho gaye.."

maan sighed, "its nothing..i vil be back.."

wid dat he left to meet adi and soon dey had to leave to office...

geet had no clue wat happened to dem all of a sudden..but she was sure even komal would be knowing nothing of it so she didn't bother asking...d party soon came to an end and geet n maaneeta left to deir house...

geet patted maaneeta to sleep but herself remained restless n worried for maan...

why he looked stressed..?? angry ??.. office me koi problem..but maan can handle it wid absolute ease den why he looked so angry..oughh...

not able to hold back, she instantly called maan...

maan picked up aftr few rings, "jaan..i vil talk to u later..." wid dat he cut d call...and geet remained confused n worried...

knowing it vil take atleast an hr for maan to cum back, she started reading random magazines..

hours passed but dere was no sign of maan...

it was 1 in d night and worried geet again called him...

"maan where r u..."

"geet..stop being presistant..when i said im held up..den i mean it.." snapped maan n cut d call..

geet was left hurt by d sudden outburst...did she do sumthing wrong...she called him bcoz she was worried for he dat busy dat a single call or his single caring word would damage sumthng..

a tear formed in her eyes wid his rudeness...what is it wid maan she can never understand..sumtimes he behaves like she is his soul..n sumtimes he just snaps away every string of emotion dat connects dem together..

she wiped her tears n layed beside her baby...unknown to herself, she soon drifted to sleep..

it was almost 4 when maan returned...he straight away walked in doll's room knowing his baby n his wify both vil be dere..he was already feeling guilty..he shouldn't hav snapped at her..he knew she was worried for him but he was in d mid of meeting and her calling again n again...he knew, she vil be upset about his getting angry..but he himself was in bad mood n she was being constistant...anyhow he had to make up to his mishty..

sighed, he sat beside his both angels n kissed dem 1 by 1...he picked geet up in his arms n took her to deir room..
geet woke up wid his touch...maan looked at her wid sorry face while geet showed no emotion n her eyes remained blank...

"apne kuchh khaya office me ?"

maan put sighed, "im sorry mishty.."

"aapne kuchh khaya.." she asked again, ignoring his sorry word completely..

maan nodded in no..geet instanly stood up from d bed n walked into to kitchen followed by maan..she warmed food for him while maan hugged her from back n kissed her neck..geet remained motionless n unaffected..

"i was held up.."

silently, geet served him d plate along wid a glass of water n walked off to bedroom...

maan felt rejected wid her leaving him like dat ,  is she dat angry ?.. but den her reaction was reasonable, he sighed n finished d food...

when he walked into room, geet was fast asleep..or atleast she acted good..maan sighed n hugged her into sleep..geet didn't hug him back or reacted to his touch..

he didn't like dat, even in her sleep she would crawl into his embrace or react to his touch..

wats wong wid her...and den d though dreaded him..he hav alwz hated her no reacting nature..he hates it when she behaves coldly to him...he can never accept her being indifferent n strange to him...


geet opened her eyes, "kahiye.."

maan pulled her closer and snaked his hands around her waist, "i know u r upset.." ,d sorry word was printed on his face..

geet mechanically answered, "im not..its ok.."

maan sighed n pecked her lips, hugging her close, "geet plzz react..u know i hate ur cold behaviour.."

geet closed her eyes, "its very late..go to sleep.."

maan looked at her in frustration n climbed on top of her, pinning her hands on either sides...

"geet..fight wid me ur anger.."

geet slowly opened her eyes, "maan im really tired..plzz.."

maan was hating her cold behaviour..he could never stand her coldness..he loved it when she reacts to his his love...even to his anger..he want her to fight wid him when she is angry..not like dis..being stranger to him..he hated dis feeling when she would behave indifferent...

benting down, maan smacked his lips on hers as he kissed her ferociously..sucking her lower lip harshly n biting onto it..geet closed her eyes in pain...why she cnt deny him..why she cnt stop him..why she is so vulnerable to him...

maan kissed her aggressively yet passionately wanting her to kiss him back...wanting her to react to his touch..he carelessly thupped his heavy body on her delicate one as his kiss deepened despretaly wid immense pleasure...

geet couldn't hold back herself..she love him so much..dat it becum impossible for her to deny him..

her fingers mingled into his as she kissed him back...

maan smiled into her mouth as he now started to kiss her passionately driving her creazy...

her heart seems to betray her own self when it cums to even though it stays inside her..but it belongs to backfires her when it cums to maan..tears rolled out from geet's eyes, maan kissed dem away repeatedly..drinking it...he much she loves him and how much she feels bad when he hurts her..he hated himself for hurting he whispered against her lips, "so sorry mishty..plzz.."

geet hugged him tight wid dat as she started to react to him d way he wanted...dat dorve him wild...his hands desperately roamed around her..hating dat cloth dat was touching her..he hated how dat cloth dared to touch his geet...his fist tightened at d neck of dress as he practically toared it off from in d mid..throwing it away...

geet felt sudden coldness around her skin and she knew..she was bare...she took a deep breath as her demanding maan came back crush her lips was her maan...he had never let any nightdress touch her for much time..he hated dem n he tored dem every night...his lips soon found her bare skin as he licked n chewed into her throat while his hand ran to her back and snaked it creazily, giving in to her love, she crushed her nails into his back to pull him could he tell her how much he love her..hwo could he tell her how much possessive her is on her..he hated her working in office as he sinply cnt handle any lustfull eye on her..she is his geet and no1 dares to eye or touc even her damn cloths...wrapped in his authority over her, his hands crawled on her curves and he grabbed dem into his palms...gentle n soothing massaging soon turned into urgent n passionate as he crushed dem creazily..driving her to edge of insanity...

"maan.." geet moaned as his palms became demanding n aggressive over her delicate curves...

he forced his one thigh between her legs and geet groaned in desperation at his manly touch on her feminity...

he just couldn't stop being aggressive..wats in his wife dat drives him beyond insanity...damn he hav claimed her countless time still her single touch makes him insanely desperateto crush her into him...

his tongue rolled on her collar bone..licking d skin of as his hands tored d barrier dat was holding d curves...geet felt sudden relaxation around her body but soon her relxation turned into a pleasurable moan as she felt his tongue touching d hard aftr another

she felt heaven once again, but soon d touch disppeared, she opened her eyes only to find maan staring at her curves like he was watching dem for d 1st time..

geet brushed her hands through his hairs and shuttered when his fingers touched d hard bud...he stroked was already dry n was on d erge of busting ..she needed his mouth to dat other dan his hand...

she arched in pleasure when maan took d nipples between his thumb n index fingers...

"maan.." she moaned but it soon turned into cream "ouchh maan.." as maan pinched nipples making her cry in pleasure...

he was insane when it came to her..he would do things dat would drive her insane..but den she was his..and he never learned to stop himself anywhere untill he wanted...

maan piched b both nipple passionately while geet arched her back in moans n screams...wanting to stop him badly...

her hands went over his hands wanting him to sooth it..but he continued to pinch den harshly..driving both of dem creazy...

he once again came to her lips as he teethed her lower lips, "say it dat u vil never be cold towrds me.." all d while rubbing her nipples insanely wid his thumbs, "aah maan.."

maan was as desprate as her, he groaned, "say it matter wat..u vil never shut on me..."

"maan.." geet was going creazy wid his lips dat were biting her own, his hands dat were crushing her curves and his thigh dat was rubbing over her feminity..she was once again at his mercy like alwz...

maan bite her earlobe, "i hate it when u dnt react to me..i cnt bear it geet..." as he said it..he rubbed d nipples even passionately making her cry in pleasure..

geet took a deep moan, "i love u maan..."

d moemnt maan heard it, his mouth instanly bent down as he took her nipples into his mouth...sucking..licking..biting..playing wid d tip of his tongue while d other nipple remained mercyless in his palm...he loved her curves more dan anything else..he loved sucking n biting dem..making her feel orgasm...

he relished her curve wid his own sweet finally moving to other 1 and his hand once again went to her sowlen curves..massaging it...god she would go creazy..wat he finds in her sfoteness..she could never understand..he goes creazy in dem...every night..every time dey do it..he dnt seem to leave her curves...

he was panting badly wid consistant licking n sucking while geet was on d verge of going creazy wid his insane touch...she wanted him den n dere...

"maan me.." geet moaned in desperation...

maan moved down to kiss n lick her tummy n belly button while his hands dnt seem to leave her already red n swolen curves...

"umm.." maan mumbled...hardly remembering wat she just said...

kissing his way back, he once again riched her lips n next she heard a tear as d last barrier was reaped apart n maan entered her wid a deep thrust and she hissed wid a deep n high breath...

maan loved her creazily passionately aggressively like she was d core of his existance..she indeed was..both moaned wid a incredible feeling as d climax hit dem n maan thupped himself in geet's embrace...

"its hurts when u snap away ruthlessly.." geet breathed against his lips, laying into his arms...

maan kissed her forehead asking for forgiveness, "i love u.."

geet smiled as she rested her face into his neck n both soon drifted to sleep...


days went fine until 1 aftrnoon maan was in his cabin when he got d news dat d model shweta, dey hav been thinking to be d next face of KS companies, has suddenly signed d contract wid a new company named Kapoor agencies...

maan's anger seemed no bound, deir company wid no doubt is d biggiest name in 2days fashion industry, den how cum dat model refused at d last moment, dey already had sum meeting wid shweta regarding d contract and her interest over it and she seemed more dan willing, den wat suddenly happened dat she took off her way...

and who is dis new company..kapoor agencies...dis was definitely a new name and he had no clue about it till d day...

adi dashed into his cabin, "i dnt believe dis..dat dare she back off on d last moment..."

maan walked over d window in frustration, "who owns kapoor agencies ??.."

adi sighed, "even i never heard dis name b4, its a new agency and i hav collcted sum information..hav a look.." he handed a file to maan..

maan went through d file carefully and his eyes went motionless at a sudden line...

adi kind of read his expression, "wat happened maan..."

maan snapped out of his thoughts, "um 1 thing..inform tasha to arrange board meeting soon as possible..dis model things can affect our shares in market.."

adi nodded, "exactly, dats what im scared off, u go through d file..n let me know..."

maan nodded and adi walked off...

uncertain, maan walked towrds his chairs and went through file again..

and den mumbled, " Naina Kapoor "


Maaneeta sat on d sofa...

ok wid a pouting face

geet rolled her eyes and went to sit beside her, "baby plz.."

maaneeta again made face n went to another sofa n gete just followed...

"doll..papa vil be busy beta..."

maaneeta looked at her baffled, "mumma its DADDA.."

geet shook her head, "ok ok..ur dadda vil be busy na..roz roz office jana..not good habit.."

maaneeta made o-shaped face, "dadda bhi roz office jate hai..aap to unko kuchh nahi bolti.."

geet smiled n took baby in her lap, "sweetheart, dadda wahan pe kaam karte hai na.."

maaneeta instantly stood on d sofa in front of geet, " huh !! any chance u saying dat i dnt work in office.."

she was such a sweetheart..geet pulled her cheeks, "aap wahan pe kya kaam karte ho.."

maaneeta answered rather seriously, "dnt ask mumma..i get so busy..i keep a watch on d staff.."

geet looked at her daughter litle surprised..she just dnt look like a kid..a dicto copy of maan..

"how about, pehle doll vil hav her lunch and den baby n mumma vil play video-game.."

baby for a min looked at geet n gave it a thought while geet waited hopefully...

baby made face, "no mumma..aap humesha haar jate ho..dadda ke sath thoda comptition to hoti hai..i want to go office..dats it.."

geet became litle stirn now, "baby, i said na u r not going.."

d sudden strin voice made baby fear as d tears rolled down from her beautyfull small hazels n geet closed her eyes in guilt...

geet tried to pull her closer, "sorry baby, stop crying now.."

baby pulled away, "u shouted at me..u r bad bad bad..i want dadda.."

she ran n called maan instantly from landline...


maan was lost motionless when d ring of his cell brought him back to his senses...


baby made cry face, "dadda.."

her sniffling alarmed maan instantly, "doll what happen beta..r u crying.."

baby started to cry, "mumma shouted..mumma bad.."

maan smiled, "jaan, mumma is not bad, give phone to mumma..i vil scold mumma.."

baby handed phone to geet all d while not at all looking at her..

geet sighed, "hello.."

maan , "kya huva, why u sound so low.."

geet made worried face, "isne abhi tak lunch bhi nahi kiya hai..sirf office aane ki zidd kar rahi hai..aapne lunch kiya.."

maan made baby face , "bas 5 min me kha lunga.."

geet rolled her eyes, "aap aur aapki kiska kiska khayal rakhu..dono ke dono ek jaise ho.."

maan smiled, "i love u.."

geet smiled weakly n den fullheartedly, "aap khana kha isse khila dungi.."

maan, "tumne khaya ?"

geet smiled, "isse khilaye kaise kha sakti hun..."

maan smiled, "to fir khana lekar jaldi se office aao..3no sath hi khayenge.."

geet thought for a min and den agreed..

baby looked at geet curiously from d corner of her eyes..

geet smiled n kissed her cheek, "chaloo..wear shoes.."

dats was it 

maaneeta threw her arms around geet's neck excitedly, making geet laugh...


maan closed his eyes in frustration, as d name "Naina kapoor" kept ringing in his mind...

he knew, why he called geet to office to sudden..he needed her d very moment..

d door snapped open and maan almost ran towrds d door as he took her in a bone crushing hug...




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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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up[date maan don't want geet to work because he can't bear anyone seeing his wife maan tensed snaps at geet geet cold behaviour maan can't bear her cold behaviour finally both became one again naina kapoor is the reason of tension kuch to hailove geet maneeta scene

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simply amazing
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Supebbb mish Smile So geet will nt be working in office.. Maaneeta is so damn adorable.. Nw who'z dis Naina Kapoor? Seems like She'z the reason behind separation.. Angry thx 4 such a long update.. Enjoying it completely.. Tk cr Heart
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awesome update
loved it

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