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FF: Love You Chptr 7, pg4 updated (Page 3)

Madhura2105 IF-Rockerz

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                                             CHAPTER NO 4
 Rashi dikra, is everything reday?? koki asked her, while entering the kitchen jii maa, all is ready, just the way you told me do
said rashi, smilingly at her MIL. Koki asked rashi to change and also to see whether jigar was reday or not, with rashi dimisses to her room.
 Rashi had changed and came out of teh washroom, Jigar was busy working on his laptop, but had already glanced at her from the corner of his eye. She was standing in front of the mirror, when Jigar comes and hugs her from behind and says someone is looking too good today to which rashi blushes a little and says thank you, jigar looks at her and says why are you thanking me?? because you said am looking good today still blushing. Jigar laughs and says you thought that compliment was for you?? rashi shockingly says yes, ofcourse no sweetheart the compliment was for Mr. jigar Modi. Hearing this Rashi pushes him away and gives an angry look, she gets dressed and was about to leave the room Rashi, wait a minute calls JIgar from behind and she stops, but pretends to be angry on him. Jigar walks towards her and makes her turn, and kisses her on her cheek and says now you look good Mrs. Rashi Modi to this rashi blushes and rushes out of the room.
  Rashi, koki and Jigar were sitting in the hall waiting for her friends family to arrive.  Jigar says
maa bhai and papa haven't come from the office yet, to which koki says jigar please call and ask where they have reached?? Jigar calls ahem and enquires about there whereabout and informs koki that they will be reaching in an hour or so.
  Rashi asks her MIL
when and how did you meet madhavi aunty?? i haven't heard you talking about her till the day we met in the mandir. Me and madhavi are childhood friends, we were almost inseperable till we got married. She married sunilji and shifted to london, after that even i got busy with my life here and we lost touch completely. Last i heard from our common friend that her younger son Rohit had expired said koki. Rashi smiled at her answer.
  The door bell rang and Rishi ran to open the door saying
i will open the door. Be careful, you'l hurt yourself said rashi warning her son, both koki and rashi too get up and go to see who it was and were pleased to see Madhavi and her family and welcomed them in.
  Rishi and aman were shocked to see each other and shouted each other's name in excitement, to which dhurvika asked how do you'l know each other??
before Rishi could answer aman said mumma rishi is my best friend and my teacher knows it, so she has put him in my class and we sit, eat and play together aman said flaunting his intelligence, to which everyone laughed. The Shahs and Modis got along everywell with each other, they became like an extended family in no time. Rashi and Dhurvika too got along very well with each other. Rishi and Aman were at their best when it came to playing, they were running all the place.
  Meanwhile, Ahem and his dad Parag returned from the meeting and joined the others and greeted their guests. Parag and Sunil had been meeting for official work only in the conferences, this was their first time when they got to know each other personally and got along very well. Seeing his buddy home, rishi ran upto him and dragged him to meet his best friend aman. When aman saw ahem, he remembered the temple incident and said
hey you, why did you tell choti that i was hidding behind the car?? to which ahem says aman, its not right to trouble people whom you love dearly and smiled at him, you know, my choti maa also says the same thing he extends his hand and asks ahem will you be my friend?? ahem happily shakes hand with aman and says friends. Ahem asks him your choti maa hasn't come?? no her head was paining aman said sadly and hearing this ahem just smiled. By then rashi calls everyone for dinner, the so called extended Shah & Modi family were having a gala time, especially the Shah's because since Rohit's death they had never had such a lovely time together. But, ahem was only phhysically present with them, but mentally was occupied with gopi's sentence.
  Post the dinner, Dhurvika hepled Rashi with the kitchen clean up. Rashi asks
your SIL Gopi, why she didnt come, with you'l?? dhurvika sighs and says ammm.. actually her head was paining so preferd resting at home. Rashi smiles at her answer. Dhurvika silently says stop punishing yourself gopi, wish you were here, it would have been for you. After clean up and ice cream eating, the Modis escort the Shahs tii their car and bid them a bye.
                                     CHAPTER NO 5
  Ahem, in his room thinking about the changed Gopi, he met today. He kept thinking about the reasons why Gopi and Rohit' marital relation had gone kaput. He thought of almost everything like infiedilty, desertion, divorce and such reasons but he could never in his wildest dream think about gopi beign a widow!! He went to his cupboard and removed the pic he and gopi had taken during their college day.
  He compared the Gopi, of their college days to the Gopi, he had met today. The past images of Gopi in the college days started crossing his mind, Gopi then was always smiling, spreading cheer around, bubbly, talkative. Whislt doing this a tear rolled down his cheek and he remembered the days he spent with her in the college. He looked down at the picture he was holding and lovingly carassed her photo with his thumb and smiled sadly. The Gopi, he had met today on the contrary was smiling, it dindn't reach her eyes, the twinkle in her eyes was lost somewhere and they looked lonely, the talking was limited, rather she had become a person with few words and was hesistant.
  Seein gthis new Gopi, broke Ahem's heart into billions of peices. He was determined to know about Gopi's post her marriage, so he immediately got hold of his laptop and sent a message to their common friend of college dyas Vidhi Verma. The message he sent her read as
Hey Vidhi. Please contact me asap, an urgent work
 and leaves his contact number.

Let me know your views guys!!!!
Thank You for reading it, your appreciation tooSmile
if any criticisms do go ahead and let me know them..!!!

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it...plz continue your good workSmile
llSerenityll IF-Rockerz

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Beautifully written !! ClapLiking how the story is going so far. Continue soon please.Smile
-Arnisha- IF-Stunnerz

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lovely plz continue...
Madhura2105 IF-Rockerz

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                                               CHAPTER 6
  The next day, there was an important meeting in the MOdi Industries, so the Modi brothers along with their father were busy. The meeting continued till late in the afternoon, they finally got the deal and were exhausted so they decided to call off for the day. Meanwhile, Vidhi had tried calling ahem, since the she had read his text on fb, but failed, so she left a message for saying Ahem, vidhi here tried calling you, but not getting you through. contact me asap. On reading this he immediately called her up and fixed a meet in the evening, in a cafe. Their journey from office to home, ahem was all pre-occupied with anticipation about meeting of vidhi and knowing about gopi's marital life, jigar had observed this, but thought of asking his brother about it later.
  The afternoon went passed like years for and finally Vidhi and ahem met at the decided place. They initially caught up with each other's personal and professional life and finally Ahem said this sunday i accidentally met gopi at the kahanaji's temple, hearing about gopi vidhi smiled sadly looking at ahem. After, the silence ahem told her about the statement gopi had made to him regarding rohit and he requested her to tell him about her marital life. vidhi, sees the eagerness in him to know about gopi and starts saying the story goes back to those days, when you had been to london for your further studies after our graduation results...
  Hello vidhi said gopi. what happened gopi, you called this time is everything fine?? are you fine?? enquired vidhi. yes vidhi, i am but have to tell you something said gopi, yeahh.. go ahead am listening to you.. what is it?? questioned vidhi. am getting married rohit, the next month said gopi excitedly. what!! you said a yes gopi?? vidhi asked shockingly. yes i did, see he's my dad's afther and we have family realtion with them so i said a yes was gopi's answer congratulations said vidhi, thank you was an immediate answer from gopi. Later, the two frinds carried on with their talking. do know where ahem has been these days?? since our farewell night am trying to get in touch with him, he seems to be nowhere. he's not answering any messages in fb and tried calling him up several times, but his phone isnt available. do you know where he is?? said gopi. Hearing about ahem, vidhi becomes a little sad, because she knows the reason why ahem wasn't beign in touch with gopi and barely manages to say i have no idea, gopi finds this abit strange, but before she could question any further vidhi hungs the phone off saying gopi, i have some work to do, will call you later and talk to you.. bye.. tc... bye comes the response from gopi.
  Days pass by with arranging things for gopi's wedding. Gopi was all excited wabiut her marriage, she was enjoying every little moment of her marriage. finally, the day came gopi ot married to rohit. She had now become Mrs. Gopi Rohit Shah and was loving it and was also enjoying her marital bliss, her marital life was too vrey perfect, she had evrything a girl would want her in-laws to be, most importantly Gopi and rohit were madly in love with each other. After about a years marital courship with rohi, gopi was pregnant with their first baby and the Shahs had got a big deal as result of which their bussiness was flourishing.
  Due to her pregnancy, gopi had the urge of having some ice-cream, so she and rohit had been out for a long drive and enjoyed themselves over an ice-cream treat. Their long drive made them reach the outskirts of the city, while returning back, their car had a breakdown. Gopi was a little scared as the area where their car had stopped was a very desrted place and she said holding rohit's hand rohit this area is so scary.. i mean i cant find anyone who can help us out of this mess rohit smiles at her dearly and says main hoon naa(am there) gopi smiles at his answer and says filmy, they both smilingly look in each others eye an rohit says look am checking out, the bonnet of the car, you stay inside and dont com out ok an he removes the seat belt and was about to open the car door, when suddenly a speeding trucks from behnd and dashes into their car and drags a for a few metres, until the car bangs itself to the singal pole, both rohit and gopi were injured but they were concious trying to make efforts to come out of their car, while their efforts were going on, another speeding truck and dashed into gopi and rohit's car, dragging them along with the truck, the car came to hault when it was dashed against a tree. Gopi, was out of the car by breaking the windshield in the pool of blood and the driver side door was open rohit half lying out of the car in the pool off blood.
  Both were admitted to the hospital, both were in critical condition. Gopi, had lost her baby and had lost immense blood too, she was beign operated in the OT. Her operation was a success, but wasn't responding well to the medicines. On the other side, rohit had got multiple injuries and had internal bleeding, he also had injuries on his head which to an extent had damaged his brain too. While being operated, he breathed his last. Gopi too here was on the verge of dying, but gradually responded well to the medicines and was out of danger. The doctors had warned the shah's not to tell gopi anything that was shocking. so the shahs without informing goi about rohit's death carried out with his last rituals.
  Days passed gopi was shifted to the general ward, but she kept enquring about rohit and his health, but the shah's gave her vague answers. It was on day when gopi heard rahul talking to his father dad how long are we going to hide from gopi bhabhi about bhai, she was his wife and has every right to know about rohit bhai's before he could finish saying anything gopi asked what happened to rohit, rahul bhai.. what were you telling papa?? rohit, is ok naa??? say somethign bhai.. please say something... she kept pleading both the son and father. After awhile they told her about rohit's death, she was in rude shock, for a few days she upset with her family for not informing about rohit's death to her, but gradually forgave them.
Vidhi sighs and continues gopi, took alot of time to overcome the grief and in this process, she completly lost herself. She blames herself for being the culprit, she believs that if she wouldnt have insisted on having ice-cream and long drive that day, then today rohit would have been here with us, their child would have been a year old or so. She feels that, it was because of her that the Shahs lost their son and looks at ahem, by now his eyes were red with tears rolling down his cheek, he sat silent absorbing gopi's pain and grief. Vidhi broke the silence and said what are you going to do ahem?? he unconfidently said i dont know but pauses, with determination says i cant see gopi like this, to this vidhi asks him you still love her dont you?? to her question he just smiles fadely and vidhi gets her answer.
  Vidhi was about to leave, when ahem says i want to meet her, but she raely meets anyone ahem vidhi said and your the rare you, whom she would meet, right vidhi?? ahem said,, to which she just nods a yes. Ahem, gopi daily goes to the kahanjis temple, the same on where you met her said vidhi, thanks was the immediate answer from ahem. but, what are you going to do?? she asked him i dont know, but i cannot see this gopi, i want the old gopi back he says with a little smile am with you saying this both part ways to their respective works.

Let me know your views... :)

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FlowerHater IF-Rockerz

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loved it !!!!!
Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it...plzzz update soon...want to see Ahem initiating the romanceSmile
Nadiine_ Goldie

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Amazing Very nice

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