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Arshi FF: THE VALLEY OF LOVE- update at page 76 (Page 66)

phillips_2909 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 8:35am | IP Logged
so sweet...

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NIDHI1414 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2013 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
ConVoo Btwn Rahul and Arnav is awsme...
Thanks Fr PMClapClapClap

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NIDHI1414 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 1:06pm | IP Logged

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am_pikkili Groupbie

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Posted: 18 July 2013 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Big smileTongue

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arhi.sarun Senior Member

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Posted: 26 July 2013 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
oopss... seems like the besties will fight over khushi
deeps is funny n as always a tym bomb ready to blast any moment LOL
cont. soon plzz

and do pm me plzzz

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged
 A very big " SORRY" for such a late update...
i was busy with my studies thus i couldn't make it with two ff..

Chapter 25

 That laughter was actually like a magical spell that removed all hates from hearts. Yes her laughter made everyone look at her and like a spell all began to laugh.

To break their laughter her phone began to ring. She took her phone.


                Ya.. ok.. We are on the way back..

               Will be there within minutes..

                Ya Ofcourse..

                Bye.. bye.. bye .."

After disconnecting the call she turned towards deeps and said.

Khushi-"Deeps..  Dad call me back soon.. There is some emergency..  So we have to move now.. Shall we?"

Deeps-"OMG! (Jumping up with a serious face) Uncle called.. Then what are you waiting for birdy.. Move.. (Making their way towards the car) move fast birdy..(Pulling Khushi along) Otherwise he will screw me for sure.. (Making some funny actions)"

Khushi laughed at her antics and both moved towards their car while leaving two expecting faces behind. Before leaving in their car deeps turned and give a warning action with her hands and an angry glare towards Arnav and Rahul.

Rahul saw it and gulped while Arnav's full concentration was on Khushi who was pulling deeps inside with all her might's.  Only after their car flew off Rahul breathe normal.

Rahul-"oh my.. (shooking his head with all his might) What a girl yaar..! Oh.. (Thinking about deeps)"

But before he could complete his sentence, Arnav who was still in the dreamland of Khushi or in his words thoughts of that sweet beautiful birdy, replayed to him with that aspect while a smile playing on his face.

Arnav-"yeah.. (smiling)What a girl.. she is.. she is..( in thoughts of Khushi)"

Rahul-"PHULAMDEVI hai wo!(with all anger towards deeps)"

Arnav-"WHAT?(shocked after hearing Rahul)"

Arnav turned towards his friend when he heard that and amazed to see his expression.

Rahul-"What WHAT??(raising his eyebrow with serious expression) what are you looking at??(turning and pointing towards the direction where the girls gone) Is she a girl?? (unbelievable expression) She is Phulamdevi yaar .. phulamdevi.. "

Noting getting whom Rahul is describing, Arnav stood there with a "are you serious" expression.

Arnav-"Rahul.. are you mad?(try to make sense to his friend ) She is so sweet and.. you are saying like this..(referring Khushi) she.."

Now it's time for Rahul to be in shock.

Rahul-"WHAT??(screamed with his shock)"              

Arnav-"what what??"

Rahul-"are you out of your mind??(shocked) you are saying that she (pointing their direction)  she is SWEET?? SHE and SWEET?? (thinking about Deeps) Oh my.. how could you even think like that??"

Arnav-"Rahul.. what is up with you man??(didn't getting his friend's point) it's you who think all non-sense about her and you are accusing me and my thought?? What wrong Rahul??"

Rahul-"Arnav??(shocked )"

Rahul was really shocked with his friends revealing. His looked towards Arnav without blinking his eyelids for some time to get into the correct situation.

Rahul-"Arnav.. (full of drama mood)So you are saying that  I am wrong?(making a sad face) Right?? Ok my friend..(dramatically) I agree.. I agree that I am wrong.. (making hurt expression in dramatically) she is sweet.. absolutely sweet.. but my friend I am really proud of you dear.. (while patting Arnav's shoulder) I am really proud of you.."

All this while listening to his friend Arnav stood there with a hanging mouth.

Arnav-"Rahul.. I "

Before he could open his mouth Rahul completed.

Rahul-"  No.. (not allowing him to speak) Arnie not a word dear..(giving him a dramatic emotional expression) I am so proud of you my friend (hugging him) I am really proud to have you as my friend.. (breaking hug and turning) you are supporting her.. (with a proud expression) her.. (with  pointing) the girl who continuously shouted on your face in public.. (with hands up) you are great Arnie.."

Arnav was hell shocked with the realization that Rahul was not referring the girl he meant to be. So he decided to clear this misunderstanding of his friend.

Arnav-" erm.. Rahul.. whom are you describing to??(try to voice out his doubt)"

Rahul-"whom else? That angry brat.. (irritated while thinking about her) who always ready to spilt fire from her mouth.. oh! sorry your sweet ..(turning towards Arnav) what was her name..(thinking) ah.. deeps.. yeah.. (giving a irritated smile) your sweet deeps.."

Arnav-" Rahul.. but.. I was not.."

Rahul-"what .. what you are not?? (full mood to fight) You supported her there and now too.. (referring supporting deeps before) I didn't say anything then but now.. ( showing an anger face) you made me look like a fool in front of that girl .."

Arnav-"Rahul.. actually I .."

Rahul was not ready to listen Arnav at all.

Rahul-"oh stop it yaar.. (irritated tone) your sorry is not going to work now.. "

Arnav was trying to clear his misassumption about the girl he was referring, but listening these words of Rahul made Arnav confuse thus without thinking much he blurred out.

Arnav-" (in confused tone) But when did I mention about sorry??"

Rahul-" oh !(surprised with Arnav's statement) so now you saying that (with a funny expression and in a dramatic way) you are not even sorry to me..(looking sad) how pathetic.."

Arnav-"no.. no..(fastly) Rahul.. not like that..(trying to be make sense in Rahul) I was sorry.. I "

Rahul-"you was sorry?? Arnav.. you have to be sorry now.. not some days back.."

Arnav-"oho.. Rahul ..  just listen to me na??"

Rahul-"what is left now to listen..(in dramatic way like heroines in movies) you already mentioned everything na??(hurt expression) that  YOU (pointing Arnav)  who is MY ONLY.. (touching his heart) ONLY friend .. (irritated funny tone) supported that atom bomb.. (again back to sad tone) and you are not even sorry.. now what is left to break my broke piece of heart Arnie.. (fully filmy tone) tell me.. tell me.."

Arnav's mouth was hanging while hearing this. He stood there in a completely shock.

Arnav-"don't you think ye kuch zada horahai?? (it's little over)"

Rahul and Arnav looked each other for a second with Arnav's last statement.


On the other hand in car

Khushi in phone

Khushi-"  mom!

                  You finished..??

                  Ok.. We are on the way..

                   You just wait there..

                   We are reaching there in a minute.. Ok.. See you                               then.."

After disconnecting the phone she instructed the driver to pick her mother on their way; and within minutes they reached where Radhika was standing. Khushi at once get out of the car and moved towards her mother.

Khushi-"mom.. (apological enquiring)did you had to wait for long??"

Radhika-"no dear..(loving way) you are always at correct time..(pulling her toward the door of their car) come let's move.. papa has called me twice.."

Khushi-"really.!(laughing) He called me too.."

Radhika-"Hehe ye bhi na..(laughing) "

They got in the car and car started moving, that's when Radhika notice an irritated Deeps sitting in the front.

Radhika-"Arre.. Deeps.. what happened??why are you so slient??"

Deeps just pass a look towards Khushi and Radhika. Radhika got surprised by that behavior of her and sensed something bad happened.

Radhika- " oho.. don't look at me like that dear.. I am sacred..(acting scared and started laughing) gudiya..(turned towards Khushi) anything serious happened??"

Khushi-"(laughed with her mom ) No mom nothing.."

Deeps got irritated while her Khushi so she at once broke her silence.

Deeps-"No mom nothing.. (mimicking Khushi in funny irritated way) what birdy.. is this nothing to you??( showing the coffee stain in her top) see Radhamaa.. this  much happened with me and your daughter is saying nothing happened?? Is she blind??"

Both Radhika and Khushi laughed at her complaint.

Deeps-" you guys think it funny right..(showing some anger) that stupid idiot.."


Deeps-"Mr. Destroyer.."

Radhika-"what?? Who?? (confused) Is that a name??"

Khushi-" Mr. destroyer-of-her-dress-ever..( laughing) that what she called him.."

Radhika-"what??(didn't getting anything)called whom??"

Deeps-"then what else should I call him.. (towards Khushi) Mr. destroyer-ever.. Whenever I met him.. (irritated plus anger tone)Its sure that something bad is gonna happen with me."

Khushi-"but you just met him twice only.. (stating the fact tone) how can you accuse him like that??"


Deeps-"yeah..why not?(serious tone) In this past two meeting I have lost my two new dresses.. "

Khushi and deeps were talking like this forgetting all the rest. Our poor Radhika was getting nothing from them so she decided to interrupt and get a clear picture.

Radhika-"stop.. stop..  Khushi and Deeps.. you guys are hiding something from me.."

Khushi-"what.. no mom nothing like that ! "

Deeps-"Radhamaa..Its .."

Radhika-"oh Radhamaa it's nothing like that??(mimicking deeps) Not a word like that ok?? (very seriously) Now speak up both.. what are you guys talking into.. I really didn't get anything.. so begin from the start .. come on.."

Both looked each other and explained each and everything to Radhika. After hearing everything Radhika started laughing.

Radhika-"deeps.. Haha.. My child.. (laughing)Why always you got into such situations?? Haha"

Deeps-"Radhamaa.. (making a silly face) it's not me actually.. it's your daughter.."

Khushi-"what me?"

Radhika-"gudiya??"(confused at her accusing)

Deeps-"yeah.. your lovely gudiya.. she made me land up in these situations.."

Khushi-"what? Me..(confused) .. how?? what did i do??"

Deeps-" how?? You are asking how birdy ??(making a funny face towards Khushi) Let me remind you..(turning towards Radhika) see Radhamaa.. if it's not for your daughter I won't lost my two new dresses.."

Both Khushi and Radhika looked at with all their confusion written face.

Deeps-" she is the one who want to help him from that mud.. (looking at Radhika) and she the one who called me some lazo.. lazo.. oho what was that??"

Khushi-"lazomania..(simply stating without thinking )"

Deeps-"Yeah right lazomania.. and made me walk though that street.. and end up in these situations.. so who is responsible?? Tell me.."

Radhika at once started laughing hearing her. Khushi was shocked at her accusation looked at her.


Radhika-"Hehe.. sorry.. sorry.. (controlling her laughter) but.. gudiya..(try to tease her) I think deeps is right??"

Khushi-"mom .. you too.."

Thus they all started laughing and enjoying the moment in the car.


Back to Arnav and Rahul

Rahul-"is that so?(funny confused face)"

Arnav-"yeah.. absolutely.. (serious tone) I was trying to say that I am not supporting her.."

Rahul-"oh.. (thinking) then.. whom were you supporting??"



Arnav-"oho Rahul.. I was not at all saying anything.. (really serious tone)anything about that chatter box.."

Rahul-"Then..(with serious funny expression) whom you referred as sweet??"


Rahul-"what?? Are you going to say or not??"

Arnav-"did you only see her?? No one else??"

Rahul open his mouth and close like golden fish with the realization.


so how was it???Wink

like it or not??? Emoticon

 if there is any mistake pls excuse meOuch

Emoticonplz comment and give your valuable opinion...Smile

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A_Nova_Vida Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2013 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Omg! Finally Mini u have  updated *sigh*
I'll come back and read and will definitely commentWink


Amazing update I loved itClap
Rahul and Deeps are crazy in good way
Poor Deeps I feel bad for her
Rahul plz at least give a chance to ur friend to explain. It was a funny situation.LOL
I liked Radha she seemed a very sweet personSmile

Update soon
 And plz I am requesting more Arhi pretty plzzzEmbarrassed

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