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shart : Rang Gaye Tere Rang Me chk note on 121 (Page 98)

kiran_rati IF-Rockerz

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waiting for the update
cont soon

Rang_ Goldie

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 shart : Rang Gaye Tere Rang Me part 21

she moans in the kiss as he pulled her more...he was sucking , licks ,biting , nibblling her lips and make their kiss ever so passionate

They Kiss each-other from kisses to Kiss ;) Wink

mere khwaabo ke iss gulistaan mein, tumse hi tum bahaar chhayi hai

phulo mein rang mere the lekin, iname khusbu tumhi se aaye hain

(kyun hai yeh aarjoo, kyun hai yeh justju

kyun dil bechain hai, kyun dil betaab hai)  



He took her in his arms and Geet encirculed her arm around his neck ..he  placed her softly on bed

Her hand was roming on his bare back
slowly he close the gap between them
and press his M shape lips on her petlee like lips ..., 
there was not a singal gap between them ..
she started rubbing his back like to tell him indirectly that she is all his ...,




Din Badle Raatein Badli Baatien Badli

Jeene Ke Andaaz Hi Badle Hain


In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein

Pakiza Se Riste Hain

Koi Kalma Mohabat Ka

Dohrate Farishte Hain


Nagmein Hi Nagmein Hai Jagti Soti Fizaon Mein

Husn Hai Sari Adaon Mein

Ishq Hai Jaise Hawaon Mein

Ishq Hai Jaise Hawaon Mein

after sometime he broke the kiss and kissed on her cheek coming down by kissing her neck , coller bone , soulder

Geet's each cell was wanted to be touch by Maan ..wanted to be Maan's ...wanted to be crush by Maan ...both was totally involved in each other..., they don't know where they are ...why they are ... what are they doing ...they were just happy being in each other's arm forgotting the damm world 
Good , bad , sociality etc etc they forgetting every-thing...!!

Here Geet was  rubbing his back gentally and unknowingly Maan's hand reached to her back and unclasp her top and started kissing her upper body fully

inn lamho ke daaman mein, pakija se riste hain

koyi kalma mohabbat ka dohrate farishtein hain

khaamosh si hai jamin, hairan sa phalak hai


between this Geet bit his ear-lobe  to control her moan

Geet's hand move to his jens line she slowly throws it to floor ... , He can see longing in her eyes ,

kaisa yeh ishq hai, kaisa yeh khwab hai

kaise jasbat ka umda sailaab hai

din badale raate badali, bate badali

jine ke andaaz hi badale hain


He kissed on her belly bottom and unclasp her jens in a swift moment...

Then he came on her chest and placed few small kisses there 
he sucked her both curve .., biting it in process .., she moan loudly in pleasure her one hand was busy massaging his back

Geet : Maann..

She moans and her heart beat was heavy 
she started to move his hand on her chest .., it was making Maan more vulnerable'
he started kissing her more hurriedly

She continuously moaning his name and digging her nail in his back., it was making him aggressive in his act

He removes her inners and she bit his earlobe to control her moan

Soon his clothes meet floor with her's

He started kissing her lips madly yet with full of passion ..,

Her soft chest pressed with his hard one   
She spoke in kiss : Maan

He found her wetness and she parted her legs
he thrust in her long but before she scream he took her lips with his..,


koyi saadhana koyi kam kisi raag mein

ke prem aag mein, jalte dono hi the

tan bhi hai mann bhi, mann bhi hai tan bhi

hmmm hmmm hmmm...


After 3-4 long thrust both hit the climax .., Tear rolled down from corner of her eyes

Maan licked it and kissed on her eyes and asked in concern

Maan : Geet are u okay ?

She gave him her best smile and said : I love u so much maan

He kissed on her forehead than pick her lips slowly

Maan: I love u more

Than he collapsing on her chest'., 
they made love full night and around 4 am both collapsing in each other's arm .,felling content both go to sleep

Maan has to open her eyes as sun ray hit on her eyes',  he saw the most beautiful sight.., his Geet was sleeping holding him like she used to sleep holding her teddy

He remember the night when both sleeped at her room.., a smile crept on his face

He kissed on her lips slowly

Geet open her eyes still feeling sleepy

Maan : it's morning sweetheart , get up

Geet hugged her hand and said : Maan I don't want to wake up plz let me sleep

Maan smiled at her childishness

Maan encircled his hand around her bare waist ., it was tickled her

She giggled

Geet : Maan leave me I am feeling ticklish

Maan : okay than get up we have to go home now and we have college also

Geet : okay maan we are going home but you are not coming with us

Maan : why is that so'??

Geet (irritatingly) : you are not perfectly fine that you can come with us and do any hard work alright ..??

Maan : geet mene isse bhi jyada hard work kal kia to lecture attend karna to bahot mamuli kaam hota he

Geet : isse bhi jyada kab..??

Maan (teasingly) : kal jo kia wo

He winked at her

She felt her intense gaze on her nude body., her cheek went red due to blush and here he only smirked at her

Geet hit on her soulder

Geet : Maan u are so '

Maan : what am i..??

Geet : tum na din bhar din bade hi besharm aur naughty hote ja rahe ho .,, tum na mere wo pehle vale champu nahi rahe ..,dust danav kahike

Maan : what did u said..?? dust danav ha..!!
Geet (in babyish voice ) : Ha dust danav

Maan : wah one more name for u Maan singh khurana 
pata nahi kitne aur naam ayenge tere ab ..??

Geet : now get up have to go'!!!
maan left a deep sigh and get up

Both wore their clothes and be ready

When geet was getting ready maan goes to find mechanic and than he repaired their car

Both drove off and reached to the bungalow.., they entered in the house but before they goes into their room they are being stopped by Uday

Uday (with straight voice) : where were u last night Geet'??

Geet : wo'Uday..woo

Uday's face was sawing anger

Maan : Uday woo..

Uday : Maan better u go to your room  

Maan : par meri baat to..

Uday (cutting in ) : I said go Maan

Geet pleaded Maan with her eyes .., Maan don't like it but can't resist Geet also', so he goes to his room angrily

Uday : Geettt , answer me !!

Geet : wo uday me aur maan kal ese hi ghumne gaye the aur phir hamari car kharab ho gayi to mechanic to raat ko mil nahi sakta to hame vaha hi rehna pada sorry

Uday : why had u gone before telling me ..?? u know na I promised RITVIK that I will take care of u .., what will I answer him if anything had happened to u '??:O Shocked

Geet (with guilty ) : sorry bhai ., I promise I will never repeat my mistake please forgive me

She said like a cute baby which can melt anyone

Uday smiled at her and hugged her side way

Uday : last time okay..??

Geet : okay promise .., I will not repeat my mistake again

Geet was about to go when uday stopped her

Uday : gee wo ritvik called you yesterday but your cell was not reachable so he called me and I had to lie him that you sleeped so she call you in the morning .., baat kar lena use

Geet : hmm.. I will

She goes to her room and fresh and up
after that she called Ritvik'.,

Geet : hi , how are you..?

Ritvik :_______________

Geet : I am also fine , aap kab mujse milne aaoge..?

Ritvik :_____________

Geet : pakka na'?

Ritvik :__________

Geet : papa kabhi nahi manenge kya'?

Ritvik :___________

Geet : muje yakin he ek din wo apko jarur apna lenge ..

Ritvik :__________________

Geet done some chit chat than cut the call

After some time all get ready and went to college ..,yes Maan also though everyone don't want that he came but he came and that's why Geet is angry on him and not talking with u 

At college ..,

Geet didn't allow Maan to participate in Dance competition but Maan was Maan .., he don't want that his Geet lose the competition because of him but that angered geet more she don't want to compromise his health

Maan tried many times to call Geet but she ignored him every time

Geet was going somewhere when Maan grabbed her in the darkest corner of college 

Geet was about to scream when Maan put his palm on her supple lips

Maan : what happened to u ? why are u not talking with me '??

Geet : ummm'

Maan : Ab bologi bhi '..!!

Geet : ummm'.

Maan realize his palm on her lips than he freed her

Maan : bolo ab

Geet : didn't u know the reason..??

Maan : If I know the reason than I never ever asked u ..!!

Geet twisted her lips

Geet : I dpn't want that u compromised your health because of mere competition

Maan : Geet .., I know u never lose any competition and I don't want to lose anything because of me

Geet : your health is more precious for me rather than anything

Maan : But Geet I don't want u to lose anything in anyplace or anywhere

Geet : par ek chheez to mene tumhari vajese kho di

Maan with joint eyebrow : what '??

Geet : My heart .., now it's not mine longer .., it's yours now

Maan pick her lips softly

Maan : I know that but plz mere lia hum is competition me part nahi le sakte plz'!! For me'??

Geet can't deny him sawing her pleading face 
she agreed half heartily

Maan : now come on .., gimme your smile

She smiled

He pressed his lips on her and gave her breath taking kiss ..,and than rest his head on her head 
both were breathing heavily

Geet : Maan we are in college

Maan : so what '?

Geet : Maan you are '

Maan : I know I am Dust danav right'.??

Geet :Hmmm'.we have to go now

Maan : Geet tum pehle jao me baad me aat hoon taki hame koi sath me na dekhe .., I don't want that anyone point a finger on you

She smiled and gives a pick on his lips and goes 
after that Maan came behind


5 days went well'

All is happy in their life and got settled in their new home ', Maan and Geet were having good time with each other and and Maan never left a single chance to be with His Geet and he has became more naughty now a days

There is more 5 days left in competition and 15 days left in exam


Precap :

A new entry .. Male

Ummh don't know positive or negative


Hey guys I hope u liked this update .., It was 1st type I typed any LM scene I didn't have courage to recheck it so plz bear with me 
sorry if I did any mistake

And one good news that I freed myself from that village ..gosh I even don't know how did I manage there 6 months 
but now I am back so I can update regularly

Plz leave lots of likes and big big comments rather than nice super loved it etc etc .,it encourage me a lot

Thanks for waiting for me a long 
love u all


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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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lovely updateEmbarrassed

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ElienoreMG IF-Dazzler

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Amazing update...
Loved it..

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harmeenchawla Senior Member

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loved it
UPDATE sooonnn...

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divya22 IF-Dazzler

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Hot n romantic part...
Wo wo uday is bossing Geet Handa... Hmmm...
Nw whi is ritvik... Baato se tih lagta hai ki geet ki family se hai...
Lets c

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Rang_ Goldie

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Originally posted by divya22

Hot n romantic part...
Wo wo uday is bossing Geet Handa... Hmmm...
Nw whi is ritvik... Baato se tih lagta hai ki geet ki family se hai...
Lets c

wouuu..., Guess may be right he Wink
and thanks dear
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wonderful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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