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shart : Rang Gaye Tere Rang Me chk note on 121 (Page 53)

Rang_ Goldie

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Originally posted by piamaan

Originally posted by Rang_

Originally posted by piamaan

Originally posted by Rang_

Originally posted by piamaan

Originally posted by Rang_

Is anyone here ??Ouch

yup i m here & waiting fr an update Confused

Will update tomorrow Ouch

ok bt sun muje Romantic update chahiye Wink

Me to MU creat karnevk bare me soch rahi hu LOL

kaminiii No MU between mah Maaneet
i want thy confess in real not dream

LOL LOL kamini ??? Achha naam he Ouch
Dont worry it wil be in reality soon bt not this time Sleepy

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Rang_ Goldie

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Shart part 13


 Geet open her eyes in jerk , she was sweating badly 'she saw here & there and realise that it was a dream ''at the same time a knock came on the door

She goes to open a door and find a person smiling at her '.. she shocked to see him ..just a whimper came out from her nouth ''..Maan ''..maan saw her breathing heavily


" Geet are u okay ?? why are you breathing hevily ?" Maan asked in concern

She saw him top to bottom with shock

(she saw that he wore a same shirt which was she saw in her dream)

Geet : ye to vahi shirt he ! (it's a same shirt)

Maan confused with her behaviour : same shirt ??????????

Geet still looking at him like she saw an alion !

Maan held her from soulder and shook her which was enough for her to came back to sencess

Maan : Hmm maan vo nothing  , bas yu hi '. But what are you doing at this hour ?

Maan : Geet tumne hi to bulaya tha (you had called me)

Geet : are ha , dance practice

Maan : but geet u seems not well , you must take rest

Geet : umm nahi maan just bcoz mene nind puri nahi ki ( I didn't comp my sleep)'.. we should '''..

Maan didn't let her complete her sentence '. He pick her in his arms'.geet amused with his act 'she encircul her hand on his neck

Geet : maan what are you doing ??

Maan : shhh chup bilkul chup

He placed her on bed '. He smiled at her which she returned with a beautiful smile'.. may be it's for the first time she gave whole heartily smile to anyone '. Without uttering a word maan covered her in duvet

Maan : compitition is not more important than ur health, u take rest okay ?

He said in concern'. Geet feel contact..she nodded her head cutely and closed her eyes 'he kissed her forehead and about to go'.when he felt a tug on his hand'he turn to see a new geet 'he saw her with question filled eyes

Geet : where are you going maan ?

It was something new for that maan saw in her eyes..but he was not able to understand that for the first time maan saw some fear in her eyes !!!!

What was for that '..for loss him or may be fall in love with him ?

He just bend down and kissed her forehead

Maan : I m not going anywhere so jao tum

 maan slipped his hand in her hair and massaging her scalp with rhythm'geet closed her eyes holding his hand and dozed off'
maan smiled at her and staring at her without blinking his eyes

geet has a habit of rolling over in sleep'.he smiles seeing her nakhras..she was cuddling like a small baby ..she was looking more than cute

he is also aware of that it has been 2 hour and still he is looking at her only'.but a ring came back him from his lala land' it was geet's phone ringing 'he went lit far from their so geet's sleep didn't got disturb

udayveer on call : hey geet where are u ? I was so worried about u PRINCESS ..pehle kabhi tumne mujse bina bataye collage bunk nahi kia

UV started talking bla ..bla..bla without noticing that geet isn't on line

Maan (irritatingly) : hello uday its me maan !

UV : maan ?? what are u doing there ? and where is princess ..i mean geet kaha he !??

Maan don't know what was that but he didn't like that Uv called her princess'not that he is doubting their relation but something is which he don't like !

Uv : hello maan ! r u there ??

Maan : ya I m here ..wo actully geet is not well so she is sleeping

Maan cut the call with golgappu face ..geet is an apple of her whole gand but especially samrat & udayveer ..all rushed to geet's place

They reached there and started showering too many question to maan

Uv : what happen to her maan ? why is she still sleeping ?

Sam : kahi use bhukhar(fevar) to nahi!

Nupur  : by god maan kuch to bolo !

Poor maan ! what he say 'koi bolne ka mouka to do !!!!!

Maan : ek min ek min ..wo she couldn't sleep due to dance practice so she was felling dizzyness lia ab so rahi he !

Maan gave an another excuse and recived a glare from uday

A voice came from behind : guys what are you doing here at this time ??

It was geet

Uv : princess , are you okay ? what need to do dance whole night ?

Geet confused : dance ?????

Sam : ha Maan told us that u had been dancing whole night !

Geet looked at maan 'he assure her with his eyes

Geet : ha vo maan ko dance sikhana jaruri tha na ., otherwise we ll lost

UV again gave a angry glare to him ,like threating him that bcoz of him geet didn't sleep..

Maan excused himself and went from there as he was not able to tolrate the sight where uv hugged geet and geet too hugging him to assure him that she is alright

Uday noticed that geet is lost somewhere , he cupped her face with both palm

What happen princess ? : he asked in concern

Geet : kuch nahi uday , vo bas

UV : u also knw that u can't lie to me , now come on speak up

Sam : gudiya , hame nahi bataogi

Geet told him about her dream

Nupur : Are you out of ur mind , u fall in love with him in just 3 DAYS ??????????????

Arnav : Pyar samay ka mohtaj nahi , pyar to kabhi bhi kahi bhi aur kisi se bhi ho sakta he ,'jese muje hua tha khusi se at first sight ..pir ye to 3 din he

Mayank : shut up guys , she didn't tell that she is in love with him 'it was just a dream

Geet : I don't want to be in love 'otherwise I lost them too..she said with a deep pain

Uv felt her pain , he hugged her dearly.. a tear made it's way 'everyone know that geet can cry only for one thing 'otherwise she always wear a mask of her anger

Geet : uday mom ki yaad aa rahi he ! sabki mom hoti he na , pir aaj mere pass kyu nahi he !

Uday hugged her tight ..

Uv : shhh chup ho jao princess

Geet lost her mother at the age of 10 , she always missed her mother , she never allow anyone after that to make a space in her heart 'she always fears that may be she ll lost them too..only her childhood friends and her her ded is near to her

Sam came and back hugged her

Sam : geet esa kuch nahi hoga , look agar aunty tumhe ese dekhegi to unhe bura lagega na !

geet nodded with baby face 'nupur came foreword and wiped her tears

gunjan : now don't cry and smile !

she smiled weekly

mona : geet smile karne me bhi kanjusi kar rahi ho !

khusi came and started tickling her , ..chalo ab haso

geet : achha baba ab has rahi hu na choddo '.she said while laughing

after some time rest of gang left for collage and geet said she will reach after some time

geet(st.) : nahi maan is my friend not more than this 'geet me keh rahi hu tuje tu pagal ho gai he pyar vyar ese 3-4 din me thodi hota he '.but kai logo ko to pehli nazar me ho jata he 'par geet maan se ??? nahi nahi us champu se me kese pyar kar sakti hu ! par vo kitna caring bhi to he , or kitna innocent bhi ! ''.she smiles ''. Agar muje usse pyar hua aur use nahi hua to !! ' nahi nhai muje koi pyar vyar nahii he usse '.. I belive that maan is a good person and I have a respect for him but I m not in love with him '.aaj se pehle kabhi itni confusion nahi hue ,' par agar ye pyar nahi he to kya he ! why I always feel  to be with him , why I always want him each sec ?

here maan moving here & there in jalousy'he don't like that geet is in other person's arm..don't knw why he felling such

maan (st.) : what is happaning with me ?? why I m felling strange when geet hugged Uday ,

he tried to do study but nothing came in his absence mind '..than tried to sleep but in vain'.than finally he dicided to go to collage

geet was walking in collage campas totally lost in her own thoughts rather I should say confuse for her own felling

some boys saw her with their lustful eyes  , may be they are new in collage or may be they are not the part of this collage

Boy1 : gosh vo dekh vo chikni ja rahi he !

Boy2 : are ha yaar kya item he !

Boy3 : yaar I wanted to eat her alive

Boy1 : ha yaar kya rapchik item he !

Geet is too lost in her thought to noticed their disguest talk on her 'but one  person who was observing  them    ' he clenched his fist tight 'his eyes are spiiting fire dare they say something about his geet ! 'just the thought is making him angry ...he rushed to them '..geet saw maan is in full anger ..may be for the first time she saw him like that ..but soon maan try to be calm

Maan (calmly) : ya she is so beautiful ..but u don't know one thing !

Boy1 : and what was that ?

Maan  : if anyone dare to touch her single word this MAAN SINGH KHURANA  can burn the whole world

He still telling them as calm as possible but his red eyes showing his anger

Boy2 : it will be better if u stay away from us ., otherwise..

Before maan can say anything further , geet held his arm and whishpered in his ears

Geet : maan let's go from here , they are too dangures

Boy3 : ha ja ja , maaf kia ise

They all laughed

Maan held her hand which was in his arm like assuring him

Maan : geet tum yaha se jao , I ll handle it !

Geet : but maan ..

Maan : geet tumhe meri kasam

Geet thought to go and call rest of she went inside

All 4 boys covered maan in circul

Maan punched one on his face , other person came forward and try to punch in his stomach but maan hold his hand and punch tight on his face '..with that he marched on that boy'.maan's continues attect made that boy fell on ground'the other one is came from back and about to punch maan where maan held him hand and twirl his hand and punched him hard ..all 3 boy are lying on the ground unconsiously

4th boy came from back with knief ,he throat in his knief from behind , maan winched in pain , blood oozing out from his back  '.. maan turn..and that person again cut his hand ..maan was bleeding profusly'..again that person punch a knief in his stomach'.blood dripping from his all body '

He fall down on the floor .

Boy1 : abe ye to mar gaya !

Boy2 : bhago yaha se isse pehle hame koi dekh le .,

and all the boys run away from there 'At a while geet came with rest of members and saw maan lying unconsious in sea of blood



So as per promiss here is the long part of SHART , so plz give me ur long long commnats , am I good in action ?


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maan jealous of uv love the bond of friends geet shared her dream maan fighting for geet maan hurt do next soon

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ElienoreMG IF-Dazzler

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Rang_ Goldie

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Originally posted by tamanna1391

maan jealous of uv love the bond of friends geet shared her dream maan fighting for geet maan hurt do next soon


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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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awesome update...
thanx for the pm...

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mansi.tripathi Goldie

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Awesome update...
Maan taking care of geet...
geet missing her mom...
geet confused...
Maan fighting with gundas...
Continue soon

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Geet is falling for Maan and Maan is also feeling for Geet but not sure...

Maan is hurt...

awesome update...

thanx for pm...

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