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shart : Rang Gaye Tere Rang Me chk note on 121 (Page 101)

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ur updates r  ...

 n also 


u done a ..ClapClapClap..really  

 ... i said 

updates r ...

4 ur hard work...Thumbs Up...

tons of ...4 u...

4 pm me...plz keep pm me...Big smile

once again ...
keep it up sweet heart...Smile..




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Ok guys so here I am with update (2700+ words )
I am seriously disappointed by decreased like and comments Cry  Cry Cry  but still I am here with long update and 1 poem Big smile

Plz plz give me long long comments and lots of likes Ouch


Part 22 Shart : Rang Gaye Tere Rang Me


5 days went well'

All is happy in their life and got settled in their new home ', Maan and Geet were having good time with each other and  Maan never left a single chance to be with His Geet and he has became more naughty now a days

There is more 5 days left in competition and 15 days left in exam




Maaneet in Geet's room ...
Maan was sitting in Geet's room and Geet was sleeping in Maan's lap and he was caresses her hair

Maan : Geet ..
Geet : Hmm..
Maan : Don't you think we are doing smething opposite from others ...??
Geet : opposite ...?? Kya ..?
Maan : jaha tak mene dekha he GF bethi hui hoti he and BF uski god me soya hua 

Geet get up and encircled her hand around his neck , pulling him more closer

Geet : wo kya he na champu ! Hum wo ashik he jo log karte he wo kabhi karte hi nahi
Maan : Achha ...!!!
Geet nodded cutely which can melt anyone in second 

Maan come above her and pinned her to the bed .., and slowly came close to her and started brushing his lips with her and kissed on her cheek near lips 
Geet got the idea that he want to torture her and a naughty idea came in her evil mind 
She rolled over maan and came above Maan and held his hands more strongly
Than licked his lower lip , and kissed nearby his lips , than kissed his earlobe and bit it 
She open his shirt button with her mouth and started kissing his chest and bit his nipple .Maan groaned as he felt a current run down his spine 
Maan glared at her which she returned with a smirk..
Maan : Geet it's enough of your torture otherwise I will go wild

Geet : giggled softly '!

Geet : Than who is  stopping you ..!!!

She smirks at him'

Maan : achha ye baat he wait Ms Handa.., I will saw u who is the MSK and what is the punishment to torture him ..!!

He immediately rolled over her and cruse her petty body under her rock solid body and pinned   her both hand to the bed

Geet gulp hard seeing him like this

He digs his long finger on her waist and started to make pattern there 'and his lips got busy in licking her lips

Then he came on her neck and started to suck the place with so much passion
she tried to freed herself but her tiny afford didn't do anything

She closed her eyes feeling him

He started licking his collar bone .., Geet bit her lower lip to control her moan

Maan came down and pull her top a little to explode her waist

He rubbed her belly and then started licking that portion

Geet moaned : Maan please ,

Maan smirks

Maan : kyu bahot maza aa raha than a muje torture karke ..huh !

He said huskily , and on this Geet pouted cutely

Maan : Don't look at me like this otherwise I will eat u alive

Geet : I am all yours Maan

Maan freed her hand than in no second he took her petal lips with his and started to kiss her hungrily


He gave her open mouth kiss than he nibbles her lower lip and sucks it hard
his hand was busy in exploding her , he was about to unzip her top

Before they continue a loud knock came on the door  , both felt annoyed and frustrated  Angry
both were panting heavily ,Maan rested his forehead on her

Geet : Maan get up ! I have to go to open the door and better you go in wash room

( Maaneet don't wanted to tell about their relation to everyone , it was geet's wish as she don't wanted to be teased by her friends )

Maan made a puppy face

Geet : No , It will not work on me now , just go

Maan went to wash room half heartily and Geet open the door.


Uday : Geet me kitni der se knock kar raha hoon ', Where were you..??

Geet : Uday'wo.. Ha wo me na wash room me thi is lia !!

Uday ( with suspect ) : Hmm' okay wo I just came to tell u that Ritvik is came to meet u !!

Geet ( excitedly ) : sachhii '!!!!

Uday smiled at her excitement 

Uday : Ha Muchhi '.!! 

She hugged him and he hugged him too'

Geet : yeeehhh  .., I am so happy , u know

Uday : ya I know about your happiness !

He smiled

Geet : Achha when will he come '.??

Uday : umm , actually don't know as he told me that he will give u surprise !

Geet : hmm okay

Uday left and after that Maan came out

(Maan didn't hear anything as wash room of Geet's  room is far away from door )

Maan hugged her from back .., 

Maan : what happened Geet '?? You are looking extremely happy ..!! May I know the reason behind my princess's happiness ?

Geet smiled and turn in his arm

Geet : Maan can u hug me tight ?

Maan hugged her tight

Maan : Geet , what happened ?

Geet hide her face in his chest

Geet : Nothing Maan

They stood like this for sometimes .., Geet was in deep thought

Geet (ST.) :  I think , muje Maan ko Ritvik k bare me sab bata dena chahiye  , I should not hide anything from him

Geet To Maan : Maan , Wo Mene tumse ek baat chhupai hai ..!!

Maan : which one..?

Geet : wo I told u na that I have only my father in my family

Maan :  so ..??

Geet : so I lied u .. I have also one brother

Maan : But Geet why u did this ..? I mean agar tum muje pehle batati to kya fark padta..?

Geet : Maan it's a long story ., except my friends no one knows about my family past

Maan looked at her in confuse

Before Geet could complete her cell rang  , she pick up it
her cell phone was loud enough so Maan can here caller's voice

Geet : Aap aa gaye ..!! Itni jaldi ??

Caller : why..?? Aren't u happy for that ?

Geet : Nahi esi baat nahi he .., I m so happy Ritvik that u r coming in india after so many years

Ritvik : Mil k baat karte he aapse

Geet : Ok bye love u

Ritvik : Love u too

Then he cut the call

Maan made a baby face , Geet saw him and thought to make him burn in Jealousy

Geet : how much he cares of me ., I really love him a lot

Maan ( with fake anger ) :  Who was he '??

Geet (naughtily ) : He koi jisse me apni  jaan se bhi jyada pyar karti hoon

Maan grabbed her from shoulder and his sudden jerk made her fall on his rock solid chest and he made her stand on his feet

Geet was dumbfounded with his rudeness

Maan : Geet u r only mine and only mine none other can even touch u

Geet was just seeing in his desireful eyes

Both had a brief eye lock . 

Geet was 1st to broke the eye lock and kissed on his cheek

Geet : Oh my possessive boyfriend .., I was talking to my elder brother

Maan :Brother ..?? ohh I m sorry

Geet : Maan don't be sorry I am so happy to see your possessiveness toward me !

Maan : Sachhi '??

Geet kissed lightly on his lips .. 

Geet : Muchii .now I have to go .Ritvik is waiting for me

 Both parted from each other and Geet went to his brother who was waiting for her in living room




Vivian Dsena

Ritvik is Geet's brother who lives in London , His father  (Geet's father) is not talking with him and he broke each relation with him when he was just 16 yr old

( I don't want any bash if anyone has problem that here Vivin is Geet's brother lolzz)



Geet immediately rushed to him and hugged him , he hugged her back too

Geet : I missed u soo much in these years

Ritvik : I missed u too Geet

He kissed on her forehead 

Geet hit on his arm

Geet : liar

Ritvik : nope sachii I missed u

Geet : Achha ji '.!! Then why didn't u come to meet u in all these years ..!!

Ritvik : I m sorry Geet but u know the reason 

Geet nodded in positive

Ritvik : vese ye achha ji aur ese words to tum kabhi nahi bolti thi , may i know the reason ?

Geet  : wo ..wo kuch nahi bhai ese hi 

After while rest of gang  including Maan

Geet introduce everyone to her bro ., everyone know about her brother and his past and her bro also knows about everyone  (except Maan)  as she always tell everything to him

After introducing everyone she came to Maan

Geet : Ritvik , aur ye he ..

she shied

Ritvik : Maan ', Maan singh khurana Right..?

Geet : ha but how do u ___

She was suppose to say that how does he know as she never mention him in her  talks

Ritvik (cutting in) : But Geet u never tell me about him right..?

Geet : Ha wo Ritvik Maan se ham sab kuch din pahle hi mile so and phir aapse baat hi nahi ho payi

Uday : Ritvik u must be having jet-lack , u should take rest

 Uday said that to change the topic

Ritvik : Hmm ok let's go

Ritvik eyed on Maan which Maan just returned with a smirk

Geet found something sticky between Maan & ritvik just like they knows each other but they are enemies of each other from ages

Ritvik left and Geet came near Maan

Geet : Maan how do u both knows each other ?

Maan : Geet I think u should ask this to your BROTHER

He said the word "BROTHER"  with bitterness

Geet just nodded her head and went to Ritvik's room


At Ritvik's room

Geet : Ritvik

Ritvik : are Geet tum ..!!

Geet : Ritvik , now will u please tell me how do u know Maan ?\

Ritvik with fake smile : why ? Maan didn't tell u ?

Geet : if u don't wanna tell me than fine

Geet's anger just takes a tole on her , he throw the door

Ritvik knows her anger,

Ritvik : ab is Maan k chakkar  me mene Geet ko bhi naraz kar dia

He goes behind her and shouts

Ritvik : GEETTT '..

Here Maan also realized that because of Ritvik he makes his Geet upset and he rushes to sunset point

( Maan & Ritvik both know that when Geet get upset then she used to go at sunset point)

Both's car parked at the same time , both get out of the car at the same time , both saw each other

Ritvik : what are you doing here ?

Maan : What if I ask u the same question ?

Ritvik : I am here for my sister

Maan : so I am here for my Girl
(He was about to tell that he is here for his Girlfriend , but then something stopped him he thought about Geet and stops )

Ritvik : Girl'?? What..?? What did u said ?

Maan (with stammer) : WO'I 'mean'to ..say that ..ha Geet meri Friend he jo girl he' ha

He took a relief breathe

Ritvik smiled : tumhari abhi tak wo jooth bolte vaqt haklane (stammering) ki habit gayi nahi

He said like he is just forget what happened he is just forget that now he is his enemy
than suddenly he remember his own word that he has habit of stammering whenever he lies 

Maan felt strange but inside he was happy also

Ritvik : aur nahi jooth bolne ki

Maan : some people can't trust anyone

Ritvik : some people can never spike the truth

Maan : what can anyone do if someone believes lie than truth

Ritvik : here is no one who is trustworthy

Maan : it's all up to u

Before both can continue their never ending fight they saw someone's anger spitting eyes , it was none other than GEET'Confused

Both saw her with baby face which she returned with shaking her head negatively D'oh
she goes away in anger and sit on the bench nearby

Maan & Ritvik both just stared at each other

Ritvik : I don't want to see my princess upset

Maan : same here

Ritvik : we have to act like we are besties in front of her

Maan nodded in yes yes

Both went to Geet, who is sitting on the bench

Maan sit on the right side to Geet and Ritvik sit on left one

Ritvik : Princess esa kuch bhi nahi he jesa tum soch rahi ho

(Ritvik used to call her princess when she is angry or upset)

Maan : Ha princess

Ritvik glared at him being a possessive brother as he has only right to call her princess

Maan gulp his salivaLOL

Maan murmured :  ye  bhai bahen (bro & sis) sirf angry glare dena hi jante he

Maan to Geet : I mean Geet Ritvik is right actually we were best friends

Geet raised his one brow

Ritvik : Geet he means we are best friends but vo hua yu ki ham dono london me sath rehte the and we were room-mates and then without  informing anyone I mean without informing me he just went to India and when I suddenly saw him here I was angry on him that why he didn't  inform me .., so we were just fighting u know just like two friends who met after sometimes so like that

Maan : ya Geet he is right

Geet : Aap dono sach bol rahe ho na '!!!

Maan : Geet tuje muj pe bharosha (trust) nahi..??

Ritvik muttered under his breath : Tuj pe to bharosha kia bhi nahi ja sakta ..!!

But Geet heard it

Geet : Ritvik what did u just said..??

Ritvik with fake smile : umm nothing wo just I am telling that he is not trustworthy , dekha nahi kese muje vaha chhod k aa gaya tha ..!!!

Maan : Ha to ab sorry bola na

Ritvik : sorry har cheez ka malam nahi hota

They started their cold war again

Geet : now u both just keep quiet and short out your differences quickly, I don't like this cold war

Maan : okay okay don't be angry ,now all is fine and ye cold war to ham salo se karte aaye he jabse ham mile so it's quite normal ,  nothing serious

Than maan to Ritvik : he na Ritvik '???

Ritvik : Hmmm.. He is right '!!

Geet : ok then let's go ..!

Maan & Ritvik : hmmm'.chalo

All three drove off to the home
Geet was driving the car and Ritvik was beside her and Maan was behind

He was back in his chatter patter style and starts his nonstop talks

Ritvik : ye sala kabhi nahi sudhar sakta Silly

Geet (st) : aap uske sale (brother in low) banoge 

Then Geet to Ritvik : sahi kaha aapne

Both laughed

Geet : I am so happy that Ritvik and Maan are best friends so I think Ritvik won't mind of our relation

conceivably she knows about their present relation



Pyar karna to itna aasan hota he jitna aasan bota he palke japkana

Par pyar nibhana utna hi muskil hota he jitna muskil he bina palak japkaye sona

Aur  pyar k bina jina matlab palko k bina jina

Aur apna pyar kisi ke lia kurbaan karna matlab jeete jee apni palko ko donate karna

There are many undefined words in this word Love is one of them

Kai logo ne mujse pucha kya hota he pyar ka matlab ., kya hoti he pyar ki paribhasha (definition)

Jisko kisi paribhasha se samjaya jaye vo pyar  hi nahi  , aur jo pyar ko samjane bethe vo to insaan hi nahi 

(poem by me copyrightedEmbarrassed)  

Edited by Rang_ - 22 January 2013 at 1:04am

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nice update dear
already read in ur blog
thanx for the pm
cont soon dear
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nice update
ritwik geet's brother n maan's...enemy...
loved the update
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lovely part

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nyc part...
omg geet ka bhai n maan toh enemy nikle...
lagta hai kuch hua hai... seems like both wrer frnds bt ab enemy...
lets c kya hoga aage??
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awesome updateWink

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