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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 98)

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yeahhh w8ngDancing

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Part 13



Geet, open ur eyes,, no one can touch u except ur maan'. she instantly looked at him and lost her all worry'. Immediately he claimed her lips marking her as his only maan ki geet'.


She couldn't resist either and held his nape in between her palm and started massaging it'. he nibbles her lower lips where she was busy sucking his upper lips.. both are hungry for each other and that was showing in the kiss' she moans in the kiss as his hand started roaming on her back and her waist pulling her so close to that thin material of their dresses will be crushed with the aggressiveness' her dupatta was hanging from her neck as it has become lose and his kiss was so pleasurable that she forgot her all inhabitation and just drown in the kiss'her long nails digs in the skin of his nape making him groan in her mouth and pulling the string of her back in a snap'. Instantly her eyes went open but he was too lost in her' she tried to push him with little force but it was making him mad' he pinned her hands either side of her head on the wall and kissed her lips forcefully making it bleed and then tasting the saltiness'. She closed her eyes feeling breathless and he left her mouth but devouring her neck with his tongue and teeth'


Geet: maan,, she cried in pleasure as he left her hand,, his hands went to her curves kneading them above her dress' her eyes were closing feeling the warmness between her legs'. She tried to held him but he was too much in her, with one hand he pinned her hands above her head and oulls the dress down from her shoulder kissing it thoroughly'. She closed her eyes surrending herself to his passion'.. he kissing her throat and bite her neck and then licks it off'.


Maan: do u know ur distancing what have effect on me?? she was breathing heavy so was he'. She couldn't answer him nor questioned him'. why geet? Why u were avoiding me? why ha?? He bite her collarbone making her flinch' do u know how restless I was feeling seeing u in pain'. Geet stirs her eyes lashes and looked at his eyes that are only watching her'. why geet? He came on her lips kissing it softly'.


Geet: I m afraid maan' I m feeling scared'. One long tear made her way'.. I don't know what will happen day after tom,, but the thing is I can't betray my papa' I can't see him broken'


Till now maan was keeping his cool but now hearing again n again the same thing just making him mad' he left her and banged his fist on the wall right beside her making her jump with the sudden outburst'

Maan: damit geet, I said na I will talk to uncle,, why can't u understand the simple thing.. or should I say u don't want to understand' she looked at him shock'.now I m confuse why are u not believing me,, if u love me u should believe and trust me but the thing is,, did u ever love me geet?? His frustration was on high that he fail to realize what he was saying and how much pain she was having in her eyes'. She felt numb,,, '1st all that emotional state and then maan's accusing just torn her,,, tell me geet do u ever love me? or it was just,, geet looked at him with pain'. Maan saw her eyes,, no tears were there but pain was visible, she was numb'. And then he recalled what he told her,, in his frustration in his rage he forgot about her dilemma,, she loves her father because only that family she has,, he know he should be more sensitive with her but damn his anger took a toll on him and he watched her lowering her lashes'. He can see the pain in her eyes' she was numb not saying anything, maybe tired of explaining her love to him'. he wanted to take her in his arm but her blank face was giving him a fear only'.


Maan: geet I m,, but before he can anything geet started walking away slowly'. he held her hand tat was unbearably cold'. He shudders with her soft voice,

Geet: I need rest maan'I m tired... u should get going, anyone can come here' with that she left to her room' he felt an unknown fear in him'.

He stood there mum where she entered her room with a blank face'.



It was more than 2 hours geet didn't comes out'. everyone was in panick'.but maan's restlessness had no bound' everyone tried to call geet from her room but she was not coming'. Maan curses himself for making her like this'. yes its true the strong geet handa that no one can point a finger in front of her gave the power to maan singh khurana to break her to an extreme that she can hate herself also'.


Finally couldn't handle himself maan announced that he is going to see what had happen to geet,, though maasi and nani was against it but much worried Mr Handa said him to go and talk to her'.


At 1st maan knocked the door sayings sweet words but when she didn't open her door he became alert and then with 2 3 effort he broke the door only to witness a horrifying sight' geet was lying on the floor unconscious'. His heart breaks into million pieces to see his life like that' what he made her,, his accusation just torn her inside'. He shouted her name and scooped her in his arms'

He placed her on the bed and just then all the family member rushed inside the room'. Coincidentally prem's brother was there who was seeing his would be bhabi in another man's arm.. it surely not a pleasurable sight'. Mr handa was very worried as he saw geet's pale face where maasi and nani was worried about what would other think to see them like that' brij immediately came and tried to shove maan away but maan gave a dangerous glare that was enough for brij to gulp his saliva knowing now mr handa will not take his side'. Right now maan is not in his senses,, seeing geet like this just making him insane' and he was patting her face to make her wake' and then it hit him' her whole dress in drenched and her body is burning in fever' she was in the shower for more than 1 hr 45 min and after that when she comes in the room walking lifelessly she fell on the ground and fever immediately caught her and it goes worse as the AC was full'


Maan was in panic to see her like that, he knew what must have happen, his words again tore her apart,, but now what will he do to get his geet back'. sid came running there and checked her' he told everyone that she is having high fever, he prescribed some medicine and injection and told pari to change her dress 1st'. pari did that and as she opens the door everyone rushed inside again'.


Maasi: sare rasam ka satyanash hogaya,, ab kya kare,, it will be very bad for their marriage life if the ritual doesn't goes successfully' maan looked at them unbelievingly and he was clearly frusatated'

Brij: ye ladki, can't she take care of herself, bimar padhna tha to abhi padhna tha'

Maan: ENOUGH,,, maan roared at last'. She is not even her senses and u all are talking about rituals,, she need rest'.

Nani: but do din baad shaadi hain,,

Maan: that we can see later..

Mr handa worriedly caresses geet face where all other guest left the room or should say maan forced them to leave the room'.

Mr handa: maan sahi keh raha hain, we need her to be fit n fine first,,, meri bacchi kya halat karli hain apni' brij felt frustrated and left the room followed by masi and nani'. Where guilt ate maan as he knew its all because of him only'.

And the heard geet's murmured: mamma'.. mr handa froze on his track hearing mamma from her lips' she had never remember her mamma infront of her papa because she believes her father had given everything that a mother would give but the thing he fail to realize a father can give anything and everything but he can't complete a mother's place' geet never showed him that she ever missed her mother because she never wanted him to feel that he had failed anywhere, just to make him happy she always pretends she is happy but the reality was she missed her mother every moment,, not only grief but her happy moment also' miss u mamma' geet again called making mr handa rushed out of the room hiding his tears'.


Maan sat beside her hearing her murmuring where pari and sid stood a little away from them' maan took her cold hand in his murmuring sorry and kissing her fingers'.

Geet: mujhe chorke kyun gayi mamma,, I so missed u' I want u beside me,, I m feeling so alone mamma' no one is with me'.


Pari understand something must have gone wrong between them'.

Pari: kuch huya tum logo ke bich me? geet never cried for her mother then what now?? Sid come with injection and sat beside geet' maan was on the other side' he slowly caresses her hair'

Maan: it all my mistake,, I shouldn't have behave like that' u know when we didn't have something we only mourn about that and we get that we forget its value,, same with me' when I wanted geet beside me she was not there and I was drown in grief for that and when I got her I just took her for granted'

Sid gave the injection: she will get conscious in 1 hr' nothing much to worry maan' it just fever which will decrease with time'. these medicines are strong but I know ur love is stronger..

Pari: I don't know what happen between u two but I want my best friend back like before'.


Saying that pari and sid left them alone' maan locked the room and sat beside her' downstairs pari told everyone geet need rest,, she will get conscious in few hours so till then no one should disturb her'


The whole hour maan was only holding her hand,, sitting beside her patting her head and saying sweet words and sorry' he held her hand and kissed her knuckles'.

Maan: I m sorry geet, I shouldn't have said those word,, I really love u geet' I did mistake but please don't punish urself for loving me'. punish me whatever u want but don't torture urself'. I love you'. He kissed her forehead and geet opens her eyes to see a concerned maan sitting beside her and looking very pale'.

Geet just looked at him with love and then remembering his words it replaced by pain' she looked away not wanted to share those pain and her tears' till now she had never shared her pain or tears with anyone not even with her best frnds pari and sid but she wanted it with maan' and what he gave her accusation'

Maan: I m sorry' what an irony the man who had never said sorry to anyone is saying sorry again n again to his lady love' in 24 hours he had given her so much pain that she is now afraid when again he will accuse her and then tell sorry' maan saw her moving on the other side and giving him her back,, he couldn't take her indifference'. He slides beside her and slipped his hand in her waist' she was wearing 2 pieces nighty'. And her shirt is short so his hand slipped from her waist to her belly bottom' he came on her earlobe kissing it slowly'

Maan: I know I m jerk, but this jerk Maan Singh Khurana is incredibly in love with you'.

Geet couldn't say anything but removed his hand from her waist'.



Precap: how will mr majnu will manofying his jaan? Sangeet n mahendi'. Oops haldi rasam to reh hi gaya'..     

he captured her lips claiming her again but harshly aggressively till then she felt weak on her knees'.

next  Part 14

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me first again yay Embarrassed LOL !! 
arre yaar yeh maan bhi na, phir se gadbad kar di na Ouch !!
can't he for once keep his anger in control Angry

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awesome update 
why maan always behaves like this

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Posted: 18 June 2012 at 8:16am | IP Logged an update..ohhh yeh maan kya keh gaya...gadha kahin ka...hope they clear the Mu and maan does something to stop the marriage...i am really scared...

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awesome update...

loved it...

maan manao apne jaan ko...yehi budi ada hai maan k...pehle zakhm do...phir khudhi madham lagao...nehi shedrega maa...kuch nehi ho sakta...

thank u very much fr such lovely update...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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poor maaneet ... Throw this brij, massi and nani out of the house ... Plz.

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  wow lovely update...really maan u r big jerk...yes ur words r true wen geet didt  show her feelings to u, u were waiting for  geet to giv one glance to u,,,but wen she confess her love u took her for granted but i and geet knows that u r jerk...nothing wrong maan geet is ur property so u can do watever u want...same like geet can also  do watever she want ,, coz ur geet's property,...if she slap u also u should accept , i know u will take that,...but im saying...lovely lovely geet is crying for her mumma...oh god...maan first u manofly ur geet and take all her will better for u or waiting for precap...lovely my maan's mission starts to manofly his geet...i loved te update...

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