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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 88)

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waiting yar Day Dreaming

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein


Part 10


geet: but u never loved me' alone tears came out but he kissed it away and then scooped her in his arm making his way to the bed'

he placed her on the soft bed and dim the light of the room' in the dim light also she can see his dark eyes, it has pain, surrender, authority,, madness, and Love? She looked at his eyes, maan also captive her with his heated gaze' he sat beside her hovering her body with his and kissed her forehead' his palm was roaming all over her soft skin' he kissed her eyes one by one and them came to her red cheeks'

maan: I had never seen u blushing.. her cheeks grew more red and the heat was enough to tell what is going in her mind.. he gave a wet sensual kiss on her cheek and then bite it softly..

geet moans his name: Maan'. her throat was dry and he is filling her with anticipation' he traces the line and kissed the corner of her lips just brushing it' she dig her nail in his biceps that she was holding pulling him more closer' he took out her earring nipping it' his hands were playing with the lahenga thread.. he wanted to pull that but saw her fingers lingering on the edge of his buttons' he smiles and bite her earlobe'

maan: I m all urs geet,, he whisper as she grew redder,, but heat was so sensual that her hand froze at the place' he sucks a small portion of her skin lower her bosom where her necklace was tying' he slowly removed that and kissed her collarbone'

she felt his hands guiding her to open his shirt' her heart flattered as she touched his perfect abs.. he felt a current pass through his entire body as her cold finger brushes his strong abs'. after that geet herself started unbuttoning his shirt till it came out fully' she roams her palm on her toned chest making his groan in anticipation' her eyes were dark in desire' she sat up and kissed his neck.. maan was baffled with her action but he wanted her to accept him with her heart and she is loving him from her heart'

his hands went to hold her waist pulling her close to him,, she pressed herself more to him making him fall on the bed on his back' she came on him kissing his chest slowly sensually and then gradually it became hot as she planted hot wet kisses all around his torso to his abs,, licking the perfect shaped body' maan groans her name but she was too busy enjoying his helplessness' a crook smile came on her lips and she nipped his nipples making him snapped open his eyes and then saw her pink tongue licking the area with a cute smirk'  that's it,, he will take the charge now, with that he grabbed her nape and pulls her to match his eyes' she smirks where geet shows him her baby angry face'

maan whisper: u r done with ur teasing geet' before she can reply more he smashed her supple lips with his rough one and then pins her underneath him,, her eyes were wide in shock, she tried to cope with his demand but he was too much in passion, and her sweet seductress touch had awaken the desire of a beast' his hands roughly squeezed her breast making her moan in the kiss' he tasted every inch of her mouth rolling his tongue here and there.. she felt something salty came out from the corner of her lips and then it strikes his kiss made her lips bleed' but soon he licks the area ever so gently soothing her pain'

he broke the kiss and came on her neck kissing it sensually where his hands were busy ripping the lahenga down' he came on her curves and started making patterns on the hard nipples with the tip of his tongue..  geet dig her nail on his wrist and moans in pleasure making maan insane for her' he sucked her full breast hard till then it turn sour' and same cure for her other curve' she arched her back to give him more room,, maan kissed her bosom going down on belly and and bite it softly'

geet: ohhh,, instantly he licks that area and placed few wet kissed all around her waist and panty line' she was feeling difficulty to breath as his lips touched her smooth thighs' Maannn'

maan: u r so soft geet'

geet; please maan,, but he was nowhere to stop he kissed her inner thighs making her scream in pleasure, he can feel her damp in the privet parts, its so wet' he came on her face kissing her lips'

maan: tell me, do my touch disgust u?

geet looked at him unbelievingly, he want her answer still'

geet: maan please,

maan peck her lips: no geet I need answer, please say u will be with me only' his voice was hoarse and broken,, he is pleading, she knew how difficult its for him to hold this moment.. she herself is feeling the same..

geet: maan isse kya farak padhega, its not like u love me, its only ur challenge to prove me I m weak infront of u, hai na? she said as a long tear make its way' maan instantly left her and sat up across the bed'

maan: what do u mean geet? Do u think I m doing this because I want any kind of revenge or ur so called stubbornness? Do u think I came so close to u now only for any challenge? Geet can see the hurt in his eyes'

geet: but u never touch me like this, and now, before my marriage.. its complicated,, she said and closed her eyes'

maan come over her again and pinned her body to the mattress with his body: its complicated for u geet, not for me' I m not a stubborn kid like u.. geet immediately shows her cute angry face to which maan chuckle only but then nuzzle in her neck giving feather kisses' he bite the area and geet moans his name,, Geet why u always hide ur emotion when I can see u have lots of place for me in ur heart.. it made geet stiff a little'

geet: tum ne bhi kabhi mujhse thik se baat nahi ki,, in fact u never showed any care towards me only gussa gussa n gussa.. u never loved me for once' she said meekly' but maan placed a deep intense wet kiss on her breast above her nipple'

maan: my anger was only concern for u geet' and love,, u also never showed any love, only hatred and hatred'

he looked at her eyes which have shining tear droplet in the corner of her eyes' he drank it' I m not a person of word geet but I can only say Hum to pehle se hi hain KURBAAN TERE ISHQ MEIN'.

Geet closed her eyes feeling those unsaid words,, she never knew it can feel so magic hearing something like that, still now she only knew the language of hatred because she thought maan only hate her and his controlling act was to prove her wrong any ways but today hearing those magical words from his mouth is soothing her wound and curing her heart that always felt lonely'.

Maan came on her lips for a soul scorching'

Geet; u never said it before,, then how come now'

Maan: I never said because of u only,, I thought u hate me, he said dipping his face where pain was vissible, geet felt a lump in her throat..

Geet: duffer badhe I m Maan Singh Khurana who knows everything kehte the,, but never got to know my heart, u r such a

Maan: Moron? He offered and she accepted..

Geet: yes'

Maan: but if u were so smart then how couldn't u understand ur heart? Geet looked at him for a brief moment, yes she never understand her feeling as well as his feelings..

Geet: I,, wo,, main,, she stutter finding suitable words but maan didn't let her complete as his lips sealed with her'

Maan: I know my stubborn geet' he softly kissed her lips' I m sorry geet,, I should have handle u more sensitively,, I wanted to suppress my feelings for u and that's why I always behave so rude but never tried to search ur feelings, it was ur marriage that made me feel if I let u go now I will lose u forever..

Maan came on her neck kissing sensually where his hands were playing on her panty line'

Geet tried to steady her mind her he is seducing her'

Geet: maan,

Maan: hmm, he said still kissing her ear and her face'

Geet: what made u think u can have me now..

Maan instantly looked at her eyes, she can see a slight tint of fear in his eyes..

Maan: what do u mean geet?

Geet: papa nahi manege maan, she said in chocked voice, and I can't go against him'

Maan sighed in relief: I will talk to him, he want his daughters happiness only'

Geet: no maan, he had already suffered from one stroke, I don't want to see the same, its better, u move on'

It made maan jerk from his revere:  geet don't try to play game with me now, u r mine and I can't let u go with anyone' and now when I know u have the same feeling towards me I can't afford to lose u'

geet: maan please try to understand,, we can't, I , I mean, papa.. I can't let him down maan.. and what if after some day we find this is a mare infatuation' its feel good now, what if it faded away with time? maan was shocked to hear her words,, he left her and sat up the bed' geet was feeling sour in her heart feeling him so far..

maan gave his back to her sitting across the bed: what do u think geet, its an immature feelings or whatever we feel for each other can fade away with time,, atleast my feeling is not so weak like u' he stood up and started walking away.. geet felt so disheartend,, she grabbed the white sheet around her'

geet: maan..

maan without turning to her wears his shirt and started doing his buttons'

maan: this is not a infatuation of time for me geet, and for mare physical pleasure I can't go ahead with it,, if my act had proved that we can only share physical need than I m sorry to disappoint u I m not ur personal male escort'

geet: maan, he voice was a whisper but it proves how much its hurt her.. he realized what had he told her,, and closed his eyes feeling guilty, he knew his geet can never think so' she is too nave for worldly pleasure' though she looks so rough but she is as vulnerable as small kitten..

maan turned to see geet sitting on the edge of the bed holding her spread close to her chest with one hand and one was tightly clutching the head post, he can clearly see how she is numb with his word but her eyes betray and unstoppable tears makes its way' he ran to her and sat on his knees in front of her'

maan: I m really sorry geet.. please look at me, but she tightly shut her eyes ignoring his plea'

geet: I was right maan, u can never understand me,, it was good to be harsh, at least u couldn't see my weak self, and u couldn't tarnish it at least.. we can't go along any day' he cupped her face and bring her close to his face, his breath fans on her face'

maan: please geet, mera wo matlab nahi tha, open ur eyes' I m sorry, he said kissing her lips softly and parted to see her reaction but the pain was visible and when she opens her eyes that's are red now he felt something pierced his heart' geet,, jo saza dena hain dedo but don't go away from me,, I m sorry for my words, I was mad in my grief, I have waited for u so long now when I saw a glimpse of ur love I become selfish and doesn't wanted to let u go'

geet only stares at his eyes: but u don't love me' do u?

he sealed her mouth with his kissing her ever so passionately' for few seconds geet was numb, she doesn't knew what to feel, or what to do but as his eyes showed what he really feels for her she couldn't stop herself anymore' tears escaped from her eyes and he tasted that' he broke the kiss but didn't parted from her lips'

Maan: I didn't knew what is love and how to express u until I met an angel when she was only 4yrs.. she was a princess far to reach and I was nowhere to get her in life, still somewhere fate played and she melted this stone heart Maan Singh Khurana who is now inseparably head over heal in love with his angel Geet handa' now will she accept me knowing I can't give her anything beyond love' and one thing I want to say her, from this moment I want seal the life with her,, the word I had never imagined to say to anyone I want to say to her, Miss Geet Handa I really Love You beyond my imagination, and I can't live without u'.

Will u be mine forever?


For few moment geet just stares at his eyes,, her all pain just vanished with his words,, what an irony,, it was always  his words that made her hate him more now its his words only that feel she is really special to earth, yes she is special because god had made her for Him' only for her maan'


He tasted the salty water that was coming from her eyes'.  He kissed her cheeks sensually whispering huskily..

Maan: don't u love me geet?

Geet lowered her lashes and blushed profusely,, maan smiles but soon a naughty idea strikes in his mind to make her confess'.



Precap: will the idea work??

next Part Part 11


Next update tom so please comment fast' and guys from now its going to be tich's style of story and u all know what does that mean' so I would prefer to warn them who are not comfortable with intimacy' please contact me personally if u find difficulty to read it, I don't want any bashing on the thread'.

i will update it every was a surprise update... if u want to read other stories then U HAVE TO COME ON THE PAGE'..

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or  can visit our IF thread as well, all the links will be there, everyday new update and surprise so keep checking it

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absolutely superb update.  loved it.  Geet cannot control herself when Maan is around her  she needs to realise her feelings. maan should tell her that he loves her and she should realise her love for Maan.  confession and submission

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The way he confessed his love was awesum..
But geet's insecurity is rt in its place...
but i m sure MH agrees to geet's happiness...

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  very very lovely update i loved maan's man can do wat my maan do to make a girl to feel special..only my maan can do geet too only she can melt a hard stone like my maan...i love te way they showed their love...i loved it so much...waiting for next wats my maan is naughty idea...

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update is lovely...emotions of geet is acceptable...maan didnt behave as he loved her before...maans confession of love is awesome...waiting 4 hw maan is going 2 make geet confess...cont soon

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