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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 44)

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maaniqra IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
everything was perfect
yaaar when u update plzzz pm meee
love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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ha ha ha...geet ne pehle maan ko ring pehnayi...phir maan ne geet ko...amazing...aur abb lift n cockroach...oh no...cockroach is also going to play arole in deir love dear...m really enjoying it...

awesome n beautiful update...

loved it...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

n thank u very much fr dis lovely update...HugHeart

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein



Part 7


Geet was dumbstruck with his act'. She saw the ring happily lying on her finger and then his finger that had her selected ring' she saw all the sales person looking at her and smiling.. she felt frustrated and tried to remove from her ring finger' but the fitting was so perfect that it cringed her finger perfectly' she tried hard but it didn't comes out' she made a baby face looking at the ring and again tried but nothing comes except pari who was smiling all the while'.

She smirks seeing her effort and catch her hand'

Pari: ohhoo geet its so beautiful ring yaar.. I saw maan holding it' I think he liked it' but I guess u don't like it so why don't u take it out'

Geet: dumbo I m doing that only.. I hate the ring, I was just trying and its stuck here'

Pari: then let me help u,, I think it will come with soap and water, please jaldi nikaal I want to try it'

Geet who was trying hard to take it out stop at her track'. She looked at pari like she has two head'.

Geet: pari, why can't u chose any other ring, u know its not so worthy'

Pari smirks but sweep it in front of geet: are nahi geet,, look it so pretty and maan ne select ki thi, it is unique' geet felt frustrated and saw a girl brought a soap water' pari was trying to put her finger in the bowl but geet stopped it'.

Geet: parriii ruk' pari just startle with her screaming'.  See pari I have done manicure so if this soap touch my finger it will be a mess.. and I don't want to do that' pari looked at her unconvincing'.

Pari: I can arrange a gel if u want'.

Now geet was feeling like banging her head'

Geet: umm ek kaam karti hu, I will pay for it and then ghar jaake hum kuch sochte hain, hain na?

One girl: but mam sir had already paid for both the rings'

Geet looked at the girl shocked and then she tried to search maan but he was nowhere to be seen'. She regrets her words but then shrug it off'.


Prem comes there: hey geet where is the ring u selected for me,, here see this, hows it, I have selected for u'

Geet smiles weakly: prem I guess I have to select another for u and this is perfect..

Prem: but u said u had already'

Geet curse maan under her breath that he is nowhere to be seen and the ring is with him.. he had paid it that means she can't take it from him' actually I don't like that so much so common we will get another.. saying she drag him to a counter'

With no interest geet saw him selecting ring and trying in his finger' and then pari helped him to chose it as geet was only yawning and she plead pari to do the honor behalf of herself'

Pari smiles sheepishly and help him'




It was the engagement night,, maan was nowhere to be seen in 2 days,, after the shopping geet's guards took them to mansion and informed them that maan had gone for a meeting' but in these hours he had never come to see her for once,, geet was feeling restless and empty' like her days are incomplete without fighting with maan, she so wanted to show him her anger that why the hell he think of himself ,, why doesn't he came in these days'. But all her thought went to vein as she saw pari rushing to her informing prem and his family had arrived and they should get go fast'.


Pari: geet I have to go right now, uncle need me..

Geet: but pari how will I come'

Pari: someone is coming to pick u from here,, come soon, he might be waiting for u in the parking lot' and I have to rush now'.


They had came to the parlor as geet wanted no one will see her before engagement so she went to her special parlor to get ready and now her father had sent someone to receive her'.


After few more min she finally stepped in the lift and pressed the ground floor button' but suddenly someone dashed in the lift making her fall back on the wall and the person pressed her with his body'

Geet: what the hell get out, she screamed and lift get closed instant' the person kept his palm on her mouth to shut her screaming and then pressed her more to the wall with his body weight'



She blink her eyes to know who is the person... his intoxicating aftershave was enough to tell who can be other than MAAN SINGH KHURANA'..

He stares at her eyes that has mix emotion,, anger, confusion, happiness and then again anger'  he was lost in her eyes but then felt her wriggling under his grip' she was hitting him with her small fist that was not an inch hurting him' he smiles at her childish act and them pinned her both hand on the wall either side'.

His body was enough close to her to feel her whole body' his hard chest was pressing her softness'. Her breath became heavy as the consciousness drawn in her.. she tried to move but he held her tight'

Maan: missed me?

Geet looked at him with meaning eyes but he pretends not to understand'.

Maan: I can see only rage in it geet' he came close to her face, enough to touch her supple lips yet not touching it'. there was a long eye lock, geet's eyes was portraying her heart, the anguish, hurt, anger everything' she had missed him but can't accept that and that was coming out in her eyes the mirror of her heart' he left her hand and caresses her cheek with his right hand where his left hand slowly came on her waist pulling her close'. She arch her back unknowingly and he nuzzle in her hair placing his chin on her neck' her breath became rapid as its the 1st time he came so close to her that it can take her breath away' she wanted to wriggle but mind and heart just stop working' he extended his hand on her back' her deep cut blouse exposing her back very much' his finger stroked the soft flesh'. She bite her lips to control the moan that was coming' her eyes were close, maan saw that with the corner of her eyes'. He smirks,, he so much wanted to take that juicy lips in his but controlled his feeling' she felt him tracing the string of her blouse'. Reality hit her, her eyes shot open with it' she looked at him with anger' she wriggle in his grip but he didn't move an inch'

Geet: leave me'. she screamed but he pulls her more close'. And dangerously whisper'

Maan: will u shut up or I have to do something to close ur mouth' his tone was dangerously calm, she stiff in the position and then felt him tying her dori of her blouse.. she forgot to tie it'.  she hit her head mentally and after he was done he takes few step back' I don't have any pleasure to hold u samjhi?

Geet: yeah and that's why were crushing me like that' she blurted out without thinking.. and then bite her lips thinking what she blurt' he chuckle at her'

Maan: u should close ur all things before u walk out warna bahar ladko ki to chandi nikal padegi'. Geet's mouth went O'. she cursed him under her breath'

Geet: akdu, bahar ladko ki ya iski'.

Maan knotted his brow; excuse me, I don't know alien's language so can u please speak that what I can understand..

Geet: arrggg, I was not saying alien's word, and why should I bother about what u like or not,, go to hell'

Maan: I m in hell only with u everything seems to be hell,, and yeah I can see u r not bother about my choice at all.. he indicates the ring that she was still wearing,, she noticed his eyes and then covered it in her dupatta'

Geet: this was not coming out and u should think about before u made me wear this. u moron abb ye nikal hi nahi raha'

Maan: ohhoo give me I will take this out' he was trying to take her hand but she was going back, he tried to catch her where she was pushing him not giving her finger'. But then there was a power cut and the lift stopped just before its touches ground floor' it was so sudden that jerks the whole lift and she fell on him and maan hit the wall beside'

For a min there was complete silence where geet was hugging him with all her might and her eyes were closed'.  Same was with maan, the halt was so sudden but all he concern is for geet'.

Maan: geet r u alright' that brings her in to reality'

She jerks him and went away again to stumble back on her feet but maan caught her by her waist to prevent falling'.

Geet again jerks his hand: don't touch me' maan sighed irritatingly and then left her but after making her stand properly'

Maan: u r such a piece u know jaha jaati hu kuch na khuch gadbadh hoti hain'

Geet: hawww u r the one who came here and see we stuck here'.

Maan: shukar maano main yaha hu warna what would had happen if u alone struck here? He can feel her thinking and making weird faces' he knew she is afraid of darkness and especially alone in darkness' mere life ka to kachra bana ke rakkha hain pata nahi what would happen to prem when u will enter his life'.

He wanted to lighten the atmosphere as he knew she might get scared with the darkness' but it was hell annoying for geet as the mention of prem just irritate her'

Geet; yeah u should be happy I m going away from ur life'. That pricked him,, he held her arms and brought her closer to his face.. There was darkness still both can feel their presence very clearly,, what can be each other expression they knew very well' she can feel his anger through his hold that was increasing giving her pain'

Geet: u r hurting me maan'

Maan: and u always hurt me geet'

That one sentence had so power that geet forgot her all pain but stares at his eyes that was misty with dark'   she stares at him but maan let her go as he knew it will hurt her and those who hurt her pierced him also'.

Maan: geet do u have a habit of inviting problem with u or u porously fell in it every time, agar main nahi hota yaha to tumhara kya hota? It bring back the sherni geet'.

Geet: hello mr, its u with whom trouble came like a tail' aur maine kaha tha yaha aane ko? u came here on ur will, maine nahi kaha baba maan singh khuarana aiye aur mujhe bachaiye'

Maan: tum kaha kuch kehti ho, u fell in nuisance and I had to come to save u only for uncle, warna meri itna mazal main tumhe bachane aayu'.

Geet: maan just shut up,, don't know why this power had to go right now.. its so suffocating and upar se ye andhera and don't know till how much time we have to stay here..its all because of u only' arrrghhh i hate u...


maan: so m i... but with double amount...

geet: maan...

maan: geet...

geet: ufff when u r near me trouble has to come then...

maan: ohh yeah because u love to put urself in trouble,, agar trouble na bhi aana chahye to tum usse khud bulake laati ho geet, u r seriously a chalti firti disaster...

geet: maan if u don't shut ur mouth in 2 second u will pay for it...

maan: ohh yeah like i m afraid of u, and by the way ye line meri honi chahiye, remember last time how i had shut ur mouth...she frowns remembering something... (the 1st kiss when she tried to call sid)

maan: don't frown geet, in this state i can't laugh as i couldn't see u...

geet: dusht danav

maan: chudail

geet: aaa

maan; kya huya geet? He said in fake concern where his finger touches her bare waist shamelessly'

geet: i think something touches my waist...

he smirks: i think it's a cockroach... maan knew the last thing geet hate and feared is cockroach'.

geet: aaa she hugged him tight and he crushed her more to him feeling her petite body...



precap: what will happen to engagement?  Or shall I say will the engagement happen?

And guys I want to if something should happen in lift then WHAT????

Next part Part 8

thank u sooo much for all the comments and likes u had showered on my guys... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

i will update it every Wednesday.. if u want to read other stories then U HAVE TO COME ON THE PAGE'..

GEET beginning of a new Era FB Page

or  can visit our IF thread as well, all the links will be there, everyday new update and surprise so keep checking it

Geet Begining of a New Era all MG story's Links IF THREAD

my all work together

                  My little Paradise with Maaneet

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awsem update maan didn't meet geet for two days love the lift scenes chudail wow and cockroch maan finger maneet hug

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o boy o boy u updated ...rushing to read update !  :D
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ohhh its just amazinggg and superbbb
now i cant wait the nextttEmbarrassedClap

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