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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 110)

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oh finally ...
thanks for the updting status...
wtng...Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by bella39

 OMG! Read  the both parts in one go! Really Amazing! Loved it!
    This is one of my fav ff! 
       Loved their confession, u wrote it very beautifully!!

aww thanks a lot dear,  never new anyone will like it as one of fav ff,, u made my day,,

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i m extremely sorry guys,, i know u all had been waiting for it since yesterday but many of u doesn't know that tuesday i fel from stairs and hurted my knees and then again on the same day my doggy just collide on me and i fell on the wall hitting by elbow and that crashed the ground, yeah i know many of my frnds are calling me disaster and i proved it right again, but kya karu mere sath hote rehta hain,, sorry for delaying as i didn't have any bank updates,,, sorryyy



Part 12



it was 5 in the morning when finally maan manages to open his eyes to see the most beautiful sight in his life,, his geet was cuddling to him hiding her face in his bare chest' her locks were disturbing her eyes,, he smiles at her cute frowns that were appearing because of the disturbance' he slowly tucked the lose hair strands behind her ear and kissed her forehead' it was a feather kiss that tickle her and she smiles in her sleeps,, her dimple were more visible making maan's heart flip flop'. His naughty hands went on her bare waist pulling her close to him,, he can feel her moaning his name as he sensually rubbed her back'. she rubbed her face more to his chest and her pink lips pressed above his heart'. Maan groans just with a simple touch and geet giggle'

maan heard her giggling: u were awake'.

Geet shook his head still her eyes were close'. He instantly pinned her to the mattress and her body with his hard chest' her soft swollen breast pressed on his hard chest,, maan can feel the poking hard nipples'. A moan came out from her lips and he took those nipples in his mouth to make her scream with insanity'. He was not harsh or aggressive but it was soothing and sensual. His tongue licked the brown nipples and bites it making her moans his name'

Maan: if u continue doing this I can't stop my hand on u.. I can't stop tasting u whole day night'.

Geet smiles where her eyes were close: what have I done now?? And who said to leave me,, I will never allow u to leave me maan' the intensity in her voice didn't go unnoticed by maan,, he came on her collarbone kissing it in the way making his way to her lips..he pecked the supple rosy lips and captured it between his teeth'.

Maan: I can't leave u either,, u r my breath geet' how can a person live without his breath' geet looked at his eyes that showed love,, immense love'. She entangles her hands in his nape pulling him close to her lips' both shared a hot and passionate kiss'. Both parted to get some air and maan nuzzle in her neck kissing it slowly'. geet closed her eyes in ecstasy'

Geet: maan'. I love you' he placed a deep kiss on her neck hearing those words that are like his life'.

Maan: I love u too geet'. And he kissed her whole neck collarbone, chest and finally captured her lips again'..

She can feel his hardening on her abdomen,, her face was flushed and she tighten her grip' he came to her earlobe whispering huskily'

Maan: see that what u make me feel'. He bite her collarbone and sucks her place to sooth the pain'. The clock hit the alarm 6 and both jerks out sitting on the bed'.

Geet: maan its 6, if anybody comes to know about u they will tell papa' masi to aane hi wali hogi,, aaj haldi aur mahendi hain'. she said in a hurry fail to realize what she said,, maan saw her facial expression change as reality drawn in her'. she looked at him with pain'. Agar papa nahi mane to?? He instantly pulls her in his embrace,,, it was perfect for a timid body like her, she was almost on his lap and pressed her whole in his chest hiding her face in the crook of his neck'

Maan: geet,, do u trust me?? she nodded still didn't come out holding him tightly'.i said na I will never let u go from me'.. I will do something but we need uncle alone to talk with him,, he just want ur happiness geet' he caresses her hair and kissed her head'. I love u a lot and I will make the world upside down to make u mine'. She smiles in his neck and he can feel that'. now if u smiles like that I may eat u right now, I m warning u' she hit his chest with her small fist and comes out from his neck' he kissed her lips softly caressing her cheeks'. Now I have to go,, but promise me u will take care of ur self, u will not worry about anything'. she gives her best smile and blinked her lashes to assure him,, haayee our munda is flat to see his innocent angel and again kissed her lips passionately'.


Geet wrapped the spread around her cleavage and saw her love going out from the balcony through the pipe' but before walking away from there he looked up to see geet,, she smiles and wave her hand,, he threw a flying kiss and wink at her'

Geet: how typical bollywood' she giggles and ran to the washroom'.



Smile was not leaving her face as the cold water touched her body making her hiss in pain'. She cursed maan under her breath for making her whole body red and blue' but his passion was something she can desire her life for it' remembering his passion last night her cheeks started becoming red and redder'. She closed her eyes as the water washed her pain replacing it by pleasure'. but her eyes went wide as 2 manly hand slipped in her waist,,, she tried to look at the person but his hard rock solid chest collide her bare back and she leaned on his chest,, he came on her earlobe whispering huskily'

Missing me jaan'.

A moan came out her lips: Maannn'..

Maan: I loved ur red cheeks and more it because of me' he nipped her earlobe and sucks the water from it'. he came on her neck biting it harshly'

Geet: Maan,, she scream and opens her eyes'


Geett,, Geet' she heard her maasi calling her and look around to see where is maan,, she slapped her forehead realizing she was dreaming about maan'. she composed herself and took the bathrobe wearing it she came out to hug her maasi'.


Maasi: are itna time kyun lagaya?

Geet: nothing maasi, wo I just wanted to feel relax, u know all this is going so in hurry' her maasi kissed her forehead and gave her some cloths'

Maasi: wear it, why u took shower now? U have to have it again after everyone apply haldi on u,, she smirks where geet pouted her lips'

Geet: I hate the smell'

Maasi; but u have to bear it dear for ur would be husband prem' u know after applying him that haldi will come for u' geet frowns on that'

Geet: matlab?

Maasi smiles: are hamare yaha riwaz(ritual) hain, after applying haldi on groom that haldi only comes for bride' geet was not liking the idea,, she want only maan's haldi for her, she can't allow any other's man touching thing on her'

Geet: maasi u know I hate this typical ritual, do something na.. and more over maasi I don't like prem'

Maasi become alert and gave a stern look: geet don't say like this infront of ur papa, do u know how much he is happy with the alliance,, he will die if this alliance break..

Geet was shocked: Maasii,,, she shouted' her maasi calm her voice and in a meek voice said..

Maasi: do u want another stroke for ur father? Nahi na, I know u love him' that's why I m saying, don't do anything that will ruin his reputation' he loves his reputation more than anything'. maybe he will break this marriage for ur sake but I know deep inside he will break after this'. she patted geet's cheek,, I know u will be happy in this marriage beta,, and u can never ditch ur father' geet nodded her head with teary eyes' her maasi kissed her forehead and left from there smirking'.

Maasi(st): jana to tumhe padega hi geet, otherwise how will my son get this whole property' she wiped her fake tear and gave a evil smirk'


Geet sat on the bed staring at the dress her massi gave her and then remember maan's word'


'I can never leave u geet'


Tears made their way'

Geet: that's why I hate feelings,, it makes person weak, now I can't go anywhere,, I can't betray my father neither I can live without maan, what should I do' she looks up and cried,, Mamma help me na,, help me mamma, I m feeling so alone'. She sobbed cuddling in the bed'. Why u left me mamma,, aaj agar aap yaha hoti to ye sab nahi hota' why u left me mamma,, m I so bad that u left me alone here'. I want u now, I need u, I need to put my head on ur lap but u r nowhere, I miss u mamma' she whisper and rock back n forth like a child cuddling her knees to her chest'




Maan was doing all the last min check up'. he is looking for all the arrangements as per mr handa's wish.. he wanted maan to check everything before the haldi start and he had only few mins to setup all because once geet came down all men have to go away' this is a ladies function' maan wanted to talk to mr handa about him and geet but mr handa was hell busy moreover Brij was giving him loads n loads of work.. he can't refuse because whenever he tried brij called mr handa'. With frustration maan started doing all the things just then pari and sid entered the place'.

Both went close to maan, they were worried after last night as neither maan or geet was available'

Pari: Maan where is geet, did u talk to her, what she said? Is she angry still,, bolo na kuch bolte kyun nahi?

Sid and maan both looked at her like she is an alien

Sid: tum bolne dogi to bolega na,, if u start ur chattar pattar, u never stop at the right track'.

Maan: ok enough of u two.. pari I had talked to her last night.. and umm I told her, that

Pati: OMG Maan Singh Khurana and stammering,, kuch to garbadh hain,, something happened, don't tell me u both accepted ur feeling for each other' maan looked away to see if anyone is watching them or not' just then sid looked at maan's neck' his eyes widen seeing a love bite' and bent on it to touch it'. pari was giving him weird look where sid's eyes were gluing on the red spot' he was poking on the place when maan flinch'

Maan: Ouch what the hell are u doing'.

Sid: m,mmm,,mmm wo main,, umm is that a love bite?  maan's eyes were wide and pari's were red in embarrassment' but she smiles cheekily'.

Pari: oowww' we were thinking about accepting ur feeling yaha to sayad bohot kuch hogaya lagta hain'

Maan became irritated with all the naggings: will u shut up guys,,, stop ur sickness and go see where is geet'. I m feeling weird,, I want to be sure she is ok'

Sid: no need'.  she is coming'.

Al three head turn to see geet glad in yellow Patiala,, her dupatta draped over her one shoulder to locking her waist'. Maan had never seen her in indian outfit but he can say she is looking out of the world, he can't stop gaping at her'. pari nudge him with her elbow'

Pari: aise dekhte rahoge to sabko pata chal jayega'. Maan instantly tore his gaze from her but geet couldn't,,, she just stares at his eyes'. Maan again saw her and then felt something odd'. In the morning only she was so happy what happen now? Why her face is so dull'. Why her eyes are red? Why her face is not glowing like last night'. Why she was staring at him with pain'. His heart shudder with the thought of her pain'.


Maasi and geet's nani made her sit in the middle of all the girls' they wanted to start the ritual but they had been informed that haldi will be late as prem's family didn't sent haldi yet' but geet sat there lifelessly' her mind was lost somewhere' pari got worried and asked maan but he told her she was happy in the morning then what had happen in these hours'. Sid was making plans to take her away so that he can ask her what happen, he tried to go there but her maasi didn't allowed him'. the girls started dancing and singing but for whom all the function held,, she was only looking like a dead body' maan couldn't hold himself and told pari to somehow make her come from there and meet him on the terrace' pari agreed and goes to meet geet,, geet hugged pari and pari asked her what happen. She told nothing but looked at maan's concern eyes' immediately she looked away feeling the hot tears coming again' maan sensed her tension and became restless' pari and sid was witnessing everything,, when geet decline to go on terrace maan became mad' he gave her threatening look which she ignored'. Sid was really worried for his best friend,, he and pari made some plan'.


once a waiter came to serve geet a lemon water as she was tired sitting in one position from past an hour,, pari took it to give her but accidentally it fell on geet's dress drenching it fully' pari told everyone she will take her to her room and make her change her dress'


They are walking through the alone corridor when pari asked her what happen but geet chose to be numb'

Pari: batayegi nahi to pata kaisa chalega geet? Tell me what happen?

Geet: nothing pari,, I was just tired'

Pari: don't lie geet,, what happen between u and maan?usne kuch kaha kya? What happen tell me please'

Geet wanted to break her shell and hug pari and cry her heart out, but she couldn't' if anybody see them what would he think' if her papa comes to know what will go through him' she made a hard face'

Geet: pari its nothing,, I told u na, I m feeling tired, that's why' please leave me alone'

Pari: but

Geet: please pari.. at last she pleaded her and pari with a sigh left her there only'. Geet was walking through the lonely way thinking what should she do now,, should she tell maan about her and maasi's talk,, should she talk with her father' her life is in mess'. She was lost in her thought when fell a harsh pull and in second she was pinned by a hard rock and a wall' her eyes were shut because of the force,, but then heard a husky voice that made her breath go high'.


Geet, open ur eyes,, no one can touch u except ur maan'. she instantly looked at him and lost her all worry'. Immediately he claimed her lips marking her as his only maan ki geet'.





Preacp: dur raho mujhse maan' its not right' tomorrow is my marriage, and before she can complete her words he slammed his lips on her claiming her again but harshly aggressively till then she felt weak on her knees'.

Part 13

i will update it every Wednesday... if u want to read other stories then U HAVE TO COME ON THE PAGE'..

GEET beginning of a new Era FB Page

or  can visit our IF thread as well, all the links will be there, everyday new update and surprise so keep checking it

Geet Begining of a New Era all MG story's Links IF THREAD

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aaarrrggghhhAngry so here maasi is playin a villain..i wanna kill her for brainwashing geet Angry !!
precap is makin me nervous Shocked wat will maan do to samjhao her Ouch ??!!

anyways nice update tich Embarrassed,  tc of ur health dts more important Shocked Embarrassed

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waiting for the update...

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oye yaar ye kaisa jhatka tha.. i wanna kill maasi and brij...AngryAngryAngry

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Will be waiting

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stupit geet why she hear maasi and brij and hurt my maan again i am already feeling his pain i can't see him in pain only bcs of  geet stupidty Angry ahh yar pls do something i don't want to see geet with other manCry

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