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Ordinary Girl..(Look for a new romance on pg 61)

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This is the first time I'm trying my hand at FF so please bear with me if you find it rubbish. It is based on IPKKND characters but is not along the same story line. Some characters apart from Arnav and Khushi are also equally important and have been given their due space. 

Lots of comments and likes will be highly appreciated and your encouragement will motivate me to write further. I'm not very creative with my page either so .. please excuse the plainness. Embarrassed

FF: Ordinary Girl in an Extraordinary Affair

Chapter 1
Khushi sat down on her bed and closed her eyes as she fought for control. It was true. No matter how hard she tried, it was impossible for forget Arnav. She's broken in cold sweat today when she'd seen a person on the street, about his height, his build. Her heart had started beating faster than an express train. She had practically run all the way from the lake to home.

A teardrop made its way out of her eye and rolled down over her cheek. She wiped it away gently. As the days went by, she felt the knife of hurt going deeper and deeper. Who said time heals all kinds of hurt? Sometimes even TIME stops for certain types of hurt, it just can't heal. When the one you loved the most in your love destroys your faith in love, in life itself, there remains nothing but a dead shell of your own self. She could now relate to the emotion that plagued her night and day and refused to melt in thin air. It was love. 

She loved Arnav Singh Raizada and nothing she did would wipe it off her soul.

"It is no use sitting like this. I must do something! I must keep myself busy! I must strive to forget him. I must. "Khushi repeated this statement again and again as if it was the only mantra that will keep all the memories away. She flounced off the bed and went downstairs.

Delicious smell of food wafted out from the kitchen, making Khushi hungry all over again. She could eat a ton and still not be satisfied. Her figure was what one could call jaw dropping though she didn't pay much attention to it these days. She had always hated exercising, thus gym was out of the question, but she played tennis to remain fit. However she had gained weight since.. well, since she came back from Delhi and left it all behind her.

The loyal family maid and seemingly ageless Lalita was in the kitchen. Lalita had been in Khushi's grandmother's employ since she was 8 years old and grandmother had rescued her from the clutches of poverty. Today she was a valuable part of the family and much loved by all.

"What's for lunch today Lalita?"  Khushi shouted even before she enters the kitchen. "I'm ravenously hungry."

Lalita looked at Khushi and smiled at her fondly. She was her favourite among all the daughters of the Gupta clan. She stopped Khushi from prying to various bowls that were already covered with their respective lids.

"Khushi, stop shouting. Even if your grandma's room is upstairs, I shall not tolerate this."

Khushi touched her ears and made eyes, "Alright I'm sorry. Now, can I please please peek in and see what's for lunch?"

Lalita opened the lids one by one, "Your favourite Palak Paneer subzi is here and the Paranthas are here. Your jalebis are on the other counter, covered and to be eaten only after lunch. Pulav has also been made since Payal asked for it. She's come here to visit for a couple of days so it's only befitting that I make her favourites too. "

Khushi hugged her, "Awww! The ever caring Lalita! Oh Lalita, what'd I do without you! Who'd feed me? Since it is all ready and waiting to be served, may I simply grab a couple of jalebis?"

Lalita laughed, "You just can't stay away from them, can you? Go on then.. but only a few!"
While Khushi munched on the jalebis, she poked around in the fridge. "Aree Lalita, we're falling short of veggies."

"Ah yes, Khushi. Would you be kind enough to go to the Bazaar today evening and buy some? I'll give you the list. You can even take Sophie with you." said Lalita.

Sophie was Khushi's darling. As far as looks went, Sophie was a German Shepard with fierce looks and yet was gentle as lamb.

Khushi beamed at Lalita. "Okie dokie. I'll do that." As she munched on her jalebis, the smile dropped off and she became thoughtful. If any of her Delhi friends saw her like this, they'd probably not even recognize her.  "And a good thing it would be too! I wouldn't want anyone to find me or recognize me. I don't want to ever meet anyone from that part of my life ever. It is gone- done. Over with." she mumbled to herself.

At the uplifted enquiring eyebrow from Lalita, Khushi simply smiled and said, "Talking to myself is all. Take no notice of me."

Lalita rolled her eyes heavenwards, "What's new? You've been like that since you learnt to talk! Sankadevi."

Lunch time was a quiet affair as usual, with Payal and Khushi sitting on both sides of her grandmother while she was seated at the head of the table. While they were being served Jalebis, Payal piped up, "Grandmother, I am so happy to see you after so many years and Khushi after so many months. Nainital has not changed much and it seems to have done Khushi loads of good too! She looks better now and even gained weight. Why, when we went to meet my friend Sarita, all the guys from her college were ogling at Khushi ! "

"NOT TRUE!" Khushi spoke while eating, nearly splattering jalebis everywhere, a horrified look in her eyes. 

Her grandmother closed her eyes in despair and spoke gently but firmly, "Ugh! Khushi darling, chew, swallow and then speak. And why not? Why would the boys not stare at you? You are pretty." responded the matriarch of the family. "Your long hair has regained its silky shine, looks a lovely shade of dark brown. You have gained a bit of weight and look voluptuous unlike those matchsticks I see lolling about everywhere. You would look so much better if you started wearing your lenses again and take off those horrid glasses."

"I don't WANT to look good or pretty. I don't even want to talk about it. I'm happy the way I am here. Excuse me, I'll take Sophie out for some time in the garden." Saying this, Khushi left the table.
*Chapter 2- PRECAP: Arnav's entry and flashbacks begin. *
Grandma sighed and looked at Payal, "It has been about seven months now since she's come here. She left you all to stay with me in this quiet part of the world but she finds no peace. She smiles and laughs with everyone but I can't be fooled. She tries hard to not let it show but sometimes, it just comes out. She has not forgotten that guy; Arnav. She is still hurting."

Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 - Page 2
Chapter 4 - Page 4
Chapter5 - Page 5
Chapter 6 - Page 7 (external link)
Chapter 7 - Page 9
Chapter 8 - Page 9 (external link due to adult content)
Chapter 9 - Page 11
Chapter 10- Page 13
Chapter 11- Page 16
(Precap)Chapter 12- Page 19
Chapter 12- Page 22
Chapter 13- Page 25
Chapter 14- Page 29
Chapter 15- Page 30
Chapter 16- Page 31
Chapter 17- Page 32
Chapter 18- Page 34
Chapter 19-A- Page 37
Chapter 19-B-Page 39
Chapter 19-c- Page 39 (link given below Chapter 19-B)
Chapter 19-D- Page 43
Chapter 20 - Page 45
Chapter 21-A-Page 47
Chapter 21-B-Page 49
Chapter 21-C- Page 52
Chapter 22- Page 54

NOTE: If you like the FF and wish me to send you PM, please add me to your buddy list if you've not already been added by me. Cheers! 



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hey!! i really like your FF Smile

i wonder what happened between arnav and khushi? very interesting...please please please continue and update soon Big smile

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Congrats on the first FF Tejal ClapClapClap

Absolutely loved reading it Smile Portraying Khushi as a voluptous girl rather than the matchstick type is different and nice Smile

Wonder what the flashback is all about ??? Cant wait to read the next part ... Doesnt look like your first time ... You seem to be a pro Smile Bravo !!!

P.S : Thnx for the PM and plz notify when you update the next part ... Waiting eagerly Smile

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FF: Ordinary Girl in an Extraordinary Affair- Chapter 2


Flashbacks are in green and italics.  Thanks to all those who liked this FF. I wish those who viewed it would like it or comment on it. Trust me, it'd be highly encouraging for me at this time. Smile  Enjoy!  

Grandma sighed and looked at Payal, "It has been about seven months now since she's come here. She left you all to stay with me in this quiet part of the world but she finds no peace. She smiles and laughs with everyone but I can't be fooled. She tries hard to not let it show but sometimes, it just comes out. She has not forgotten that guy Arnav. She is still hurting."

Payal's face went from smiling to gloomy. "Arnav has been quite busy lately and in off mood according to Akash. Dadiji has been very concerned about him as well. As such, he's our cousin and stays in England most of the days with his sister but these days he travels frequently to Delhi for his new project. It was during one of those early visits when Arnav and Khushi had met."  Payal remembered their first meeting.

Payal Gupta and Khushi Gupta were the daughters of a respectable businessman. They lived in the posh Chanakyapuri area of Delhi and were neighbours with Mahendra Singh Raizada and his family. The Raizadas were known to be very affluent and influential in business as well as in politics. Payal and Akash had been school classmates while Khushi was a two years younger to them. After graduation, Akash had left to go the U.K to study further while Payal had gone to Shantiniketan to study Arts. Khushi being smarter had gone ahead and finished her M.B.A. in marketing. Public speaking was her forte. She was witty, smart, outgoing, fun-loving and could chatter nineteen to a dozen. She'd always boasted that she could even turn the Grinch into smiling Santa.

Payal thought about the first time Arnav and Khushi had met. Arnav was Akash's cousin and had come down to Delhi from the U.K. for the first time since he had some business to deal with. According to Akash, he was admirable since he'd independently made his first million before he turned 30. Akash was in awe of him and talked of him constantly before his arrival. So much so that Khushi had finally declared,

"He must be stuck up then. Those who are money minded are normally pricks with a brick stuck up in the rear. Tell me Akash, this cousin of yours- is he one of those rich, spoilt, Angrez kids who can't speak Hindi worth knowing and think they're too high above us? " She's been smirking when a voice interrupted, "I assume you're talking about me."

Khushi turned around, a shade of beet red. Akash stuttered, "Bhai.. uh.. Welcome! I didn't realize you'd already arrived! When did .."

He was tall and well built. The evening light in the background encircled him, giving him a dangerous red halo. He wore a black Tee and beige baggy pants that fit his lithe body, that much was discernible from distance. As he moved, his walk was lithe as panther's or was it tiger eyes? His eyes, as he came nearer shown with light and anger. Amber eyes; yes, he had tiger eyes. Brown hair, amber eyes and golden skin along with manly looks were a deadly combination when it came to slaying girls and it looked as if he was well aware of it.

The man didn't take his eyes off Khushi's face while he spoke, "I came in about an hour ago. Uncleji picked me up from the airport. I came out looking for you since uncleji wanted to sit down together."

Akash stammered while he tried to introduce some normality into the situation, " Ah.. ww-we were just talking and I was telling them about y-you. Payal, this is my cousin from England, Arnav. Arnav, these are our neighbours' daughters- Payal and Khushi."

Arnav smiled at Payal and left her dazed with that smile while he moved up to where Khushi was standing. He held out his hand, " Arnav Singh Raizada, main wahi hoon jiske baare main tum abhi baat kari thi."

At this gesture, Khushi who had been standing with her head low and blushing looked up with a glint of battle in her eyes. "Khushi Kumari Gupta. And if the cap fits''"  She said it all with her one raised eyebrow. 

Payal came back to the present and continued, "The worst part is, when he comes to Delhi on business, he never asks about her! Mum and Dad live next door so if they're present when he arrives, he politely greets them and goes into the guest room. He's never said a word of what happened between them and she's too proud to tell anyone she's been hurt by whatever happened between them."

Grandmother clucked her tongue and frowned, "You rarely do, when you love someone very deeply and are hurt. Love can only be hidden by a giant ego that protrudes out to show to the world that you're unshakeable.  I may be old and may follow traditions but I'm not foolish. I know how the world today works. Though she won't say anything, I know it went way beyond attraction. I may have not met him but I wish I could. What kind of fool lets a gem like my granddaughter slip out of his hands? Damn fool boy!"

Khushi in the meanwhile was wandering about in the rain. She didn't mind it; in fact she felt it cleansed her.  She had always loved the rains and now even more so when she knew that it was the only way she could hide her tears. Sophie didn't mind the rain either since it gave her an opportunity to run around and chase whatever object was flying in the air.

By the time they reached the bridge near Tallital, it had stopped raining. The sun was slowly trying to make its way out. It was June and the sun would stay around a bit longer in this month so she could roam about a little further before she went to the market to buy vegetables on Lalita's list.

 She went to the post office and got some postage stamps. She always did when she was upset and wished to write to her friend in London.  Once that was done, she moved towards the subzi-mandi (the vegetable market) and started buying the vegetables. Bhindi, Aaloo, Gobhi, Palak, Methi and the other vegetables on her list were one by one added to the basket that she always carried around with her  while she chatted with the subzi-wallah. Sophie, she could see was getting restless.

"Sophie! Do stay still. I have yet to buy some more. If you behave I'll buy you a bone later." Sophie wagged her tail and stood on her legs, as if to say, "alright, as long as I get that bone."

The subzi-wallah smiled at Khushi and continued weighing the rest of the vegetables, "That's one smart dog you've got there Khushi, taking after her mistress."

Khushi laughed at that. "Yeah, grandmother is one smart woman. Now me, I'm practical." She thought to herself while paying the subzi-wallah, "And practicality dictates that I buy myself a bottle of water from the nearby shop while I get Sophie's bone."

"A bottle of water please."

Khushi froze as she heard the voice. It can't be! ARNAV! Her heartbeats went galloping and her face turned pale. She put a hand to her heart and tried to calm down. "Calm down Khushi. He can't be here. How could he be here? He had said he'd never cared, he had said- he'd never come back. You're just imagining his voice. Get a grip."

While she was trying to calm herself down, the voice asked, "How much?"

She didn't wait to hear anything else. Panic grabbed her entire being as she rushed off to run away from there as fast as her legs to take her.

While she ran away causing the subzi-wallah and some others to look at her in astonishment, Arnav stood nearby collecting his bottle of water and thinking to himself, "Running is not going to help this time Khushi. The time has come to pay for what you've done to me. The time has come."


Chapter 3 Precap:

"You have to come to my engagement party Khushi! I'd never forgive you otherwise. You're the one who made me and NK confess our love. "Mallika stomped off Khushi's room in annoyance and went to grandmother's room. "Naniji, I insist! Please tell her that she's to come to my engagement party along with the rest of you guys. If she doesn't I'm not getting engaged. Let NK wait forever!"



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OMG im loving this!!! 

my favourite part was the end...what has khushi done that she needs to pay for??

btw thanks for the pm Smile

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This ff is awesome.. Especially 4 ur first attempt.. Continue soon nd do pme me..

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Nice concept... But Wat she done to arnav singh Nd y she is runing away...

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Originally posted by Audiwalia

Nice concept... But Wat she done to arnav singh Nd y she is runing away...

That's coming up in the next two chapters. Smile 

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