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Break Away

Part 13

He looked at Ridhz without a blink when she gave her injection, her flinch at the slight pain while slitting the skin during injecting her dint go unnoticed by his trained sharp eyes, he looked at her continuously with all his love and affection, his helplessness, and pain, his anger and frustration and she slowly and steadily drifting off to sleep, with pain reflecting clearly on her tear stricken face...tracing her angelic face telling her misery...

He silently preyed to her baba ji, asking him to give all her pain to him and relieve her from this agonization...


Maan you fine...Ridhz asked to an extremely silent Maan passing his cup of coffee to him and Armaan's over the side table getting her seat next to them on the sofa sipping her coffee looking at the dead soul in front of him in pain, while Armaan was busy bandaging the heated wounds of Maan, any other man in place of Maan would have flinched in extreme pain and heated sensation while getting those painful antiseptics over the half pierced skin of over the brutally cut first layer of skin, his chest was having those brutal cuts all over, left-right-middle-bottom each nock and corner of his chest was marked by his Jaan's agony, her helplessness, he closed his eyes in pain dropping his head back a little remembering that pain, that fear, that hatred in her eyes fearing that wasn't for him but ironically that was, that was for him then, a deep piercing mark right over his heart, as if marking the painful truth of his bleeding heart looking at his love of life, his jaan, in such a condition was worse than even sloughing his heart in two pieces but here he smiled painfully knowing it is what he deserved, for leaving her alone all the while to go through all this all alone all these years, that deep cut over his left arm bleeding from the corner with the clotted blood over the rest of the wound and he closed his eye in agony and pain when a tear drop dispersed his thick lashes trailing down his cheeks making his dark desirable eyes wet and moist in pain and anger, anyone, anyone in this damn world would have cried flinching at his pain, at his wounds

But here Maan was silent closing his eyes letting a few lame tears escape from his eyes under his thick lashes, he dint said anything, he was frozen, sat there numb since the time he was brought from her room, since the time he saw his life in that state, since the time she forgot him, only Ridhz and Amy knew how they managed to get his lifeless body away from Geet's sleeping form while she was drowned in her sleep under the effect of sedatives, when he wasn't ready to leave even a sight of his life, his Jaan, his Mishthy, his Geet, his wife, who was in so much pain, in so much hurt, in so much agony and restlessness in her own self buried pain and anger, she might need him anytime, what if she wake up while he is not here, what if she again get under her trauma he need to protect her, cocoon her, save her, so how can he leave her again, he did a mistake last time to let her go alone, he was wrong then how can he do it again, and she bear this pain since last damn 5 years when he was all oblivious to all this, how the heck he managed to survive when his soul was far away from him, going through all this here all alone, he was not in his control still his heart was thudding mercilessly in his ribs, he dint knew what else to say, the sight, the scene he just went through a few hours back was killing him inside piercing his soul bit by bit again and again, how was he suppose to live again, enduring this pain in his heart, in his soul how can he...

Maan...Maan...Maan you ok!!!...Amy shook Maan trying get him out of his lost trance when Maan looked lost to his direction stil not able to get out of the pain his heart and soul was getting pierced with each and every second passing in his veins


Maan listen you can't break down, she need you, we need your help to revive your Geet from this state please control yourself Maan...Geet's Maan can never break when his Geet need her, The Maan Singh Khurana can never lose hope...Armaan said as his last hopes now reside in this man who was killed inside into god knows how many times, he know Maan have to gather his shattered self to protect his Jaan in a protective cocoon of his embrace when she breaks down, that cannot be anyone else then her Maan so they need to bring him out of his shock to see his life in so much mess, in such a horrendous chaos for the first time...I told you before as well she can get hyper anytime, we need to take care of her very attentively choosing words after word in front of her, we don't know which of our act, which of our act get the demon out of her, we don't need to provoke her, we need to break her shell so that she opens herself with her own will, it's that, she is not just able to take her anger out, the phase where she got to go through so much is just frozen in some part of her brain, so certain times her anger comes out in the phase of fits, she gets wild and do all such things, she can do anything and everything then to anyone, even you, she doesn't recognize anyone then, she don't know whom is she facing with whom is she then the only thing that lingers in her mind when he find a man in front of at that moment is revenge, her hatred, her helplessness burst out in form of this severe trauma and she gets out of control, we have tried everything but she is not ready to come out of her state as if she is afraid f something, as of something is hindering her to open up, she use to blabber all weird and unspoken words in her starting days, but she have composed herself to much extent with time still she need to open up but she is suppressed under her grief to an extent when , we need to slowly slowly break open her shell so that it won't hurt her further, else we can...Armaan took a deep breath completing the sentence...we can lose her forever Maan...


Ridhzi closed her knowing all the facts when Maan gasped sharply and looking horrifying shocked towards Armaan who nodded agreeing to what he just said a while before and for Maan it seemed the ground below him was shaken, someone took away the earth below him thrashing him in the scorching heat of hell, the breezing wind have stopped making him suffocate feeling her pain, he held onto the sofa seat in order to held onto his place not willing to get his shattered soul collapse down his own feet...We need you, she need her Maan beside her...Armaan bent down beside him on his knees holding his hands in his clasp...Maan listen...he pulled his chin making him forcibly face his side, when he tell you the truth the happenings, the scenes happened here today are no new, we have gone worse than this, and trust me she can get wilder then this, we need to keep our senses awake all the while beside her, this was nothing...Maan looked at him confused, hell what is he saying, worse than this, this is normal, wilder then this, this is nothing...hell, hell, hell, what is much his poor little soul has to go through all this, how much his life has to endure when she was never at fault, when she dint knew what was right what was wrong, still that most pious soul was going through all this just because of him, his negligence, he should have taken care of her, he should have been with her, he should have been their but dam he wasn't, he wasn't there for her, for their love, for their Aahana...then the thought of his little princess occurred him and he looked back to Armaan with a fear in his eyes...does...he hiccupped not able to voice out his fear...does Aahana knows this?? Her mumma...and he looked at his biggest fear turning in this brutal reality when Maan looked at Armaan bowing his head down nodding in acceptance and pulled his head a little above with a smile over his face when he know what Maan, you little brat Aahana Maan Singh Khurana is a real strong baby, she indeed a child of a lion, as her mom states, Geet calles her a little lioness when she is amused with her self control or anger, she is your carbon copy Maan, just the little Maaneet, a sweet and dangerous combination of Maan and Geet, more than just perfect, only she is the one to handle her, only A is the one Geet listen in her worst state, only she could have make you Geet survive till now Maan, your princess, your love is really strong Maan, it's just because of her...


Maan thumped his fisted hand holding the sofa in as a lifeless palm over the wide sofa when he heard him telling what all their life has been, what all mess, a chaos in their life has happened he dropped his head back resting it lifelessly over the headrest of the sofa, when Armaaan continued telling Maan about how Aahana use to take care of Geet, how Geet use to get wild and Aahana use to calm her, her medicines, her schedules how that little Aahana whom world thinks is a little spoilt brat, who indeed she is, but still how that little brat use to transform in the most senseible and understanding kid when it came to her mumma, how she used to manage all the things slow slow with her soft and supple baby hands, how she use to look after all even at such a tender age when Amy and Ridhz were not there for them, how Geet and Aahana share a perfect bonding and managed each other perfectly, he looked up to the wide skies tring to search a single answer yet again why...just why was they bearing so much pain, what have his mishty done to go through all this, what have their little princess done to get such a responsibility, how she become so much understanding at the age when children use to play she got to take care of her mother and she did it, with perfection as far as she could do...the adorable queen of khurana clan, the only daughter of Handa's who ruled the world, who bestow the power of ruining and building anything and everything under her one blink was here suffering all this and no one knew about her miseries how is that even possible, the little princess of the ruler of this world, whom everyone should have worked in accord to her wish was here all alone far from their families, far from her dada living and taking care of her mumma all alone, what all this baby might have seen, how strong her tender small shoulders might have became, the dream he have worshiped in his heart since day one of their lives was there in this world but he was not capable enough to have preserved it, how can that be

He looked up at the skies lost in his own thoughts, lost in thinking and dreading how they might have lived when Armaan was naraating him different phases where Aahana was the only hope for everyone to revive Geet from that dark hollow chamber of her heart, when out of blue a certain word escaped his mouth making Ridhz and Amy look at him in one will tell her what happened a while before...he looked to the two who were looking at him as if he was some alien with two thorns over his head, and he simply smiled it off their amusement shaking his head in denial and smiled genuinely over them knowing what he have to do now, he wasn't there for them that was their destiny, this break away was in their fate and they parted under the dance of that almighty but not anymore, he won't let this break away to happen again, won't allow it to break him and his breath and soul again, he was a fighter, a born ruler, the tiger who paced the jungle in his accord and now now Maan Singh Khurana will bring this world upside down if anything ever touched his possessions, his lives, his daughter and wife ever again, he did a mistake once but Maan Singh Khurana don't repeat his mistakes to make him vulnerable again and again this is his time now, and he will rule his time under his wish and no one can challenge him now, no human, no fate, nor even her baba ji...


The two amused Doctors, and astonished Friends of the girl called Geet, looked at each other with wide opened mouths and then back to Maan who was smiling looking at the two who were looking a total a new Maan, the Maan they saw a few seconds back was magically transformed in a new Maan who was full of hope, with a new life, ready to sacrifice his existence over his love...he winked at them and got up saying...close your mouth, or don't tell me you wanna eat flies as your lunch today...


Walking to the kitchen he looked back to them over his shoulder...hmm till I know she won't remember what happened at that time, and I won't tell her, and even I won't let you two open mouthed monkeys even spit out anything in front of her...


So now tell me what you want for lunch am placing an order my princess might be coming back from school and here I am all hungry since morning and my queen is sleeping so I have to get the lunch ready, will you two eat anything else then flies then tell me...he looked at them who frowned closing their mouths and pouted looking at him when Maan burst out in laughter accompanied with Ridhz and Amy...Amy was more than pleased looking at the perfect Man for her Gudia in front of her, overwhelmed with the love and power over his love he have in his heart not able to control himself he went near him and hugged him tight not before mouthing a thank you to Maan for understanding and loving his Gudia so much...and how can Maan not love his life, his love, his life was all surrounded by her so how can he not be strong when he know his life need her to be strong...




Aahana came back from schhol with a heavy bag flooded with books over her petite shoulders and the water bottle perfectly hanging round her soft, small neck, drooping her eyes in exhausted and tired manner, hoping this day to end up with a bright smile of her mumma, running inside with a smile over her tired face she ran to mumma's room with excitement and joy to look her mumma's face after a day, she missed her a lot, and only she knew how much boring day she spent over in school missing her mumma, cribbing to her baba ji, she wanted to tell everything what happened in school to mumma, narrate her the whole wide story of her long day to mumma, when she unbolted to room silently peeping inside a little from the corner of the room...mumma...she sweetly called out her mumma, only to sigh looking at mumma's sleeping form, cuddling under the duvet, she lowered her lashes a little in disappointment she so much wanted to cuddle up in mumma's lap, hide her face in her, tell her what all she did yesterday, what all she did on Pihu's birthday, what gifts she got, how much Pihu liked her gift, how much they played, how was her night out, and then the school, what happened when Math's Mam was solving questions, when Rahul pulled her leg what have he paid for his silly prank, how she pranked over poor watchman yet again, what she draw in her drawing class, but alas nothing could have done till her mumma gets up, and looking at her she knew she might be sleeping with medication means she won't wake up early, looking again to her mumma with her cute puppy eyes she locked the door behind dishearten and made her way to the living area, throwing her bag and bottles over the sofa she took remote and scrolled her cartoon network to watch Mr. Bean


She lost herself in the Television oblivious to a pair of eyes watching her each move, each step, each blink, leaning his head lifelessly over the wooden door holding his bleeding heart in his hands, aching to feel his little princess so much efficient, thinking how many times he have fought with her mum saying he will pamper, he will treasure, he will fulfill each and every need and wish of his little life, his princess when her mother always cribbed saying he will spoil their daughter if he fulfill each and every undue demand, remembering their countless, unending fights over the same topic when he use to stop her pocking mouth in a soul serene kiss always, sometimes wondering does she intentionally speaks so much knowing he will shut her up the same way, he looked at her, with a lone tear brimming over his thick lashes telling him his incapability's, his lack of order, his weakness, his lacking, his defeat, he wiped his tear silently with the back of his palm and looked his little jaan, thinking she was indeed not little, she was far more understanding and responsible in respect to her age, mature even before she could have learnt the meaning of such a complicated letter of life, he looked at her how sweetly she left away all her chores thinking about her mumma's health, even forgot the thought of her grumbling stomach aching to get something to feed in her stomach since she might have been super hungry after so much hectic and eventful day she might have spent back in school, how was she not suppose to be hungry, or she has learnt to manage her hunger as well knowing her mumma needs some rest, she can give rest to her hungry stomach after a while, till then she have modified herself to cope up with an aching stomach


He looked at her cursing himself, killing his own heart bit by bit when he felt a tuck over his shoulder and he moved to witness Ridhz looking at her with a smile in her flooded eyes and blinked telling him to do it, giving him courage to confront her, he looked at Amy over her shoulder who was more than willing, he winked at Maan showing his thumbs up to him when he smiled genuinely over the love and affection the two were showing to a complete stranger like him just for the one they made their family now, just for his Wife and daughter who were his responsibility to be looked after, they were trusting a new stranger unknowingly welcoming him to come in their sweet and small family full of love and care, with a new found trust over this Maan Singh Khurana


He closed his eyes taking a deep breath opened his eyes back again with that same enchanting smile all over his chiseled sharp features, he took the plate kept beside him and taking a deep breath once again made his way to Aahana sitting in living area flipping channels from here to there fiddling to calm her growling tummy, she was so much lost in her Television to recognize anyone else, and who was suppose to be here and that t at this time so she cared less, he looked at her turning and twisting his head trying to figure out have she seen him or not, seeing no response from her he took the plate and crawled in front of her with the plate in his hand


Her eyes beamed up looking at the plate full of her favorite pasta that she forgot about the person holding it and in a fit f second the plate swiped from his hand to swing round in his daughters hands...aham...he gasped making her realize his presence

Ice cream uncle you back...Her eyes shot open in excitement looking at her Ice cream uncle right in front of her eyes and she squeezed his neck holding it tight in her chubby soft arms kissing his cheeks

Mumma slapped real tight na...she asked kissing the exact location where her mumma kissed...sorry from her behalf...she said making a sorry baby face while maan couldn't take it anymore and hugged her tight close to his heart and sobbed silently in her embrace, it is always said a daughter is the best friend and the perfect solace of her father, where he don't have to pretend or hide, he can let the free fears of his just like a kid being with his daughter, where a daughter always have that perfect medicine to any ache, any sore wound, just with the slight loving touch with her caring heart and affection filled in her sight and it is all true because the hard core business man like him, the ruthless cold Maan Singh Khurana was able to find solace to his aching bleeding heart in the loving embrace of his daughter...


She broke the hug a little looking at his face pouting her lips and cribbed, complained to him...I thought you'll never come back ever again

And that was it for him, Maan hugged her back with more affection, more longing, more care, more love this time...I am sorry baby, am sorry, I won't leave you both this time, I can't, I'll die before that...he cried his heart out to his little princess

Where on the other hand Ridhz turned hugging Amy tight hiding her face in his chest while Amy soothed her rubbing her back, she hugged him tight closer to her with her eyes and hear filled with pain and trust this time looking at the longing and yarning filled in the unbound yet unknown, undiscovered relation of this father daughter duo...sometimes we don't need to find our relation the tie, the threat of each relation is capable to find us and bond un in a irrevocable love and care for the others




Feeling heavy in her head she tried getting up from her bed but in vain just to thump back to the bed feeling extreme pain in her nerves, getting her hand closer to her eye lids rubbing her eyes with her fingers lightly she tried open her eyes only to close them yet again getting irritated with the bright luminance, letting her pupil dilute with the surrounding she open her eyes fluttering her eye lids once again, she opened her eyes slowly-slowly with each passing second letting the fog appearing in front of her eye balls vanish, getting the blurred images get life to brighten her life with the images she craved ever since she drowned herself in the dark hollow of fate, she tilted her head slanting it a little thumping it in the soft pillow when a smile crept over her face with the tear of happiness and contentment trail down her hazels blurring her view, she shook her head, wiping of the tears with the back of her hand to get a clear view once again...and there she got her breath looking at the two most important person of her life playing and chasing each other in her room


Maan had ordered pasta for him and Aahana as Ridhz has told her Aahana like pasta just like her dad and now was running after his little daughter who was capable and fast enough to run before her dada could have chased her, where Maan was running behind trying to prey her beckoning her to change her uniform or at least pleading her to wash her hands before she eat that pasta but the little devil was in no mood to follow anyone when her favorite cheesy white cream pasta was all ready and served calling her to come and finish of the whole plate, she ran holding her bowl running round the sofa where Armaan and Ridhima were busy laughing their head off looking at the pouting and cribbing Maan Singh Khurana who was putting his whole efforts to catch her daughter who was fast enough to dodge her dad every time he was about to catch her, he ran behind her around the sofa when she smartly dodged between his legs making him wonder where the heck she get such ideas and ran behind her once again when she threw of the cushions one by one all in row over him hindering his path and he was automatically jobbed to catch them and place them back and then run behind her again in chase, he was about to catch her when she sweetly jumped on the sofa and then thumped backward making Maan's eyes go wide in horror, chocking his breathe in his throat letting a hard lump swallow down this guts thinking if she could have fell, what would have happened if she couldn't have held onto the ground, she could have hurt herself, but what he forgot was she was also his daughter, his Aahana Maan Singh Khurana...He looked at Aahana pouting and mouthing he is tired thumping on the sofa accepting his defeat over his little princes when Aahan came and kissed his cheeks in delight making his all tiredness vanish off in thin air


She looked at them and laughed looking at Maan's expression making everyone realize she was awake when Maan looked at Ridhz and Amy to follow his orders and not to tell her what have happened a few hours ago which was smartly and efficiently covered under his thick cotton shirt, and then looked at Aahana before both pouncing at Geet together with a smile laughing tickling Geet making her insane with laugh

Precap: Aahana Singh Khurana meeting her dadda Maan Singh Khurana finally!!


Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet Beginging Of New Era


so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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update icecream uncle or papa msk

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shruthiruchs Senior Member

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abhi toh d real MSK aane wala hai...
geet ko theek karne k liye...
maan-amy-ridz part was too good...
can't even imagine wat wud hav aahana faced in dis age...
hats of to her & u...
precap is too good...
finally u thought to unite dad & daughter...Wink
thank u so much...
awesome update...
luved it...

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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what to say yaar..
strted with painful maaneet
then lovable maan..
the the sher maan
making decision he will get his geet back..
a lovable father
naught ahaana..
dad daughter bond..
lovely part

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Hayeee I loved the update...

Starting was painfull yaar...

And awww.. I love A. she took care of geet... ummaa...

Hehe I loved A and maa's chase... It was superb... 

Waiting for next... 

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Eza_analyst IF-Dazzler

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owesomest update jungli love u...
starting was really painful i reaallyy felt bad fr ahaana...
but whyto worry whn there is shair maan singh khurana hehehe

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow lovely my msk update crying seeing my maan crying for his maan cam to action to bring back his old too feeling sad for A ,she is a princess of khuranas but not aslo living like a normal life like other kids..but now her dada came,he make his queen and princess is happinest and most lucky persons in te onwardr no more tears,my maan wil everyone who make his 2 angels cry..i love te update so so waiting for dada and his angel moments..

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impoojaverma IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome dear

atart was painful but love to see d MSK wid new hopes nd life

loved d whole update

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