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Break Away_Maaneet FF_UPDATES HELD TILL MARCH (Page 56)

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waiting to know what happened to geet in the past..

continue soon..

thnx for PM...

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Break Away

Part 7

so here's the black coffee for two...Ridhz passed the two cups to them while taking his capachino sipping it

maan stared at the cup sitting consciously and finally looked at them...can I know all of it now, do got her, where did you found her...he looked to them who were looking at each other...


Amy broke the eye lock and looked away feeling miserable to answer the long buried questions like this to a man whom he don't know but yet who is the only ray of hope in this damp dark hell to eliminate it with the heavenly luminous...he closes his eyes taking a long breath and starts from the beginning, the time they met her the first time...


She came Pune for the annual medical conference held each year by Sanjeevani, We were heading the conference she was taking part in, we met her there, became friends, and who was able to resist her charm, the enigma she was, heavenly angel descended down the earth with the simple message of love, she was just not a darling but life of the whole group, she mingled up easily with dint took long for her to became life and breath of the everyone present there, they not just loved her but loved to pamper her with all her naughtiness and mischief, she filled a new wave with her each step, she was that fresh air with the dew drop to fill our senses with new sensations...Amy smiled within his tears explaining the most beautiful time when they met her the first time and Ridhzi wiped his tears while her tears were continuously flowing without any restriction, Amy looked at her with the pain in his eyes, and she continued...

Then the time came we had to depart, everyone was crying to let her go but what she was smiling still cheering everyone, she lovingly hugged and consoled every senior, every junior, every patient not to cry and promised she'll come each year from now on she loved being with them more than they actually got used to her presence round them...she chuckled saying further

Even that boys...Amy remembered how he used to tease her with his flirty cheesy lines and she used to warn him saying...''oyee sambhal jaa agar Maan ko pata chala na''...Ridhzi said with a cheerful voice making Maan smile at her innocence

then she drove away, drove to a her destiny where she dint knew, where and for what her life was heading to, the disaster waiting for her the next moment was unknown to her, the dreams whom she always filled in everyone's life she dint knew her own dreams gonna shatter in the blue hell of this lifeless shell called earth...she took the cab but what she dint knew the worst nightmare of anyone's life was about to come reality in her life...she left us all with a promise to come back next year, she left to go back to her life, to come back to you Maan...Ridhzi said chocking in her voice...


Ridhzi looked at Maan and held his hand in hers tight who was numb till now...Maan she was coming to you only, then why dint you knew where is she, Maan why dint you took care of her, Maan she was coming to you na...then why didn't she came there, to you...she shook Maan holding his elbow...Maan why dint she came to you Maan, why dint she reached you, she was happy, she was sooo happy the time she left to give you the biggest surprise of your life, she was excited to open up the news to you, she was dying to reveal the biggest happiness of both of your lives to you...

She wanted to tell you she was bearing you child, she was having you fetus in her womb, she was going to give birth to your baby Maan

She was excited than why dint you took care of her, why Maan, why...Ridhzi broke down in tears thumping on the ground lifeless next to Maan who was lifeless sitting numb not knowing what to say what to do the only thing he knew...

he should have been there with her, she was pregnant, she needed him but why the hell he dint make it up on time to reach her, he sat there lifeless letting the thought seep in his mind completely, he looked up to her and slowly with an emotionless face asked many long her pregnancy was !!...

1 and a half...Ridhzi smiled lightly...she was really happy

You know what she told me before breaking away from us that..."maan would be the happiest person when I'll tell this to him, you know he has already decided her name, Aahana, he proudly calls that he will name his little angel as Aahana, she will be his princess, his doll, his life, his breath...but I won't share my Maan with her...Ridhzi mimicked Geet's way and tone...she always pouted saying these last lines...I asked her how was she sure that it's a baby girl...she use to chuckle saying your love is more stronger than me...

Ridhzi made a straight blank face and looked directly in his eyes searching her answers...Maan you love her still love her'll always love her the same way...


how can I live if my heart stop beating which took it's rhythm after 5 years, if you say I can live without this thudding heart even than I'll say I can't, the day I'll stop loving her, this Maan Singh Khurana, Geet's Maan won't let that day come in his calendar ever...Maan said with confidence looking straight into her eyes, sure of his answer

Ridhzi cried burring her head in his fist...crying all those unshed tears she have blocked the day they found her...Maan looked at Amy to continue her past...


Amy looked away not willing to break down in front of him...he got up from his seat and took a few steps away from them, heading towards the window, opening huge window panes wide to breath in fresh air feeling chocked inside with all the surge of emotions filling his heart and mind, looking at the beautiful flowers in front of his sight in those lonely gardens in the mid of afternoon he continued


We were coming back from the camp side when we found her in half dead state, in the middle of road, Pune-Mumbai Highway. vehicles were passing her giving filthy looks and the disgusting comments some gave there sympathy while a few dint cared to look at her at all, she lied drenching her pale lifeless body under the heavy downpour...

her body was badly bruised from her to toe, she was having cuts and wounds which took more than 3 months to recover fully, she was not just physically but physiologically and mentally week as well, she was wide awake but was in a deep slumber of partial unconsciousness...No one cared to take her to hospital she was lying like an unidentified corpse in the mid of road and no one cared...Amy said gritting his teeth and held the curtains tight in his fist feeling disgusted as he memorized the same flash back of his little gudia, his innocent nave gudia lying there in that condition

while Ridhzi was crying her heart out squeezing her soul to an extent when she knew nothing could be done to redo the state Geet went through...


while Maan's anger was taking a new toll, his anguish on self and the disgusting frustration on the big bad world outside, he wanted to burn the whole world, wanted to kill every damn person, his rage, his fury, his animosity was going to an all new level which even he dint knew he could have crossed, he clenched his both hands tight almost piercing his own skin, dipping his head over his fisted hands with closed eyes he knew he will turn this world upside down to get her back, to get his life back, he will burn this green holy universe if anything ever touched his Geet ever again but couldn't stop blaming himself to have been so careless with her

but something strikes his mind...he stood up and looked up to nowhere but the blank darkness ready to engulf him within...

He knew something big is still there, something terrifically terrifying is still going to come, to change his life, to change his existence, he dreaded the question but he knew he needs the answer...he looked up to Ridhz and then to Amy and finally taking a deep breath he finally asked...

How come she reached there, how was she found there, she was suppose to be coming through plane then how come she reach on Pune-Mumbai Highway in such a state in the middle of a busy road...

Amy immediately turned and looked into him and then to Ridhzi who was numb, froze in her pace sitting on the ground next to the couch Maan was standing looking with dark eyes at Amy's face, Ridhz sat with a blank emotionless frozen face looking at her and Amy's photograph with their little dolls, Aahana and Geet, their lives, the beautiful smiling photograph hanging on the opposite wall on the floor keeping her head lifelessly with wide open eyes on the couch...he looked at her and made his way towards her making lifting her head holding her chin making her look at him, she looks up to meet his eyes when tears brimmed her thick lashes and a few droplets made their way down soaking her cheeks...Amy nodded his head in negative wiping her tears and made her sit on the couch

she sat there silently holding the side of couch dipping her head when he said those heart wrenching words


She was raped...


Amy said closing his yes holding the broken Ridhzi tight in his embrace, calming the surge of emotions filling his heart with anger, anguish, disgust, loath, frustration, but hiding himself in a hard core not willing to brake as he knew it will shatter Ridhz more if he let his emotions out...


While Maan thumped back on couch lifeless, his heartbeat stopped, his blood refused to be pumped by his heart, his soul shatters into million pieces, started detaching him, leaving him numb and lifeless, his world stopped rotating and the burning ball of fire seems to engulf this blue planet, sweats started pouring out his forehead, his breath chocked in his throat and the bright vision in front of his dark yes started getting blurred with the darkness surrounding him...his life, his Jaan, his mishty, his Geet, his wife, mother of his child went through all this and he was unaware, unaware of all this throughout the time, he dint knew what his life was bearing when he was lifelessly living on the other part of the world...


The mere thought killed him, the mere hallucination of her being lonely in that state killed his soul into million pieces of unrepeatable pieces...his geet was misused by someone, raped by someone, abused, violently assaulted in the most inhuman way


Raising his anger, acrimony, animosity, annoyance to self, to world, to god, to that animal who did this crime knew no bounds now, knew no limits, knew no morals now...what he knew he will dug him out of hell and punish him in the most inhuman and inmorelistic way anyone could ever think of...the burning boiling sensation cursing his veins was at the verge of rupturing his veins any time, his world was already shattered, torn, but he knew he will do anything, go to any extent to repair the dead done by someone else to ruin him...he will finish, demolish that filthy man's existence now...

Both Amy and Ridhz shivered when a cantankerous hoarse voice escaped The Maan Singh Khurana's throat...who was he???


Precap : Geet's present contition

Break Away On Blog


Ooppss darr many of you expected this, Wink jutian maarni hai mereko LOL aiee le fir main or tut jaaungi fir kaise update dungi pehle hi sadiooo k baad update de ri hu Confused 

ohkis hold your breath much to come and me running on full jet speed


Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet-Begining Of A New Ere

so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting



HeartDivzi sighing off

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tat was an unexpected truth...
geet was raped.. but by whom.. amd tat to when she was pregnant with maan's baby...
and why how come maan did not know tat she was alive...
plzzz  do continue soon

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geet was ra...who is that person make maan kill the culprit

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Hrhebehehe jungli give me a hi 5 I was expecting this onlyyy...
Ummm now its going to be rocking ummm yeah ywah yeah owesome...
Thumbs up...
Tooo goood u know I'm really happy...
What I thought was correcT hehehehe

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OMG...ShockedGeet was raped...Crythat was an unexpected truth divzi...Deadso that's why she went far away from maan...becoz she has become impure...who's it dear...pls uncover this mystery...DeadOuch

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tat was an unexpected truth geet was raped but by whom maan kill the culprit waiting 4 next part continue soon..

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