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Break Away_Maaneet FF_UPDATES HELD TILL MARCH (Page 39)

shristi1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Awesome dear.
    Loved it.

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Dove.. Goldie

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wow ! Loved it, GOOD...Clap

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billy_ritu IF-Dazzler

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waiting  for truth time

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MyInfatuationz IF-Dazzler

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awesome is small word.. just soperb yaar... And ur Boring shayri just perfect wid de situation.. haaaw ur awesome.. Update soon divz its mind blowing.

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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Beautiful update Thumbs UpGlitter Heart Red
but u made MAAN faint !?!!!! Confused ROFL

Thanks for the pms 
Glitter Rose Red

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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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good job...dear...

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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nice part

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dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Break Away

Part 5

The morning bright sun hut the horizon filling the lonely skies with red, orange and yellow shades...making the serene atmosphere of the morning dew with love and emotions they both longed the ray hit her eyes it made her yawn in the feelings filling her heart, as she slowly flattered open her eyes smiling with the bliss of new day, new sun, new life...stretching her arms high in the air she opens her eyes wide to look around and then the night scene flashed in front of her making her realize the scene, acknowledge the surroundings and she saw the bed in front of her...but her eyes widens in horror making her heart skip several beats...


Where is he...where have he gone...was he here n real or was it a dream...what will she do now...her last ray of hope to answer her questions...her last thirst was left without getting quenched...where will she get her answers

Why did he left...??? Questions lingered in her mind taking her at an instance of no tomorrow and she gets up lost but something hit her, her eyes widened in horror and she ran from her room for her life holding her heart close to her soul to the next room...again empty...Aahana...she whispered holding the door knob tight in her fist, twisting it lifelessly while her eyes brimmed with tears rolling down her hazels drenching her rosy cheek


Aahana...she whispered again thumping loud on ground, she clutched the end of duppata and held it close to her heart...not finding an answer where and what exactly was going on her heart was feeling an unknown fear a hole which was forming in her heart taking her breath away making her heart thud at a pace as f it will burst out any moment...tears continuously falling down her eyes but not a single voice escaped her mouth leaving her baffled, something was making her soul shudder in an unknown fear while there was an piece of heart which was unknown to her saying all is fine she is just over reacting, everything was fine...nothing will happen with him round...

The mind and heart were at war, unknown to her own self she knew she won't be able to find any answer without him but all she wanted right now was her Aahana, the one who was her ray of light in this damp darkness in which she was drowning day by day...a sudden fear engulfed her but she knew if she wanna survive she have to find her, SHE HAVE TO


And here she gets up holding the corners of door creeping up to stand again...she made a determined while wiping her tears pushing her hairs in a tight with her hands adamantly, her eyes became blank, shut not letting anything to come out of those dark hazels...she turned lifelessly yet strongly towards the main door and opens  the door not knowing what to do but she was willing to forget the light merge in the darkness again just to get her light back in her life...she holds the door knob and turns it open

The door clicked open and the sight just stopped her heartbeat to rise again


Heyy buddy high five...a low five...Maan came with Aahana clung to his chest playing with her naughtily letting her win each time...his shirt dirty wet with the dripping ice cream from her cone while her face smudged with the ice cream and wafer crumbs round her lips and cheeks...

She ran to them and scoops Aahana in her arms tight hugging her close to her taking her long lost breath which she lost somewhere since the morning when she saw her bed empty...she kissed Aahana's face not leaving a single place...her nose, her cheek, her eyes, her forehead everywhere she kissed insanely filling her safe and secure filling her heart with the feeling that she is in her arms and she won't let her go anywhere far now...she won't let that happen...she can't afford to...she will die the time Aahana will be away from her even for a second in life she will die


Maan watched all in amusement, in awe, his heart had an unknown fear what is coming next what is it what is happening actually she is here in this state, her face drenched soaked with tears running down her cheeks, those eyes tight shut blank and the way she was holding her tight making the soft baby skin of the little angel what happened, what unknown fear was engulfing her that she is reacting such a way...what is there that was waiting for him...what happened in his absence, just in a few hours what exactly happened that she was standing right in front of her in this state


Geet...he whispers and she opens her brimming red eyes, hatred, pain, betrayal, fear, and...What was that he lost his thoughts and came forward with a slight step and here come a tight slap right across his face...she slapped him without giving a thought without letting a word come out his mouth, without letting him utter a word, turning his face other side with the sudden unexpected force of the tight slap which he never knew she can...but why did she..???

He held her cheek exactly the place she slapped and still not moving his gaze lost in his question, in his own self, what exactly did he did wrong to earn...what happened in this time...he closed his eyes in anger, in pain, in annoyance, in hurt visible in them...


He moves his head in her direction with pain, betrayal visible in his eyes...his look was enough to shiver ran down her spin making her realize his pain...but what she felt in a few minutes she looked back made her stiff again, she held Aahana tight who was fearing watching her mum's new face...the looks Geet's eyes were saying were never known to Aahana nor even Maan knew it...she held her more closer as if the moment she loses her grip she will lose her light in this dreadful darkness...he looks at her hold and then her face...the face he always adored, the face he always loved, the promise he made to her not to let a tinge of worry come across her face was oozing out fear and shivering hands, crumbling legs depicted it all...he looks into her eyes and knew he his answer, knew he have gone far where he could never have a returns...she was near yet too far

He looks again into her eyes and she runs inside the room, locking the room from inside not caring about anything, any voice, any answer, anything she ran inside locking the door from inside and not having any more capacity in her knees she thumps on the ground crying her lungs out...tears dint seem to stop anywhere near, she dint left Aahana just hugged her more closer holding her closer burring her face in her neck feeling she is near her...she felt her earth being snatched away under her feet, her breath got caught...her sobs turned to hiccups and her heart turned black as if some hole engulfed her each beat

She cried out loud, kissing her face everywhere, while Aahana just hugged Geet tight...wrapping her small arms round her slender neck protectively as if she wasnt 5 but a mature elder girl who knew how to sooth her mother's pain


She rubbed her back soothingly, and slightly whispered...mumma see am fine right in front of you...dekho to sahi...Aahana said in a crack voice still filled with fears watching her mum like that for the first time something slit her heart making Geet's heart thud loudly as if it will burst any moment...she looked a little to have a clear view of her angel...

Why do you worry so much maa...I won't go anywhere leaving you...i love you...A kissed Geet's cheek...
Love you to bacha...Geet smiled weakly

Mumma you shouldn't have hit him like this, he did nothing, I was crying...wo..nightw...

Nightmare...Geet corrected

haan...nightmare...I saw a nightmare so came running to you but you were fast asleep i dint wanted to wake you slept late na...but I was afraid and when I was about to go near you to sleep on sofa he came from balcony talking to someone...may be don't know he was doing something on his mobile...A made a thoughtful face


and Geet's eyes lost it's blankness filling with regret in pain of remorse...she knew she did wasn't right...she shouldn't have don't that...he was here because she let him in, she dint even let him speak but at that moment nothing was coming in her mind, her thoughts, her expressions, her each gesture was a regret she knew

He came near me and scooped me in his arms and asked me why am crying like this when i told him i had a nightmare...he said your mum also frightens at night like the same way...A had some question in her tiny yet smart mind she needed answers so she asked

Mumma do we know him, who's he...Geet was loss of answer she dint knew what to answer, what exactly was the answer of it may be she was in search

then he took me out telling stories of pwincezz

princess...Geet corrected again


yaa yaa...princess...A made an annoyed face...story with a knight in shining armor and then we saw the ice cream wander...he bought me this...A showed her the empty cone in her hand and then the last words set Geet's world numb

Mumma you wrong, he's right you super jhalli you dint even let him speak and slapped him like that...he must be hurt might be in pain, I saw it was all red and blue their...mumma he might no...he is angry on should apologize na

Geet knew she have to redo the mistake, the sin she committed she got up at once placing A back on sofa instructing her not to come out and ran out the room to hall...he was not there, balcony he is not there, corridor not even there, garden not again, terrace not even there, kitchen, bathroom, living area, dining hall, drawing room, and finally bed room he is not there, his jacket, his watch, his wallet everything vanished as if he never if he never was there...

She sat on the sofa lifeless no tears, no sobs were coming out only one thing was visible and that was blank darkness in front of her hazels now...
She looked at the side table and a note with a paper was kept there with something written on it

the darkness we fear also have a ray of light of enlighten it
the need is to find and brighten it to an extended we can't imagine
you can love him the way you want, the way you like, the way suits you
but HE loves you with all the power he bestows just to feel his love for you
don't think he will leave you in this damp darkness to let it engulf you
never forget shadow hides you in it in the worst of darkness to protect you
you may want but your shadow can never leave you because we meant to be
this break away was written by him but it will be you n me to break it away
he broke away to come and take you forever in the world you belong
to end this break away!!


She reads the words, re reads, and re reads again and again but the only this which echoed her heart, her mind, her soul was
his pain, his hurt which might he have suppressed the time he was writing this, she closed her eyes when a tear rolled down her cheeks flowing down her crook marking a trace when two hands wiped them softly pecking her head, she smiled feeling his caressing her face wiping her tears and opens her eyes glittering to see the little angel standing on bed with her knees folded wiping her tears shaking her head kissing her forehead...she smiled and hugged her tight...closer to her heart


he drove fastly, manically in a haste...breaking all the rules, all signals and norms in a single a hurry to reach somewhere as soon as possible as if his life depends on it...feeling hurt, betrayed...the pain in his heart was nowhere to sooth the pain he was bearing since morning...and with a sudden jolt he brakes the car in front of a huge building...saying

Sanjeevani Hospital


He looked through the tinted glass pane of window and smirked with pain evident in his eyes...

He got up in the morning with the most beautiful dream coming realty, looking her angelic face for the first time after those dreadful years...she looked more then what we can call an angel what we can bow down in front saying it to be a pure love...he smiles with his heart feeling light

he got of the bed and slowly came close to her and sits down on the floor next to the sofa she was lying, sleeping cuddled up in himself...He cutely goes near her and looked at her innocent face adoring that glow on her face...he looked into her closed eyes and pecked her forehead and whispered I get up back...I'll make you come back to me...and with that he gets up from there and smirks one can leave Maan Singh Khurana, you'll be back to me at any cost, you'll be back to me with my Aahana, my sunshine...our love, our child...

And moves towards the balcony dialing someone


That's when he came to know she is living in Dr. Armaan Malik's apartment after her accident and the rest he knew where he can get his answers from

Precap:The most awaited Big smile

Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet-Begining Of A New Ere

so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting



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