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Break Away_Maaneet FF_UPDATES HELD TILL MARCH (Page 33)

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continue soon..

thnx for PM...

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Break Away

Part 4

Lightening stuck making it just bright enough to make her face visible to him...the face he treasured, the one whom he worshiped, the one for whom he craved for a single glimpse in these whole five years...was their right in front of him making him know her presence, the presence of the person he LOVED...he LOVES...he will always LOVE
the aroma he wanted to breath all the while, the touch he wanted to sooth all his hurt, the lips he wanted to claim, the eyes he wanted to drown in, the voice to fill his heart, the rush of blood he was dying to feel in his each nerve, his love, his medicine, his need, his savior, his life was right there in front of him



His mind wasn't steady nor was his racing heartbeats...what the hell was going was that possible, no that is not true, it's just another illusion like millions he had been watching day and wasn't true at can't be...his mind fought conquering his whole thinking capacity
while his heart screamed, dancing, singing...she is here, HIS GEET is here right here in front of him...just a foot distance away...she came back, back him just for him...his possession, his love, his treasure was back to him, right here in front of him, he won't let him go away this time, not again, he can't afford it again, he wanted to grab her, hug her tight close to his heart, kiss her senseless, insanely till the last her in each and every possible way he could in any possible dream...complain her about her ownself, ask her why she left him, why she dint came back to him...why did she do it...fight with her then manvofy her like he did always...


His mind and his heart was at loss no doubtedly a big loss...if he goes for his mind his heart will forget to beat another beat...if he goes with his heart his rational mind was again betrayed...

What to do...what to think, what to follow, what to believe, and what...exactly what to be happy, to be angry...what...???

Forgetting any rationality, everything in this world he just followed his heart, he meant to follow that...he always did...when it comes to his Mishty he can never think about rationality...he will not, not even now...

She looked to him...his eyes, his dark eyes...they had something she shrugged off...the same eyes which haunted her, which took away her nights with there...nightmares or dreams she dint knew...these eyes...

She got up from her knees with Aahana stuck in her waist, cocooning her to her embrace...still drowning in those dark eyes...and smiled weekly... baby...i know she is quite naughty...she giggled

A isn't naughty...Aahana pouted making angry faces


O god...he forgot A...Aahana she is her baby...she is her child...what is it...what is happening...gosh everything is so spoiled whats going on...who is she and moreover if she is not Geet how come this doll be called Aahana...that can't be a coincidence...hell every damn thing about this girl can't be a coincidence...God cant be so graceful on him to bestow all he wished just as a coincidence in a second fulfill all his desires...o god my's spinning

is she my if it was true then for sure Geet wont have been able to hide it...if it isn't true then how is she my Geet's baby...who is she, is she Geet, or someone else... she my baby or...the thought itself burnt him to core scorching his soul...that can't be possible Aahana was and will always Be Maan Singh Khurana's possession

God demit...what is going on so many questions so many queries...his anger, his restlessness, his frustration, his guilt...everything taking toll...not able to make himself stable he was just flickering wondering what is reality and what is an illusion here


She looked at him feeling this uneasy awkward silence lingering between them and came in front of her...extended her hand

he backed off a little, stepped away, with so much hovering in his mind he couldnt just follow what he needs, what's his heart what, what he wish

Geet...he whispered

her face became blank, dark...she lost her color and her face became pale...

A's friend called her and she jumps off her lap and runs away to play with her friends

she looked at the fading image of her little angel...and then looked back to the man standing right in front of her, like a dead corpse still with those tornado running in his heart and visible in those dark dreadful eyes...
They had that power to attract anyone and the power was just weakening her making her shiver with fear and a calmness filling her heart if she is not able to register what he said...but the word which left his mouth was enough capable to shiver his existence


sorry...he mocked still backing away
sorry for what...he looked at her angrily
for leaving me, for leaving me to die OR for killing Maan

she looked at him horrified fearing the worst she knew she have to face today she was dreading or shall I say living till today... alive...he stepped back...
All this while you were were always alive...he stuttered not having proper words to mark what was going inside him, what exactly was he feeling right now... left me...
You left me to live dying each moment...each second each dream...
You...left me
why...why you left me...

Left me to die
he shrieked
I couldn't even die...
I couldn't die...because u bounded me with a pledge not to die...NOT TO DIE EVEN WITHOUT YOU WHEN I WAS DIEING EVERY PASSING MINUTE...

He felt a little dizzy but held himself strong...before he could concentrate...


Geet you left me...left me alone...
Why you did this to me...
he came close to her holding her arms...shaking her...
What was my mistake...where was I wrong...what I have done...
If you were angry on me you could have punished me, hit me, killed me, did whatever you wanted but left me to live a dead life...all alone in the crowd of people

she she got something, something she treasured...a lone tear spilled out her eyes just to get roughly washed away by him...

I don't like these tears you know an...I hate these...I hate your wet eyelashes...I hate your cloudy eyes...I hate it...he said greeting his teeth...even after what all you did to me I hate these...I hate you
I hate you for making me love you so much, for making me love you to an extend no hatred could come shadow my love


I hate you...because I love you more...
He said with sobs breaking down hugging her in a bone crushing hug...kissed her face with all his longings and pain...not leaving a single inch he kissed her face insanely to every inch loving her to bits...

Why did you left your Maan to die...why...he whimpered hugging her tight fearing if he loosens the grip she will go away just like she went away years back...just like she went away with 5 years back
the thought shivered him...

I searched for you everywhere...the mere thought you left me killed me always...I felt I wasn't good enough to protect my love...I couldn't...I felt betrayed, cheated, hurt, week, lonely...his grip just became stronger round her waist with each word escaping his mouth leaving bluish marks there making her tender soft skin go her a little pain but more soothing she could ask then that warm hand itself...his hands were the medicine itself for the pain they were giving her...


 I was alone, in a crowd of millions i felt myself alone and in a lonely dark night I use to feel you close to me as if I found if...his words were not going with his feelings, he wasn't able to convey what he was felling right then...what he felt these 5 years...

Na wo keh paaya na hi kambakhat lafz mile
kya kehta, kya saha naa jee saka na marr paya
bheed main b tanhaa paya jab andhere main sath mila tera
na samjha saka khud ko to kisi or ko kya behlata

magar fir bhi naa jaana kyu wo ek anjnabi
ek anjaan ki un aankho se wo dard bayan kar gayi
jinn ankhon ki gehari naa thi usko naap kar aa gayi
wo dard tha yaa junoon, wo ishq tha yaa parwana

do dill door hokar b kyu ek dusre ke lie dhadkte rahe


(hehe divzi was super bored typing update so shayari pea a gayi

Now praise my faltu poen jaldi jaldi wanna have some words)



Maan...she moaned with pain and he got his senses back...his eyes wide opened...flashed with reality

5years just flashed right in front of his eyes as if he was living those dreadful times again...

He broke the hug abruptly and looked at her again as if he was going, this time he was going away from her and moved away leaving her baffled not able to register what happened a blink before

he moved away just to get his high beats getting more erratic...his mind dazed and the earth below seemed to spin like a football
he was about to fall when two tender hands held him pulling them closer in there cocoon...


 Her raised heartbeat, her baffled state landed him to drown in those fearful hazels of the gorgeous lady holding him in her hands...

The rain was pouring as if no tomorrow still drenching there already wet clothes making them shiver standing in rain since what seems eternity now lost in each other but the soothing embrace of each other was sufficient to give a protective warmth both searching since  they lost themselves in the run of life...

There sudden eye lock and the fearful look was disturbed by the giggle and they looked at the little beast standing covering her mouth giggling

movies show heroin feeling dizzy and hero saving her...yaaha sab ulta pulta kyu dikh ra hai...

That left them flushed in embracement and the blush on her cheeks was meant to drive him crazy..but he was mad...mad on her, mad on himself...

She lifted him up from her arms and flickered with the end og her dupatta...smiling shyly but he wasn't ready to admit...ready to admit she left him...he had certain questions to ask...certain things still need to be cleared...


He straightened himself just to get tipsy and again lend himself on her slender shoulders

yeh to gaye...


They brought her home...the cute little cozy bungalow they live in...Aahana and Geet's paradise...


How's he doctor...


I guess he had some shock or certain excitement that's why he felt this, don't worry he is fine just need proper rest and no more anxiety please...his blood pressures already high take care of gave the prescriptions and medicines...he was under high doses so he will be sleeping throughout the night

she knew the next morning gonna bring lots of questions to an end she was finding and he needed...


Mumma you take care of him...I'll go sleep today...Aahana kissed Geet's cheek and made her way to her room tucking her pink teady in her small arms

Precap: Confrontation DeadEmbarrassed

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Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet-Begining Of A New Ere

Ohkiz dont worry i know many gonna get confusd so i will update again in this week Embarrassed 

link to my all works

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so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting



HeartDivzi sighing off

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ahana said movies shows heroin in hero arms but sab kuch ulta fulta but its diz ff ofcourse something different

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awsem update love itClap

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awesm updt
bt m really curious 2 know wht exactly happened causing maneet separatn
waiting 4 d confrontation!!

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Awesome Update ..
Waiting for confrontation

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Awesome update dear...
Im curious to know the past...
Waiting for the next part...Day Dreaming

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