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Break Away_Maaneet FF_UPDATES HELD TILL MARCH (Page 14)

suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 April 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged

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TeamMcSwarek IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2012 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
how can you do this to us
how can you kill Geet
aww i cried D:

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_Maaneet_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged
congrats on the new ss
awesome start
update soon

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singh24 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Nice start dear...
But how can u do this ... 1st part mei hi heart break ker dalaCry  ...Geet is dead. Cry...Nooo plzzz... 

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shristi1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
awesome part.

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aliceyue27 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged
nice one..
bt i thk geet is alive bt wer???
y is she nt wid maan??

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dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Break Away
Part 2

Maan whom Geet loved was lost somewhere...he turned in a ruthless, arrogant, emotionless, heartless business man nothing else

he tried to commit suicide several times but every time her voice echoed in his ears
''Maan promise me you'll live, live even if am not there, you'll have to live for me, for us''

he closed his eyes to shed away those moments with tears

he lived because he knew she'll curse her death even, if he dies...he lived to give peace to her fulfill her promise...he last wish, last demand
he lived because of her
he have to live
he opened his eyes and came out of the car...started walking...don't know where, why, even don't know when he came out and started walking...he just did that

leaving a dumbstruck, confused driver yelling his name...Maan sir...sir...Maan sir...
Daadi maa waiting for us...she has already called 5 times...we need to reach on time
please sir...where you going...
Sirrr...driver kept calling Maan but all in vain


because Maan wasn't able to listen anything...he was lost...lost in the singing of rain

he crossed the traffic, cut pass the whole crowd, leaving whole bloody freaking selfish meaningless world behind
and reached a lonesome road...he kept on walking if some black magic was done on if a mare iron shred was attracted by some strongest, the most powerful and the largest magnet of this damn universe
the rain continued to pour on him as if there is no tomorrow, as if the mother merry was shedding her tears for his child, as if bhagwaan ji was sad with him, as is baba ji was feeling his pain, as if alha tala was holding his heart for him
as if each and every god was present there to share his loneliness with him but he couldn't share it with anyone else then his mishty but she was already taken away by the same god


the song of rain was soothing his thumping heartbeat to get back to rhythm which he lost somewhere in the same if her laughter was mixed with each tone of this musical melody
raindrop touching his numb skin acted as oxygen making him live, making him if these were the rainy droplets from her thick black long cascades which used to mark his each morning
each pearl dripping from the sky felt like her touch on his each vein and nerve ending providing a new flow of blood in his freezed veins since she left if the pearl droplets have touched her milky soft skin...
The breezing chilled cold air similar to her cold shivering breath he always felt on his heated body...was filling his soulless body with a mere soul as if there have somewhere passes her...


Those lightening was enlightening his dark life as if her eyes were glittering in joy like always they used to with shyness and warmth whenever he looks at her...he glances at her intently to capture her each expression in his heart
the thundering sound was awakening him from his deep slumber as if she was calling his name out

her giggles, her laughter, her calling his name were still alive in his heart


Maan, catch me if you can...she said running in the rain...
Trying to escape from his strong arms
geet no one's gonna save you from me little brat...are you going to stop or...he left it incomplete making Geet gulp hard...but she was too confident on herself and her run that she shrugged it off

He ran after her

wooo-a-ooowww, The MSK in rain...babaji it's a miracle..she made a weird funny face looking into deep skies
and Maan...catch me first then we'll see who needs to get saved...she playfully showed her tongue out making faces and ran away


she looked back after a while but wasn't able to see him behind...but she continued running just to bump in his strong muscular chest

as she crashed on him, he lost his balance and tripped falling on the soft wet grass...swiping him off her taking her on top so that her petal soft body shouldn't bruise with the grass...she fall on his well built body with a jerk
he held her tight to himself protecting her from if she was the most delicate fragile glass which may break with a little hard touch

she was smiling cutely knowing when she is with Maan nothing could even touch her...and having the guts to harm MSK's girl...huhh forget it

she slowly sweetly opened her eyes flickering her eyelashes...just to witness the most beautiful and serene scene in front of her
he was panting heavily...holding her close to his heart in tight bone crushing hug...the fear of something might hurt his jaan was more than his own bruises...


He held her closes feeling her safe and secure in his arms protected till if anything may happen if he lessens his hold on her
he opened her eyes feeling her gaze on him...smiling keeping her head on her hand and elbow in his rock hard chest...looking at him intently with all the love ever possible...and then he calmed his thudding heart when he was satisfied she is all safe and nothing happened to her

Why you looking at me like this...Maan asked adjusting himself under her twisting his arms behind his head like a pillow

why do you love me soo much Maan...Geet asked in her lost mindedness making him smile...
because you love me soo much mishty...
he pinched her nose playfully making Geet giggle
if someday something happen to me what will you do...
she asked again in her lost state making Maan go mad with rage of the mere thought...his eyes spit fire and his hold became tighten...clenching his jaw and teethes making Geet shiver


feeling his pain and realizing her words she closed her eyes knowing what effect those silly words had made on him and gathered her wits to calm the turmoil running inside her Maan here right in front of you...all safe and sound...see...she sweetly rubbed her soft palm on his rough stubble making his eye soften a bit but the fear in his heart was nowhere to be stable

but the thunder storm occurring in his heart was nowhere to be calmed...he captured her lips in soul serene kiss like he was talking her words out of them
her useless meaningless words she spited a minute ago...he sucked, nibbled, chewed her lips tightly leaving her waist trapping her hairs in his strong fist making her face more near to him to have a better access of her mouth

she could feel his pain for her, his hatred for those words, his aggression, possession, passion, his craziness for her...everything was oozing out in the kiss...he was showing what he felt the moment she uttered that shit out of her mouth


she let him do whatever he wanted as if she have ever denied or could ever deny him anything ever..

slowly with equal passion and possession she snakes her hands round his neck letting her long fingers into his hairs slowly massaging the scalp to calm the beast she woke up in him with a single word

he pushes his tongue inside her chewing her's teething, biting her lips and flesh...roughly, passionately
she moans out his name gasping at his violent bite...Maan...

His hold tightens round her hairs and he starts sucking more deliberately on her mouth...latching her with his saliva...she was tiring to reciprocate with equal thrill but he was in charge...he wasn't willing to let go off his hold on her

he holds her even more closer as if any space was left between the two...she silently gave in knowing his need and her mistake...


He twirls round his tongue with her's twisting, rolling, jiggling with her's...taking her to a new level of ecstasy, from where non was willing to come back in there entire life...showing they want to live in this embrace, telling they can die in the same
He stopped after a while when he feels her heavy breaths and chocking strokes...and kept his forehead on hers...kissing her forehead
whispering...sorry...but this time she muted him pecking his lips tight...why you saying sorry when mistake was all mine...

Because this culprit is all mine that's why...and no one have the right to make her feel sorry not even me, not even you...he winked twisting hugging her tight...she snuggled close to his chest lost in his colon, intoxicating her each neuron with his smell

they stayed in each other's embrace closing their eyes feeling the warmth and love of the each other's embrace keeps themselves protected and safeguarding the other in their own arms


the time seemed to stop and the clock seems to give up when they were lost in each other but something wet on his chest brought him back to reality and he immediately cupped her face in his...kissing away the tears
jaan...what happen...why you crying sorry...I know i was harsh but...I just couldn't help it
please mishty

why do you love me so much will i ever be able to die peacefully with so much love...Geet hides her face in his chest...If something ever happen to me

his grip tightens and he holds her more strongly...I'll die before you leave me...

But she couldn't take his words and swiftly kept her palm on his mouth shutting him up...Maan dare you say it again...get it...this Jaan is not yours...this is mine, you don't have any right to say anything like this
she keeps her palm in front of him wishing, demanding a pledge from him
Maan promise me you'll live, live even if am not there
you'll have to live...for me, for us...You'll always live
promise me Maan will you


Promise Jaan...this Jaan...he points to his all yours and this Jaan...he points to her all mine
but you have to promise you'll never leave me..
Maan made a baby face

but I am going tomorrow na...she made a thoughtful face teasing him
dont go na...he nuzzled close to her neck making her giggle

I have to you know's really a big opportunity you know na...

Yap that's why am sending you for that idiot training camp of yours...he pouted...
But just for two more time get it...he said sternly...

As if I have any choice...she rolled her eyes
babaji dint you had any other...BETTER option for my husband...that i am hung up with this Dusht Danav...he glared which she ignored completely

Not done babaji...I want Gurmeet Chaudhary next birth...samjhe aap...Geet complained looking above the blue skies...
Making Maan jealous...

Acha want that idiot Gurmeet instead of me...he came dangerously close to which geet giggled watching his jealous furry


Or nahi to kya...challo chaddo...she wriggled to which he tightened his grip making Geet gulp hard...

Ache ji...chaddo
let me see now...
and he starts tickling her, making her breathless laughing heartedly

Maan chodo na please...Geet wriggled to let his hold loose but his hold only grew tighter...

He laughter...her giggle...her voice...her smile...her glittery eyes...those curly lips...cute pouting...frowny nose...everything was still alive for if it was just tomorrow

anyways that was true for him...his life, his time, he stopped at that time...his life never moved ahead...he grew, became strong
like she always wished him to be on top of this world

But he never moved on

you broke your promise broke it but why cant I...

why cant I come to you mishty

his thoughts came to an end when a basket ball rolled on his head, making him feet

And hold it in his hands tightly almost crushing it

His anger, his anguish for her betrayal leaving him alone in this big bad world all alone to himself to take care of the whole family behind whom she loved more than herself

Whom she loves more than anything

But no one to take care of him'all alone in the whole crowd in his own family

Killing himself each passing minute and second by dreading t live the next breath


Angry to again drift in those sweet memory lane which now give him nothing else but pain and longing of his'the dreams he dreamt with her and the nightmares he was living today alone

A family'a sweet adorable family whom others get jealous'

May be that's why some bad sin occurred to destroy their sweet little family

He shrieked with the sudden force but sooner got angry holding the basket ball bouncing on his watching bunch of kids heading towards him like a bunch of army...

A little boy came forward tucking his pants...ooyeee helloo Mr. Why did you spoiled are give are ball back...the little boy made an angry face

Making Maan angry...and what if I don't give...

You'll regret...the other warned

yaa yaa...and whom shall I fear...You...he raised his eyebrow locking ball in his palms...


Giving you the last chance...3 seconds...want to save your life'leave the ball and back off'.


Huhh'forget it'




Yaa yaa see am afraid...




Huhhh you little creatures...forget it...




Ooppsss see am still front of you safe and sound

everyone screamed on top of their voice...making maan hold his ears...

What is this do you have any manners to call your elder like this...haan...what is this aaiieee haan...Maan made a super angry look

Whattt...a girl exclainmed
weirdo...another boy claimed, knotting his eyebrows

when a came from behind...
That's A...mark it A

Precap: princess Wink *now guess kiska entry...*

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guyz sorry for the delay am really stuck with health so cant do it regularly

trying to be regular

Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet-Begining Of A New Ere

so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting

HeartLuv Divzi

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me first
wowww nice yaar
feel bad for maan

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