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--**Soulmate**--Kriyaansh n Swaron OS*Chap 1-11* (Page 67)

surbhi_d3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2012 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Nice update!
Loved SwaRon convo..they are really adorable..
the way Kriya helped out Rey was nice..!

thanks for the pm
update soon

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sheetal_arsha Senior Member

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Posted: 20 June 2012 at 9:13am | IP Logged
love it..Kriya is talented..Loved Kriyansh part!
Thnxx for pm
Update soon..!

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hARSHA_Neeti Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2012 at 3:01am | IP Logged
sorry 4 late comnts meow..
D update was awsume as usual but i have special attachmnt to" Soulmate" , i dont know y but i adore it a lot..
kriyaansh & swaron both were wondrful!!
thanx 4 pm.

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shaffy_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2012 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
ohhh!!!!! such a long update
lyk it alot...awsome
again kriyaansh romance hayee!!!!
loved it alot
n mumys are too cool
love da way dey arranging date
hehehe...loved it to core

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star_2012 Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2012 at 7:19am | IP Logged
amazing update
loved the kriyaansh part

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2012 at 4:18am | IP Logged
HeartChapter 9 - Undescribed FeelingsHeart

Rey came out wearing a shirt selected by her with black pant suiting to it. He was adjusting the tie loosely to the collar. Kriya was sitting on the couch panting slightly while Sharon went to bring some water. He gave a mischeivious smile and came towards her. She listened to the footsteps and her eyes widened to see him coming towards her. She straightened herself to go but Rey caught her wrist stopping her. She struggled with grip without glancing him. He tightened the grip and faced her. He tilted her chin with his forefinger and smiled whole heartedly. He was enjoying her each and every reaction, even the way she was feeling uncomfortable in his presence which made her more angry. They heard Sharon call Kriya by her name. Rey loosened the grip and Kriya hurried downstairs.




Sharon walked down to fetch some water for Kriya. Sharon didn't notice a pair of eyes watching her as she doomed. She went to Kitchen and took the bottle from the fridge when her mom told, "Sharon, give water to Swayam also". That was when she got to know Swayam had also come. She went to the hall. He smiled at her and she returned the smile. She forwarded him the bottle and he took it into his hand brushing his fingers upon hers. She stared at him spellbound, the cracking sound from the Kitchen brought them back to earth. Sharon withdrawed her hand and called Kriya.




Kriya and Sharon stood beside each other and Swayam opposite to them. Rey joined them and his mom too. "Ok mom...we will leave now", Rey said. Aisha kissed his forehead and mumbled a bye with a hug and the same she did with Swayam. KriSha bidded their bye to their respective brothers with a hug and accidentally a Swaron hug. They parted awkardly and Swayam walked out very soon unable to meet those dangerous haunting eyes. "Bye mom...Bye Sharon", Rey said, himself too walking out. "Rey", Aisha called out. Rey turned doubtingly. "Kriya ko bye nahi kahoge", Aisha asked. He glared at Kriya for a while gave a sly smile and went without any words. "I don't want to", he whispered which was audible only to him. When her mom called his name again, he said he was getting late and stepped out very soon. Aisha patted Kriya's shoulder in a friendly manner and KriSha hanged out as usual.





Not a single day but the whole week was busy and that day again was a Saturday...the most awaited day of the week...Kriya was all set to give threats for her brother to make her weekend a special one. As said he had to spend the two whole days with her, she woke up in the early morning and walked out excitedly scanning the whole house, she kept the room door also open from her account. Her mom found her wandering all around.  "Mom, sweeto??", Kriya enquired. "Wo aaj bhi busy  rahega", Dimple answered. Kriya kept a gloomy face and attacked her room again. She sat on the bed with her mobile calling Swayam. His cell rang continuously but there was no answer for the first two times and luckily for the third time he picked up, "Hello", Kriya said. "Kriya Im Rey...Swayam isn't here", Rey answered. "Oh...tell him to call me after he comes", Kriya said. "Ok..", Rey replied. "Ok...bye", Kriya said the last word and hanged up.


                        Swayam came in the late afternoon, his tie hanging and his face hovered with sweat. Poor fellow, he did all he can to come fast but it became late somehow. He was ready to have some tough fights and talks. He removed his shoes, and slowly creeped upstairs for escaping two devils of the house ' his mom and then the most important one his sister. He opened the door and stepped in after making sure Kriya wasn't in. He immediately went to washroom for a dress change, he came out wearing a casual tee and a black jeans muffling his hair. Kriya was standing with her hands folded over her chest and she was fuming over his very attentive brother. Swayam held his ears mumbling a sorry all the while. Kriya ignored him and turned around annoyed. "Promise Kriya I tried my best to have done my work soon but it became late and I left half of my work to be handled by Rey too but yet it turned out late", Swayam spoke swearing. "Its ok and today complete gift shopping...jao aur mom ko manao", Kriya said sternly. "Gift??!!", Swayam asked confusingly, as far as he had remembered, there was no one who had any events coming by in the respective week. Kriya pointed him and instructed him to make it soon.


He convinced his mom with some sweet words and they went for shopping. Kriya stopped him at a mall for purchasing two dresses, one was a heavy decorated ghagra and the other was a normal one when compared to before but it looked simply beautiful. Swayam paid off the money and walked out with Kriya and the very next moment they went for a diamond articles shop. Swayam looked out in his purse, whether he cud really afford for one today and luckily he brought his credit card so he breathed some relief.


                              Even the sales person was annoyed with Kriya's behaviour, if she was shown some nice pieces she would demand for other designs and some coloured diamonds in it, Swayam noticed a good ring from among all and showed it to her. "It is marvellous", she agreed. Swayam gave a wide grin and they took it out for checking. Kriya rolled it down her finger and smiled happily. "It will really look good for Sharon aur Sweeto tumhe kaise patha mein Sharon ko ring le rahi hun", Kriya told. "Sharon??", Swayam asked startled. "Haan...Sharon's birthday is tommorow and I want to make it really special for her", Kriya said excitedly. "Ok..pack it and for you??", Swayam questioned. "I don't need one right", she said exposing her lucky ring for him. Swayam bought the cash from the ATM and purchased the diamond ring and they became busy arranging a mini party at gardens which was going to be held by Kriya.




Rey swept downstairs rubbing his eyes to get rid of the dangerous sleep. His sleep almost flied away on seeing the condition of their house. It seemed like the whole mall gathered in their hall, there were many dresses and colourful sarees on the couches and bangles, ornaments were in the boxes kept safe and near to it were Sharon n Aisha. Aisha wearing Sharon the bangles n all...checking out for the size!! "Mom tum dono ghar ka kya haal banake rakhe hain??", Rey scowled. They were testing his patience without an answer, they were too busy to hear anything. Aisha very lately noticed Rey, She was SHE, she pulled Rey also for the selection and started mumbling all the while about each n everything she took hold of, poor soul, he let them stay connected to their works and got up, just then Aisha said, "Rey, Kriya ko kis saree suit hoti hain..yeh or yeh??", she had two sarees in her hands, one was a simple netted saree and the other was grandly decorated piece. He chose to ignore and move but his mom insisted again so, he preferred looking her in the netted saree than those bulged crap.




In the evening, Sharon came to Kriya's mom with two lumpy covers. Dimple said Kriya was in her room with Swayam. Sharon hesitated for a while but walked up. Kriya and Swayam were sitting on the bed talking casually after those tired shopping's. Sharon gave a huge smile and sat alongwith them. Sharon was in her formal outfit of a top n jeans, but she looked beautiful and the effect of the upcoming birthday was clear-cut in her face. Her face had a special glow. Swayam cleared out understanding the girls wanted to do some girly talks by Kriya's glimpses on him. Sharon took out a dress from the cover. It was a red saree with beads sticked on it and it was also a netted one. She gave it to Kriya and told it was for her birthday party and the other one was the saree selected for Kriya, a black netted saree, she gave it to her saying her mom told to and also added it was Rey's selection. Kriya smiled a bit and got out her dresses which she bought for them. Sharon liked it and took one from them upon Kriya's insistance. "Tommorow morning, V r going to celebrate with our friends and then we will go to ur house..okay??", Kriya asked. "Double Okay!!", was Sharon's answer. They were quite happy to be sharing the moments like before after a very big quarrel between them. The things seemed like never happened. They talked openly relating all their concerned matters. After some time, Sharon left off after getting continuous calls from her mom.




"Kriya it's a big NO!!", Swayam mumbled into Kriya's ear. "YES and u r going to do that", Kriya concluded. "Stop it aren't a kid now understand...wat if the security guard see us??", Swayam argued. "I know him from many days...he is a sleepy bug...he wont wake up...climb up and jump soon...10 mins left!!", Kriya whispered. Swayam looked innoncent pouting but Kriya gave him final death glares and he had to do. Climb on the wall and jump into the house. He did so, though, he was going to attempt it again after many days...sorry years!! He never had to jump during his college last days or the office time, now he had to do it because it was his sister's order and he did so. He fell down on the grass with a thud. He balanced himself back on the feet glancing his knees and palm for some ugly remarks and scrubbing it off. "Sweeto, you safe na??", Kriya enquired from the other side for which she got no answer. Swayam assured her and helped her out to get into the house. Swayam climbed up the ladder to Sharon's room and then Kriya followed him.  She looked at Swayam for the next move but he was lost somewhere, where...??. He was standing infront of something.  "Snoopy", Kriya shouted excitedly caressing the fur of a big dog infront of Swayam. "Swayam...this is Sharon's cute na", Kriya said. Swayam looked at Kriya to check if she was mocking at him but no , she was adoring the creature. "Make it fast...I will take care of this", Kriya admonished. Swayam decorated the room, Kriya whispered "All the best" and went out closing the door behind.




Two minutes left for 12. Swayam sat on the bed adjacent to Sharon in the space left. Sharon was sleeping peacefully, her eyes dwelled beautiful and her hair was a sweet little mess. Her cheeks were of rose and cream combination. She looked like a sleeping angel. He sat there mesmerising her beauty, swallowing her cristine image forever in his heart and mind. He hooked the hair back to the ear feeling her sunkissed skin of the cheek. She titled a little and slept still. Tweet tweet Tweet tweet SMS, Sharon's mobile message tone beeped aloud under the pillow. Swayam came out of his dreamland and also Sharon waking up softly, he immediately took the cell and kept it in a silent mode and took the rose bunch in his hand. Sharon rubbed her eyes gently and was greeted with a warm smile of him. She smiled back to him unknowingly. "Happy Birthday", Swayam told humbly forwarding the flowers. "Thanks", she said holding onto them, making a contact with his palm. After a cheek paining grins, she stumbled over the question how he was over here..."Swayam, how come you are here??", she almost yelled shoting of the bed. He pointed out in the windows direction for giving her a clarity. "And my snoopy??", she continued looking at the ladder outside the window. "It is out and I came to wish you a happy birthday", Swayam mumbled near her ear. That was when she studied how close they were now. She gulped hard and shivered feverishly. "Sharon I don't know how you used to celebrate your birthday every year but this time it will be special", he assured her. She glimpsed at him from the corner of her eye and turned around completely blushing hard. Her cheeks turned crimson red in his presence. He took her hand into his and rolled down the diamond ring. He held her hand possessively with his left hand and rubbed his other hand on her waist pulling her more closer without breaking d glances. He placed her hand swiftly onto his shoulder and cupped her face tenderly. He leaned forward to an extent and pressed his lips upon hers, he slowly nudged the corner of her lips with his tongue andmade the way in exploring her sweetness. She clutched his shoulder tightly and continued the kiss passionately. They parted away with a smile, but Swayam never left the hold on her. She circled her arm around him and rested on his chest. He reciprocated the hug and took the chance to asked the question, "Would you like to marry me??". There was a silence all over. Swayam felt bad for being too quick, he thought he should have given her time for everything between them to go on well. "Yes", she replied gladly for his amazement. "Thank you Sharon...thank you really so much", he said tightening the grip on her.




Rey was awake at that night, to wish Sharon at 12 and then doze off. He was working with his laptop until when he heard some female voice outside the room. He wasn't really sure if there was any person since the voice wasn't very clear except some silent whispers and a giggling talks. He came out of his room, looking if he could find any person but no one was there except Snoopy near the couch. He brushed its fur lovingly and it moulded into him rubbing his leg, he was guiding it to his room when it refused and went back off the couch. "Snoopy", he called it twice or thrice and found amazed by its reaction. He followed it. Kriya was hiding and was requesting Snoopy to go but she was very late and was caught. Rey did a fake cough, she stood back on her feet and looked away disappointed due to her efforts gone in vain. She cursed the dog for abiding her. He was flabbergasted to see her in his house but nevertheless he was enjoying her reactions. He raised his hands to his hips and raised an eyebrow on her unusual behaviour. "Wo...mein...", Kriya stammered. "Sharon ko wish karne aayi thi ryt..", Rey said. Kriya nodded in approval. "Toh yahaan kya kar rahi ho??", Rey asked arrogantly. "Why should I bother to tell you??", she trolled off unexpectedly and then noticed she was loud enough. He was glaring over her rude behaviour and that too towards him. "You should...kno y??", he asked. She nodded in negative. "Because this is my it!!", he replied sternly. Gosh Sweeto...pls jaldi karna..yeh shaitan mujhe nahi chodne wale hain . Rey snapped his finger infront of her eyes making her shutter from self thoughts. The watch in the hall alerted 12. Rey was straiting to Sharon's room when Kriya caught his wrist and stopped him beforehand saying a no!! Rey sighed frustrated and ordered her to go first but she slided upto the door and stopped in her trance and looked back to see if he was gone but he was there itself waiting for his turn to wish. "Knock the door", Rey said. Kriya thought for a while and decided to tell him. She walked upto him, maintaining her innoncent face which was melting him. "Rey actually I came with Swayam and he is inside...we came to wish Sharon", she continued. Wow Kriya u r not that bad too . "So don't disturb them...wish her in the morning", Kriya adviced. " I wanted to ask YOU something??", Rey told. Kriya looked at him confusingly. "Why didn't u talk to me in the morning wen u called to Swayam's number??", Rey asked. "Wo...", she shuddered a bit avoiding his glances and thinking for a reason. "You didn't want to talk to me right", he said. "No..", she replied. "Then u wanted to talk to me??", he asked again moving a step closer. She looked at him for just diverting the topic off instead he covered the complete gap between dem pressing her to the wall. She placed her hand on his chest to shove him off, he held her hand on him and glanced at her wantingly. She struggled for some time and gave up after finding no possible chances. They were in the same position and parted away from each other when the door opened with a sound. Swayam made his way to the hall, he didn't miss seeing Rey and Kriya being too close but Kriyaansh hoped they weren't noticed. Kriya made a distance and went to wish Sharon leaving the boys behind.

Want another updt today??!! Then make this it to 100 pgs and I wil updt it today...if not also no probs I wil updt tmrw...I also need some tym for writing ryt...dats y d demand.
However was the update pls give the reviews.
All types of reviews welcomed.
And credits to most thankful people-
Font style - Abhiyakreya(Konpal)
Font colour of Swaron Part- Nish's colour of comments!!LOLLOL
I thot of giving updt in d casual fonts and colours bt IF is rejecting saying length all so...WinkLOL

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DilBoleRikara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 July 2012 at 4:44am | IP Logged
dhinka chikna me d 1st one to commentLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
coming back to d update aww finally swayam propsed sharon adorable it was
and kriyaansh romance in a kopcha TongueTongueTongue loved it

Edited by pkriyaansh - 09 July 2012 at 4:54am

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cool_star14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 July 2012 at 4:53am | IP Logged
loved it... superb!!!!
gr8  job!!!! Smile

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