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--**Soulmate**--Kriyaansh n Swaron OS*Chap 1-11* (Page 109)

Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Update in next page.

Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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               HeartChapter 11- Its only about 'U' n 'ME'Heart


The big clock in the place ticked 9 with a loud sound. Sharon straightened herself slowly getting reminded of the things left to done. She looked at Swayam who was giving her a soft smile in return. His eyes spoke volumes over the words he didn't utter. They liked the cool nature, the other's presence,the silent breeze. The thoughts seemed to be similar from both sides. Sharon was watchiing him intently when her view shifted to Sherlyn who was coming upto them. Sharon just thanked the god for the sound of the clock. She might have had a very bad time answering all the questions regarding Swayam if they were spotted together like before. "Sharon what on the earth are you doing here??", Sherlyn asked finding her in the lofty gardens. "And who is he??", she continued glancing Swayam. "Oh...I didn't introduce you to him right...he is Swayam...Kria's brother...and Swayam, she is Sherlyn, my best friend", Sharon said with a warm smile. Sherlyn expressions gradually changed and a mischeivious smile made its way though they didn't recognize. Sharon stood up and mumbled into her ear, "You go...I will come after some time". "No way are going to come right now", Sherlyn yelled. Sharon looked back at Swayam and told she will be back soon. Sharon and Sherlyn straited to the guest house. Swayam didn't miss the line the other girl spoke in their presence, "She wont come may go". It seemed more rude and imprudent than expected. Sharon gave her death glares in return and she shut her mouth. "Sharon, where is Rey??", Sherlyn asked walking on the way. He wasn't there anywhere around. "Even I don't know...I didn't see him even while cutting the cake", Sharon answered plainly. Sherlyn let out a frustrated sigh before leaving the room. She was very sure, he was with Kria in the same room where she spotted them before.



They were sleeping beside each other on the large bed crossly. He nudged his arm upon her's tracing his fingers on her palm and entwined them and looking into her eyes(This scene would b Like road scene of Kriyaansh). He moulded the grip strongly squeezing her hand. They stayed in the position for a long time. A voice yelling out his name brought them back to earth. Kria sat up on the bed in a comfortable position and gestured him to go out and attend the person. Rey adjusted his shirt and walked out to meet Sherlyn who was waiting outside. "Sharon is calling you", she said. "Why??", Rey asked confused. "Remember secret party", she probed to which Rey raised his eye brow on avertion. She gave him a wink and added, "5 mins...guest house". This was all noticed by Kria who was standing by the door.Rey turned around and met her gaze. "What is the secret party about??", she questioned glaring him. "Nothing just a small party in the guest house", he pronounced walking across her to the mirror to adjust his messy hair. Kria rolled her eyes agitated with the way he was getting ready. "Ok Kria I will meet you after the party", he said sliding out. "You're so mean", she stated. He turned back flashing one of his million dollar smile and gave a peck on her cheek adding, "Thanks...see you after the party", and left her bemused. Kria thought over the conversation again. It made no sense to her except the two words party and the guest house in 5 mins. She walked down casually to get herself occupied.




Sharon made her way out of the busy party to meet Swayam and finds Kria wandering across the way. They greet each other with a hug and talk for some time. Kria hesitates to ask the matter which she was lacking in and up of all dat she didn't want to mention the name of the only person because of whom they fought before. "So whats up with the birthday girl, anymore surprises??", Kria asked sternly. "Nothing much..", Sharon spoke fully tired because of the haughty timings. As they moved upon, Kria notices that Swayam was alone , so she decides to make up in and become busy with him but Sharon insists her to join the party and says she will accompany Swayam. Kria loved the fact, Sharon too wanted to spend time with him just like he does. She readily agrees and shifts by to the party.




It was a large house and the music was buzzing loud. Kria opened the door scared enough to grab the whole attention to her, she was also excited about the word "secret" which slipped out of Sherlyn's mouth. There were bunch of people and to her surprise, no one really cared about the people coming in and going out. They were too busy among themselves and the rooms were dark and there were just few dimlights here and there. Some where dancing holding onto their girls closely and some where kissing. Kria felt a weird smell too as she walked, smokes n drinks. She was totally allergic to such places, she decided to move out but the way to the door was blocked completely too. There were too many people in the room and it didn't suffice. She made the way to the wall and leaned on it making some space for herself. Her eyes looked for only one person and her thoughts raised over some questions, if he was too dancing with another girl?? Kissing her...??. She surely wanted her assumptions to be wrong, she glided to the other room after making sure he wasn't in the room she was presently in and she spotted him among the gang, dancing with a girl. "W*F??", she exclaimed aloud seeing him sizzling to the music with a girl too close. He was giggling and having lots of fun. He was too far to even notice Kria standing by because of the dim lights surround by. When the girl was made to swirl, she saw who she was, Sherlyn. Sherlyn n Rey??, she fussed over the question. She waited by to see if he does the same as everyone were doing but no Rey left her after some time and walked to the counter which was adjacent. Kria was on a full verge to take back her satisfication. She made her way to the counter too. She was unlike the other girls out there. She was wearing a saree while the others were in their prom dresses, long n short. "One vodka", Rey ordered with a smile. "Mujhe bhi", Kria voiced standing beside him with a distance. He listened to the voice and turned around to face her. He was glad to see her but his expression soon changed into a frown. "Tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho??", Rey whispered moving towards her. "Mein wahi kar rahi hoon jo aap kar rahe ho Reyaansh", she mocked. She felt him curse under his breath and silently chuckled at his uneasiness. He shifted completely towards until his elbow was in touch with hers on the glass plane of the counter. "Dekho Kria you can't handle this...remember uss din party mein kya hua", Rey shared his view. Kria thought for a second or two, he was right but she didn't want to admit she was lacking in the matter. "Phir bhi mein try karna chahthi hun", She commented. "You're not drinking...that's final and I won't too", he stated. He told the barrer to cut down the orders. "Dance??", he said helding out his hand for her. "No...I really suck in dancing", she said making an innoncent face. "Atleast a try", he told gripping her hand. "Im really not interested...sorry Rey but you can join the others", she replied. His friends occupied him in no less time and he started enjoying. Kria was sitting by the counter and was stealing his glances often. "Ok...shall we go for a walk??", he offered again after a while. She just smiled and they went out together.



It was very more like the silence before a storm as they walked, the moon dimmed its light and the breeze flew peacefully like never before. They were walking side by side with a smile on their lips. They were passing by the lawn when Rey looked around and rested his hand on her shoulder. She shoved it off and proceeded into the artificial lights corner and he followed her. He was gasping hard for the only reason, he wanted to touch her, to feel her and to kiss her but but there was something, something which were on the way, some feelings which stab her from opening up some of her own. They reached a place where a single bench was there and a single streetlight exactly in the middle of the back of the bench. She sat near the right corner of the bench and he took his place near to her keeping a bareable distance. He laid his arms on the bench when it accidentaly touched her back, he quickly irked away seeing her flinch. He just gave one of the sheepish smile in his return mumbling a "sorry". She just glanced at all the other things avoiding his view. "Kria, you know I have to go Sweden this week", he said. "Oh", she hissed. "And even Swayam is coming", he continued. He was waiting for the chance for her to look at him, gape into his eyes but never did she do, she looked at him and broke the eye contact after each second. "Will you come too??", he spoke in his husky tone. "Why should I come??", she asked waiting for him to figure out a reason. Her deep brown eyes emoted no expression of such, it was cold and ya they were waiting for him to speak out. "Because...Because even Sharon is coming", he stammered but said out. She rolled her eyes in avertion, she was smiling crazily at the lamest reason he ever gave her. She nodded her head in negation briskly and her fingers tip-toed on the wood. "Won't you come if I say I want you to come??", he asked irated.Kriya just looked at him and lowered her eyes. She knew how conditioned her parents are when it comes to such sorts of things.

 "My parents won't allow so I think I may not come"


 Silence surrounded them again.



 "Can I ask u something"

 "Yeah sure.."

 "Dnt u want to come with me...don't you feel comfortable with me??" turning towards her

 "Rey its not like that" looking at him.

 "Then??" ,holding her hand.

He could feel her shiver at his touch. He took her hand into his sliding his thumb over her soft skin and pecked it. His lips pressed for a longer time than necessary. "Think once again Kriya, please", he insisted in his most seductive voice and she too gave her chances of convincing her parents. She broke her silence after some time. "Ok..I will..", she tranced but was brought onto a hold when her cell buzzed loud. 100 years to her mom who called at that instant. Kriya just mumbled something before lifting the call.


Kriya: Hello Mom..

Dimple: Haan Kriya...kahaan ho??

Kriya: Mein..Mein toh Sharon ke saath hun kyun??

Dimple: Bahut late hochuki hain Kriya...jaldi ghar loutna...Swayam woh wahaan hee haina??

Kriya was just trying to listen to her mom avoiding the intense gaze on her. Her mom's shrilled voice made her steady.


Dimple: Tum donom jaldi ghar aajao.

Kriya: Ok Mom...bye.

Dimple: Bye..


Kriya disconnected the call and got up telling him she had to return back home. He gave a fake smile before offering her a drive when he understood there was no way to make her stay especially when she was stern with her mom's order. They travelled in a complete silence. He stopped at a bit distance away from her home  and walked to the other side to open up the door for her. He blocked her way by placing his left hand on the car.He stood with a minimum gap between the two. "You didn't tell me upto now Kriya. Would you like yo come Sweden with me or not??".His eyes stared at her in ease looking for an appropriate answer. "I will speak to my mom Rey if she allows then...but I can't assure you of anything", she told it in a low n audible calm voice. He smiled elegantly moving closer to her. "You can go but only after my good night Kiss from YOU", he mumbled into her ear and slid back facing her reading those pink flushed cheeks and the timid eyes which sparkled for a reason. Her gaze diverted to the ground before travelling back to the eyes which awaited.He watched her as she moved closer to him, her expressions were a mixture of shy, tensed and something more which he couldn't understand. She brought her palm to his cheek and traced her fingers over his skin while her lips curved in a grace. Her little hands sinked down over his shirt and clutched his collar before taking his lips in between hers. He circled his arm on her waist pulling more closer while his other hand brushed through the thickness of her hair exploring the sweetness of her mouth. It was a passionate kiss trying to dominate each other's strength. Rey pulled back reading her hard breaths. This was incredible for both of them but this was something more special for him.Atleast in this, she didn't try to be more of a reserved person, He glanced at her without making her loose of his grip. Her lips were fascinating as like ever and eyes were depth of feelings, feelings for him in specific. He wanted to her once more making her breatheless again but he waited for her to be normal. He covered the gap between them by crushing her against him with a hug. He rested his head in the crook of her neck inhaling her fragrance n his hot breath tickled her neck with pleasure. She heard his heartiful short laughter which was more like a rhythm to her. It was the perfect moment of her life. She felt his grip loosen on her, she looked at him sealing her smile behind those lips and mumbled, "Good Night". He gave a quick peck on her lips and whispered the same. She pushed him with all the strength for a distance and walked off after a bid off. She couldn't wait to spend some more time with him but she knew her mom would be waiting for her.




Dimple was sitting in the hall restlessly. She sighed with relief as she saw Kriya enter the house. Kriya received a daily dose of her mother's speech which said about the ancient rules for a girl concerned a girl shouldn't roam outside at night time after 10 n all such. She chose to ignore and ascended the stairs to her room. She could only feel his touch and her thoughts were completely filled with those moments since the evening when she went to Sharon's home. She blushed timidly as she fell onto the bed after changing into a cosy n comfortable night wear. Her stern looks went to the mobile which flashed a message from Rey. It had a single word, "Sweetdreams". She replied with, "Same 2 you" and half of the night completed with lovey-dovey talks on the chat.




Sharon went for changing into a comfortable dress before going to a short walk to the beach with Swayam. She preferred wearing a flawless dress which wouldn't bother her much. She traced her bang of curls with the comb giving a final touch and came down to the waiting Swayam wearing a moderately loose white plain dress which came upto her knees. She was a simple elegant beauty when have to mention in words. Her never fading smile always added more touch of glamour to her. She smiled beautifully making him wonder how one could charm a person with just a 'Smile'.


                                          Swayam forwarded his hand for his lady to hold it. He held her palm securely without missing a glance of her. Luckily, no one was in the hall to take a look of them and this was the most splendid thing he could do. He directed towards the car and opened the door for her. She thanked him in return before adjusting herself into the front seat and he did get onto the seat too. They slid along the pathway from her home to the left-hand side cut road which led to the small beach near to her house. It was nearly a 10 mins drive or less by the time they got down.


As expected, it was so silent n dead place. Not even a soul was present out there except the traffic sounds of the hustle bustle city at times. They did a cherished walk talking specifically nothing, the water was too cold to bear enough. Swayam clarified it when he got down to his knees level and crossed the palm across the surface of water, though in depth it was little warm but above all it was cold. The chilling weather even made it worse so staying away from it was the best a person could do. They sat on the heap of sand and started entertaining themselves with who will make a big mountain with the porous sand.


                                                 It was Sharon's idea. She loved things of past and remembering them often  automatically brings the most widest grin on her face. Swayam was not so less too, he was having really a good time after literally so many days. A relief after those work out-bursts and maybe only she could make him, make his life more pleasureful. Their countdown was for 2 mins exactly. Sharon switched on the alarm after a time span and they started collecting the sand onto a specific place. Swayam was doing two things at a time, he didn't want to lose so easily and he didn't want to miss the most energetic bubbly Sharon who had a glorious twinkle in her eyes.


The buzz of the alarm brought him back to earth. "Very bad Swayam, see your's and see mine", she commented. She was right at the moment though he didn't want to admit it. His fingers traced on her soft cheek wiping the clue of sand there, he could feel her every reaction. She was gasping hard when his hand touched her. His hand felt every bit of her smooth skin wantedly. He brushed his fingers into the thick brown texture of her hair before leaning more closer until she could feel his hot breath tickling on her lips making her shudder. He pressed his lips gently on hers and took them into a feverent kiss and slid his tongue inside her exploring more of her sweetness. He broke off the kiss before they went into the breathless state and planted kisses across her jawline. He met her intense gaze before lowering her onto the sand until he was upon her. He lowered himself a bit down and kissed her throat and kissed her chin savouring a pool of acute desires. Her hand seemed to respond to each and everything he did, her hand ruffed into his hair before pulling him more to her. His lips wandered across her neck before going back to the face. He kissed her forehead admiring her loveable eyes. He pecked her eyes soothingly as if to tell her, he loved her eyes. She was waiting to him to take a hold of her trembling lips but he never did. He was lost in the enticing sight infront of his eyes and when she opened her eyes all she could see was him, their eyelock never seemed to ending and there was clearly no sign of a movement from his side too.


                                       She pushed his adorable structure onto the ground and sinked her open hair to a side for not getting disturbed. His arms circled her waist collapsing her balancing power slightly. She maintained herself by placing her another hand on his chest. She could feel his quickening pulse for the moment and this time she made it successful to hear his odd breaths. She kissed him with all her strength until they were panting hard. He took her completely into his arms hugging her pretty figure. She closed her eyes swallowing every min of her life, which was more immensable. She hid her face in his chest as if it was her home at the moment. Her small palms clutched his shirt as she rested on him while his hand gently smoothed her hair.


Sharon had to let off the grip, it was too late by then and they have spend a great deal of time indirectly pampering each other with love. She balanced her elbows on his chest and mumbled, "we have to go now". He did a significant pout which made him look more cute even. She gave a quick peck on her lips unknowningly and blushe high when she actually realised what she did. She really didn't mean to start everything on a whole again, she grabbed her control and stood back on her feet making a hell lot of space between the two. Swayam held his hand to her for a support but she denied it with the gaze of his mischeivious smile. She didn't want to trip back into his arms again as for now, no matter even if she loved it. She walked slowly to the car backwards looking at him as he got back on his feet and straited towards the car.




Precap - Rey n Sharon in Kriya's house. Swayam in office. Sweden Trip.


What has Sweden in store for the love life of Rey n Swayam??

Will Kriya's parents allow her to go??

What do u think will happen in the next chapter.

Pls give ur reviews.

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me first to comment Dancing Party
the way u started wow i can feel that silent breeze n aisa lag raha tha hava mai kuch jaadu hai 
nd entry of Sherlyn she wont come soon aise kaise bol dia paagal ladki
sheryln ne swaron n kriyansh dono ka private time barbaad kar dia 
nd haaaiii jealous Kriya nd loved the way how Rey controlled her
the walk their lovely talks and kabab mai haddi Kriya's mom i soo wish ki Kriya ko permission mil jaae Embarrassed
nd Kriyaansh ka lovely chat pehla pyaar wow kitna accha lagta hai
nd swaron haaiii Kriyaansh ke baad ye ek aisa adorable pair hai 
nd beech mai sand ke saath khelna 

In total bada vala wooowww first love ka feel humesha hi smile laata hai loved ur update 

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finally u updated
love u 4 this
loved it
it was awesome
loved it

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Amazinggg Update Meow..nd a Long One Too !

Loved it like Usual..

Perfectly Written !

SwaRon share a Moment on Beach..That ws Cute..

Kria Jealous..haha..n the her Mom's !

Rey asked her so fiirmly are you comfortable..he cares for her soo Much..Aww!

Kria never wants to hurt him !

Sweden Trip..hmm !

Rey swayam Sharon milke Dimple aunty..haha..ko mana hi lenge !

the most awauted Sweden Trip will b coming soon..Ahaan! NICE nice !

Great Work Meow..Thanks For the PM ! :)

Update the next part soon ! :)

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Wowwwie llooonnggg updateee Clap

D kriyaansh part was mindblowing Smile

D swaron part was awesome Big smile

Hope they allow kriya to sweden Big smile

Loved d update Smile

Waiting for d next part Embarrassed

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finally tune update kar hi diya..!!Clap

is os ya ss jo bhi he uske liy eto bahot tym lagati hai ha..!!Ouch

bt juzz loved each n evry word dear..!!Smile

kriyaa in saree.. rey n kriya's sweet sa kiss..Embarrassed

even ur gud at SwaRon must say dat..!!Wink
loved it to d core..!!Star

update jaldi diya kar meri maa..!!LOL


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awesomeee update snigdha...

Aww kria cute...

Their walk to the beach was amazing...
N their kiss...just perfect...

Swaron part was also fabulous

reyam dimple aunty ko mana hi lenge 4 sure...

waiting 4 d nxt part
thanx 4 d pm

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