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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF. Thread 1!! (Page 38)

ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Nice part...!!!

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virmanforever Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Wow that is a new side of virat and please PM me when you update

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kanishkakaran Groupbie

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 2:21am | IP Logged
loved it!!! Clap

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kkekaishi Groupbie

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 7:11am | IP Logged
nice one, jeevika and viren are becoming naughty and i like it , continue with your good work.

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Khushi15 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Loved the update..!
No pm..:(

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-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Hello guys Big smile
Thank you for the likes and Comments Smile
Silent readers hope you are liking the SS too...

Guys sorry if I forgot to PM anyone and those who want PMs please add me to your Buddy list... Thanks guys!! Big smile

The sentences between the Brackets represent thoughts of a character...

Part 20:

Around 2.30am

Jeevika's Alarm goes off... Her eyes are still shut...
Jeevika ( I won't open my eyes like always on Karwa chauth until I seeViren Ji face)
She extends her hand and her hand touches his hair... Her hand goes down and it is his forehead...
She opens her eyes and see his face...
Jeevika grins...
She gets up and goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She comes out and goes to the guest room to wake up Manvi. She goes inside and sees manvi as always has the blanket on her face..
Jeevika sits on her side and removes the blanket from her face.
Jeevika: Maanuu... Come on get up..
Manvi: Di chill Yaar... So early in the morning.. Why are you disturbing my dream..
Jeevika: Maanuuu... Today is Karwa Chauth and remember you are doing the vrath.. * smiling*
Manvi opens her eyes... Jeevika is surprised..
Jeevika: Kya Baat hai? Listening to Karwa chauth you opened your eyes so quicky.. Imagine if I said You are fasting for Virat.. Then you would be in the bathroom by now.. * laughs*
Manvi: Diii... Stop teasing me...
Jeevika: Oye Hoye Kya Baat hai?
Manvi: That's it Dii.. I'm going for a shower now... I'll come to your room when I'm ready...
Jeevika: Nahi Maanuu... I'll come here... VirenJi is sleeping...
Manvi: Oh yes I forgot...

Manvi goes in the bathroom and Jeevika leaves to go to her room..

Jeevika enters her room and goes for a shower... She comes out in her robe.. Her hair is wet.. She walks to the wardrobe to take her Saree out... She turns around and is surprised to see Viren standing a few steps away from her..
Jeevika: Viren Ji please don't touch me..
Viren: Kyun?
Jeevika: Because I just had a shower
Viren: What does shower have to do with me touching you..
Jeevika: Viren Ji.. You know I have to do Pooja and you haven't had a shower and if you touch me I will become dirty...
Viren: Oh I see... So if I touch you; you will have to have a shower again?
Jeevika: Exactly...
Viren: Suits me then... If I touch you I can give you a shower..
Jeevika: Please Viren Ji.. Don't do this to me right now...
Viren: Okay fine...JeevikaJi I'll leave you right now but I'll get my revenge from yesterday..
Jeevika just smiles...

Viren goes to Virat's room with his alarm and decides to sleep there..

Jeevika gets dressed and goes to the guest room to see Manvi. She is surprised to Manvi all dressed and ready to go downstairs..
Manvi whistles when jeevika enters
Jeevika: Maanuuu... Behave yourself
Manvi: Oye Hoye.. Jeeju toh Gaye..
Jeevika: Ek chaped dungi.. Tu Aapne Baat Kar madam.. In a few days you are going to say..Viratji please chodiye naa.. * laughs*
Manvi: Diii * shocked* ViratJi..Uggghh ...Oooh you are saying this from experience..
* Laughs*
Jeevika: Shetan...have some shame Mannu.. Chal let's go downstairs now..

They both are downstairs by 3.45am
Chachi: Haaiye kitne soni lag rahe ho tum done.. Nazar naa lage...
Jeevika and Manvi: Aap bhi chachi...
Chachi: Pehle Pooja phir Khana.. Phir whole day..
Manvi: Don't worry chachi... You have company from me and Virat iss Saal..
Chachi: Haaiyee.. I know you and Virat are just like me... Now it will be better.. Jeevika aur Viren don't get affected at all.. It's so unfair on us..

Swamini and Vanshika come downstairs too... Jeevika, Manvi and Kadambari take blessings from them..
Manvi is going to take blessing from Kadambari chachi too but jeevika stops her...
Chachi: Haaiye Manvi... Please don't touch my feet.. I'm not that old...
Manvi: Oye Hoye chachi.. Maaf kar doh.. Sorry
Chachi: Okay hai ji...

Jeevika, Manvi and chachi Take blessing and say a few words to god..
Jeevika ( ShivJi Thank you giving me VirenJi.. I want to spent my life with him till death does us apart..meri umar bhi unhe lag jaye..) * teary eyes*
Chachi ( Haaiye mere Inder Ko lambi umar dena aur woh mujhe hamesha pyaar kare) * smiles*
Manvi ( I can't say anything about Virat because I don't know if he has feelings for me... ShivJi give him all the happiness and whatever he wishes give it to him) * smiles*

Swamini: I'm going upstairs.. Sorry I just couldn't sleep well last night.. Vanshika tum ho Na yaha?
Vanshika: Jee Didi.. Don't worry..

Swamini goes to her room...
Vanshika: Chalo.. You three sit and eat.. I'll serve you...
The three of them eat delicious food...
Chachi: Okay... Manvi I have a trick I do every year..
Manvi: Trick? * confused*
Jeevika just smiles...
Chachi: Jeevika doesn't do it but Manvi you can do it with me.. Basically till the sunrises I plan to sit here and eat as much as I can..
Manvi: Waah Chachi what an idea but eating like this will make our stomach upset..
Chachi: We won't eat like pigs.. Just seat here and eat at times...
Manvi: Oooh Teek hai.. We will do it...Jeevika Dii..aap..
Jeevika: I won't try doing it...
Chachi: Jeevika toh Viren se bohot pyaar karte hai.. She wont do it.. * winks*
Manvi: I know chachi...
Chachi: Haaaiye ne Muhje toh Mehendi laga ne hai...
* excited*
Manvi: Ohhh me too chachi...
Chachi: You should see Jeevika's hands with Mehendi the next day.. Itna dark colour...
Manvi: Its all because of Jeeju...
Jeevika is blushing...


Viren's alarm goes off...
Virat: Bhaaai shut your alarm...it's annoying..
Viren: Mere Bhai let's get up.. We have to fast today...
Virat: Oooh yes... Chal Virat get up..

Virat goes to his bathroom and Viren walks back to his room and goes to his bathroom...
They both have a shower and change into their white Kurtas...
They both head downstairs...

Around 5.00am
Vanshika: Virat.. Viren... Come... Sit down and eat..
Manvi and Chachi are still at the table and have their plates but Jeevika is in the kitchen..
Viren ( Jeeevika.. Where is she?)
Virat ( Manvii.. Still stuffing herself ) * smiles*
Manvi looks up and sees Virat looking at her...
Manvi ( Isse kya hua.. Mera pyaara Ullu)
Virat: Chachii bohot beautiful lag rahe hai aap.. Aaj chachu toh gaye..
Chachi: Haaine Virat... Tusse top ho iss ghar di hope ho..
Virat sits down while Viren is still looking around..
Manvi: Jeejuuu..
No response..
Virat: Bhaaiii..
No response...
Chachi: Lagata hai Viren phir se jeevika ko imagine Kar raha hai.. Lekin Jeevika kithe Gaye? * confused*
They all look in the direction Viren is looking in and see jeevika is working in the kitchen and has her back to them..
Virat: Oye Hoye... Kya Baat hai..?
Chachi: Haiyeee Ni.. Viren Tu kitna cute hai..
Manvi: After all Jeeju Kiske hai.. * proud*
Virat gets up and goes to where Viren is standing..
Virat whistles in his ear
Viren: Viraattt... Don't disturb me when I'm working..
Virat : Disturb... Oye Hoye.. Working... What work Bhai?
* raises his eye brows*
Viren: Tu chup re and go and seat down..
Virat: As you say Romeo.. * winks*
Viren: Aaj tu piteka mujhse..
Vanshika: Shhh... Tum dono bacho ki tara.. Subah subah..Jao beta seat and eat first..
They both obey Vanshika..
Vanshika: Jeevika Beta please leave that and sit down.. At least today don't work in the kitchen..
Jeevika: Jii Maa.. Coming..

She is not aware Viren and Virat are at the table when she comes..
Jeevika: Maa woh mehndi wali behen 9 o'clock aane wale hai..
Vanshika: Teek hai beta..
While Jeevikais saying this; Viren is looking at her.. His spoon mid air..
Everyone sees this and starts to laugh..Jeevika and Vanshika look at them with confused expression then look at Viren..
Jeevika looks away shyly..
Virat nudges Viren and he comes back to reality..
Viren: Yes.. So Virat what were you saying?
Virat: The most important thing is what were you doing Bhaii? I mean Bhai have some Sharam.. * smiles*
Viren: Sharam.. I don't know what you are saying.. I think you have gone crazy..
Everyone laughs at this comment..

The sunrises by 6am and everyone has finished eating..

Chachi: Vrath starts NOW!!

Ani Smile

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A.K_LoveHrithik Senior Member

Joined: 19 February 2012
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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Awesome update part 21 soon plz cant wait to read that one :)

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AdorableTrouble IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 January 2010
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Posted: 22 April 2012 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Arre Yaarr ! Just missed..vasrna 1st hoti LOL
Anyways, nice update Smile Plijj agle part mein thodi VirMan nok-jhok rakhna Embarrassed
Thanks for the PM Hug
Update soon please ! I wanna see how VirMan keep their fast...or more specifically, BREAK it Wink
DDLJ vala scene hoga ya kuch aur mastii ? Cool

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