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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF. Thread 1!! (Page 149)

-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sameeha456

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" color="#333333" size="2">At last the weekend arrived and Anika gave us an update.DancingIt wasnt bad at all. I just loved dhruvieee. Just loved this line- "She must be very tired... The two babies are very naughty.. I will have to make them into good babies". I was laughing after reading this line and I just Love Dhruv. Cant wait for the next weekend to arrive. Looking forward to see my favorite Jeeman scene near the Ganga Ghat. Please try to pm me next time to update.SmileSmile</font>

Thank you Sameeha Big smile
Bubs Im sorry I'm very busy so I won't be able to PM but I shall either update tomorrow or on Saturday so keep checking Smile

-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by girl97

aww so cute and adorable
i wanna hug dhruvie so tightly :P
he is cute
and the way viren woke jeevika up
could not help but imagine it
its amazing
romantic and cute
do update soon please

Thank you Big smile
-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2013 at 4:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kays94


okay firstly, you're words before the update itself:
"I'll be only updating on the weekends so that should help.. MaybeWink"

<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Yeah you definitely got me at that MAYBE!!! Seriously I cannot tell you how many times I have read this update of yours. You're probably tired of me telling you this, but seriously I LOVEEE this story from the bottome of my heart. I just recently switched to the i-phone and I downloaded this app where I save all your updates and Aaliya's updates (little.angel56) because seriously both of your guys's story is the closest ones to my heart! I read it anytime I go anywhere like I live and crave for both of your updates. So please please please give us more frequent updates, because this story is the BESTClap</font>

<font size="2">Now coming back to the update, I really mean it when I say it was my favorite. Firstly Dhruv is way to adorable and his conversation with Virat, omfgLOLROFL. And the way Viren and Manvi were just laughing at Virat, gosh that was sooo funny! But for me I loved the Virika part, gosh you make Viren sound like the most perfect guy any girl would dream of. The way he holds her, the way he blocks the sun from coming in her eyes, the way he remembers her perfume to make her feel better, the way he explains to Dhruv how his two sibling are not bad, just EVERYTHING about him is too damn perfect! Like ughhh I really want a guy just like him who treats me the same way, and loves me the same way. Like I keep reading the Virika part over and over and over again and just fall in love with him even more. So pleaseee I beg you to please give us more frequent updates! I love your story oh so so so so MUCHHeart</font>

Well look who is here... My little spammer Wink
Okay okay I don't dislike the update Chill LOL

Awwwrrrh Thank you so so so much   Hug

Yours comments just make me very happy and I'm totally being honest here... Always comment.. Your comments are more than a treat to me Big smile
Thank you Bubs

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-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Well Hello Guys Big smile
Thank you so much for the comments and likes... Thank you thank you for the long comments... They make me very happy LOL
Well I hope you guys like this part too... Please do comment and like.
Guys I'm saying this again... I cannot PM anyone... Sorry!

Part 57:

Around 6.00pm

Dadaji and Inder are staying in the guest room. Kadambari, Vanshika and Swamini are in another room. Shlok and Dhruv are staying in Dabbu's room. Jeevika and Viren in one room and Virat and Manvi in another room.

Everyone is drinking tea and having snacks.
Manvi and Virat are sitting on the swing and everyone else is sitting on the sofas. Everyone is busy talking.
Manvi: Beeji can I sleep with you today?
Beeji: Sure beta..
Virat: Maaanvi.. * whispers*
Manvi looks at Virat..
Virat: How can you leave me alone in the room? What if... Hmmm... What if a ghost attacks me?
Manvi: Ghost? * laughs* What's wrong with you Virat?
Virat: Pleasee Yaar Manvi..
Manvi: Okay.. But tomorrow I'll sleep with Beeji..
Virat sighs and smiles.
Manvi: Beeji I'll stay in your room tomorrow.
Beeji: Okay Beta * smiles*   
Jeevika goes near the swing where Manvi is sitting.
Jeevika: Maaanu should we go? * smiles*
Manvi: Yes... Let's go. * excited*
Jeevika: Me and Manvi are going to the Ganga Ghat..
* grin*
Viren: How can you two go alone? * serious*
Beeji: Yes Viren is right. I won't allow you two to go alone.
Manvi: Why Beeji?
Beeji: You both are pregnant; someone has to go with you two..
Jeevika: Daabu!
Manvi: Yes we will take Dabbu with us.. We have to have our behna talks * winks*
Dabbu: Im your Bhaiii! * annoyed*
Manvi and Jeevika: Naahi Dabbu.. You are our little sister * giggle*
Everyone is laughing..
Dabbu: Beeejiii * annoyed*
Manvi: Chal Dabbe.. * holds his arm*
Vanshika: Go carefully... Manvi beta don't jump or run
* smiles*
Jeevika: Don't worry Maa.. * smiles*
Jeevika, Manvi and Dabbu leave.
Viren sits next to Virat on the swings...
Viren: Should we go out too?
Virat: Right now?
Viren: Why not? Let's go for a walk..
Virat: Okay.. Let's go.
Viren: Me and Virat are going out for a walk..
Beeji: Teek hai beta but come back soon..
Viren: Jee Beeji...

At the Ganga Ghat...

As soon as Jeevika and Manvi reach the ghat; they have a big smile on their face. Dabbu is in the temple near the ghat.

Jeevika and Manvi sit on the steps and are really happy.
Manvi and Jeevika: Muummmaaa Paaappaaa * shout*
Manvi: Aaj I won't complain... I'm just really happy to be here Mumma Papa..
Jeevika: Mumma Papa our little Maanu is going to be a Mumma very soon.. * hugs Manvi*
Manvi: Aur Mumma Papa... Di has a chotu Baby already and two more to come... * excited*
Jeevika: We are very lucky to have husbands like VirenJi and Virat... Mumma Papa we just need your blessings..
Manvi: Dii we always have their blessings..
Jeevika and Manvi just sit their quietly.
The water flowing, the Cool breeze, the chanting of mantras, children playing on the ghat, the bells from temple...
Jeevika sighs...
Manvi: Di.. Don't you feel like just sitting here forever
* looking at the ghat*
Jeevika: Yes Maaanu * smiling*
Jeevika: Sitting here feels like Life is so peaceful and beautiful...
Manvi lays her head on Jeevika's shoulder..
Jeevika: Seem like we come her everyday...
Manvi: but we don't.
Jeevika: We used to come running here when we were upset, happy, sad, annoyed..
Manvi: This place knows our emotions and connects us to Mumma and Papa...
Jeevika: I couldn't come here when I was pregnant with Dhruv but coming here today is really magical..
Manvi: Yes Dii... Our babies have got the blessings from Mumma Papa and the Ganga * smiles*
Jeevika: Should we light a diya?
Manvi: Ofcourse Di...
Jeevika and Manvi go to the stall to get Diyas..
Stall keeper: Aaaree Jeevika Beta.. Manvi beta... I'm seeing you after a long time...
Jeevika and Manvi: Namaste KakaJi Kaise hai aap?
Shall Keeper: Bohot Accha beta... I heard that you two got married..
Manvi: Jee KakaJi
Shall Keeper: Shaitaaan... I remember you used to run away with my diyas...
Manvi: Kya KakaJi * embarrassed*
Shall Keeper: God Bless you both
Jeevika and Manvi: Thank you KakaJi
Jeevika and Manvi take the diya and walk back to the ghat; they light it and place it in the river. It floats away from them.. They both smile looking at it...
Dabbu comes running to where they are...
Dabbu: Dii... Can we go home now? * out of breath*
Manvi: Why? It's only 6.45... * looks at her watch*
Dabbu: Woh Dii... I'm hungry..
Manvi: Daaabeee... How much will you eat?
Dabbu: Maaanviii Diii... My name is Dabbu... * annoyed*
Jeevika: Okay okay... You two please don't start your fight... Let's go home Maanu... We will come back tomorrow..
Manvi: Okay Diii * pouts*
Jeevika walks between them to avoid them from fighting.

Viren and Virat are calmly walking..
Viren: The weather over here is Amazing * smiles*
Virat: Seriously Bhai... Every time I come here I become so happy... This place is really spiritual.
Viren: Look over there.. Jeevika, Manvi and Dabbu...
Jeevika: VirenJi.. Virat?
Viren: Actually we just came for a walk...
Jeevika: Oooh... We are going home..
Manvi and Dabbu are arguing about which Kaju Katli they are going to eat. Virat interrupts them by standing in between them.
Virat: Pleaaase... You two why are you arguing over here...
Manvi: Daaabeee me and baby are going to eat these two Kaju Katli
Dabbu: Manvi Diii... I want one of them...
Manvi: How much will you eat!
Virat: Manvi he only wants one Kaju Katli..
Manvi: Virat he ate all the Kaju Katlis in this box and left these two
Jeevika and Viren are just smiling looking at this...
Virat is shocked and doesn't know what to say.
Jeevika: Dabbu come with me.. I'll tell you something..
Manvi: Bandar.. He is going to be obese one day...
Viren: Saaalii Saheba.. Calm. * side hugs her*
Manvi: He irritates me Jeeju...
Viren: Come let's go home...
They all walk back home...

Around 8pm

Dadaji, Beeji, Badi Beeji, Madan, Inder, Kadambari, Pinky, Swamini and Vanshika are sitting on the dining table having dinner.

Jeevika, Manvi, Viren, Virat, Dabbu, Shlok and Dhruv are sitting on a carpet with little individual table.
Dhruv: Mummaaa where did you go?
Jeevika: I went to the Ganga Ghat beta..
Dhruv: What is ghat Mumma?
Jeevika: Dhruvieee Mumma will take you there tomorrow...
Dhruv: Mumma does my ShivJi live there?
Jeevika: Yes Dhruvieee...
Dhruv: Yaaay... Mumma you have to take me there tomorrow... * excited*
Jeevika: Promise Dhruvieee
Vanshika comes over and places a Laadoo each in Jeevika and Manvi's plate.
Viren and Virat smile at this...
Dabbu: Wow... Laadoo! Yummy... * drools*
Manvi: Yummmy? * makes a disgusting face*
Dabbu: Kya Manvi Di.. Laadoo are always delicious..
Manvi ( Wow what an idea... I'll have to make this Daaba eat this Laadoo somehow... He ate my Kaju Kalti... Revenge time)
Manvi has a devious smile on her face..
Manvi: Do you want to taste it Dabbu? * innocently*
Virat, Viren and Jeevika are shocked..
Manvi mouths them to be quiet...
Dabbu: Manvi Dii? Seriously?
Manvi: Of course... * smiles*
Dabbu takes a big bite of the Laadoo and his expression changes...
Dabbu: Ugggh * covers his mouth while chewing*
Everyone is controlling their laugher while Manvi is laughing.
Dabbu swallows the Laadoo and looks at Manvi...
Dabbu: Manvi Diii...
Manvi: Seee this is what you get when you eat all the Kaju Katli * winks*
Dabbu: How can you eat this everyday? * cringes*
Manvi: Me and Di are super women... Muhahahahahahaha
Virat: Oye Female Gabbar Singh control... Eat your food...
Everyone laughs at this...

Everyone finishes dinner and sit in the aangan.
Dadaji: Benji sitting like this in the aangan reminds me of my childhood
Beeji smiles...
Everyone is chatting and laughing.
Dhruv: Mumma can I sit in your lap?
Jeevika: Yes Dhruvieee * smiles*
Dhruv: Will the babies get hurt if I sit? * concern*
Jeevika: No Bacha... Come * makes Dhruv sit on her lap*
Pinky: Jeevika Beta... How does he know about the babies?
Jeevika explains to Chachi what happened.
Pinky: Dhruv tu toh bohot hi Accha Bacha hai...
Dhruv: Thank you Pinky Dadi
Pinky: Dhruv I'm not Dadi.. Abhi toh I'm young
Everyone laughs...
Dabbu comes and sits next to Manvi and then he remember's the laadoo scene so he gets up and sits next to Virat...
Manvi: Daabeee
Dabbu: Diii... It's Dabbu
Manvi: Dabbu come here
Dabbu gets up and sits next to Manvi
Manvi: Look Mere Bhaiii... I'm sorry.
Dabbu looks down sadly...
Manvi: Aaare meri Bhaiii... I'm very very sorry. I'll buy you a big box of Kaju Katli
Dabbu: It's okay Manvi Di * hugs her*
Jeevika is hugging Dhruv while he busy doing something...
Jeevika: Dhrruvieee what are you doing with my hair?
* trying to see what he is doing*
Dhruv: Mumzieee Im trying to braid...
Jeevika: And why this experimenting on Mumma?
Dhruv: Because my Mumma loves me and I love my Mumma
Jeevika: Very clever answer Dhruvieee * pulls his cheek*
Dhruv starts to giggle...
Jeevika: Dhruvieee please don't make knots in my hair...
Dhruv: Mummaaa I won't...
Jeevika: Dhruvieee let me see what you have done..
Jeevika is surprised to see little braids at the end of her hair...
Dhruv is look at Jeevika's expression...
Jeevika: Where did you learn this Dhruviee? * surprised*
Viren: From Priya * whispers to Jeevika*
Jeevika just looks at Viren and nodes in disbelieve
Dhruv: Daaady what did you say to Mumma?
Viren: Thats a secret * winks*
Dhruv: Mummaaa... Tell me...
Jeevika: Dhruvieee you tell me who taught you
Dhruv: Mummma Woh.. Woh...
Virat: Bhabhi Priya taught him... * winks at Dhruv*
Dhruv: Chachu Maasu how do you know? * surprised*
Virat is shocked and so is Viren...
Virat: What? Really? * confused*
Manvi: Dhruvieee really?
Dhruv: Yes... She taught me how to do braids * smiles innocently*
Virat: Bhaiii seriously... this little one is going to get a line of girlfriends outside our house in future * laughs*
Manvi hits him on his arm...
Virat: Ouccch!
Manvi: How dare you make fun of Dhruviee. Look at his face...
Virat crawls to Dhruv and looks at him innocently...
Dhruv: Chachu Maasu you are a very bad boy * sad face*
Viren: I agree with Dhruv... * winks at Virat*
Virat: Kya Bhai * mouths*
Virat: Im sorry Dhruviieee. I won't tease you with Priya now... Pakka
Dhruv: Promise...
Virat: Promise...
Dhruv starts to smile again...
Virat: Thats like my Dhruv * pulls his cheek*
Viren: Waise what are we doing tomorrow?
Virat: No plans yet... Oh my god... I've got an idea...
Everyone looks at Virat...
Virat: Can we go morning walk tomorrow?
Everyone smiles at the childlike excitement in Virat.
Everyone agrees with him...
Dadaji: What time should we leave?
Beeji: We should go early.. Around 7am and we can have breakfast outside..
Dadaji: Jee * smiles*
Everyone is really excited and go the their rooms to sleep.

Anika Big smile

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Sameeha.Tacker Senior Member

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 7:34pm | IP Logged
I am the first one and let me do some party sharty. Loved your update. I just love little dhruviee and his girlfriend priya. Haww dabbu ate all the kaaju katlis hahaha i also love to eat them and priya taught dhruv how to make braids and viren and virat guessed it right and coming to my favorite jeeman scene it was so adorable and i am eager to read the next update and want to see how dhruv reacts after meeting his nana-nani at the ganga ghat. Will have to wait for the next weekend to arrive and truly i love your ff and i hv read it more than five times and i have also saved the updates in my pendrive so that i can read your ff again and again and the countdown begins for the next weekend to arrive till then bye and take care.

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
sweet little cute update
Lovd it
Ur updates jst make me smile :)

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sweetdollashita Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 7:40pm | IP Logged

This update as always was outstanding...Clap Clap Clap Clap
jeeman scene was beautifully written n amazing description of ganga ghat...
loved the way u penned their emotions coming to ghat after soo long...
manvi made daboo eat that ladoo LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Now tell me how do u manage to think about the scene of dhruv???????
he is freaking adorable ...i love him sooo much... Heart
his cute little talks always bring a huge smile on my face Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile
i loved the scene which has dhruv in it...
best part of this update was when dhruv was trying to braids in jeevika's hair sooo cute...
he learnt making braids from priya ROFL ROFL ROFL omggg 
that scene was sooo hillarious...  
plzzz try to update more frequently...you are a brilliant writer Clap Clap Clap Clap
continue soon...

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sweets1126 Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2013 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Nice update!:D

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