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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF. Thread 1!! (Page 142)

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Hello You Lovely People Big smile
Thank you so much for the amazing comments and likes.
Here is a long update so I'm going to request long comments Tongue They are a treat to read.
Sorry guys I can't PM anyone... A very long list.

Part 55:

Around 6.30pm

Viren and Jeevika enter the garden. Dhruv sees Jeevika and runs to her...
Jeevika goes down on her knees and opens her arms as she sees Dhruv running to her. She engulfs him in a tight hug.
Jeevika: Dhruvieee
Dhruv: Mummaaa * hugs her tightly*
Jeevika pulls his cheeks and then stands up and holds his hand while walking. Viren just looks at their bond.
Viren ( mother and son relationship * smiles* They forget me when they have each other)
Jeevika: How was your day at nursery Dhruvie?
Dhruv: It was good Mumma
Jeevika: Did you finish your lunch properly?
Dhruv: Yes Mumma * smiles*
Jeevika: What else did you do?
Dhruv: Hmmm... I read alphabets with Dadi... Then me and Dadi prayed to ShivJi... Then I had one chocolate... Only one.. * cheeky smile*
Jeevika: Mera Badmash * tickles him*
Dhruv: Mumzieee Pleaseee * giggles*
Jeevika: Dhruvieee Mumma had to eat two bitter laados today * sad face*
Dhruv: Ewww but Mumzie you are a very good girl. You ate the Laadoo * smiles*
Jeevika: My Dhruvie is a good boy so his Mumma has to be a good girl right? * extends her hand for a Hi5*
Dhruv: Right * hi5 her back and smiles*
They are walking hand in hand , while Viren is sitting on the swings with Virat and Manvi.
Dhruv: Mummmaaa I have to tell you something... * looks around before saying*
Jeevika: What Dhruvie?
Dhruv tells her the whole story of Viren and Virat teasing him with a girl called Priya.
Jeevika tries to act shocked but is actually controlling her laughter.
Jeevika: Oh my god... They were being bad boys!
Dhruv: Very bad boys
Jeevika: So what should we do?
Dhruv: I don't know... They said sorry to me so they are good boys now.
Jeevika: Hmmm... That's true * tries to act serious*
Dhruv: If they do this again... I will tell you and then you have to punish them for being bad boys.. Okay Mumma?
Jeevika: Okay Dhruvie
Dhruv: Mumma why is your stomach coming out?
Jeevika let's out a giggle and Dhruv just looks at her.
Jeevika: Dhruvieee that's because Mummaa is going to have two babies.
Dhruv: Two babies.. * raises his eye brows*
Jeevika: Yes Dhruvie and they will call you Bhaiya..
Dhruv: Like I say Shlok Bhaiya..
Jeevika: Yes.. * smiles*
Dhruv: When will they come Mumma?
Jeevika: They will come after a few months. Will you look after them?
Dhruv: Yes Mumma... If they are bad babies then I'll teach them to be good.
Jeevika: Thats like a very good Bhaiya
Dhruv: Mumma will the two babies be boy or girl?
Jeevika: Hmmm... Mumma doesn't know that beta.
Dhruv: Oooh...
They are walking when Dhruv suddenly places his hand on her stomach. Jeevika is surprised.
Dhruv: Please be good babies and don't trouble our Mumma.. Our Mumma is very good.
Jeevika has tears in her eyes; she quickly wipes them and goes down on her knees.
Jeevika: Dhruvie they are very good like their Bhaiya
Dhruv smiles at her.
Jeevika stands up again and they walk to the swings.
Dhruv runs to Virat and sits on his lap while Jeevika is walking towards them. Jeevika sits near Viren on the bench.
Virat, Dhruv and Manvi are sitting on the swings.
Virat: Dhruv are you excited to go Rishikesh?
Dhruv: Yes Chachu Maasu..
Manvi: Dhruviieee * hugs him*
Dhruv: Sorry Maasi...
Manvi: Why sorry Bache? * pulls his cheek while hugging him*
Dhruv: I didn't say hi to you..
Manvi: Thats okay Dhruvieee...
Viren and Jeevika smile at this...
Dhruv: Maaanu Maasi did you know I'm going to be a Bhaiya soon?
Manvi and Virat are surprised to hear this. Viren looks at Jeevika and smiles. Jeevika explains to them what happened.
Manvi: Awwwrh! * hugs Dhruv tightly* Why are you so cute?
Virat: Bhai seriously this little one is a copy of Bhabhi..
Viren let's out a laugh.
Jeevika: Waise Dhruvie can you see Maanu Maasi's stomach is also coming out?
Dhruv: Yaaay.. That means I will have four babies calling me Bhaiya...
Manvi: Dhruvie only three babies..
Dhruv: If Mumma has two babies then Maanu Maasi you also have two babies so total is...four babies..
Viren: Dhruv Manvi Maasi has only one baby so total three babies will call you Bhaiya..
Virat: But Dhruv don't worry after a few years there will be total four babies calling you Bhaiyaa
Jeevika and Viren laugh... Dhruv gets confused..
Manvi: Viraaat! Not in front of * looks at Dhruv*
Virat: Sorry sorry* laughing*
Manvi: But seriously Di... I think Dhruv is just like you.
Viren: I agree with you Manvi...
Dhruv: Stop the swing..
Jeevika: Dhruvieee what do you say after that? * raises her eye brows*
Dhruv: Ooops... Stop the swing pleaseee...
Jeevika: Thats like a good boy.. * smiles*
As soon the swing stops...Dhruv runs to Dadaji..
Virat: Bhai even you were not this polite .. He is definitely like Bhabhi
Manvi: Sadly our baby is going to be monkey...
Virat: Of course... will take it after the mother * laughs*
Manvi has her mouth open in shock.
Manvi: How dare you!!! Seriously How dare you!!!
Jeevika: Maaanu * giggles*
Virat is laughing.
Viren: Oye Virat... Stop annoying my Saali...
Virat: Kya Bhai..
Jeevika: Waise Maanu have to done the packing?
Manvi: Dii.. I'll need your help..
Jeevika: And I'll need your help
Saying this they start to giggle and the two brother just look at each other and smile.

Around 9.30pm

Vanshika is making Dhruv sleep in his room and everyone else are in their respective rooms.

Virat and Manvi's room

Manvi: Viraaat... These two bags will be enough..
Virat: Let me tell you something... If you going to give me only half space in a bag.. How am I going to fit my clothes?
Manvi looks at him innocently and gets embarrassed.
Virat: Okay.. You have one bag... I will have one bag
Manvi: Thats okay.. But I want this bigger one.
Virat: Thats my bag though * sad face*
Manvi: Stop acting like a baby and learn how to share
Virat: Share... Look who's talking * humbles*
Manvi: Did you say something? * while putting her clothes in the bag*
Virat doesn't say anything and lays on his side of the bed.
Manvi: Going to sleep?
Virat: In a few minutes... Tomorrow morning have a meeting.. * sighs*
Manvi: Should I massage your head * serious*
Virat: Hmmm... That would be amazing but won't you get tired.
Manvi: Nope... Sit here...
Manvi massages his head and Virat feels sleepy so he goes to sleep. Manvi places the bags on the side and changes in her pyjamas. She goes to sleep too.

Around 9.30pm

Viren and Jeevika's room

Jeevika has placed her and Viren's clothes in a pile on the sofa.
Viren is in the bathroom while Jeevika is laying on the bed and reading a book.
Viren comes out of the bathroom.
Viren: Jeeevika can I ask you something..
Jeevika: Hmm... * while reading*
Viren: Do you think I should take my hat to Rishikesh?
Jeevika: Hmmm... * lost in her book*
Viren: Should I take these sunglasses too?
Jeevika: Hmmm.. * still reading the book *
Viren realises that Jeevika is lost in her book.
Viren: How about I pack Dhruv in a bag too.. * smiles*
Jeevika: Hmmm * still reading *
Viren is controlling his laugher.
Viren: How about after a few years we have another baby? * raises his eye brows for her response *
Jeevika: Hmmm...
Viren has a big smile on his face; Jeeevika realises what Viren said.
Jeevika: Nooo... No ways. * places the book on the side table and is shocked*
Viren is laughing and walks to her bed side.
Jeevika: VirenJi you are so bad.. How can you do this?
* shocked*
Viren is still laughing.
Jeevika: You are so bad VirenJi.. What else did you say before this? *tensed*
Viren: Oooh lots of things... That you have to fulfil * winks*
Jeevika: This is cheating.. Not fair. What other things did I * gulps* I agree? * scared*
Viren rubs his hand and winks at her.
Viren: Look at your face... Im just joking.
Jeevika: Pheeewww... VirenJi you are so bad... Bad boy * pulls his cheek*
Viren: Im not Dhruv Jeevikaa! * serious*
Jeevika: Ooops! You are my bad husband * pulls his cheeks *
Viren: Waise Jeevika I was serious about the last part...
Jeevika: Last part?
Viren: About having another baby after a few years
* winks*
Jeevika: VirenJiii * shocked*
Viren: Why what's the harm? *cheeky smile*
Jeevika: After having twins.. Your opinion will change... Looking after them is going to be a challenge and then we also have responsibilities towards Dhruv. I...
Viren: Ssshhh... Jeevika. Im just teasing you.
Jeevika makes a sad face..
Viren: three children for us is good enough.. * hugs her*
Jeevika hugs him back and sighs.
Viren: But I would love to have 4 children * smiles*
Jeevika detaches from the hug and looks at him.
Jeevika: VirenJiii are you serious?
Viren: Hmmm... It's good to have a even number of children* laughs*
Jeevika hits him on his arm and looks down shyly. Viren let's out a laugh and hugs Jeevika.
Jeevika: VirenJi why are you teasing me so much?
Viren: To see your blushing cheeks * hugs her tightly*
Jeevika just giggles.

Around 6.30am

Virat and Manvi's room

Virat turns in his sleep and looks at Manvi; she is sleeping peacefully.
Virat: She looks so innocent while sleeping * smiles*
He places his hand on her abdomen.
Virat: Good Morning Baby. Im happy that you are not troubling your Mummy but do start to trouble her. Come out soon so I don't have to face your Mumma's mood swings.. They are very scary.
Manvi turns in her sleep and Virat takes his hand away.
The alarm goes off and Virat turns it off.
Manvi: Your turn Virat... * sleepy voice*
Virat: It's your turn... * pretends to be sleepy*
Manvi: Pleaaase Virat..
Virat: This is so unfair... Everyday * whines*
He finally goes to the bathroom and shuts the door loudly; Manvi smiles and snuggles in her blanket.

Around 6.30am

Viren and Jeevika's room

The alarm goes off and Viren shuts it. He turns so he is facing Jeevika. She is sleeping peacefully with one hand on her abdomen. Viren smiles at this.
Viren: Good Morning babies * whispers near Jeevika's abdomen*
He goes to the bathroom while Jeevika is sleeping. He comes out of the bathroom and walks to her side of the bed.
Viren: Jeevikaa.. * kisses her forehead*
Jeevika smiles and holds his hand near her. Viren moves the strands of hair from her face.
Jeevika: Good Morning VirenJi
Viren: Good Morning
Viren helps Jeevika get up.
Jeevika goes inside the bathroom while Viren makes their bed. Jeevika comes out of the bathroom.
Jeevika: I'll go and wake up Dhruv
Viren: I'll go... You go for a shower.
Jeevika nodes.

Around 7am
Dhruv's room

Viren enters the room and is surprised to see Vanshika sleeping with Dhruv.
Viren: Maaa * walks to his bedside*
Vanshika: Oooh.. * sleepy*
Viren: Good Morning Maa * smiles*
Vanshika: Good Morning Beta * smiles*
Someone opens the door. Viren and Vanshika look at the door to find Virat peeping in through the door.
Viren: Good Morning mere Bhai..
Virat: Good Morning Bhaaii * enters the room*
Viren: Entering like a little thief * winks*
Virat laughs.
Virat: Maaa? Good Morning...fell asleep here?
Vanshika: Good Morning Beta.. Yes.
Virat smiles.
Viren: Maaa you freshens up.. We will wake him up.
Vanshika: Are you sure?
Viren: Jee Maa.
Vanshika leaves the room.
Virat and Viren sit near Dhruv.
Virat: Bhaaai he looks just like you
Viren: Of course Virat * smiles* Your Baby will also look like you.
Virat: Bhai I still can't digest that I will be a dad soon... In a few year that little baby will call me daddy.
Viren: I know the feeling Virat.. * smiles*
Virat: Im kind off scared Bhai... What if I don't turn out to be good dad?
Viren: Viraaat don't worry. You will be a great dad and I know it.
Virat smiles.
Viren: Let's wake him up..
Virat: Dhruvieee * pats him*
Dhruv: 5 mins Mumma.. *snuggles in his blanket*
Viren controls his laugh.
Virat: Mumma! Bhai do I sound so feminine today
Viren just laughs.
Virat: Dhrrruvieee this is your Chachu Maasu... Not Mummaaa
Dhruv: 5 mins please..
Viren: Okay Dhruv
Virat sighs and is lost in his thoughts.
Viren: Don't think too much about it.
Virat: Hmmm * comes back to reality*
Viren: Don't worry too much..
Virat: How did you know?
Viren: Virat Im your Bhai... I know you very well. Don't think about it too much. If you do anything wrong... Your bhai is always here for you.. Remember that.
Virat: You know there has always been an empty space in our lives because Papa wasn't there. You somehow fill up that space for me but for you... * looks at him*
Viren: Yes no one can replace papa but I think having our family with us... Helped.
Virat: I wish I understood what you were going through in childhood * teary eyes*
Viren: Mere Bhaaaiii * pats him* Don't become emotional... It doesn't suit you.
Virat smiles.
Viren: Virrruuu * winks*
Virat: Bhaaai shhh.. No one should know about this name * looks around *
Viren: Look at your face * laughs*
Virat: Bhaaai no one should find out about my nickname
Viren: Relax.. Our little childhood name will always be between us * smiles*
Virat: Dhruuv get up now * pats him*
Dhruv turns in his sleep and opens his eyes.
Dhruv: Daddy... Chachu Maasuu?
Virat: Wow... Dhruv recognises us Bhai..* excited*
Viren hits Virat on his arm...
Dhruv: Good Morning...
Viren: Good morning Dhruv..
Dhruv gets up on his bed and Hugs Viren and then hugs Virat.
Dhruv: Yaaay no nursery tomorrow * jumping on the bed*
Virat: Oh really? Won't you miss Priyaaa * coughs*
Viren: Viraaat ! * raises his eye browns*
Virat winks at him. Dhruv doesn't hear Priya at the end of the sentence.
Dhruv: Daddy I think Chachu Maasu is catching a cold... I will have to tell Dadi to make him that medicine water
Virat gulps loudly and hits his head while Viren laughs.
Virat: Dhruv I'm not getting a cold
Dhruv: You were coughing so I'm going to tell Dadi * saying this he goes to the bathroom*
Virat: What is he? Dangerous...
Viren: If you tease him again... He will tell Jeevika and Maa too
Virat: Ooohhh so you are scared of Bhabhi? * winks*
Viren: Don't forget... Dhruv is telling Maa about your cold and then the yummmy drink
Virat: Oh crap... I'll tell Maaa I'm fine before he goes and tells him * runs out of the room*
Viren laughs.
Viren: Oh no... Getting Dhruv ready is going to be a challenge * checks on him inside the bathroom*
Dhruv comes running out of the bathroom and bumps into Viren.
Viren: Dhruvvv... Let's give you a shower
Dhruv: Shower shower* runs inside the bathroom again*
Viren follows him inside.
Dhruv has his shower and is comes out in his towel. Viren takes his clothes out from the cupboard. When he turns around he sees him running around the whole door.
Viren: Shame shame * covers his eyes*
Dhruv: Ooops... Please give me my underwear.
He wears it and starts to run around the room again...
Viren: Dhruv come here Pleaseee
Dhruv: Muhahahahahaha
Viren just smiles at this.
Jeevika enters the room.
Dhruv: Mummmaaa * runs to her*
Viren: Thank god you are here.. Please make him wear his clothes.
Jeevika: Jee VirenJii...
Viren leaves the room while Jeevika dresses Dhruv.


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sweetdollashita Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 7:15am | IP Logged

yayayayyayaa  first one to comment Dancing  Dancing
finally got an update after so long n thanks for making it long Hug
what to say about this part...Tongue
it was freaking out of this world update...Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
i'm literally speechless after reading it...it was just mindboggling...
mother son bond was just perfect...loved their relation n mostly love the way how you portray it...Clap
i was laughing throughout it ROFL n was in aweee after reading every line...it was just beyond words...dhruv complained to jeevika about viren n virat was damm cute Big smile
when dhruv asked jeevika about her stomach i was like LOL LOL LOL LOL
it was sooo amazing when he placed his hand on her stomach n ask the babies not to trouble his mom...Smile
Dhruv: Yaaay.. That means I will have four babies calling me Bhaiya... 
Dhruv: If Mumma has two babies then Maanu Maasi you also have two babies so total is...four babies.. 
these lines were sooo adorable...
virika scene in bedroom was outstanding ROFL
viren is thinking of having 4 babies awww poor jeevika.LOL
loved the morning scene of dhruv. viren n virat n vvbros convo was sooo emotional...
viren trying to make dhruv ready Big smile...
as a whole it was worth waiting for this update...
continue soon dear...Hug

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-Charu- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 7:21am | IP Logged
2nd yaaayyayyy
Victory Dance lalalalala ... lol
So cuteee
Dhruvieee is going to be a bhaiya soon :D
Protective brother* ;)
4-4 Babies calling him bhaiya :P
Virika planning for another baby in a few years hahah Poor Jeevika :P
Cuteeely awesum update <3
Just love it...
Getting dhruv ready phewww better Viren learn it coz he'll be handling 3-3 babied in a few months :Pheheh
When r we expecting the next update huh?

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kryanvirika05 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 7:33am | IP Logged
i cant type properly coz im still lauging at dhruv!!!!!
I LOVE HIMM!!!! everytime he comes on i have a massive smile on my face!!!
And viren is so naughty!! 4 kids! LOOOL!!!
My stomach is hurting from all that laughing! and you write so well that i can actually imagine everything!!!

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x.Henna.x Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 8:15am | IP Logged

Awhh I love the bit between Jeevika and Dhruv bit and Jeevika telling him about the babies and Dhruv calling his dad and Virat bad boys and asking his mum to puish them if they did it again and i really loved the bit when Dhruv thought his masi also had two babies Smile

I really wish I could pull Dhruv's cheeks, he just tooo cuteee! Big smile

I love how Jeevika was so busy, she didn't hear what Viren was asking and kept replying with hmm, LOL

I loved the VV bros talk.

Amazing update!!!

Edited by x.Henna.x - 23 February 2013 at 8:31am

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Kanwal_chohan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Lol awesome update as usual loved the ending
Dhruv is so cute superb update continue soon

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jia123sagar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 8:48am | IP Logged
awesome update

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jenna_p Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2013 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Awesome update Smile
Loved all the convos...
The mother son bond between jeevika and dhruv was so cute...
Virman was were also too good...
Viren is again naughty n talking about having another child...
Loved vv bro convo...just how viren was always there for his brother
Just too good...
Continue soon...

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