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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF. Thread 1!! (Page 127)

-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Tinu-

<font size="3"><font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">ANIJI!!!! OMG! OMG!

Your back! ahhh!!! I cant believe it... I had actually lost hope to see you back in the forum... Mann remember the times when you used to pm me updates because I couldn't wait that long for you to update... I miss those days Day Dreaming Anyways what a banging comeback!!!
I have at least read this story more than three times!!! It was and is one of my favorite FF!
I loved the latest two updates! Dhruvy is sooo cute Day Dreaming And Viren and Jeevika... hayyeee... Viren planning for another baby!!Embarrassed lagta hain pagal hogaya hain! LOL and then Virman nok jhok! Beechara Virat... doosra baby nahi milega! CryLOL</font> <font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">
Too good man!!! I'm still can't believe I'm commenting on this FF once again! Hell I cant believe I'm even reading it again!!!! Tongue Continue soon aniji iss baar aise chor ke maat jayoo! Heart

Luv u and missed u! Hug</font>

TinaaaJiii Tongue

Hugsss   Big smile Im so happy to see you here again. I miss those days too.. We used to talk endlessly haha Im so happy you love the story... Wooo!
Missed you tooo! And Love you lots!!!!
Your comment just made me smile like crazy Embarrassed

AniiiJiii Wink

-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kays94

i hope you don't think im annoying, but i want an updateCry

ur one of my favoritest writers

Don't say that baby! I'm sorry I haven't updated yet. I have been busy. I've written the update.. Just to write a bit more then ill post it.

-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ktloversera

Oh what a lovely update.
Glad you continued this story.
This chapter was so cute.
Dhruv <3
What happened to Jeevika's back?

Thank you lovely! Your comments just make me smile Smile
Jeevika is just having back pains because of the pregnancy Wink LOL

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Saaraa. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anika-

Originally posted by ktloversera

Oh what a lovely update.
Glad you continued this story.
This chapter was so cute.
Dhruv <3
What happened to Jeevika's back?

Thank you lovely! Your comments just make me smile Smile
Jeevika is just having back pains because of the pregnancy Wink LOL
Really? Do my comments really make you smile? If yes then yayy me (raises the collar like a boss feeling the victory)LOL
Oh that painOuch i get it.
So when will you update?Cry

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Fari_15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Loved it!!

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-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Hello You Lovely People!
Sorry for the delay to the update but this update is long so Enjoy.
Please leave your comments.. They are a pleasure to read.. The longer the better Tongue
And once again Thank you for the likes and comments.

Part 51:

August 2016

Dhruv leaves for nursery around 8am. Everyone has their breakfast.
Swamini is in her room. Kadambari has gone to her maternal's house. Dadaji and Inder have gone office. Virat and Viren are in the study working on their cases. Vanshika is reading a book in the lounge. Jeevika and Manvi are also in the lounge. Jeevika is doing her yoga while Manvi is reading a pregnancy book.
The landline rings..
Vanshika picks up the phone..
Vanshika: Hello?
Beeji: Kaise hai VanshikaJi?
Vanshika: Arre Beeji.. Main acche ho aur aap?
Beeji: Bas Acche
They talk about things.
Beeji: Can I talk to Jeevika and Manvi?
Vanshika hands the phone to Manvi
Manvi: Beeji.. Kaise hai aap?
Beeji: Acche mera Bache.. How is your health? Still have morning sickness?
Manvi: Yes Beeji.. Still have morning sickness.. Don't like it at all.
Beeji: I know beta.. How is everything else?
Manvi: Everything is fine.. I really miss you and everyone else in Rishikesh! Sometimes I wish i could just come there..
Beeji: Mere Bache you can always come here.
Manvi: Ek minute Beeji.. Talk to JeevikaDi * gets teary eyed*
Jeevika: Paripurna Beeji.. Kaise hai aap?
Beeji: God bless you Bache. I'm fine beta; how are you? And how is your back pain?
Jeevika: I still have back pains but I'm fine.
Beeji: How is my little Dhruv?
Jeevika: He is fine.. He's gone to nursery.
Beeji: Teek hai Bache.. I'll have to go Bade B is calling.
Jeevika: Jee Beeji.

Vanshika: Manvi?
Manvi: Jee Maa...
Vanshika: Do you really want to go Rishikesh?   
Manvi: Maa... I do but...
Vanshika: Why don't we all go to Rishikesh this weekend?
Jeevika looks at Vanshika surprised.
Manvi: Maaa * hugs Vanshika*
Vanshika: Let's discuss with BauJi first but I'm sure he will be fine with it.
Manvi: Maaa im so happy.. Diii * runs to Jeevika*
Jeevika: Maanuuu.. Be careful.
Vanshika: Manvi beta don't be so careless.. Look after yourself.
Swamini calls Vanshika so she goes to her room.
Manvi: Diii I'm so so so happy! After so many days! We will go back to Rishikesh. We can relive all those moments and memories. Can't wait!
Jeevika: Maanuu I can't stop smiling. I'm so excited.
They both hug each other and giggle.
Manvi: Di.. We will meet Mamma and papa soon... Ganga ghat. The rickshaw. Di I just feel like dancing. We will meet our Dabba * laughs* Beeji, Chachu, Chachi, Bade B.
Jeevika: I don't have words to describe my feelings right now. I hope Dadaji agree with this plan.
Manvi and Jeevika look at each other sadly.

Around 5pm

Dadaji is sitting in the lounge reading newspaper. Viren and Virat are still working in the study. Inder and Kadambari are in their room. Shlok and Dhruv are playing in the garden.
Swamini is talking to someone on the phone while Vanshika is planning on how to tell Dadaji about the trip plan to Rishikesh. Manvi is talking rest in her room and so is Jeevika.

Vanshika goes to the lounge.
Vanshika: BauJi?
Dadaji: Kaho Bahu?
Vanshika: Today Beeji called from Rishikesh.
Dadaji: Accha.. That's good. How is everyone there?
Vanshika: Everyone is fine. BauJi.. I wanted to ask if we all could go to Rishikesh this weekend.. It will a good trip for all of us and Jeevika Manvi will meet everyone. So..
Dadaji: Hmmm... Baho.. This is very good idea. It will be great fun together. Jeevika and Manvi can even stay there longer if they like.. We can come back on Monday.
Vanshika: Jee BauJi * grins*
Dadaji: So let's plan to leave on Friday and we will come back on Monday. I'll talk to BehenJi about this plan.
Vanshika: Jee Bauji * smiles*
Vanshika goes to the kitchen while Dadaji calls Beeji in Rishikesh.

Around 6.30pm

In the garden

Dadaji and Shlok are playing chess like usual. Inder is reading newspaper. Vanshika, Swamini and Kadambari are playing catch and throw ball game with Dhruv.

Virat and Viren have finally finished their work for the day and have gone to their rooms to wake up their wives.

Virat and Manvi's room

Virat: Aaaree Ooh Chaudarian..
Manvi covers her ears with pillow..
Virat: Ooops not Chaudarian.. Vadherian..* laughs*
Manvi: Who the hell is laughing like a Raavan? Get out
Virat: Raavan.. * mouth wide open*
Virat walks to Manvi's side of the bed and sits next to her.
Virat: Manvi get up..
Manvi: Viraaat I'm really tired..
Virat: Why? What happened?
Manvi: Nothing.. Just sleepy and tired..
Virat: Manvi come on get up.. We have to walk around the garden and get some fresh air.
Manvi: Viraaat.. Pleaseee
Virat: Maaanvi.. I'll be very angry if you don't get up.
Manvi gets up and rests against the back rest of bed.
Manvi: you are even worse then Di.. She would let me sleep for longer but you...
Virat: Very funny.. Chalo freshen up and let's go outside in the garden..
Manvi: Viraaat.. * whines*
Virat: Maaanvi.. If you don't get up i'll tell Maa to give you one more Laado to eat..
Manvi gets up quickly and goes inside the bathroom.
Virat: Works everytime... Not bad Virat.. Angry young man.. * laughs quietly*

Viren and Jeevika's room

Jeevika is fast asleep when Viren enter the room. He walks to her side of the bed and sits next to her.
Viren: Jeevika..
Jeevika: Hmmm...
Viren: Jeevika please get up..
Jeevika opens her eyes and looks at Viren's smiling face.
Jeevika: How was your day VirenJi?
Viren: I have been just home.. working on a case.. Relaxed and tired.
Jeevika: Head massage?
Viren: At night before we go to sleep * smiles*
Viren: How are you feeling? Maa said you went to sleep around 3pm.. Are you okay? * concern*
Jeevika: Just felt tired VirenJi.. Nothing else. * smiles*
Viren: Get up.. Lets go for our evening walk then.
Jeevika: Jee.. I'll freshen up quickly.
Jeevika goes inside the bathroom and Viren makes her side off the bed.

In the garden

Manvi and Dhruv are on the swings and Virat is pushing their swings.
Virat: This is not fair.. * tired*
Manvi: You have to suffer after what you said about the Laadoo * winks at Virat*
Dhruv: Maanu Maasi
Manvi: Hmmm..
Dhruv: Maanuuu Maaasiii
Manvi: Yes...
Dhruv: Maaanuuu Maasiii
Virat: Manvi don't you know this game.. * mouth wide open*
Manvi: Huh? * confused*
Virat and Dhruv gasp at the same time.
Virat: Oh my god... Dhruv did you hear that? She doesn't know the game.. Tch tch tch * cheeky smile*
Manvi: Oye Virat... Dhruvie what game?
Virat: Watch us.. * winks*
Dhruv: Chachu Maasu
Virat: Dhruv
Dhruv: Chachu Maasuu
Virat: Dhrrruuuvvv
Dhruv: Chaaachuu Maaassuuu
Manvi: Oh this... I know that.
Virat: Really? * winks*
Dhruv: Maanu Maasi you forget * sad face*
Manvi: Awwwrh Dhruvieee Im sorrry... Please forgive me.
Dhruv hugs Manvi and pulls her cheeks.
Manvi: Why are you so cute? * hugs him tightly*

Viren and Jeevika come to the garden..
Vanshika: how are you feeling beta?
Jeevika: Fine Maa * smiles*
Vanshika: Come sit here..
Jeevika sits next to Vanshika.
Dadaji: I have to tell everyone about something. Viren please bring Virat, Manvi and Dhruv here.
Viren walks to the end off the garden where the swings are to call them.
Dhruv: Chachu Maasu Stop the swing please..
Virat stops the swing.
Dhruv jumps down and hugs Viren..
Dhruv: Daaadyyy
Viren: Dhruv * picks him up*
Manvi: Jeeju Is Di okay now?
Viren: Perfectly fine * smiles*
Viren: Oh Yess.. Dadaji has to tell us something.. Lets go.
Manvi: I know what it is.. * smiles*
Virat and Viren: What is it? * say together*
Manvi: Dadaji will say it * winks*
Manvi starts to walk to where everyone else is.
Virat and Viren start to walk too...
Viren places Dhruv down and Dhruv runs to Jeevika and sits on her lap.
Dadaji: So everyone.. Vanshika Bahu has planned something for this weekend?
Everyone looks at each other confusingly.
Dadaji: We are going Rishikesh this weekend * grins*
Everyone is really happy and excited..
Dadaji: We will leave on Friday and come back on Monday. Jeevika and Manvi can stay there longer if they like.
Viren and Virat's smile vanishes away when they hear the last sentence.
Viren: But Dadaji.. How can Jeevika and Manvi stay there longer? I mean someone has to stay there with them.. I mean how will they come back from there in this condition..
Dadaji: Hmmm... Good point Viren.
Viren: Annnd...plus Dhruv.. He can't stay without Jeevika..
Everyone is just smiling at his reasoning.
Dhruv: Daddy I don't have nursery next week so I can stay with mummy there.. * happy*
Jeevika: Why don't you have nursery next week?
Vanshika: You were sleeping beta so didn't disturb you but the teacher has sent a letter. There is some work that's needs to be done in the building so they can't have nursery whole week.
Jeevika: Oooh.. That's good. Dhruvie are you excited?
Dhruv: Very excited Mummy* grins*
Kadambari: Oye Hoye Viren.. Don't worry Ji I'll stay there with Manvi and Jeevika.. * cheeky smile*
Dadaji: That seems like a good idea.
Virat: But DadaJi What about Shlok.. He will need his mummy right?
Dadaji: Vireeen... Shlok is not a child .. He is grown up.
Viren: Dadaji how about I stay there... I mean I will finish my case work this week. I'll get a break too..
Virat: Bhai but..
Viren: So it's final right?
Virat: Bhaaai you have a case lined up so I can stay there..
Everyone is just controlling their laughter.
Viren: Viraat try to understand.. I need a break from work..
Virat: I also need a break.. * whines*
Everyone starts to laugh.
Vanshika: What's happened to both of you? Behaving like little children
Kadambari: Bhabhi try to understand.. * raises her eye brows*
Vanshika: Oooh so that's the reason.. * laughs*
Dadaji: Viren and Virat you both are coming back with us. Vanshika bahu or Kadambari bahu will stay there..

Viren looks at Jeevika with a sad face. Manvi winks at Virat while Virat looks at her sadly.


(Guys from now on I'll be only updating once on the weekend. Sorry I'm going to be very busy but Promise every weekend a Long update)

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kryanvirika05 Senior Member

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Viren and Virat are sad that they have to stay away from their wives..

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