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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF. Thread 1!! (Page 110)

DivanIsh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anika-

Thanks you for The comments and Likes! Really appreciate them!
Hopefully I'll update soon... I have started to write a bit Smile

ahem ahem no comments Wink

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2189mansi Senior Member

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hey ani its ok.. We don mind waiting for a nice update. Waise bhi sabrah(waiting) ka fal meetha hota hai. ;)

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misaki IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 March 2012
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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anika-

Originally posted by misaki

im so sorry fr bein so late...u knw in commetin..been busy stdyin..arghh
hate xams...
anywys..loved the update..thnk u..
but i lso have the same complain as virat..y does manvi alws have 2 stop him wen hes romancin with her..not fair..want some really romantic scenes frm them..its a humble request pls..pretty pls??
dnt frget 2 pm me fr the next one..Smile

It's okay... I hope your exams are going good Smile Thank you!
Hmm... Well they will be romantic scenes but not too romantic Wink
I surely will PM you.
aww so romance is instore..thnk u...Big smile
oh xams r goin well..thnks fr askin..Smile
will be waitin fr the pm..

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virmanloveraish Groupbie

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
awesome, i'm sure i told you to pm me before?
but you didn't..poor me:(
nevermind, please pm me when you next update
best wishes and much love

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-Tinu- Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 4:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anika-

Thanks you for The comments and Likes! Really appreciate them!
Hopefully I'll update soon... I have started to write a bit Smile

waiting aniji
chalo at least your writing LOL


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-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2012 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Hey Guys Big smile
Sorry for the delay guys...Hopefully I'll update regularly but not promising!
Thank you so much for the likes and comments.. Really appreciate them!
Hope you like this part!

Part 46:

November 2012

Jeevika and Viren are walking in the garden..
Jeevika: VirenJii.. Can I ask you for something? Promise me you won't say no..
Viren: Jeevikaa I can't promise.. If it is good for you and the baby then I'll agree.. If not then I'll disagree...
Jeevika: Pleaseee VirenJii.. * makes a puppy face*
Viren: Jeevikaaa this is so unfair.. You always do this.. Okay I promise.. Tell me..
Jeevika: Well... * grins*
Viren looks at her curiously..
Jeevika: I want to do something at their Roka..
Viren just looks at her confused..
Jeevika: You know like a surprise... Some sort off performance..
Viren: Surprise Performance for Virat and Manvi?
Jeevika: Yes... Like dancing * grins*
Viren: Jeevika... Let's do all this later... Leave it for Sangeet or marriage or even baarat..
Jeevika: But.. By that time I'll be too pregnant then I won't be able to dance properly..
Viren: Jeevika nothing is decided yet so maybe the baby might be here by then..
Jeevika: Then I won't be able to do it...Who will look after the baby? VirenJiii plus I'll be fat..
Viren starts to laugh..
Jeevika puts her hands on her hips..
Jeevika: If I get Fat.. You are to be blamed for it! * angry*
Viren: Why blame me? * smiles*
Jeevika: Well... Firstly you are responsible for me being in this condition and plus you force me to eat all day..
Viren controls his laughter and tries to act serious..
Viren: Jeevika where is this conversation going? We started with the performance and now you going fat? Where are we heading with this MadamJi? * smiles*
Jeevika: VirenJi... Why are you smiling? You try carrying a baby; the morning sickness, not feeling like eating, mood swings... Oh yes this is one of my mood swings.. Soon i will start crying.. You don't understand.. That's it I'm going to make you read the pregnancy book.. You..
Viren places his finger on her lips...
Viren: Shhh... Ek dum chup!
Viren removes his finger from her lips; Jeevika is just looking at him.
Viren: Jeevika... Listen to me.. I'll do whatever you say but calm down. You can perform if you want but we have to get permission from Dadaji and everyone else .. Also while performing don't do something which will hurt you physically. And one more thing...
Suddenly Jeevika hugs Viren...
Viren: Jeevikaaa...
Jeevika doesn't respond..
Viren holds onto Jeevika quietly.
Jeevika: Okay so let's go and ask for permission but don't let Manvi and Virat know about this.. It's a surprise for them.. * says this while detaching from the hug*
Viren: Anything for you MadamJi.. * grins* But first lets finish our walk... 15 mins more then we will go inside..
Jeevika nodes.
They both start to walk again..
The Living Room

Badi Beeji, Manvi, Dabbu are arguing with each other.. Virat is confused..
Badi Beeji: Don't argue with me... Dabbu take my advise..
Manvi: Badi Beejii... This idea is Faltu...
Dabbu: See Manvi Di is right!
Badi Beeji: Chup re Dabbu... I don't have any value.. Mere Jeevika always listens to me and never argues but you two... Uggh..
Manvi: Badi Beeji... I can agree with you if you give me these Bangles.. * cheeky smile*
Badi Beeji: Chup Kar Chudail..
Manvi starts to Laugh..
Badi Beeji: Virat.. Dekha Tumne.. They always so do this to me..
Virat just nodes and smiles..
Manvi: What will he say? He is on my side. * winks*
Dabbu: Yaay... Manvi Di, Virat Bhai and me VS Badi Beeji.. * laughs*
Badi Beeji: I don't need anyone.. * sad face*
Manvi: Oye Hoye.. Mere Chamak Chalo.. Don't get sad..
Virat: Manvii... I'm on Badi Beeji's side...
Badi Beeji: Dekhaa... * grins*
Manvi is surprised..
Manvi: Okay Fine.. We don't need you anyways...I have my Daabaa..
Dabbu: Dii... Daabaa Nahi Daabu...
Viren and Jeevika walk inside and see them arguing..
Jeevika: I missed this so much.
Viren: Jeevika...They are arguing.
Jeevika: VirenJii... Manvi and Badi Beeji always do this.. They have arguments everyday.. Then in the end Daabu gets blamed for it... It's their way of showing love * giggles*
Viren: Oh really?
Jeevika: Before we got married.. This was part of my routine.. * smiles*
Viren looks at her smiles..
Jeevika: I guess somethings never change and they should never change. * smiles while looking at them*
Viren: You miss them a lot.. Don't you?
Jeevika looks at Viren and smiles..
Viren: Women have to go through so much in life... I don't know how they do it..
Jeevika: Well.. It's quite easy when they have a life partner like you.. * smiles*
Viren smiles and looks down shyly.
Vanshika: Everyone is here... I have been looking around the house... Dinner in 10 minutes...
Viren looks at his watch..
Viren: Oh my god... I totally forgot about it..
Badi Beeji and Vanshika leave...
Dabbu: Dinner... Yes... Manvi Di leave my hand... * runs towards the dining room*
Manvi: Daaabeee... Bhukhad!
Virat: Like you don't eat!
Manvi: Viraaat... I can say anything to him.. He is my brother..
Virat: Oh really... He is my brother in law..
Manvi: So.. He is my brother first..
Viren: Guys! Come lets go now...
They all walk towards the dining room.
Around 8pm

The Dining room

Viren and Jeevika are sitting next to each other and Virat and Manvi opposite them...
Dadaji: Today was so hectic..
Swamini: Jee BauJi.. But all the arrangements are done..
Vanshika: Manvi and Virat had been running around the house today..They did so much! The terrace decorations are really good.
Manvi and Virat smile..
Kadambari: Haaiye Ne Jeevika.. I saw the Rangoli near the entrance.. Bohot beautiful hain.. And plus the random petals around it; is too good..
Jeevika: Well the Petals idea was done by VirenJi..
Kadambari: Really? Wow.. Viren Kya Baat hai..
Viren is embarrassed..
Virat: Chachi after living with Bhabhi.. Bhai has become creative.. * winks*
Viren raises his eyes brows and mouths him to be quiet..
Everyone is having dinner quietly..
Manvi's Duppata is tickling Virat hand. Manvi is busy eating..
Virat holds her duppata and looks around.. No one notices him doing this; Manvi doesn't feel anything too.
Virat places the end of the duppata on the chair he is sitting on.
Virat smiles at Manvi; Manvi squints at him..
Virat ( ManviJi you have no idea.. You wont be able to get up unless I want you to... This is going to be so much fun)
Manvi ( What is wrong with Virat? Why is he showing off his teeth? Stupid Chep must be having some plans.. I'll have to find out)
Viren: Dadaji, Maa, Bade Maa... Me and Jeevika want to talk to you after dinner?
Dadaji: Let's meet in the study at 10 o'clock?
Viren: Jee..
All the elders finish the Dinner and are sitting in the garden.
Viren, Jeevika, Virat, Manvi, Dabbu and Shlok are sitting in the Dining room...
Viren places the Laadoo in Jeevika's plate.
Jeevika makes a face..
Viren: Jeeevika!
Jeevika: I'm really full VirenJii... I'll eat it later.
Viren: You said the same thing yesterday night and then went to sleep.. Come on eat it!
Jeevika: I'll have half of it.. * smiles*
Viren: Jeevika you have to eat the whole Laadoo. Come on eat it.
Manvi: Di come on!
Jeevika: Manvi why don't you have some too...
Manvi: No ways Dii.. I'm full.
Dabbu: Jeevika Di can I have some? * grins*
Shlok: Dabbu these Laados are for pregnancy only.
Dabbu: Then why is ManviDi? * opens his mouth in shock* ManviDiii are you pregnant?
Manvi: Chup kar Daabeee... How can you say things like this?
Virat laughs..
Manvi: Why are you laughing Mr Chep? Jeejuuu I think Virat should eat it..
Dabbu: So Virat Bhaiya is Pregnant.. * laughs*
Virat raises his eyebrows at him and Dabbu shuts his mouth..
Viren: Jeevika start eating it... I'll call Maa..
Jeevika: Noo... I'll eat it.
Viren: Good.. * winks at Virat*
Shlok: Dabbu... Let's go and sit in the Garden...
Dabbu: Let's play chess...
They both leave the dining room.
Jeevika: Uggh... Why are they so spicy and bitter? * teary eyes*
Viren: it's good for you. * wipes the tears on her cheek*
Manvi: Jeejuuu you are so sweet... I wish I get a Husband like you.. * winks*
Virat looks at her surprised... Viren raises his eyebrows... Jeevika smiles..
Jeevika: Im going outside.. I need to talk to Kadambari Chachi...
Viren: I'll come with you..
Viren and Jeevika leave the dining room too..
Manvi stands up and is about to leave but isn't able to move...
Manvi: Virat leave my duppata!
Virat: Huh? * tries to act innocent*
Manvi turns arounds and looks at Virat; he isn't holding her duppata..
Manvi: Virat you are sitting on my duppata..
Virat: Oh really? I don't think so..
Manvi: Virat you are.. If you get up.. I'll be able to move..
Virat: I'm not in the mood.. * stretches his arms*
Manvi: Virat.. Why are you acting like a Chep? I have to wash my hands..
Virat: Manvi... Why do always run away when I want to romance with you?
Manvi turns around so she not facing him. She smiles shyly.
Virat: I'm not standing up unless you give me an answer..
Manvi: Viraaat.. Actually... I get really nervous when you are really close.. I can't control my feelings; it feels like I have lost my senses; my heart beats fast. Please don't do this to me... I can't just can't handle it..
Virat stands up and whispers in her ear..
Virat: Manvi I didn't know this was the reason... I always thought you were bindaas but this is a new side of you.. And I love it!
Manvi looks down and grins...
Virat: By the way... You can go now... * smiles*
Manvi runs towards the washroom and shuts the door.
Virat ( You are so cute when you get shy) * grins*


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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Ahw! The VirMaan scene, I just could see
the expression on Virat's face while reading.
You are truely briljant!

Edited by BrunoMars - 10 June 2012 at 7:38am

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preethis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2012 at 7:38am | IP Logged
wowww that was super cute part... loved it... 

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