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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
It was a superb happy reading Doodle as you gave it back to 4 lions and SP. They should feel ashamed for cheating us on our loyalty and time.
Reading both of yours analysis, can't help but looiking forward to the upcoming episodes. your style too...

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pink.lotus Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
the way the MUs stacked one upon the other.. was almost like the wedding day.

 payal gets patao'ed by another kraakadayl teeyers, why cant she just faint away and escape the whole ordeal! payal, your silence cost us audience to suffer through another round of the exact same drama! Angry

poor manorama mami (never thought i would say this, but today I actually felt sad for her!)excellent, excellent uttraksha Ji.Clap

payal telling khushi.. and honestly, for the gupta sisters, the money-is-tight situation is intimately familiar. forget the fact that it is a virtual stranger who "needs" money, but the gupta sisters cannot ignore such a plea for help. Cry

and khushi wins.. so trying to convince the judges that she does not deserve to win (what do you thin of contestants and judges discussing the prizes backstage?)Confused and borrows her husband's recent sentences... it was an act.. it was impromptu.. he was not the original participant on the roster... so it is technically cheating..BTW how come the compere suddenly knows her full name and is repeating it till it is ringing in my ears??? Mrs Raizada was plenty enough for a random stranger!Thumbs Down

and Arnav overhears,pulls her into the magical empty dressing room . and asks her, why??
I came to help you.. then why don't you want to win? when you deserve this? ASR cannot understand how anyone would want NOT to winShocked.. he is not made in that style..

she feeds him his own medicine.. she has learned a lot from him about the proper way to get angry..why? does it make any difference to you? Evil Smile
I don't think its important that i tell you the reason. the exact sentence he used on his wedding night.

and he's mad. "dont you dare talk to me like that"... why? what will you do? throw things? manhandle me? meh. old stuff.. I've grown used to your tantrums Mr. Raizada, i'm not scared of you.. and I'm not gonna tell youAngry

.but then, he asks,I did this favor for YOU... and she picks that reason, okay.. that IS the reason. I don't want any favors from you... and poor him, accepts her answer.Broken Heart and walks out(ok, storms out.. after all, he is ASR.)

and stupid, stupid khushi. and di. a pregnant woman is feeling dizzy. the drama for the show is over.. why can't they go home? why can't she run and call nani, mami, etc to attend to the abla naari? why the hell can't she tell sham to go find a pharmacy himself? khushi cannot go out in the night, but sham can.. or, akash, mama, uff. GRRR.Angry

quote from an IF post (forgot which): they decided that the best idea was to leave the dizzy lady alone in a room and leave, without telling anyone!Wacko

and suddenly , arnav's phone which died before the show, came back to life.. and he called Di to hear her lies. Thumbs Down

won't touch the sham scene Nukewith a ten foot have made excellent commentary already.


doodles,  thanks for the way you phrased your review.  made me see the sense and senselessness at work in the PH ,SP and the storyline.

is it really so much work to write out a believable screenplay? especially by people who get paid for it?

 why do we have to resort to mindless cliches to drive a point..  anjali got dizzy, sent sham with khushi.. could have happened when they were  near the raizada clan.. maybe
minus arnav, to add credibility.

is it so much work to rotate the extras so that the same one is not put in a prime spot as
different characters?

is it so much work to assure that the actors have blooper-free dialogues, at least?

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littledoll Groupbie

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
I LOVED it! You just read my mind! LOL...I meant you said exactly what I wanted to say!  Wink
Thanks for the PM! 

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sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Hello! And I'm back here again with my VISHESH TIPPANI! LOL OOO, my hindi still rocks! LOL

Okay. So I quite agree with you on all terms but here's my cents' worth of thoughts on what you said.

The Arnavification of Khushi.

Quite rightly explained how she has recognised her "true soul mate". I'm an avid fan of Criminal Minds...

Mum calling. 


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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Beautifully written Tanthya.Clap

 I was hoping that this week we get to see the different shades of the various characters coming into play and my wish is getting fulfilled .Smile I sincerely hope that the momentum that is being built does not loose steam now. Would have loved it  better if the situations  being created to intensify the drama were not so contrived and predictable .Khushi forgetting her handkerchief conveniently on the medicine counter, Anjali asking Shyam to accompany khushi  to the chemist.??? Writers please  spare a little more time on thinking for better situational  incidents that keep the intrigue factor alive. The editing was better today. Hopefully less bloopers in the coming episodes.

Waiting for doods  analysis..

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Japonica IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

 Brilliant post Tanthya! Loved how you kept it simple and subtle and short and yet explained everything so well! *claps*! And yes - today was the return of IPKKND for me - and for everyone of us who has been a part of Redux and that was solely because of Shyam - and no one else. Remember I said yesterday that I have always wanted to see the Arnav - Khushi and Shyam equation - and finally we saw a beginning of it - and tomorrow more so ever. Like you - I keep my fingers crossed too!

Now I really was not thinking to do an analysis today - but I have u bookmarked on my phone and as soon as the clock turns 12 I am waiting for u to post! :D - and that is the effect REDUX has on me! I have never thanked u enough for creating this platform - I do so today! Thank You!! :))

Now coming to my analysis :

-- Okay - the first 7-8 mins were a drag! I know I do not expect them to show only the Raizada members performance but it felt like a drag. Then came the mami and Payal scene - somewhere I was happy that Mami and Payal were bonding - and Mami had started trusting Payal if not explicitly - but I knew it since Monday that Payal was going to screw it up. The reason in my opinion was stupid - how could they be so sure that the rivals would have won if not any of the Raizada's!? Lame Excuse! 

-- Secondly - when I said I would not like if Khushi called Arnav a dhokebaaz - I meant it. I did not like it - and I say that because I felt that the dialogue for the situation was wrong. She wanted someone else to win - I get that - but why call Arnav dhokebaaz!? I do not know. And yes - she did not do it to make Arnav angry because she had no idea he was listening. So here I was disappointed.

-- When the whole family was trying to cheer up Mami - It was only Arnav who stood by Payal. I may be reading a lot into this ( as usual) but when the truth comes out in front of the family - it will obviously strain Mami and Payal's already strained relationship and maybe Aakash's also. And that is when Arnav will be the only one standing in support of Payal and cover her up and only then will Aakash come to Payal. Frankly I loved the small scene of Arnav and Payal and I really really wish - that the creatives could develop a bond of Arnav and Payal - slowly and steadily. One important thing was Khushi was missing from the scene - she was not a part of either of the two frames

-- The Green room scene - Loved like absolutely loved Khushi here This is the Khushi I love and adore and admire - the one who fights back with passion and intensity - not the one who uses 7 year old antics to trouble someone! Sanaya and Barun were brilliant here! Arnav needs to realize that Khushi is not going to back down. Just like he does not give her any answers - he does not deserve any too. It was a tit-for-tat scene and very well played. Even in this one scene - the understanding that Khushi has of Arnav and what his actions are going to be was quite evident. We saw that yesterday also when Khushi asked him to leave like he always does and we saw it again today! Brillaint creatives! 

-- Anjali and Khushi scene - one thing I noticed was Khushi's kalerin got tangles in the dress - she could not free it herself - Anjali came and did it for her. Now is it possible that it will be Anjali who will end and free Khushi of all her troubles and pain when Khushi comes to know the reason behind Arnav's!? Ofcourse yes! She will be the 'sutradhaar' for these two always!

-- Anjali fainting - Khushi concerned - Anjali calling Shyam and ordering him to go with her - frankly an illogical scene. Shyam is not a baby that he could not go alone - and Khushi is not a kid who could not request Anjali that she would go with Akash or someone else. But I get it - it was needed to build up the next setup. The medical store scene - as soon as Khushi left her handkerchief on the table - I knew what was gonna happen - but loved Khushi the way she rattled him up by calling him 'jeejaji' :D - Even the storeman was looking at Shyam - with the 'WHAT THE' look :D - Abhaas was good today and I was so glad to see him I cannot say. He kept it simple but was perfect.

- Precap - do not want to judge but Abhaas's expressions were fab! Hoping for a really good episode tomorrow! :)

Doodhs and Pam will read ur analysis tomorrow! Time to sleep! :))

Love :))

P.S : Tanthya I also think BS is very very tired - he looked like hell today - not even fresh! He was good but there was something that I felt was definitely wrong! He needs rest I think - maybe relax a bit and shave or he would not be able to justify Arnav properly!  Hope to see that change soone enough! :))

P.P.S : And guys you were discussing Humsafar one day - and I decided to watch it - and now I am addicted to it - hate you guys for it! ;P -- Nevertheless I love the title track - I love Khirad's character and she is the first woman character that made me cry - love Asher - hate the mom - love the direction and the simplicity everything! Thank you so much for discussing it here - nahi toh I would never have known! :))

Please do let me know if there are any other good pakistani serials - would love to watch them! :))

Great reply to Tanthya's brilliant post. We are on the road to hell, just hope it isn't a long one.

I've heard Dhoop Kinare is a great Pakistani serial, it is supposed to be brilliant, a friend can't stop praising it. Kuch to log kahenge, is, I believe, a remake of the show.

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 4:55pm | IP Logged

I can't take the oscillating between juvenile and ridiculous plots and well done comedy or drama. I CAN'T!!!!

To me a few good scenes hidden in rubbish makes me wanna to throw the entire package out.
Let me start with the ridiculous plot:

Really how did the lady with the financial problems single out Payal as the competition winner. It would have been more realistic if they locked Payal up in a room, more realistic not less juvenile.

Khushi's actions:

It has been shown that Payal knows when Khushi is troubled. However they don't talk to one another, they don't talk to their parents, yet they have this incredible bond. REALLY!!! Do the CV's understand the meaning of bonding????

Khushi is supposed to be the girl every girl wants to be. REALLY!!!

At this point I think she is just disrespectful. PERIOD!!! When you do something like refuse an award that your family wants you to accept because you did well. You lie to them??? Is this the same girl who kneels down to ask forgiveness at HOLI??? They don't deserve the truth??? This self sacrificing act really would suit other SP serials not this one.

Here is Khushi's excuse for not talking to others about her situation:

Her Sister because apparently she is too fragile and can't handle things yet her sister handled with quiet grace her wedding being broken and stood by you when everyone blamed you.

Her Buaji who is strong willed and immediately wanted to rectify the situation on the day of the engagement itself by telling naniji because of her headaches???
Her dad is unwell so its understandable but her mom??? just depends on her Bua.
Understandably she cannot say anything to Anjali because of her fragile state and Arnav because she just doesn't trust him anymore. But why won't she confide with her own family. After the precap I am just flummoxed
What is really annoying me about her though is that after the terrace scene she thinks to herself, she reached out to Arnav but then got news of Anjali's pregnancy and thought to herself  may be the baby will change Shyam. Now she knows for a fact that hasn't. He is a creep Anjali deserves the truth, maybe she cannot handle it now but why can't nani? Or Arnav? Yes initially she didn't want to tell Arnav, but she had decided it was time for him to know after the terrace, isn't the same thing happing again shouldn't she be making her way over to him to tell him listen I know you hate me but you have to know this???? Isn't Anjali happiness still at stake??? What is it going to take Shyam forcing himself on her???
Sorry but for a feisty girl like Khushi who gets quote " darr ti hai par Karti hai" is just out of character she need advice from elders on how to handle this situation.Independent doesn't only mean doing things by yourself it also means knowing when to bend and ask for help. I guess ASR and Khushi are made from the same cloth but Khushi is supposed to be more level headed is she not???

I don't know why the Gupta's have not been shown once since Holi, they do know that Shyam is in the house with Khushi and after Holi I would be damned concerned about my child if she was in that situation.  Yet that is not shown once.Let's just say it's time for her to confide in someone. Anyone!!! Not Laxmi!!!or even DM because right now she needs advice on how to handle the situation.

I was glad Shyam is back in the picture but then again his characterization is off. He is supposed to be manipulative. He spent months making his move on Khushi, when he saw it disintegrating in front of his eyes he moved quickly and stealthy and  got her father out of the way, he even got everyone to believe that her father wanted them engaged. And suddenly, he is just acting rather than carefully planning. We saw that he was planning to make Arnav think that he has moved on and is concentrating on RS happiness. But again we see him trying to make Arnav jealous. What the hell. This makes no sense. But atleast the story will more forward.
And finally, instead of showing us terrible supporting acts could they not have show the cast talking about the acts in the show but only highlight Mami and Payal, Khushi and Arnav. I mean I have to ask WHY, why were we put through this torture.
As usual Tant your  review highlight the very good parts in an episode I had written off because there was just so much of rubbish in there for me to sieve through to the point.
I did like the Payal Arnav scene. I actually really liked Mami scene as well. Her dreams came crashing down and she has no one to blame but Payal. Loved Akash's reaction when Mami feel. lol.
But the so called writing of this show, Barun exclaming how tight it is, is going to hell. They really need to pull up their socks or else IPL is going to kick them out of the top 30!!!
I'm sorry but so dissappointed with today's episode.

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Arhimaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 5:09pm | IP Logged


Sathu love your post...Big smile
You have analysed everything brilliantly as usual...

My only question...

Was it not a saas bahu competition...then how come there were two to three acts of just males??

Who was the saas and who was the bahu in them LOL

Sorry stupid question,,,but after payal's greatest of greats sacrifice for saving the neighboring aunty's financial status...itna to haq banta hai na boss...seriously are CVs grooming payal for the 7:00 pm slot...Angry

And sorry to sound like a broken record...which I probably will as every previous post has mentioned this...why did veena's bahu single out payal only...why not convince all contestants to lose...and then if they are in dire need of 500K...then how come they are maintaining their facade...full gold Jewels and everything...if they are living in the vicinity of RM ...I am sure pawning a few of their jewels will earn them more than 500k...
phew sorry did not mean to rant...just wanted it out of my system... 

well as for khushi and you put arnification of khushi...aptly described...bas ab aisa chalu in the end I might have my role reversal...Big smile

And the last one...khushi calling arnav dhokebaaz...listen carefully I felt she did not call him dhokebaaz directly...she meant dhokebaaz hai woh jori jo last moment partner change kere...kiyunke otherwise woh jori haar rahi thi...agar woh Arnav ko dhoke baaz kehti then he would have questioned her...the only thing that he asked was why did u refuse to share the prize with me...even if you notice the dialog it goes like "dhokebaaz hai woh" she will never call Arnav "hai"...if she would have meant Arnav she would have said "hain"

doods begum waiting for your update...

hugs to  you both...Smile


Doods what a karara post...send this SP and 4lions...the heads needs to read finally we all should buckle up for the actual story to start...Big smile

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