Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cool_wonder

Tpday I have a honest confession to make..
I loved Tants and Doodles analysis Clap..
Brillient and very apt Thumbs Up.
I di dmake a couple of posts getting inspired from Doodles Posts from 3rd and 4th aprilBig smile...
I completely agree to the poits which Doodles has mentioned...And trust me she has pointed out exactly the same things that I wanted to put down...but guess I am not as good with the words LOL..
Comming to the show...I wanted to say a few things regarding the PH and Channel STAR..SO let me begin with PH first
1. NISSAR..who is the creator of ARMAN-RIDDIMA, SAMARAT GUNJAN, MAYANK NUPUR, GEET MAAN is truely a person whom my friend reffered to as "SMALL SCREEN YASH CHOPRA"...and mind you she never liked the our show IPKKND initially but than fell for the cute couple and story of this show.
Now as Doodles rightly pointed out A show does not just run on ART and imagination but for Channel and PH a SHOW is nothing but MONEY and BUSINESS...when a show i handled properly it means that YOU ARE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS WELL...but right now 4 Lions PH is far form it...
2. Here I will tell you something...I was a Geet show follower...and I fear that IPKKND is going a Bit Geet way...Geet show later was converted into a mindless comedy .. and I fear in past 2-3 weeks IPKKND has turned out to be pretty much filled with 85% mindless stuff...I just have a question to PH...THEY START A SHOW WITH A BANG...BRING IN BEAUTIFUL CONCEPTS INITIALLY BUT THAN THE SHOW IS CONVERTED INTO COMEDY AND COMBINATION OF MINDLESS SCENES...WHY????????
I Swear there are so many things in IPKKND that the CV's can touch upon but are the Creatives really so uncreative to touch different assect of a story???????
All i want is the PH shoud realise that This is STAR PLUS and not STAR ONE...
THe DOwnword trend of TRP's has been started from 3 weeks and STAR PLUS believes in cut troat compitation...they will not take a moment in slicing the show at this situation what should PH do???? le me tell you
   A) Keep your story clear and clear...
  B) Make sure you use all the A's you you case the entire cast of IPKKND is adored by the viewers not just why not weave story in such format that involves ever character
  C) Understand your strong points and week points...Right now over comedy has become your week focuse on STORY BIT...
  D) The GUPTA family has been missing form AGES..mind you AGES...WHy are you not bring them into picture...????? why wear such mindless scenes when you have stronger characters waiting to get attention????
I feel it is realy HIGHT TIME the CV's have to buck up...They still have hugh loyal audience to support them and they better make their moves while they still have time...
STAR PLUS is the KING of channels right now...and it is a brutal king i must tell you...It will not tink even for a moment beor cutting the show that does not deliever as per their expectations...
They will extract all the good things from PH and Actors..they will use them for marketing many stuffs...but the PH should be smart business here...they need to smart in handling channel demands and also viewers demands...
Trust me this is not difficuilt...I AM SURE that PH atleast earns good enough that it can pay good writers and people who can handle a TOP RATED SHOW...
STAR PLUS is a channel which will raise the show and give it all honors when it is at it's peak..but it will not take a moments time to cut the same show when it enters bad phase...
Guess I ranted a lot haan...but trust me...all i want it that IPKKND should remain the TOP RATED SHOW it is...It has the potential to move to No. 1 spot...and with proper story management I am sure the CV's can achieve this ground...
Like I said I an\m sure the PH earns enough to pay Good writers ...and they need one ASAP...
Well about yesterdays epi I Guess many here have mentioned the points that I had about yesterdays epi...
I hope i did not rant much for the first time ..hehe..
And i really hope PH bucks up and mends when they still have things good for them...

OMG Ruchi. It's perfect. A Big Hug to you Hug Very well explained. Big smile

I am impressed that you picked up the flaws so nicely. You just needed a platform and the urge and Redux gave you that. Welcome hun. Smile

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Originally posted by asumi

@thantya I LOVED The title! OO-THA-HELL-O!Clap superb!!!

'Arnavification' and 'Khushi' LOL reminds me of terms 'gratification' and 'excruciation'.

It is like 'excruciating' the 'gratified'.  ( :D did i make sense? :P )

Leaving that part- Yes Khushi is very close unnerving him. they person who always had the last word- left speechless. Shows how close he is to the breaking point.

I loved the way you explained that!! :)

Arnav being there for Payal when none noticed her showed he accepted one of the many things- She IS part of his family and that scene was very sweet!! i just hope CV's make use of all these equations too. there is soo much scope for a brilliant plot. ( sigh, i shouldn't be going there)

Khushi going out with Shyam was TOTAL crap. There was just one good thing about that- and that was "Jijaji!" LOL That was the scene where i felt it was Khushi's breaking point. Probably Khushi was made to go, to emphasize that!

And what you said about Anjali! Sooo true- I feel she will be the one who will changing Khushi's opinion about Arnav. but also she might be the reason for their separation in the 1st place.

Loved the post! :) thank you

P.S YA!! Barun needs to catch up with some sleep, or may be that is part of his role? Arnav looking tired?. 

Loved it Aish!Clap So glad u listened to me and wrote something! Big smile

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ananya7736

Tanthya, Doodhs, Anna and the others, you write really well. Loved this post. Thank you Anna for letting me know about it. I had missed it.

Anna, love your explanation and the fact that both of them are cheats and the situation did not demand it. I have some pakistani serials in mind, will PM you.
Thank you! Smile I will just say - I told u so! Wink
Got your PM :)

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sbk2


CONGRATS!! You're a Rockerz now !! Party  Party
Thank u. Redux ka kamaal.Big smile

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by slmu

Originally posted by pamk06

Originally posted by slmu

GM all Hug
Sathya, Doods, Pam, Anna great stuff as usual. Love the title.

GM ShanthiHug

Thanks u ShanthiHug

Ask your questions, Shanthi Hug

Need something to discuss ShanthiHug

I have a migraine today, so am just going to go with the flow. LOL

hahaaa.. see the pyramid in your posts.. I spent a couple of mins on that jut staring...

Waise Ki hoya??? why migrane all of a sudden??? 

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

Originally posted by laddoo598

Tanths, Pam, Doods, brilliant analysis! Clap

Tanths, I so agree with you, I know no one loves this MU track but the things will have to get worse before they can get better..It was inevitable that the MU would intensify, Arnav needs to see more and more of  Shyam-Khushi interactions to notice the chinks in the armour, to grasp at the concept that maybe, just maybe, its Shyam who is always pursuing her, not the other way around..

Doods, OMG , I love House MD! Agreed, poor planning is to blame for the dropping TRPs, I don't know what got into their heads for planning such lackluster episodes leading up to IPL..I am just wondering which route the PH will take now..Lay low till IPL is over, or go ahead with some huge dhamaka to make sure the audience stays glued to IPK..

Anna, Loved your analysis as well..OMG I love Humsafar too! One of the best shows I ever watched..I couldn't help but notice the MANY similarities between Humsafar and IPK while I was watching it..The way Khirad handled herself when her hubby did not trust her enough, the way she changed as a woman, becoming more confident, but losing some of that innate innocence she had before, is something I would love to see in Khushi..
You also must watch Dhoop Kinaray, Tanhaiyaan if you are looking into Pakistani shows..DK, especially, is a must watch for anyone who wants to see an extremely well told, and heart warming love story..

Thank you! Big smile
I just finished watching Humsafar yesterday and it was FAB! Star I loved how 13 episodes were just right to show the whole story! It was just perfect! That is one reason I hardly watch Hindi shows - because of the lack of story progression most of the times!
Khirad's character is by far the best character I have seen. The way she stood up on her feet and became confident and turned from a girl to a woman was beautiful! Also I cried when I watched the whole pregnancy thing - first time ever for a girl I cried.  Yes it is quite similar to IPk but I would love to see this evolution in Khushi too! This character growth will be very nice to watch in Khushi.
Thank you for the list! I sure am starting with tanhaiyaan - I have got PM's and everyone has told me to start with it. DK I did start but I left it in between - will start watching it again now! Smile

Anna, you have no idea how much I want to see Khushi taking the same stand as Khirad..I LOVED the ending of Humsafar..Yes, Asher fixed everything, yes he restored her lost dignity, yes they got together, but she was not the same Khirad whose world revolved around Asher..Her words still keep ringing in my mind "Mohabbat mari toh nahin hai, par kahin kho zaroor gayi hai..Main uss Khirad ko kahan se leke aaoon, jo khud ko ap par nichavar karne ke liye tayyar thi"..Yes, she loved him, but the vigour, the innocence, the all consuming intensity was lost..

I would love to see Khushi's character taking a similar turn..When she finds out how low Arnav thought her to be, I want to see a permanent change in Khushi..This is huge, the guy you love, the one person from whom you expect the most trust in the world, was the one who deemed you guilty without giving you a chance to explain yourself..You can't just erase this type of experience and go on with life without any permanent change in the way you are as a person..She will always love Arnav, but I want her to tell him that her love for him has changed in a way..That she still loves him, but she has seen too much evil, too many turbulence, and now knows that her vision of a perfect world through her rose rimmed glasses was all a lie, that he no longer is the sun in her universe..

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by asumi

ANNAAA!! Smile at all the bolds and italics!!! SO true!! Clap Clap sach mein nahi jaanti what  to add!! you said it all!!

yes Arnav will be Payal's support when everyone 'might' outcast her. i am really banking on that scene. hope they dont disappoint. and i really hope they improve the relations too.

the reason for Payal standing like a nervous wreck was damn LAME!! but well what can be said about that.

and YES Khushi in Green room and also in the medical shop!!!! :D i loved her!!! the girl who always fought back, who had brains!! soo happy she is back!!

TRUE_ Abhaas in precap!!! amazing acting!!

Thank you Aish! Big smile Yes even I think Arnav can be seen as Payal's support - not now but in the future.
Khushi is green room and in the medical shop was good! I am glad to see Shyam and Arnav-Khushi equation starting! Smile

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:57am | IP Logged
Doodle... I need extra time to read your analysis... finally managed to read it thoroughly... Tongue

Do you get bored when we say it was Excellent or Fantastic...?

Lemme know okk? 

... But ... word of caution... I dont have any new word in my vocab to describe your writing.. LOL

You give so many details in your post that it really takes a lot of time for to grasp the whole thing... but when I get it ... it's simply mind blowing... ah... there you go... another word LOLLOLLOL

Yes.. this show has never been consistent... it goes astray more often... be it channel policies or priorities, direction changes... writer changes.. or whatever... it goes sky-high and takes a nose dive the very next moment.
Y'day I felt that they finally cleared the mess by shooting all those unncessary crappy scenes for filler episodes and the story is back on track... but we still have to see how it's gonna turn out to be... Smile

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