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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Thanths.. Loved your analysis as always.. and Thanks for this wonderful thread.. always look forward to putting my perspective down here..!!Hug

The first section was a waste.. I accept it was a contest hence others must be shown...but I could have done without it.. nonetheless... but I am willing to overlook that because the CV's have finally started intensifying the MU track and I truly hope it continues to catch fire.. until one of them finally erupts.. !!

Overall the episode was quite good after being disappointed yesterday  Shyam was back in full form today.. this is the character I expected to see yesterday.. an opportunist.. frustration anger at seeing ArHi coming closer.. his signature smirk when he knows he has won irrespective of K's attempts to avoid at least for the time being.. Abhaas was excellent today.. he made me cringe..

Okay now on to the dhokebaaz dialogue I fail to see it's importance (a part from adding fuel to the already raging fire) really it seemed forced.. or more like another one of those instances where K does not think before she speaks.. fine she wants to help another contestant but why insult your husband in the process.. especially when he did nothing but aid and stand by her in her time of need.. Yes ArHi tend to create scenes but in this situation it was unnecessary to say I will not accept it especially not with my husband because he's a backstabber.. really why not we broke the rules hence I would prefer if another candidate received it.. and even then whose to say the one in need of financial aid is the second best.. Ermm

The best scene for me was short and simple yet held so much scope for the future. the scene where ASR left his families side to console a distraught Payal.. I adored this scene you can see a bond forming between the head.. and an individual he has chosen to support to protect.. he will stand by her when the truth is revealed until Akaash finds the courage to tear himself away from his own and support his better half.. along the way Payal will also help ASR to gradually tread towards the truth..

The confrontation was excellent I loved how they maintained the intensity of yesterday's episode.. K is aware of her husband's moods and can accurately predict his reactions to either her actions or her unwavering stance when it comes to uncovering the truth behind his sudden hatred their marriage.. ASR was true to himself a man that demands answers never once thinking he himself has kept a secret within his heart that is tearing his life his relationship apart.. I agree he no longer demeans her by stating she is beneath him but his actions remain the same.. and today K's answer had me grinning she does not owe him any explanation.. it was good to see ASR taken aback even if only for a moment.. truly how it must have felt to hear his words reiterated to his face..

she continues with what will you do throw things and does so for him.. he is seething in fury but keeping himself in check he attempts one last time to drag the truth out of her with a biting comment about doing her a favor.. which only emphasized K's determination to keep pushing his buttons.. and then the best part he does exactly what she stated he pushes over the stack of clothes on his way out.. really he never disappoints her.. LOLLOL

Anjali is the key player she will not only create distances between ArHi but she will eventually also be the one to bring them together.. but she annoyed me today.. once again a sequence which made no sense but was necessary to deepen the MU track.. why do I find it hard to believe that Shyam does not know where the medical shop is.. he has lived here longer then K has.. anyways.. I expected K to be just as aggressive with Shyam as she is with ASR.. she is aware of his intentions yet she allows him to get a word in edgewise at the store.. and simply let's it go with shall we go was not enough for me.. I believe it's time she shared her problems with her sister.. !!

As for Anjali not wanting to worry her family members she's pregnant they will be concerned either way.. anyways I will not comment on the Precap without seeing how the scene is played out tomorrow..,!!

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Sathya awesome analysis..

The initial scenes about gupta's sister's put me off honestly ..
First come first, what the hell was that dhokebaaz dialogue for??I mean with show organizer's , and she dint even knew he was listening so it wasnt to trigger his anger, she dint wanted to take the prize fair enough, but call him a dhokebaaz like that , and how is he even a dhokebaaz?? yeah coz he stood their and took part with her as she was alone. 
Why was that even needed, say u dnt wanto take the prize as Nani was supposed to act and move away. Why put him down of no reason here??? 
I was mightly irritated at her gng to AR nt thinking of his image with her OTT acts and im irritated same way today with this scene.

And Payal, how dumb can she get, if her motive was to loose in a competition to help other women, then why make mami a laughing stock in front of a crowd?? How embarrassing it was for mami.
And how come Payal was so sure she was the one who is going to win so that she can ruin her act ?? and How was she so sure that other than payal and the other women rest wont win first?? Such overconfidence ..   
What was mami's mistake here, and Akash he went first to payal, Mami slipped on stage that's so embarrassing, i wud hv loved had he atleast asked his mom first of she is alright .

U like some person or not, y insult them publicly?? Confused 

I liked Mami, the way she tried to get payal act, it was funny, i jst felt bad for her.
and the green room scene was good, kushi knew what his reactions would be, and he has mellowed so so much. 
I loved ur take on the green room scene sathya..

I loved the small scene between Arnav and Payal.. loved how when the whole family was with Mami, Arnav stood with payal.

Anjali-Shyam-Kushi scene, it can either be read as Anjali is the one who untangles Kushi from the trap that Shyam has laid on her. Anjali might as well be the one who might get the separation between chote and kushi, she dint wanted Kushi to say anything to Arnav nd makes kushi go with shyam ..

Abhaas was in form today. Never liked his acting skill's but today i gfelt disgusted at shyam, which means Abhaas acted well. 

Payal shares everything with kushi but Kushi doesnt share a thing with payal these days.
Why is Kushi still having that egoistic feel that she can handle everything by herself??How can she alone handle a obsessed person like Shyam?? 
Arnav / Raizada's should hv knows about Shyam before only, even if we excluse them, y cant she share Shyam's obsession with payal??
And after coming out of green room she could hv just told the route of medical store to shyam why go along with such a person??

The way she handles Arnav and Shyam, i think She gets more feisty with Arnav and is actually submissive near Shyam.. 

And when will Kushi ever say truth about Shyam to any of the Raizada's?? 
I may hear Arnav will nt understand her, yes to heck with understanding, what understanding do they hv now, shouldnt Kushi come clean from her side?? 
She now knows shyam gives a fig about Anjali or his bacha , and he is getting too physical with her these days, isnt it scary to be around such a man?
Y isnt she even saying about Shyam to Bua or Garima or Payal.. 
Why the ghamand tht i can handle everything alone.. 

The precap looks promising to me, if at all ASR can get into action. He might nt see Kushi's reaction but he will spit out something in anger, and with Shyam he was going slow and making calculative move by striking him financially, now he will get into action regarding Shyam-kushi i suppose.. 

Anna nice postBig smile

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Hi Sathya its very difficult 4 me to comments ur post 4rm mobile bcz when i sit n doing this sab k post merey brain me mixture ho jatey hyn aur me confuse ho jati hun aur agr kuch post ko quote karun tou wo code k saath hotey hyn aur phir wo bura lagta hy . Is there any solution 4 it.
Nw back to my bak bak on show.
Sathya really excellent analysis. N 2 da point. Yest epi's plot was weak they done story to move but with making so many lame excuses. Loved arhi confrontation. Yeah arnav n payal bonding. But yest i was irritated with payal. N ye anjali blind trust in her husband uuff.
Hi Doods,
tussi menu dil khush kr dita. Dil wich thandak pe gayi. U criticized on them lovely they need more.
About epi n other things i asked u questions what step nw they take 4 their story to move n about trp how they can increase ? Again u both did "TANTDOODASTIC" Job.
Hi pam, nw read ur post. Pam liked how u described about payal n kkg principles n stickness on their princ. N about arnav how n why he wanna win win just win. Really wonderful. But disagree that kkg said him dhokabaz in 1 hand i agreed n on other nt. Kkg did wrong when ever she says her husband sumthing wrong infront of others people outside of family its really feels bad. What ever they wanna say each other wrong or bad they say it infront of them nt others. Yeah he is dhokabaz nt only 4 kkg but also with him. He nt realise his emotions or hide it himself its really cheating. Bhai apne inner me tou tasleem kr lo k wo tumharey liye important hy.
hi anna,
read ur analysis its really nice . Can nt say more bcz i mention my problem above.

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Great post Clap Loved your analysis and the way you pick up on the tiniest of details and use the, to explain complicated stuff!!

Ok now, where to start!? The first part of the episode was just time pass and I didn't want to sit and watch that stuff so I forwarded it. Guess I didn't miss anythingSmile  The rest of the episode had me confused,fascinated,  irritated, creeped out, and then finally disgusted. 

What confused me was exactly why Khushi passed on the trophy. Was it
1- because of the sob story Payal told her about the other which case, much as I love Khushi, I think she is nuts!! There was no guarantee that that MIL and DIL would be the ones who won. Bikram and Baital were pretty good too!Confused
2-because of ethical reasons...Nani couldn't take part so hubby stepped in...this to me would make sense...though the dhokebaaz thing I still don't getStern Smile
3-because she "didn't want to give any credit" therefore doing a tit-for-tat

Then I was Mami's acting, which I enjoyed and then by the Green room confrontation between Mr and Mrs Raizada. I really think Khushi has had it upto her eyeballs with his secrecy about his reasons for marrying her and his blow hot/blow cold attitude towards her. Now the battle between them is between two equals, I think, because she is no more the highly emotional, easily hurt Khushi. She has grown and matured and knows how to give as good as she gets.

Anjali just irritated me completely and the reasons for that are ones you mentioned in your post. Why does hubby need a nursemaid? Why does he need a human navigation system? Why can't she accept help from her family members when she is expecting? She says that they will worry, so what? Isn't that what family is for? To help when you need help, to take care of you when you don't feel well? What does she plan to do when labor hits? Not tell anyone and ask Khushi and hubby dear to deliver the baby?Angry

The reason for me getting creeped out is obvious. Snakeman of courseDead  This guy is getting sicker by the minute and even though Khushi recognized this after the whole oil massage thing, she is still not actively doing anything about it. It's like she can sense danger, see it, smell it and even taste it, but she still doesn't want to safeguard against it!! The creep carries on in front of the pharmacist about how he loves her and wants to look after her etc., etc., and she just looks at him!! She does finally respond, but as I posted somewhere else, I think she waited too long. Shouldn't she have just cut him off as soon as he started? Who cares what the pharmacist thinks? He is a stranger and will remain a stranger after she leaves the pharmacy!! I wanted her to be more on guard and ready with sharper responses and put downs, so I have to admit I was disappointed Unhappy

The precap left me disgusted. The creep is now openly daring to touch her!!! In front of family, in front of strangers Dead I know this will get the story moving, but as a woman,I have to say that enough is enough. Not to the CVs. They are doing this to move forward. But to the character Khushi. What is it going to take for her to see the snarling animal in front of her and take action? Maybe she will least that is what I hope, but forget Arnav and everything else. A married man who has betrayed you and your family and still stalks you is going well past limits, isnt it time to call in reinforcements? Maybe send some smoke signals or SOS messages. As Arnav rightly told her "tum har cheez apne aap nahi kar sakthi"!!!!

Sorry for the long rant, but this episode got me all riled up. I am all for MUs and moving forward, but please show the characters thinking, planning, unravelling, short, show them actually trying to figure out what is happening around them and how to set things straight.

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poolovesarnav Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Super duper awesome post :) :) :)
Arnav_Fan Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Thank you again for a detailed analysis, Tanthya! Clap

I do have a comment about Arnification of Khushi - Not sure CVs are really showing it in the way they intended, or maybe I looking at it skewed. Because, ASR never berated Khushi publicly about something that he knew that Khushi did rightly or for right reasons. In today's episode, CVs portrayed Khushi publicly declaring that because her husband cheated that is why they cannot accept the prize. Khushi knows very well that ASR did no such thing. Wouldn't it be better to give a her a line like "Raizada are just happy to participate and we don't want the prize money and would like someone else to win"? Or some such line?

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
PartyDancingSilly From 3/4th position to 10th???PartyDancingSilly ...
Yaaay... Even TRP viewers are BORED of this dragfest...SleepyThumbs Down...
I hvn't watched epi...dzn't look like will b missing much..Wacko...will just do with analysis on this keep my interest intactApprove... 
Thank U ALL who watch epi, n give such awsoem feedback...esp Tanths...who opens thread EVERYDAY...HugStarStarStar

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awesome post Tant ClapClapClapClapClap
my POV:
i would like to term todays episode as the return of IPK( on d lighter note). just a small request to d  CVs, pls dont slow down  or distract d track now.
i would not like to bash d other skits like Vikram-Betaal, salim anarkali, gabbar etc. d only reason behind is if all were not there we wud have said why did they show only 2 skits in a competition.
Absolutely loved d Payal ARnav scene. there is a gradual progression in this relationship. first Payal offers ginger tea to sooth Arnav's throat which he readily accepts. today he stands like a brother next to a crying payal offering his silent support. so the day Raizada family faces d trith even if Akash moves away from Payal it will be Arnav who will stand like a pillar and sort out everything.
green room scene: Khushi brilliant here. Asr tastes his own medicine. how do you feel when d person you r speaking to refuses an answer? how does it feel to hear that mujhe aapko jawab nehi dena hai... aapka ehsaan nahi chahiye from d person who has become your dhadkan. without whom he feels breatheless. Khushi has understood ASR more than herself ...kehneko heer par dil se Ranjha.....she has figured out that ASR needs to be thrown out his comfort zone, then only he is going to blurt out d truth. and she has started on her mission whether in full conscience or not but she has started pushing him to the edge. now it is to be seen how far ASR can resist in pouring his heart out. iss pyar mein kuch sahi galat nehi hai... may be before he is absolutely sure of Khushi's innocence he might confess.
 @ doodleberry, loved ur bit of advice to Star Plus and 4 Lions. really dont know what were they thinking about d future tracks. and you r right. they have already lost a chunk of audience . bringinging them back duting this IPL madsness is going to be a tough job. as asual brilliant analysis.ClapClapClap
@ Pam,  grt job. never really strike me that Arnav is d last person to show a physical support to Khushi. i absolutely agree wth you on this. 

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