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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Success, complacence and TRPs *UPDATED AGAIN.

incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

See my third post for the update. New updates are in pink

Last week's TRP's are out and it's upsetting for every IPKKND fan to see that the TRP's have dropped this week to 3. 5 from the 3.7 (21st March ' 28th March). I am upset to see the ratings but not really surprised as I was expecting it. The TRPs have been lower from quite some time and it was a matter of time that the IPKKND lost its position in the top three.

TRP- 3.9 (29th Feb - 7th March) Rank - 4

TRP- 3.8 (7th March - 14th March) Rank - 3

TRP- 3.7 (14th March - 21st March) Rank - 3

TRP -3.7 (21st March - 28th March) Rank- 3

TRP -3.5 (28st March- 4th April) Rank - 8

What really went wrong in the last three weeks that resulted in this drastic fall of rank?

TRPs are not a result of one epi or one week's epi. The TRP's of a particular week are a result of various factors including the previous week's episodes (whether they were good enough to hold the audience's interest and make them curious enough to watch the following week), current storyline, character and story progression, consistencies of plots and characters. Although there are exceptions, sometimes promotion of certain tracks or episodes can also generate high trp for an epi or two, but that cannot be maintained if other criteria's are not met.

What exactly did the cv's deliver in the last month? 

TRP- 3.9 (29th Feb - 7th March) Rank - 4

Although the rank was four, the TRPs were the highest at the beginning of the March. The rank being up or down to one place is not a huge factor. Maybe other shows in other slots were interesting enough to generate higher trps. But IPPKND still shared the top slot with Balika Vadhu which also garnered 3.9.

What worked: Khushi's determination to find out the reason behind the marriage and later getting suspicious whether Arnav found out about her engagement with Shyam. Khushi's positivity. Babuji-Khushi bond.

What didn't work: Khushi still sleeping at the poolside.Payal-mami saas bahu drama, Gupta family's treatment of Khushi.

Mixed reactions: Fake romance, Raizada's not accepting Khushi.

Audience's expectation: Khushi making attempts to find out whether Arnav knows about her engagement with Shyam.

TRP- 3.8 (7th March - 14th March) Rank - 3

What worked:  Khushi's determination, positivity? ASR getting his attitude back at the beginning of the week, AR office back, Arhi coming closer towards the end of the week.

What didn't work: ASR ordering the securities not to let KKGSR enter the office, Arhi fighting in a juvenile way, throwing water at each other.

Khushi not investigating about the Shyam issue at all despite getting hints in the previous week (audience's expectation from the last week was not met).

Mixed Reactions: Khushi going back to the Gupta's despite being unwanted.

Error in promotional tactics: Airing the holi promo one week earlier. This ends up affecting the holi track, and doesn't garner the TRPs it deserved.

TRP- 3.7 (14th March - 21st March) Rank - 3

What worked: A major part of the week was Holi and it was wonderful.

What didn't work: The medicine swapping and everything else that followed.  It was a complete clich and was just thrown in to create a silly MU between Arhi.

Mixed reactions: Khushi spilling the truth in front of Shyam and forgetting it as well the confession,  Arnav remembering parts of the confession.

Major blunder: The major part of the week was great but it couldn't boost the trps because of airing the holi promo much earlier which may have led people losing their interest. The TRPs drop from 3.8 to 3.7. 

TRP -3.7 (21st March ' 28th March) Rank- 3 

What worked and didn't work: NOW THIS IS TRICKY. A lot of people in this forum supported the 100 ways and Khushi starting her business at this stage. And many others were against it. Many people commented that Khushi's character sketch was heavily compromised and too some extent Arnav's too found it OTT.

Whether it worked with a section of the online viewers or not, it certainly didn't increase the trps.

What worked for me was: Arnav not believing Shyam and deciding not to give Shyam any money.

What didn't work for me was: 100 ways to annoy ASR, Random shower scene, OTT comedy, KKG forgetting that she decided to do something about Shyam,  KKGSR dabba service ( because it has no relevance to the current storyline)

Again, there was a promo about this track which was aired much later.

TRP -3.5 (28st March - 4th April) Rank - 8 (BV becomes the slot leader again). 

What worked: CV's did a some damage control. Bedroom Rabba Ve, Khushi coming back to character (childlike but not childish and bratty), KKG's concern for ASR, KKG lip reading and sensing ASR's feelings.

What didn't work (for many): The manner in which the AR clients were dealt with. It could have done more seriously, the comedy part didn't make sense, and the execution wasn't impressive. Akash was reduced to being incompetent who does not do any background checks.

Mixed reactions: Delhi mein Bali in-house honeymoon and the dance (some liked it, some didn't), Random shirtless scene.

Drastic fall of TRPs: like I have said, TRP's of a particular week are not necessarily the result of that particular weeks epis but the consequences of what was shown in the previous week.

CONTINUED...see below. 


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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 September 2011
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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

Whether some of us like it or not (21st March-28th March) was one of the most unimpressive weeks of IPKKND and it surely has impacted the flow of the show.

What went wrong?

A lot of damage has been done to the show in the last two weeks. The storyline, characters everything just went for a toss. The cv's gave us  some random tracks ( 100 ways to annoy ASR ), KKG's sudden desire to run a business, OTT comedy, random shower scenes followed by unnecessarily Rabba ve, OTT comedy, the use of Barun's hotness and Sanaya's cuteness to facilitate for a week storyline.

KKG's character was shown to focus on everything else other than what was truly relevant. She never focused on finding out the cause of the marriage despite having a hunch that ASR might have found out about her previous engagement, she decided to do something about Shyam but dropped the idea later.

ASR and KKG's character sketches

ASR is shrewd businessman, who has heart of gold. His inner Arnav comes out when the right chords are struck. In order to show his character softening towards Khushi, the cv's should never reduce him as dimwit, who cannot spot shady clients, thinks with his heart instead of brain.

KKG is supposed to redeem ASR. In order to show her as courageous and self-respecting, the cv's shouldn't make her shallow and insensitive. NO matter what Khushi should never lose her kindness.  

ASR is supposed to transform into a kinder, sensitive, human being throughout the show. He is supposed to adopt these character traits of KKG. In turn, KKG should learn some worldly things from ASR.

KKG should not adopt ASR's negative traits such ruthlessness and vindictiveness. These are ASR's traits. Khushi should bring out the inner Arnav, not turn herself into ASR.

In the last two weeks these lines were blurred and character sketches were messed with. This is exactly what went against the show.


Last night's episode was good in many ways and Sarun delivered beautiful performances. But I wonder what the TRP of last night's episode was. The TRP we get is the average of the whole week. With IPL opening ceremony airing at the same time, I am not sure if many people tuned into watch Heer-Ranjha act.

IPL is going to run for over a month, and it always affects the TRPs of shows. Even movies are not released during IPL season. Contrary to popular belief, even women watch cricket and even if they don't their hubbies, sons, brothers may want to watch the live matches and the female audiences may have to watch the repeats or chose watching other shows if they lose their interest.

Every track and every episode can't be equally good. Ups and downs are bound to happen in soaps but long term inconsistencies never result in good outcomes. The cv's have faltered in delivering a good track and unfortunately they picked the wrong time to do it.

Damage control

With IPL running at the same time and the time slot being very competitive, I wonder how the cv's are going to do damage control which will help bring the show back in the top three.

Other's may be hopeful but I don't see the show coming back to the top three in the next one and half  month unless the cv's are able to generate interest by giving a dhamakedaar track and keep the interest alive by airing promos.

If the cv's want the show to regain it's top three position, they should act fast and should never toy with the character sketches of the leads.

It's going to be very difficult as IPKKND faces tough competition from other shows and now IPL too. If the show doesn't come back on track soon, its fate might be different from what we want as one month is enough time for many audiences to move on. THe CV's and the PH should not take the viewers choice for granted. 

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 September 2011
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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 12:51pm | IP Logged

So far this track has been a complete let down. The cv's promised big by saying things like THIS WILL BE THE BEST TRACK ( through spoilers ) of the show and unfortunately they couldn't keep their words.

I feel the cvs overestimated their abilities and took the audience for granted. If they didn't have a definite track and they shouldn't have made such huge promises which raised people's expectations. 

People are only tuning in to watch the show for the leads and their chemistry at this moment.


Instead on creating new unnecessary track the cv's must focus on the following.

1) Maintaining the original character sketches

2) Focus on Shyam's track and deal with it as logically as possible

3) Focus on Arhi Track ( love-hate, intensity )

4) Focus on clearing the MU ( Audiences do not like to see the leads misunderstanding each other for too long). If they at all need to keep MU between the two for sometime, give valid reasons for it. they shouldn't create silly MU just for the sake of it

5) Focus on developing the supporting characters

6) The actors and acting abilities are the assets of the show. Don't waste them

7) Better screenplay and dialogues

8) Try to reduce the number of bloopers.

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Character dilution, disjointed episodes and absurdity all in the run up to IPL. Whomever is in charge of epi's and the "big"picture" at the PH needs to be fired or at the very least bonked on the head.

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mommy2000 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
FARI -- what a PHANtastic analysis!!! and so spot on!! Can we send this to the PH?? Obviously, someone needs to pay attention. 

What hasn't worked is that they haven't stuck to a single plot.  They have switched tracks way too often, ranging from intense to random, mindless, OTT comedy.  These sporadic scripts haven't been able to appease any section of the audience. 

Besides, they need to write this on their story boards in big, black, bold and caps -- this audience is different. (period)

Lovely post, my friend.

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
lost track of the track...during the OTT week...I forgot about MU...Today's episode should have come (shyam part) right after the holi...
Story has not moved at all with whatever they wanted to keep out attention diverted didn't work either...
If you are to show MU...give a good one...for God's sake no random RVs...they have become nightmare for me...but I guess another one is on the way tomorrow...why? He sees her with Snake and going RV?? Why??
Ok...I have become just as disjoined as the episodes...

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Dose Groupbie

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
You've summed it up very well! Hoping the cv's pay heed to these thoughts and dropping trp's & do the needfull!! Where is the show that I fell in love with???

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Fari,  If you ask me What the last 3 weeks have been about ? My answer will be - I dont know.
They have been randomly picking and dropping subjects randomly. sometimes dabba service, sometimes room takeover, sometime lets dance...No continous thought process at all.
Yesterday was a perfect example. If they did give us a fantastic episode yesterday why was it not followed up properly ?
Yes it is complacence and success that has got to the makers. 
Me , such a BIG fan of the show now am feeling bored ... that is a lot to say about how the show has been messed up since the marriage.
They better get their act together else it is Hello Hi bye bye.
Folks who bring us all the spoilers why can't they pass this spolier in the other direction.

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