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A question to women over here (Page 6)

SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cindrella255

Hey Divz...neatly put...

Mmm...Let me nt get into How Kh shud handle Shyam, cos its CVs work...but hey I can xpect, right?! s the bottom line of ur post na?...Silly me!

1. I guess she still not completely aware of his maniacal desires, if she had, then I blame CVs for making shift her focus frm Why he married me to jeejaji s creepy to 100 reasons 2 turn of TV to Dhabbawali @ Dilli! So yes awareness of the danger

2. She had a chance previously to eliminate this entirely but now its very sensitive, given dat a psychotic preggers lady around , she handled him at Chemist's place very well but again, it cud hav been avoided...but guess wat? CVs needed ASR 2 witness their romantic act *Puke puke* as if prevailing MUs r nt bad enuf..adding one more!

3. And yes, though done with toing toing n grins, she can manipulate...hell yeah! she s the one who can play mind games than slapstick!

And I m if at all I face a character like Shyam in real life *god forbid* I m nt dat selfless 2 save everyone X,Y,Z.'s ass! my zindagi s pyaari 2 meLOL

she is aware. The man is no where changing even after knowing that he is bout to become dad, his intentions are getting more creepier and actually he is getting more physical. 
Yes she can very well play mind games, a person can come up with lot many excuses to escape from a situation , last time when she went alone in car with him she witnessed his intention werent right , so she gt off frm the car, nw why again go with him. That can be avoided. 
Hi5LOLMy zindagi is pyariROFL ermm we are normal women sharmi , so we hv same thot'sLOL
Cvs and their weird way of portraying this, they almost make her show same disgust on ASR on ShyamLOL 

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.Sia. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
I still think Khushi should tell Arnav. It's Arnav's job to protect her, and it'll help clear the MU. She needs to be selfish for once, not care about the consequences for others and tell Arnav the truth. Or the least she can do is tell Payal. I'm saying this in the hope that Arnav would overhear, but also just having someone there that's on her side is what she needs. But I think she handled the situation well today, but when Shyam touches her, when he lets go she should push him. Because from the precap, it just looks like she's struggling a bit but Arnav can't see the expression on her face. He never can, can he? 

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Ankita09 Senior Member

Joined: 13 October 2011
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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
if i were khushi, i would have firstly told someone in d raizada family abt shyam's truth who is strong enuf to take dat im not d one who hid anything frm anyone but just chose d right person to reveal his truth as anjali is too sensitive. den i wudn't have let my sister marry in d same house whr dat pervert lives until n unless dis mess is sorted out, its lyk unintentional making ur sister part of dis lie . den i wud have left it to dat member of d raizada family to tackle d situation as anjali is d concerned one,and if required , i wud have told arnav everything knowing he loves his sister to death n he wud take d right decision,irrespective of my feelings n relationship wid him, he is someone's brother too n he deserves to knw everything dat concerns his sis.. khushi did everything wrong frm d day she knew d truth, by not revealing his truth she not only encouraged him but also risked anjali's life wid him.

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SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 May 2011
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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dillidikudi

Divs I love your posts.

Alright in Khushi's sake, she has already gone through this enough times to know that this is a serious problem that is not going to disappear so she needs stop acting like an ostrich. The guptas know about this, payal knows, but they are not aware that it continues. She needs to talk to someone asap. I doubt if ASR will ever believe her at this point, however she has her family and she has their support. The situation cannot be worse than this. She is going to have a tough time getting this resolved, whichever way it goes, it will be a messy cleanup. And yes she needs use her common sense whenever she gets in a situation with creep. She seems to have the common sense and the smarts when it comes to everything else, why not him. How can she not get out of being near that man, how can she not kick him where it hurts the most when no one else is watching? 
This being said for the show, now in real life things can be different. It is a known fact that 95% of abuse that happens to women is usually from males they are close to or are known well to them, many a times within families, and how it is dealt with is depends on the situation, many times women feel that they are at fault for being victimized, many times they talk to the family and the family looks away or hush it up, or sweep it under the rug to keep the family name. However talking to a responsible person, is a must. They need to get help and support right away. Women need to stop being victims and start taking control of their lives. How it actually pans out depends on so many factors, the family, education, socio-economic background, the woman, her family, other influences, the abuser, his/her background etc. This is a very vast topic, there is no end to it. Every person is different, every situation is unique.
I am sick of way they show Shyam, I don't know for when and why they are saving Shahi babu for.
Aww thnx divzBig smile
common sense will be shown only to ASR. Yes she can seriously think of ways to get away frm Shyam's trap.  U rightly said, the gupta's do nt know the depth of this situation, they do nt knw anything that happened frm payash marraige day, they dont even knw what happened in the terrace. but they know what Shyam is, Payal lives in the same house as Kushi does, she can take her help, after all they are sister's. Why should she alone handle this? Should that main akeli sab kuch kar sakti hoon shield be dropped by nw, its high time. 
Sometimes i wonder, when ASR dropped her in the middle of the road and when when he went to hosp after getting to knw that her dad was hospitalized she ran to him and felt comfort in him, he has always been their at her tough time, and she does find support frm him unconsciously. 
So probably atleast hinting him that she is comfy with his jee-ja would actually help the trut to build as even in the intoxicated state we saw him ask her if something was wrong.
Loved ur take on hw it happens in real lifeBig smile
Nibelungenlied Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
The situation with Shyam gets worse every day. I close my eyes when he is on screen.  That whole scene at the apotheke made me want to puke. Good thing Khushi reacted then. What a total slimeball. 
Although why Anjali couldn't ask her husband to just go get the damn medicine by himself is beyond me...

What is certain is that Khushi should try to manoeuvre herself out of situations where she might be alone with Slimy. She should at least enlist payal's help because payal will never allow her to go alone anywhere with slimy unlike anjali or nani who are unaware of the snake's real intentions.

What Khushi could do:
(i) maybe speak with Payalia about creepwa, since payal already knows about the slimeball. But can Payal help??? I mean she is part of the Gupta "dhoka" scheme to keep mum about Shyam. And by not confiding even now to Aakash, the dhoka gets bigger and bigger. So, what good will speaking to payal do? 
Maybe Khushi can at least have Payal around her, to avoid being caught in such scenarios with Slimy. Maybe Khushi and Payal can speak to Akash but the thing is, once Akash finds out about Shyam's betrayal, how will he react? 

(ii) Khushi could speak to Buaji and tell her what's been happening post wedding with Slimy. But would that help. Buaji might ask her to confide in her husband (in the spirit of Gupta elders:-let khushi do the talking and all). Buaji could also (I wish) come clean with Nani about Slimy. But am so sure she will protect Payalia:-(

(iii) Khushi has already taken the decision of not telling Anjali for Anjali's sake. However, the increasing depravity exhibited by Slimy should alarm her.  Someone should be told. She should at least think of telling Payal or Buaji, it should be clear to her that she cannot handle this on her own anymore. What if he does something dastardly?

(iv) same as above for most of the people she can confide in.

(v) Lets come to Arnav. Khushi could take a chance on Arnav and tell him the whole truth about Shyam. Arnav might not believe her, but she could definitely tell him about the engagement, the paying guest etc.  

But then, how will Arnav react? If he believes her, he will be devastated that he misunderstood Khushi, had no trust in her, behaved like a cad etc. 
But won't he still be furious that the Gupta family kept mum about Shyam's perfidy.  This whole situation is a mess. I am at a loss to understand how they will salvage this. How can the Raizadas ever trust the Guptas again. Apart from Khushi everyone else kept silent only for payal's wedding. 
Anyway, must get back to studying:-((( Thanks for a great post Divya:))

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Ariel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Divs, loved your post!! She NEEDS to talk it out with someone. In real life this is what a woman who is being stalked would do. So at the least Payal. And Akash. I would also tell mama, did they not show them bonding over old stories? Anyone for God's sake!! She has so many allies but she wont open up to anyone. It doesnt even matter if Shashi gets better or not, buaji and her entire family needs to support her and they will if they know he no longer leches at her from a distance.

Didnt she herself say he getting gutsier by the day? Whatever happened to that? 

No matter what she thinks about Arnav hating her, how can she think he wont support her in this? He has to know too!!!

Its unsafe and wrong on so many levels for her to keep to herself!!

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rima IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
do you know of a famous case in india where the brother-in-law raped and killed his brother's wife. it was all over he papers. peverts inside the family are difficult to handle because relationships are at stake and social stigma. in situations like khushi's she is trapped. if she had her husband by her side and he trusted her she could tell hi,. or she will continue to suffer in silence. in her place i would seriously not know what to do because i am the outsider and why would the family believe me against one of their own trusted member? it's a position i wud hate any girl to be in

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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Divi, when the first time...Khushi found out about Shyam...she did slap her and she was about to reveal it to the family...but she didn't for her sister's sake and for Anjali's sake too...She gave him one more chance...

I probably would have done the exact same thing the first time..

But the second time...when Shyam hugged her on the terrace..that should have been an eye opener for Khushi...she should have not kept mum at all...she saw his real ugly intentions...and it is way better for Anjali to live with a broken heart than to live with a two timer monster like Shyam..

If i was in her place that night...I would have come out with the truth and not taken it this far...and I know its easy to say that we can do that...not unless u r actually facing such a horrible dilemma in ur life..

And I hope no  women have to go through such a phase in life...where she has to make a decision between  her family's happiness or her self respect , values and principles...

awww..what a beautiful post sweetheart..Embarrassed Just BISS away DiviLOL

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