Rang Badalti Odhani


Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

~*Let's celebrate 2nd Anniv of RBO*~

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Mahri odhani...Rangrez piya mari odhani...Mahri rang badalti odhani ...Odhani...
The title song which still weaves a spell after two years...Welcome to the Rang Badalti Odhani second anniversary celebrations everyone!HugParty Big smile...

Do dill ki anjan dooriya...Mein jaanu na jaane tu...
The journey of two young hearts started on this day...Unknown to themWink...And we could have predicted their destination, but none of us could have predicted their amazing journeyBig smile...

Oh saware saware sajan rang de...
Mere sang rang de, ang rang de...

This story starts with Khanak, a girl from the village of Dulwahdhi, on the eve of her marriage to Suraj...And we have Shantanu, our dude from Mumbai, soon to be married to Natasha...
Two couples who seem to be on the verge of a beautiful life together...But destiny had other plans for them... 

Rangrez piya mahri odhani
Mahri rang badalti odhani
Rangrez piya mahri odhani
Mahri rang badalti odhani
O mahri odhani odhani odhani...
Mahari odhani...

At the heart of the show is the love ShaNak share, which Yashashri & Karan portrayed so naturally...Here is a jodi who are not afraid to speak their mind to eachother and are not afraid to express their love eitherEmbarrassed...Here are two people so different and yet at the same time, so similiar...As individuals they are simply the most endearing characters, ever written...Watching them fall in love and seeing them deal with life's trials and tribulations, made us love them even moreBig smileHeart...

RBO is our DDLJ...YashAran, the entire cast, our producers, the directors and the production team, will / are making other shows...We will support them in their other work, because they are the best at what they doThumbs Up...Our dream team! ApproveSmile...And we will always comeback to RBO to relive the magic and to appreciate one of the best shows ever made!Big smileHeart...

Our Shantanu and Khanak have lovely name which we gave them and the makers used the name in RBO as well its "Burthal"LOL, oh sorry it is "Shanak"

Here is the VM which depicts the beginning of the eternal journey of our Shanak.

Shanak VM on Jab We Met theme

A Special VM by Saba:

The journey of Shanak is incomplete without our favorite Khandelwal family

  The Khandelwals

Sunil khandewal: Full of life charachter..superb dad, lovely FILBig smile

Madhvi Khandelwal: Most sexy Mom ever,supercool MILBig smile

Akshay Khandelwal :Hillarous charachter, cool bro,funny Hubby

Khushbu Khandelwal: Most stylish DIL, friendly SIL and funny wifeLOL

Junior Khandelwals

So its 2nd Anniversary of our Rang Badalti Odhani. Let us celebrateParty

FB page for 2nd Anniversary Celebrations

Let's cut the cake:

Do post your love messages and creations for our RBO team specially for our YasharanLOL

and our entire RBO cast and crewBig smile

Credits: Siggies by Ammu, Nainashree, Ramani, Ranjini
Write up by May, Monika, Ranjini
VMs by: Ranjini, Videos from Chandi's YT channel
Invitation card by: Krithika
Cake specially ordered by Ona

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Creations by Odhanians


by Krithika

by Yasharan Rox (FB name)

~OS by Shriya~

**** welcome .. troubles  and happiness   **
.The twin babies of shanak namely Amrita and Amit had just
turned two years old..
The Khandelwals had just celebrated the second  birthday of the
twins in a simple... but very nice manner..
Every one was thorughly enjoying the pleasant troubles and
immense happiness brought  by them.
On the troubles side .
When one started crying the other would follow  ..in high pitch  
When one woke up from sleep within ten minutes or so the next one would wake up ..
 When one wanted food immediately the other one too would.want it ..
and when they were awake they demanded attention alike..and they walked around ..fell down and cried ..poured water... threw things around... created mess ..in short ...they did  all naughty troubles ..together !!!
on the immense happiness side
both had gorgeous smiles and  ..their smiles were infectious
.Sunil and madhvi could not spend a lot of time together with their own children ...but now They could  do it ...
 In fact..madhvi was absent from ladies club and social actitivies a lot...and her friends complained that... she had changed
...while sunil came home very very early in the evenings to play with them and take them out ..
Daadi too would visit them often and enjoy .with her great grand children and favourite bahu khanak and grandson ..shantanu
Amrita and Amit had just started to speak small  sentences ...in  sweet cute way ..
Kushboo and akshay too were wanting a child and trying for it sincerely.. They too happilly played with the twins..whenever they found time.
Now what about shanak  dearest!!!..
Khanak was very busy after the birth of twins ..
 caring for twin babies along with usual house activites was  really a tough challenge for her ...and her children were too naughty like their dad shaan !!!! 
They too were always wanting her presence around them  when they were awake ...
.But the simple ...loving... hard working and sincere mom that she was she tried her best to fulfil her daily duties ...
.she loved her twins  immensely ...so all this taking care  work  was no big deal for her..
Shantanu was also  busy with his music career..he had non stop recordings live shows etc which kept him busy a lot... 
...Yet shantanu used to spend an hour or two  in  the morning hour with the kids and also he  used to spend his rare holidays with the children.
.Both Amrita and Amit were too happy to be with their dad and demanded equal attention..All the three played a lot ...
They were too naughty like their dad and in resemblance too they were  a lot like dad..But the beautiful gorgeous smiles and big beautiful expressive  eyes were  the gift of their mom ...
.Whenever shantanu had free time without recordings ...and twins were sleeping or in the company of sunil/madhvi kushboo/ akshay or daadi  ...he expected himself and khanak to spend a lot of time together..he wanted to take her out alone  .. 
..but .they some how  could not make it ..like earlier
Khanak  did try to spend most of her available free time..with him alone..when both their free times were matching ..
. but They could never go out and spend lot of time ...
..he missed those days when he and khanak had ample time all for themselves ...going out ..
 But now  he did feel(at times) that  his time was taken by his twin children.
.But khanak the intelligent woman that she was ...always tried her best to make shantanu cheerful and happy ..in the available time..But shantanu as always ...wanted a little more .. 
Oflate ..Sunil had  noticed that khanak too was doing a lot of work without any relaxation ..but he knew that Khanak would always do it all willingly ..so he did not feel so bad about it ..
One fine day  shantanu expressed his desire to sunil that he wanted to spend some quality time all alone with her..staying  out of the city ... ..sunil readily agreed to take care of the babies ...
It  was a four  day holiday for shantanu .. ..
Sunil had earlier told shantanu to keep of all his engagements for four  days and he had told khanak to  leave Amrita and Amit to their custody and Both go on a two day trip to kerala  to relax.
He handed over the flightickets and also a super good  hotel  booking ...and also international spa massage package etc,
Khanak was at first reluctant to leave the children and go..But Madhvi said tht  she definitely needed a break... all alone with husband ...must be *second honeymoon *madhvi smiled !!!
.On hearing this khanak was shying like a new bride and shantanu was really excited ...as he was feeling like a newly married young man..waiting for his honeymoon ..
.He too was attached to the babies ...but it was only for four  days so he thought it should not be a problem ..
he   asked khanak in private  ..if they could go ..
khanak smiled shyly and  said*yes*thorough her nod ... shantanu whistled to himself ..***wwwOOO***..
shanak packed their bags ..and got into the car ..
Amrita and Amit both smiled and a waved their hands cheerfully ...(when shanak left for cochin  at mumbai airport)  ...as if they knew of their dads and grand dads exciting plans ...
Kerala was really pleasant ..The back waters... the cool climate were all new to khanak..she watched all around enthursiastically .The hotel stay was excellent ..
khanak  was pampered her like a queen..with special spa and all that..she liked it all .
Shantanu had planned everything in perfect...he was feeling  a sense of pride in things turning out to be perfect  ..
.It was a pleasant full moon night ..
he turned and  had a look at khanak.
.Khanak was glowing ..***.infact she has become more beautiful... sexier and hotter after she gave birth to twins ..he thought ...**
. on the other hand ..he thought *** it was he who had become a little old ***.
..he was ..since yesterday very enthusiatically  expecting their four  day/night stay ... .
.It was the first night after  their arrival ..he had asked khanak to wear a beautiful  lehenga
Khanak happily obliged..and as she entered the room shaan was literally stunned...
 She was the same khanak with a slim waist and flat belly ..and her sweet ...shy smile had never changed...it was as if she had stopped aging..and None would believe she had twin babies!!!.
he could not resist ..he  went near her hugged her tightly kissed her  gently ..and she whispered  **shantanu ** They both became intimate slowly..
Two days/nights   had passed ...shanak had enjoyed thorougly ..khanak rang to sunil at both days and enquired ..of the well being of the twins  ...
After two days
 shaan was already  missing Amrita and amit so badly..
every morning Amrita and amit used to wake up shaan with their cute cries or giggles.They used to play a lot ..
.and khanak was terribly missing both... but she was bearing it waitng for the four day trip to end ..she did not want to disappoint shantanu ..
.. ..The babies  used to kick start her day with a warm smile ..she missed their wamth ..
shantanu realised if he had  felt so much ... how much hard it should be for khanak to stay away from them ...
shantanu also realised the big truth that  they had now become parents and their dearest twins could not be separate from them..
.shaan immediately understoodcthat now  their little heaven was with their children  ..he talked to khanak and hethen  rang sunil immediately ..
shantanu over phone to sunil  **hi.. dad..*
 sunil  replied ** hi shaan ...hope.. u have a great time..all alone with ur wife ...he stressed the last two words ,,*
shantanu said* yes dad ofcourse ...but...**
Sunil ..** shaan what if and but ...do u wnt to stay for  more days go ahead..no worries ..*
shaan said*** No dad !the thing is we are cutting short our trip and returning  ...we both ar missing the children  badly****
Sunil had very much expected this ...He knew of his younger son very well ..he laughed and said
* ****shantanu..now u know what it is to be a parent ..hmmm  Amrita and Amit too  are longing for u both..i would never say no to ur coming back .ha ha ha shaan ..now u ar *papa* shaan and not * romantic guy  shaan***
shaan too laughed at his dads comments...shanak repacked ..and left for cochin airport ..
 Shanak reached mumbai soon and Amrita and Amit kissed their  mother first and later their  dad..
Both shaan and khanak smiled at each other holding each of them in their arms ..
Shaan smiled and said .to sunil
 dad next time  be it anywhere..our khandelwal  family ...shall go united ...**** .
sunil said * .u mean me daadi  and madhvi too ..i would not mind... !!!.
anyhow both of u and akshay are  already done with ur honeymoon more than two times ...i think..
 .so now it is our turn  to choose the place ...how about  ... mount kailash pilgrimage  ..daadi would be too happy .i shall call her and tell ...***
on hearing this ...All of them smiled.
.and their daily lives were once again filled with the day to day  troubles and happiness of managing the naughty twins ..

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wishing d entire cast and crew of rang badalti odhani a very very very happy 2nd anniversaryHugHeart

loads of love n happiness to d entire team n all  rbo fans here n everywhereHug


Shanaks Journey...credit goes to all d lovely avi makersEmbarrassed


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See How We All Miss You Guys?? 

Not only Shanak but the entire team of RBO!!!! 

That magic which is a rare phenom on Indian Telly was created by You!!!

Thank you sooo much!!!

We crave to see you again together..the uniqueness and simplicity which was the USP of RANG BADALTI ODHANI!!!!

Lots of love,


PS: Awesome work guys!!!ClapClap

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Wishing entire cast and crew of rang badalti odhani
Happy 2nd Annivrsary...:)Party

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RBO was super awesome, amazing show and loved all the romantic scene which yashashri and karan done it was super hot and in certain scene it  looked real and looked like they were playing.
Anyways wishing wishing entire cast and crew of rang badalti odhani happy 2nd Annivrsary.Party
My message to:)  
Other cast and crew is that all did a amazing work for  the show and RBO fans.
yashashri cant wait to have you back onscreen again and you are the most amazing  talented actress and may god bless you always and achieve alots more success, happiness and luck and love you loads :)
Karan you are amazing actor and wishing you all the best and keep rocking hope you achieve more success :)
alots of love to everyone :D

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wishing entire cast and crew of rang badalti odhani happy 2nd Annivrsary.PartyParty
RBO was amazing show and the character karan and yashashri played they portrayed so naturally and looked real .
My message to:
Yashashri dear missing you so much and cant wait to have you back onscreen again and you are the most amazing,wonderful,natural talented actress and love they way you play khanak and may god bless you always and gain alots more success, happiness and luck and love you loads and keep shining :)
Karan you are  amazing , great actor and wishing you all the best and keep rocking hope you gain more success :)
all the Other cast and crew who were part of rbo is all did a amazing and lovely work for the show.
PS: Awesome work guys!!!Clap

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