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Crooner 37 : DISGUSTING Equations !!!Note Updtd (Page 8)

Pashna IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
For me it was a bit of a disappointment( its been like that for the past few weeks) fed up  of the fancy dress completion and the same cloths they r wearing for 3days...khushi plz change to something lighterConfused  I think I have gotten an overdose of redDead

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by beena14

Priya, frankly was not too happy with the episode felt the first few minutes could have been avoided. All the host had to say was well you all saw these two acts lets move on to the Krishna/Radha act.
After reading your fantabulous crooner watched the episode again trying to see from your angle. Guess what you are right it was a pretty good episode the story atleast moved forward.
Loved loved loved your crooner as usual . Kya hua rating nahi ki aaj episode kior did I miss it.
Don't worry about not replying soot smeth vasool karoogi next week. IPKKND Trp's will dip next few weeks kya kare IPL will rule the charts. I am sure eventually India will go the US route of having soaps seasonal, OH Well we will see.
I just hope there is some closure to tomorrows episode and the CV'S let us viewers rest in peace all weekend. Nahi toh phir se forum mei dhoom machegi.
Checked your ratings for me it was a 4.
Thanxx Beena di Smile 
ya I had forgotten to put the rating initially in the post...made it in such a hurry...didnt even proof read or see it...just edited it again at places...
well, i liked the episode today last two days - it was on-off...for me yesterday the pace and the screenplay was tight at all places - also helped coz wat happens next was a suspense !!!
ya all shows gonna suffer trps for next 1 month...but if they keep the story roplling might atleast be stable !!!!
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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
So aptly put - disgustingly good. I was very ambivalent about this episode to be honest but then realised - this is probably going to give us the story movement we want.

The reason I still say probably is because I honestly thought that there would be more story movements at two other points - one, when Khushi suspected that Arnav knew about her and Shyam (but then that disintegrated into some running around and no result at the end of the day) and two, when Khushi realised that Shyam is starting to go beyond his boundaries and she would have to do something about it (which has been stagnant since then).These are two critical things the CVs need to act upon. I am also quite disappointed that the Holi confession has just slid from under our noses, just like that. Then what was the point of having it at all - and more importantly, of implying that Arnav remembered atleast part of it? For TRPs? Not playing very fair then.

My firm belief is that the CVs had just left these things hanging, because they wanted the drama to happen over the IPL period. My only fear is that they might have left it too late - we have seen the TRPs for last week, and it's not looking good. I am a person who enjoys the ridiculous comedy as much as I enjoy the intense drama, but even I must say that it was neither a very smart nor a very strategic move by the production house. The IPL lasts two months, and that can change the dynamic of the Indian TV quite a bit. Star Plus also needs to step up and do something to push and advertise better at this stage.

Ok, now that that rant is over, back to the episode. The stand-out today was the green room confrontation. Sanaya was brilliant today - she looked amazing in the Heer costume, and she acted extremely well. I am glad that Khushi's patience and willingness to put up with crap is reducing, and I was honestly proud of her that she threw all of ASR's trademark dialogues back at him ("aapko kya farak padta hai", "main aapko wajah batana zaroori nahi samajhti" etc.). I was actually almost cheering - this is the Khushi we want to see, who will give a person enough rope to hang themselves with (as she's probably been giving Arnav) but beyond a point will not accept what is happening, and will give back as good as she gets rather than sit in a corner and cry like other bahus on TV. This is why I say that Khushi is the soul of the serial - she is unlike others (even when she's pathetically sacrificing an award like her sister for some woman who was probably playing around with Payal's feelings - urgh, Payal!).

Regardless of everything, I think the CVs look at Khushi and Arnav as equals, with the balance of power falling on one side or the other, and I believe that the power is now moving to Khushi - she has her own innate strength, and she is imbibing Arnav's qualities as well, which will make her formidable as an opponent. And I believe that she will continue to go from strength to strength in this marriage.

To me there is one big inconsistency which stood out as well - I see how Arnav is such a reactive player in the whole game. He seems to realise the reasons he married her only at the point when he sees anything kind of interaction between her and Shyam. This is something which kind of gets to me - especially because I believed that the marriage track would mean that Arnav wanted to keep a closer watch on Khushi, and would want her with him so that she's not spoiling his Di's life. Instead we see that he's ok with letting her run amok all over his house, where the man she is supposedly having an affair with also lives. (Side Note: We also don't see any of the discomfort of sharing a room between them at all - I was SO looking forward to that in the marriage track - I thought that would be the biggest and most fun thing that could happen). Given Shyam's opportunistic nature, I am very sure that he is going to use Khushi's hanky in some way, and that combined with finding Shyam's thread in the room is going to drive Arnav insane (again I believed that the thread would lead to some kind of revelation on Arnav's side). This will then cause more confusion, and more misunderstanding, which is not really required at this stage. I would rather that this whole thing acts as a catalyst for the movement in the story that we all want to see.

At this stage, I really want Khushi to become the person she actually is, and to think and judge and act upon her instincts like she always does. I don't want just drama of course, because I love the comedy, and I especially love how Sanaya does comedy - but I think some story movement is necessary at this point. We are getting further and further tangled into misunderstandings but if Khushi really does say something even close to a confession, it will go a long way to getting out of the misunderstandings. The biggest thing is, I don't want a repeat of all the stop-and-gos that have been happening so far.

I am sorry for such a long and a slightly criticising post - I am usually fairly easy going about anything to do with Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and the first one to support the CVs and preach patience, regardless of how absurd or how crazy it is, but I just felt the urge to let all the analysis and thought processes flow out today! Call it the consultant tendency! Wink

P.S. Is it just me, or did Barun look very tired in the SBS segment yesterday? Poor guy, he really looks like he needs some time off, but that's not going to happen if there is more intensity coming up. And I really want a Sanaya-Barun interview as well - it's been more than a week since the last one and I miss them!!!

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by honeypriya

Originally posted by Nandalala



"Well, I won't back down,
No I won't back down,
You can stand me up at the gates of hell,
But I won't back down..

No I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around,
And I'll keep this world from draggin me down,
Gonna stand my ground,
and I won't back down..."

~Tom Petty, 'I Won't Back Down'

'The Tale of the Unleashed'

Priya...FABULOUS!  As always, you hit the nail on the head!Clap  I couldn't watch the epi in its entirety because of uploading issues on some of the sites, but I think I caught the important scenes.  Today the foundation was laid for what is to come...The biggest joy for me was to see every character true to their form!  We are now all on the same page, its time to move the story forward!
Thanxx those lines...had heard them long back...but u just too good in putting them at the right place Clap
I also watched the epi just once - but surprisingly for me today it was not an unrest at the end of it, which usually happens - maybe cos i know we moving finally on the story front..And yess every character was in their perefect form ystrday...I love the family's reactions when Paayal and maami were on stage - it was the same yestrday too - thats a beautiful capture the director has done wid -and today it was nice to see, how ASR responded to others jeering...also liked backstage how Shyaam even said the consolatry words to Maami...that was really nice !!!

I didn't catch the Mami-Payal skit--just as well I suppose!LOL  Did see their convo in the greenroom...This is just a ripple in what will soon be a tidal wave!  As you correctly pointed out, it will be Arnav, & may I add, Khushi, who will shelter Payal from it!  Arnav has always been sensitive to Payal.  Their scene today was especially significant in reminding us of what is to come.  Khushi-Payal's interaction was classic...Payal confides, tells her not to worry...And if anyone can understand Veena's pain & make a sacrifice, it is these two sisters...again, the CVs kept their reactions consistent to what we know to be true!
Ya,we know Khushi will always be there for Paayal,wat may come - unless Paayal comes to harm her Arnav ji Wink which wont ever happen ROFL so that assured, both the sisters' righteousness was beautifully shown !!!

Khushi and the MC...Tlly agree with what you said here...She calls a spade, a spade..It was all an act...She might as well be telling them about her marriage...Yes, she's making an excuse to ensure another's victory, but this time she doesn't want the prize, she doesn't want to share it with her husband.  He has deceived her.  She wants the truth!  Yet, when Nani questions her, she reveals nothing. The facade is intact..Again, true to her character...
Yes you said it perfectly - thats y it was two different montages - she says to the orgaisers wat had to be an indifferent act - her bad, the peeping tom heard it LOL and when Naani come, the sanctity of her marriage was intact - no way she will play down her relationship with him infront of the family - same thing notice - when Anjali says "dnt tell chotey" - the look in her eyes - it was no way i will allow him to face any wrath - watever be the bitter equations between us !!!

The confrontation:  Loved how you described this scene--yes, the show's signature tagline in motion!!! Sparked by his wife's dhokebaaz  & not wanting to share the spoils comment, Arnav confronts her in the only way he knows...But she expects it...Doesn't care for it!  He asks...threatens...SHE DOESN'T BACK DOWN!  He wants to win, he was with her to win!  He says he did her a favor!  What was in it for her? She says why does it matter?  If its just an obligation, why should does her answer matter!?  This might as well be a blanket statement on their marriage...He married her to get the upperhand on the snake, but she doesn't feel any obligation to him! She knows him so wellSmile...tells him to break something...BECAUSE THIS TIME SHE WON'T ALLOW HIM TO BREAK HER!  Today, Khushi embodied the HATE, while Arnav embodied PASSION...I thought this was very interesting...The greenroom and Sanaya are made for each other...She has nailed every scene in that room, yaar!  Yes, today she was STUPENDOUS!ClapClap
Yes she was just amazingly brilliant ClapClap haha, totally greenroom and Sanaya were made for each other LOL I would hv been floating in the clouds - if the CVs would hv gifted us two epis of the Angry Birds only in the greenroom - i am sure I would have crossed all the levels Wink
I could see the small matchbox space explode in flame - so now we shift the scene today to the pool side - so the burning inferno can be extinguished by the pool side water ShockedLOL
Loved ur line of Hate and Passion - thats wat is the summary of the show and thats wat make us love it more - if ppl dont understand that message and see the layers and the build up to it, they'll always find ways to not be happy about the show - its how this story is gonna unfold...its never ever gonna be a easy rosy path of romance - this is now way Nicholas Sparks Wink
and somehow the green room scene played out the lines of their coming-out song - how perfectly the CVs had chose this song !!!
Teri Meri, meri teri Prem kahaani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye !!!

Khushi's moment with the snake & Anjali...yep, the triangle has started to take shape...For the first time, she gives him absolutely NO OPPORTUNITY to get away with the last word...He makes it so obvious what his intentions are...Yes, DISGUSTING is an understatement when it comes to him...Today, in a public place, in front of witnesses, Khushi reminds him of WHO he is to her...and to WHOM he belongs!  Your description of the chemist's scene with Shyam was perfect...The chemist's expressions mirrors the audience's...Shocked and disgusted by Shyam's audacity!

I saw a glimpse of the precap...suffice it to say, it will be the trigger shot...but will it be enough?  Khushi is ON FIRE & I want her to take this further!  Its the only really is her moment now...CVs, please DON'T BLOW it!

Rating: 4/5...Would have liked a longer ArHi scene to be honest...even though its to be continued, I felt it ended a bit too abruptly...Shoddy editing too (at least as it appeared online!) Anjali, the swooning, phone call to snake & the need for meds was not convincing for me!Ouch  Something tells me the medical 'emergency' was by design...way too contrived!
I have given up on editing goof-ups but this week they have been lot better than last week, so will let them breathe !!
Now to the most important observation that you have brought forth - wont be able to discuss wid ma crooner buddies individually coz of time constraint - so putting it here and maybe everyone can see Smile
Yes the medical emergency was by design - no fluke and even I strongly believe that - also it didnt start yesterday - it has been happening lets say from the "champi" day - ASR's sister is as shrewed as her brother - she is the nucleus of the Raizad family plus apart from her insecurities which are more heavily loaded than her Bipolar brother - she is also a smart woman - she knows how to get things done !!! (whether manage her hot headed brother, the goofy sister in law, the temparamental Naani, the childish Maami...and most importantly the wayward hubby !!!)
Remember that dialogue "hamaare jasoos"...we have been given a trail of hints since some time, but we have been overlooking see both you and me can be completely wrong - but I have a strong inklinkg - this time we are no way reading the clues wrong !!!
Also that day the open ended expressions when Shyaam gives the Property papers excuse - all of us know that she didnt buy it !!!
And ystrday in the dressing room - she could hv easily asked anyone else - but there was no way that worked out in her plan framework - wat Anjali had to confirm was "how uncomfortable Khushi can be with Shyaam"...wat will be the contrast in her husband and Khushi's reactions - and they proved her right !!!
Now one more important thing which validates it - yesterday when Heer-Raanjha was playin out and also at the end - there were lot of shadows in her eyes - those were not the same "happy for my brother" tears - they were more " i am so sorry and will put everything right for you Chotey" tears - I wanted to mention that in the post ystrday - coz when she says to Aakash "i'll come just now" and the way she is happy with the Naani - there is a gap between those two scenes and reactions - there might be smthng else that had happend in between...Wink
hahah, I am not reading Dan Brown or Sheldon at the moment - but I am pretty sure lets not take Baby Anjali at the face value Tongue
I am in blue at some places above...
PS I just edited my post of the typos...i didnt even read wat i posted yesterday LOL

OHHH!  Its SO GOOD to read your comments, hun!  Was just about to turn in for the evening 'cause tomorrow's gonna be a hella day like yesterday! Dunno when I'll post...may reserve and see what happens as the day progresses!  I think in reference to Tuesday's epi you had asked me about Othello...I saw the parallel in Tuesday's epi as well as in the precap for today & its potential aftermath...And again, it all comes back to 5 letters--TRUST!  Arnav is still so consumed by everything...his pathos--his past has now been intertwined to everything he does in this relationship!  Keeping this in mind, how can ppl in the forum & elsewhere expect a speedy resolution, yaar?  The pathos has to play out...he has to reconcile his past to the present...once this happens, then we are talking...till then, yes, it will be turmoil!

Coming to Anji...she is/will be a catalyst!  No doubt about it!  Yep, the hamare jasoos line, yep, the tears at the end of the skit, all of it coupled with what we saw today will one day (soon!) play a very important role in the unraveling...I REALLY HOPE the CVs delve into this!  Give her whats due to her...As much as Arnav has gone through a lot, so has Anjali!  We find fault with her goodness; make her a scapegoat for who she is...but in reality if it weren't for that goodness & her inner strength, where & who would Arnav be?  Can we EVEN BEGIN to imagine that?  

The family dynamics are always heartwarming!  It makes this show relatable!  And it will be the family which will come again for ArHi & Anjali--collectively & individually--when all is said & doubt at all!

Hey, how are your folks doing?  You guys having a blast, I'm sure!Big smile

Catch ya tomorrow...I'm out...SleepyLOLHug Have a great day ahead!

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amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by smashitupsobti

Wink I nearly broke a rule of my own replies and made a Mami-montage today LOL she so deserved it for her stage slip Star and absolute devastation Clap ...  
What today's episode gave me was HOPE for Arnav & Khushi and finally a reflection of the disgust we might yet see on faces other than that of the chemist ... once they know what the sleazy snake has been doing to poor Khushi Angry 
... and for that matter Arnav (... ok and I suppose Anjali and the rest of the family and bechara HP) ... has Lakshmi escaped his advances do we know LOL 
Forgive me no montage today, but a little look back with some words & pictures that felt so right for today ...
I've learned to lose
I've learned to hope

I turn my face against the wind

I will move fast, I will move slow
Take me where I have to go
So silent
No violence
But inside my head
So loud and clear

You're screaming

Cover up with a smile I've learned to fear

Just sunshine
And blue sky

That's just how it goes
For living here

Come fire
Let it burn and love come racing through

Your concrete heart isn't beating

And you tried to

Make it come alive

No shadows
Just red lights

Now I'm here to rescue you

You have changed

I have changed
Just like you

For how long
Must I wait
I know there's something wrong

Oh I'm still alive
I can't apologise no ...
They were both so great today in the Green Room - words kind of failed me so I resorted to what I do best, pictures Smile x
Another masterpiece...Brilliant pictorial tale Kalpana Clap Clap 
U r right, Shyam ke kehar se koi nahi choota hai...Bas Laxmi shayad bach gayi bcoz of HP. HP ke pyaar ne usse bacha liya LOL 
Now coming to ur gr8 collection, how on earth do I pick up a Fav ???? Confused 
I pick two-
Cover up with a smile, I hv learned to fear ( AND LOVE)
Come fire, Let it burn and love come racing through

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Sadie101 Senior Member

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Anjali n Rashmi thanks for replying to my comment...
HAHA Me and Mami have become much so that i haunt u guys everytime u see Mami!!! MUHAHAHAH LOLLOLLOL
But i can't believe u girls understood my post Confused
Anyways, i did not get the chance to go through all the comments...i have an assignment due in two hours so frantically trying to finish it...LOL but as u can see i am i am sooo dead today!!!
Miss you guys...its only thursday but it feels like forever since we had our masti session... but i bet next time we do...we will have a blast! Big smile
And depending on how uni goes today plua the episode...i might share a cute little hubby moment with you tonight EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOLWink [yeah feeling much better from yesterday's confused state!]
PS---Haila KALPANA u made MAMI montage and didn't post it Ouch now i am sad!! WinkLOLGreat Post as usual...loved it!!!Clap

Edited by Sadie101 - 05 April 2012 at 12:23am

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Originally posted by Nandalala

Crooner buddies: quick question...What do we think Arnav's reaction will be when he does see Khushi & Shyam together given that he cannot see her with another man?  How will he react this time?

A bit confused here, Anjali. With the looks of the fight shown in SBS, it doesn't seem that Arnav is too angry abt the Shyam incident. He looks more perturbed by Khushi's questions. So it may happen that somebody comes betwn Shyam & Khushi & she wriggles out her hand & runs away. Now when back home, Arnav may renew his threat to Shyam abt staying away frm Khushi. I think then Shyam will play his trump card, the handkerchief.

Did it make sense ??

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amisuv

Originally posted by Nandalala

Crooner buddies: quick question...What do we think Arnav's reaction will be when he does see Khushi & Shyam together given that he cannot see her with another man?  How will he react this time?

A bit confused here, Anjali. With the looks of the fight shown in SBS, it doesn't seem that Arnav is too angry abt the Shyam incident. He looks more perturbed by Khushi's questions. So it may happen that somebody comes betwn Shyam & Khushi & she wriggles out her hand & runs away. Now when back home, Arnav may renew his threat to Shyam abt staying away frm Khushi. I think then Shyam will play his trump card, the handkerchief.

Did it make sense ??

@ Anjali--- i sooo don't want to think abt it...gosh seriously if it was my man...he would beat the ummm lets say shyam ki achi khasi dhulaie hogati!!!! but what will Arnav's reaction be towards Khushi?!!OuchBroken Heart 
@ Suvi
I have a really bad feeling about whats coming up...i think we all have...coz Anjali in her responce to my comment said that what if Arnav sees hanky in shyam's hand and the thread in Khushi's hand...two plus two = ASR ANGRY!!! Broken HeartAngryOuch 
AND u said it right in ur comment...KAB hogi yeh shyam ki dhulai!!!!!

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