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MG FF: do i deserve ur love?#2 pt 32 pg 114 19/11 (Page 62)

crazydream IF-Rockerz

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Sangeet… Geet looking like an Angel.
Everyone teasing her. Geet is blushing
like anything. Maan fida on her beauty.
Loved that ceremony.

N the songs too. Aye hi meri jindagi mein
is my favorite one.
Next is haldi. Maan wants to be the first person.
Loved each n every Maaneet moment.
They look so cute.

I m wondering they ae so happy so why
they are now separate. Eager to knw
wat happened… Frm where MU started.
Continue soon.

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pari1689 Goldie

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superb update...

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 23:


2 days passed and it's the day of mehendi and sangeet. All is set for that and it is held in geet's house. Geet is in her room getting ready and same with maan. He is getting ready in his room and is thinking about geet.

Geet wore baby pink color suit with a matcing jewellary. And a blush crept on her cheeks listening to the teasings from their friends.

Geet you are looking gorgeous, jiju couldn't take of his eyes fom you teased one of her friend.

Arey di, what you are saying. Jiju tho always lost in di teased pari which made geet shy and blushed hard.

Oyy hoyee without makeup only your face become red told one of her friend.

Hey will you all shut up or should I send you all out of the room warned geet.

But how can they miss the chance they continued their teasings. And finally geet got very and she is looking like an angel who is made for maan. she looked herself in the mirror  and smiled. This is all for you maan thought geet and blushed. Later geet's friends took her down for mehendi and made her sit on the center of the stage.

Here maan got ready in a cream color sherwani and looked handsome. Adi and pinky entered into his room at the same time and smiled at him.

Bhai, geet will be flat seeing you teased pinky. Maan shied hearing her.

Maan you are blushing dude teased adi. Shut up adi and lets go, its getting late told maan.

Ohh someone is waiting so eagerly to see his bride told adi and winked.

Maan is embrassed, adi hugged maan and told I am very happy maan. And yes keep my sister happy.

Maan smiled and told I promise.

Adi and pinky smiled and prayed to god to keep them happy always and they all left from there to geet's house. Geet's house is filled with relatives and friends, ful of masti, teasings and laughter.

Soon maan, adi, pinky and their friends arrived and maan's students too. Rano welcomed them with open arms. Maan took blessings from her and she kissed his forehead. His eyes are searching for geet. But he couldn't find as all ladies has surrounded her. But they ladies got the news that dulha has arrived so they all turned back to see maan and maan got the glimpse of his mishty, his life. He is mesmerized by her beauty and stood there rooted. All the girls teased geet seeing maan so hot and handsome. Geet saw maan and is lost in him. Same is the case with maan.

Mehendi girl started applying mehendi on geet's hand and maan is just admiring her, he is falling in love with her all over again. Here some ladies are singing and dancing. All are enjoying in their own way.

Girls formed one group and boys one group. All are in teasing mode. Girls and boys sang in unison.

Ye Kudiyaan Nashe Di Pudiyaan
ye Munde Gali De Gunde
ye Kudiyaan Nashe Di Pudiyaan
ye Munde Gali De Gunde
nashe Di Pudiyaan
gali De Gunde

Maan took the chance and sang seeing geet.

Maan: o Mehndi Laga Rakhna
doli Saja Ke Rakhna
mehndi Laga Rakhna
doli Saja Ke Rakhna
lene Tujhe O Gori
aayenge Tere Sajna (maan rised his collar and winked at geet)
mehndi Laga Rakhna
doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Now how geet back off. She sat there and a girl is applying mehendi and geet sang.

Geet: o Sahra Sajake Rakhna
chehra Chhupake Rakhna
sahra Sajake Rakhna
chehra Chhupake Rakhna
ye Dil Ki Baat Apne
dil Mein Dabake Rakhna
sahra Sajake Rakhna
chehra Chhupake Rakhna

The mehendi girl asked geet the name of her would be. Geet looked at maan and whispered maan.

Maan looked at her and asked what?

Geet nodded in a no and smiled sweetly at him. And the others are singing songs. Finally geet's mehendi is finally completed. Rano came to geet and saw her mehendi and kissed her forehead. Geet smiled with tears in her eyes. Rano nodded in a no and wiped her tears.

Aaj khushiyon ka din hain geet, aansu ki koi jagah nahi told rano. Even rano too got emotional and hugged geet. Maan saw that and thought of changing the atmosphere. He came in the middle of the dance stage and all of them whistled and clapped. Listening to the sudden noise, rano and geet turned to dance floor and saw maan there with a smile on his face. As maan got geet's and rano's attention he started.

Maahi ve maahi ve, that's the way maahi ve

Maan: Tere maathe jhumar damke
Tere kaanon baali chamke hai re

Maahi ve

Tere haathon kangna khanke
Tere pairon paayal chhanke hai re

Maahi ve

Nainon se bole rabba rabba
Mann mein dole rabba rabba

Amrit ghole rabba rabba tu soniye

Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve – 2

Geet smiled at him and pari and pinky pulled geet on to the dance floor. Maan pulled geet towards him without disturbing her mehendi. Maan sang seeing geet.

Maan: O teri aankhen kaali kaali
Tera gora gora mukhda hai re

Maahi ve

Teri rangat jaise sona
Tu chaand ka jaise tukda hai re

Maahi ve

Tere gaal gulaabi rabba rabba
Chaal sharaabi rabba rabba

Dil ki kharaabi rabba rabba tu soniye

Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve- 2

Geet hugged maan listening to him. She remember all the moments spent with maan, their first meet. Their fight, maan saying sorry. Pari in his dance school and their friendship. Maan celebrating geet's birthday and the his confession. Geet looked at him and maan kissed her forehead promising he will be there always no matter what.

Suddenly all of them stopped singing when they heard a sweet voice. All turned towards geet who is singing for maan.

Geet: Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke-3
Mere dil mein yunhi rahna…

Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke.

Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke.

Ankhon mein tum base ho, sapne hazaar ban ke-2
Mere dil mein yunhi rahna…


Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke

Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke.

Maan looked at geet lovingly and geet is lost in him and in his love. Geet never expected that she will be happy in her life again. But one day maan came accidentally and changed everything. Now geet's life is with maan. if maan is not there then there is no geet. her every dream is with maan. Her every second in her life from now on is with maan. she cant imagine her life without maan now. Tears formed in rano's and pari's eyes and they know the each and every meaning of those words.

Mere saathi mere sajan, mere saath yun hi chalna-2,
Badalega rang zamana, par tum nahi badalna.
Meri mang yun hi bharna, taare hazaar ban ke-2
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna…
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke

Listening to geet maan promised himself that he will never make geet sad. She has suffered enough in her life now its time for happiness. I will never change geet, I will be the same maan which you loved. I will fill your maang with sindoor of my name. Not only today geet, but each and every morning. Its my promise geet.

Agar main jo rooth jaoon, to tum mujhe manana-2,
Thama hai haath mera, phir umr bhar nibhana.
Mujhe chod ke na jana, wade hazaar kar ke
Mujhe chod ke na jana, wade hazaar kar ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna….
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke

Kabhi nahi chodunga geet main tumko. Tum meri zindagi ka anmol hissa ho aur tum hi meri zindagi ho. Main meri jaan ko kaise chod sakta hu geet. kabhi nahi, I will be there with till my last breath. If you are tired then I will be your strength. Agar tumko gussa aya tho main tumko manaonga. tumari khushi meri khushi hain, main tumko kabhi bhi takleef mein nahi dekh sakta hu geet. aaj tumari wajah se mujhko ek parivaar mil raha hain geet. Main tumare saath har waqt, har such, har dukh tumara saath deta hu geet. Yeh tumare maan, GEET KI MAAN ka waada hain geet thought maan and placed his hand on her head as he is promising her.

Geet saw the glow in his eyes and the determination in his eyes and smiled. They both hugged and the hall which silent after geet's song is now filled with claps. All the people who came there blessed maan and geet for their marriage life. Rano is very proud of maan. she knows if maan is there in geet's life then she need not to worry for anything.

The mehendi and sangeet function is completed and all of them enjoyed a lot. And all the guests had dinner and left one by one. Later rano, pari, geet, maan and their friends are left. They all headed to dining hall to have dinner. They all are talking and cracking jokes while eating. Maan looked at geet and winked. Geet looked at him and shied and thinking what is that for?

And after that all of them retired to their rooms as all are tired and tomorrow is haldi and they have to get up early. But maan and geet are thinking about each other and are not able to sleep. Suddenly geet's phone buzzed. She took her mobile and saw that the msg is from maan. she smiled and opened the msg.

Msg: Mishty, tomorrow be ready at 5'o clock I will be coming in your room.

Geet's eyes popped out thinking what he is going to do and that too tomorrow morning. Haldi is at 7 then why at 5 thought geet but she understood nothing.

Thinking about that geet dozed off and maan is dreaming about his mishty. The time moved very slow for maan and geet. But for others it moved very fast. Its just 15 more for 5 am. Maan got up and got ready.

Geet heard a knock on her door. She got up lazily and opened the door. She totally forgot about maan's msg. when she opened the door she found pinky there.

Pinky tu inti subah kyun ayi ho? Asked geet lazily.

Arey tum chup hojao, someone will come whispered pinky. Bhai you go in I will come in 15 min told pinky turning to maan and left from there.

Its then geet remembered maan's msg. Maan happily came in and sat on the bed. Geet immediately closed the door and looked here and there.

Maan aap iss waqt yaha? Pls jayiye yaha se? told geet worriedly.

Relax geet no one will come told maan cooly.

Maan plz jayiye yaha se told geet again.

Maan pulled geet towards him and made her sit on the bed. Geet looked at him with wide eyes very innocently.

Geet main chata hu ki main tumko sabse pehle haldi lagaon told maan.

Geet is overwhelmed and smiled cutely at him. Maan is fida seeing her smile and kissed her red cheeks.

Par haldi kaha hain? Asked geet.

Maan thought for a while and took haldi from the cover without getting to know geet and applied on her cheek. Geet is surprised and touched her cheek. Oh this man already prepared everything thought geet.

Geet took some haldi from that cover and applied to maan. Maan smiled at her and they both shared an eye lock. Maan kissed her forehead and told just few hours geet then you will be mine forever.

Geet blushed and hid her face in his chest. After some pinky rushed in a asked maan to go from there as rano aunty is coming to take geet for haldi. Maan nodded and left form there giving geet a flying kiss in return he blushed.

Rano came to geet's room to take her for haldi function, but she noticed some haldi on her cheek and guessed what might have happened and smiled. She caressed geet's hair and took her out. The haldi function started, first all of them applied haldi to maan and then to geet. Maan thoroughly enjoyed each and every ritual. He is so happy seeing many people around. Maan took rano's blessings. Here geet is blushing like never before. All are hell bent in teasing her. Maan smiled seeing her cute antics. Some times she made baby face, some times she looked at her friends angrily, some times she looked up and cribbed to her babaji. Maan want to kiss her but controlled and enjoyed the rituals with his geet.

Precap: Shaadi and no need to tell I guess.

P.S.: I am extremely sorry if there are any mistakes in the update and the rituals, thanks to neha and hinal for helping me. But I don't know much about these all so pardon me.

Hey hi friends how r u? well I am giving back to back updates of all the FF'S from past one week and I am hell tired. Well I will update after a week break. Hope u don't mind.

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 24:

Haldi function is completed, maan and geet went to their respective rooms to take shower. Smile didn't leave their face, they both are so excited and happy to start their new life. Maan had shower and came out, changed into vests and pants. Just then pinky there with breakfast for maan. Maan smiled at her and pinky arranged breakfast for him.

Thanku pinky told maan.

Bhai I know that you are getting married and from tomorrow your wife will do all these things, but doesn't mean that you should be this formal complained pinky listening thanku from maan.

Maan smiled at her complaint and told acha baba I am sorry. And one more thing are you expecting geet will do all these things? Pinky looked at him confused.

Kyun nahi? (why not?) asked pinky.

My dear pinky, does your friend know how to cook? Asked maan rising his eyebrow.

Pinky laughed at him and told poor you bhai, enjoy cooking. And my friend is not that bad too she can make maggie for you and laughed out loud. Maan too joined her laughter.

Hawww you are teasing my sister told pari entering into his room to give his sherwani.

Saaliji, you are also same right? I pity maa, how she is tolerating you both teased maan and pari made a baby face.

Yeh lijiye, your sherwani. I am placing it on the table told pari still pouting.

Arey saaliji tho bura maan gaye teased maan further but stopped seeing her tears. Pinky placed hand on her shoulder and asked what happened pari?

Pari nodded in a no.

Arey pari, I was just kidding. Sorry yaar told maan getting up.

Jiju take care of my di told pari while tears rolled down her cheeks. I was never away from geet di, but today she is going to start a new life. I am very happy for that but from today she wont be with us na told pari looking down.

Maan looked at pinky and then pari. Maan side hugged pari and told pari, you will never miss geet. You are my family now. You are like my sister, we all will stay together, I promise. Now don't cry. If geet see na, she thinks I made you cry.

Pari smiled at maan and thanked him.

Thanku so much jiju. You are the best.

Chalo chalo, we will have breakfast I am hungry told maan touching his stomach.

Jiju, so much work is left you have breakfast and get ready. I will take care of your MISHTY teased pari and ran from there leaving a shocked maan behind.

Ha ha humko pata hain ki geet aapki MISHTY hain pinky too teased further. Now all the boys entered into maan's room and made pinky go out.

Oyy why you all are staring at me? Asked maan making a weird face.

Saale, bachelor party kaha hain? Asked dev.

NO shouted maan.

What no? asked raj.

Bachelor party warty, no way told maan stubbornly.

You don't come, we will enjoy told yash.

Maan is thinking while having breakfast. Hmm ok, you guys enjoy. Don't drink much ok? Asked maan.

Ok dude, thanku thanked yash and went to his dreamy land dancing with girls.

Geet sat on the bed with girls around. She is thinking of something when pari nudged her.

Di, come out of jiju's dreams for some time teased pari.

Geet blushed and slapped on her head warning her. Rano brought breakfast for geet and fed with her own hands. Rano kissed her forehead and blessed her.

Be happy geet, geet hugged rano. Both are having tears in their eyes. Rano broke the hug and told

Chalo, aaj khushiyon ka din hain. Aansu nahi and wiped her tears. Get ready geet, its almost 11 am. You should be ready in 2 hours.

Geet nodded and pinky told don't worry aunty. We are there na.

Rano nodded and left from there.

Pari took out geet's lehenga from cupboard and gave it to her. Geet touched it and smiled. Soon she changed and came out. Her hair is open and she is looking cute in that lehenga. Her friends attacked her with makeup kits and jewelary. Geet sat in front of dressing table and allowed her friends to do what ever they want. Few are making her wear bangles, maang tika and all other ornaments. While few are doing her hair.

Finally seems like ages geet got ready and it took almost 3 hours. Geet looked herself in the mirror. Pari and pinky hugged her from back and told you are looking breath taking.

Geet blushed and lowered her eye lashes.

I will be back told pinky and rushed to maan's room.

Here maan too got ready in his sherwani and applied gel to his hair and looking hot and handsome exposing his chest with first 3 buttons open. Pinky knocked the door. Adi opened and asked what?

Is bhai ready? Asked pinky.

Yes told adi.

Ok I have to tie sehra to bhai told pinky.

Ok ya I forgot come told adi and allowed her to come in. Maan smiled at pinky and she tied sehra to maan. Maan got ready and they all are ready to go to marriage venue. Geet and some of her friends are there in house while rano and other elders went to marriage venue before maan reach there. Maan and his friends with pinky got into the car and started their drive to venue.

Within 1 hour they reached the venue and they all got down. Here rano is already waiting for maan. She saw him and smiled and maan too smiled at her. Rano did aarti and put tilak. She then took sweet and fed maan a spoon. Maan took blessing of rano and entered into the marriage hall. It is beautifully decorated with red roses and orchids favorite of both maan and geet. Soon maan is escorted to mandap.

Here geet too got ready and they too got into the other car and drove to venue. Geet is all nervous and excited. She clutched her dupatta tight and closed her eyes. All other friends are busy in their own world.

Babaji, thanku so much. Today is the most auspicious day in my life. Today I will be Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Papaji, aaj main bohot khush hu, aap bhi khush ho na? kaash aaj aap yaha hote. Where ever you are you will be happy. I got my happiness in the form of maan. I need your blessings papaji thought geet to herself and closed her seeking her papaji's blessings.

They reached the venue and all of them got down. Rano came to her and took her inside the hall. Maan felt geet's presence and turned towards the entrance.They looked at each other .

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai

Dhulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

That's it, his breath stuck in his throat seeing his mishty looking not less than angel. Her milky while skin is reflecting more and her pink cheeks and lips and a smile playing on her lips shows how happy she is. She too looked up and saw maan, who is staring at her without blinking. They both are lost in their own world. Geet couldn't tolerate his continous gaze on her and lowered her eye lashes.

Maan smiled at her and rano took geet to the mandap. Due to heavy lehenga, geet is not able to climd the step, maan offered his hand and geet happily took it and climbed the single stair near the mandap and they both stood side by side.

Soon panditji arrived and started chanting mantras. After few minutes, panditji asked them to exchange vanamala. Pari handed one to maan and one to geet.

Soon they both exchanged the vanamala and smiled at each other. Panditji asked them to sit. They both sat side by side and panditji chanting mantras once again. The havan was lit, maan and geet folded their hands infront of havan praying for their future.

Panditji asked maan to fill geet's maang. Maan took a pinch of sindoor and filled geet maang. Geet closed her eyes living the moment.

Maan looked at her lovingly. Then he took mangalsutra and tied around her neck. Geet had tears in her eyes, seeing that maan nodded in a no.

Saat Pheron Se Bandha, Janmon Ka Ye Bandhan

Pyaar Se Joda Hai Rab Ne, Preet Ka Daaman

Hain Nayee Rasmein, Nayee Kasmein, Nayee Uljhan

Hont Hain Khamosh, Lekin Keh Rahi Dhadkan

 Dhadkan Dhadkan Dhadkan Dhadkan

 Mushkil Ashkon Ko Chukana Lagta Hai

Dhulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

 Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte

Abh To Har Apna, Begaana Lagta Hai

 Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai

Dhulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

They both stood up for pheras. They did seven pheras around the fire, promising each other to be there for each other in every ups and downs of the life. They completed the pheras and took elders blessings. Rano kissed their forehead and blessed for their happy life.

Next ritual was bidaai, it was very emotional, geet hugged both rano and pari and cried. Maan felt bad seeing his geet missing her happy. But he promised himself, soon she will be with her full family.

Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul

Jaa Rahi Hoon Chod Ke Teri Gali Babul

Khoobsurat Ye Zamaane Yaad Aayenge

Chah Ke Bhi Hum Tume Na Bhool Payengey

 Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai

Dhulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Dulhe Ka, Sehra, Suhana Lagta Hai

Dhulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Even pinky got emotional seeing geet, she suffered a lot in her life. Finally she is settled and she have full confidence on her maan bhai, he will keep geet always happy, no matter what.

Rano wiped geet's tears and told Khush raho beti, aaj se tum apna naya zindagi shuru karne jaa rahi ho. Sambhalke, mera aashirwad tumare paas sada rahega.

Geet hugged her maa once again. Rano went over maan and told maan beta, meri beti ka khyal rakhna. Thoda gussa bohot ata hain par dil ki achi hain.

Maan smiled and told aap chinta mat kijiye maa, main geet ki aankhon mein ek bhi ansu nahi aane dunga. Yeh mera waada hain maa.

Rano smiled with tears and blessed them. Maan and geet got into the car and started their new journey of their life.

Precap: ……..

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geetsrir.maan IF-Dazzler

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lovely both updates dear...Clap

Edited by geetsrir.maan - 13 September 2012 at 11:50am

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Maaneet wedding was grand with pics.It brings nostalgia as i used these pics in my recent SS.u hav described d wedding ceremonies with beautiful writing.Wedding song was perfect 4 d situation.Not only Rano even Pinky became emotional.Pinky wishing 4 her friend was so nice.its very diffi 2 get such friends now.plz update soon.cant wait 4 d next part

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crazydream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged


Maan n Geet are ready for Marriage.
Pinky teasing Maan n Geet ke khane
Ka joke bana rahe hai. It was funny.

Loved the way u described Maaneet's
Wedding. Each n every part was sweet
As well emotional.
Maaneet going to start a new life.

Continue soon.

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Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Marriage rituals were so grand and romantic too..but all the time i was getting tensed about their separation, so couldn't enjoy muchDisapprove

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