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MG FF: do i deserve ur love?#2 pt 32 pg 114 19/11 (Page 27)

meettu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyothikrish

Originally posted by uteem

Originally posted by jyothikrish

i will update tomorrow morning both dnl and this one.. 

ok...will be waiitng...dont delay nd long updates

ya sure...
if u can wait till 11 or 11:30 i will update this one.. but not sure..

ok not a problem

r u on fb??????

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by uteem

Originally posted by jyothikrish

Originally posted by uteem

Originally posted by jyothikrish

i will update tomorrow morning both dnl and this one.. 

ok...will be waiitng...dont delay nd long updates

ya sure...
if u can wait till 11 or 11:30 i will update this one.. but not sure..

ok not a problem

r u on fb??????

yes i am

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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                                                Chapter 18:

note: plz add 'maneetmaneet' to ur buddylist for pms.



Geet smiled and asked kiska phone tha?

Ha geet you go and change we are going somewhere.

Maan what happened to u today? Surprise pe surprise.

Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead and told u love that place.

Ok I am eager to go there told geet.




Later maan and geet got into the car and drove to the orphanage. After 30 min drive they reached the destination. Maan stopped the car and geet looked out to see where they have come. She is surprised to see the place and looked at maan. Maan smiled at her and told


Geet nodded excitedly.

Maan smiled seeing her excitement. They both got down of the car and went in hand in hand. The people in the orphanage welcomed them and all the children are happy seeing their maan bhaiyya there. All of them shouted in unison maan bhaiyya.

Maan too wished all and he bent on his knees and wished all the children. It is the place where maan spent his childhood. He never forget this place, he saw so muc in his life, many obstacles but finally today he is successful in all sense.

Maan introduced geet to the children.

Bacho, inse miliye, iska naam hain geet aur yeh aapki bhabhi told maan.

All children shouted bhabhi'

Geet smiled at all of them and she too sat on her knees and kissed the children there.

Later she cut the cake and all the children there sung the birthday song and wished her. Geet felt so happy celebrating her birthday here. She felt so much peace and relief. Her life totally changed from the day she met maan and filled with happiness.

She fed cake to the children there and gave them chocolates and talking with them.

Suddenly a girl came there and gave her a rose. Geet smiled at her and asked what is ur name?

My name is roshni, and what is ur name? asked that girl.

Geet caressed her hair and told my name is geet.

Aaj aapka birthday haina, maan uncle told me before only isiliye I bought this rose for u. aap yeh rose acha laga? Asked that girl in her babyish voice.

Geet smiled at the cute little girl and told mujhe bohot acha laga.

That girl smiled cutely and then pouted.

Geet saw that and asked what happened beta?

Main na maan uncle se katti told roshni.

Aww why? Asked geet.

Maan uncle didn't come to meet me from so many days told roshni stretching her arms indicating so many days.

Geet chuckled seeing her pouted face and told maan uncle is very bad na. wait we will give him punishment. What say?

Roshni kept her hand on her chin like she is thinking something deeply and told nahi nahi maan uncle is good na so no punishment.

Hmm so what should we do now? Asked geet.

Tell maan uncle that I am angry on him told roshni.

Geet smiled at her innocent talks and took roshni in her arms and went near maan.

Roshni tapped maan's shoulders and maan turned back and saw them and smiled.

Hey sweet heart, how r u? asked maan with a smile.

But roshni pouted cutely and turned to geet.

Dekhiye maan, roshni aapse angry hain. Haina? Asked geet.

Roshni nodded yes.

Aww why my darling is angry? Asked maan so ever cutely.

Roshni turned to maan and told u didn't come to meet me na.

Sorry darling told maan and held his ears.

Geet and roshni smiled at him.

Maan took her in his arms and kissed her cheeks. They both chatted for sometime and maneet left from there.

On the way to geet's house geet told to stop the car in the deserted area.

Both came out of the car and sat on the car bonnet. Geet placed her head on his shoulders and maan held her tight by her waist.

Thanku so much for the surprise maan told geet.

Maan smiled and told u r happy na, then I don't need anything.

Really maan, my life hs changed completely after meeting u. u too faced so many problems na maan but u over come all those but I am not able to come out of my past maan told geet.

Maan made her face him and cupped her face and asked what happened jaan?

Aaj dad ka bohot yaad aaraha hain maan told geet and hugged him.

Maan too hugged her back and was little hesitant to ask her or not.

Jaan can I ask u something, if u don't mind. I am not forcing u told maan.

Geet broke the hug and asked what maan?

Wo.. wo.. fumbled maan.

Maan ask me what ever u want? U have full right on me told geet and smiled.

Tum apni mamaji se kyun aisa baat karti ho? As I saw u that day u r totally got emotional seeing him and the fear in ur eyes I cant forget that day geet told maan.

Geet looked into maan's eyes and got the strength to tell him the truth which she killed within her years back.

Geet held maan's hand tight, maan smiled at her and blinked his eyes assuring her that I am there with u.

Geet sighed and told he is the reason for dad's death.

Maan is shocked to listen this. But didn't talk anything he want geet to come out of her past.

We had a textile company in Mumbai and it is running with heavy profit and we all are living a happy life. But mamaji wasted all his money in gambling and drinking and he use to ask money every now and then. Seeing mom dad couldn't deny and helped him. But one day dad came to know what he is doing and denied to give money to him. Mamaji got very angry but he tried to convince dad that from now onwards he will not do anything like this and he even told that he started a business so he want surety for bank loan. Dad got convinced and signed those papers. But that's the wrong thing dad did, he just believed him told geet and looked at maan with teary eyes.

Maan wiped her tears and nodded in a no.

But we don't know all this. But one day when dad was in shop some bank members came and told that they have to sell all our property because mamaji didn't pay the loan money from past 6 months. Dad tried to convince them to give some time he will pay but they didn't believe dad and ceased all out property within 2 days. At that time we didn't have any house to live and after that dad told me what all happened. But after that we came to know that all those bank papers are fake and actually its mamaji's trick to take our property. But dad didn't tell anything to mom as she cant tolerate that her own brother did this. Later I stopped my studies midway and started doing a part time job. Due to all this dad's health worstened and he was hospitalized. He told me to take care of mom and pari and he left all of us told geet and broke down completely and hugged maan.

That's why.. sob.. I hate.. sob.. him. Mujhe uska chehra.. sob.. bhi.. sob ..  nahi dekhna told geet.

Maan too hugged her tight and rubbed her back to calm down.

Shh.. geet don't cry, I am here na nothing will happen to maa and pari now told maan.

Geet broke the hug and told that's the reason till today I didn't allow anyone to enter into my life. I don't want any one to again cheat us told geet with fury in her eyes.

Mujhe nafrat hain uss aadmi se, par main kuch bhi nahi kar sakti. I hate him maan I hate him. Uss aadmi ne ek baar apni behen ke baare mein bhi nahi socha. He is reason for dad's death and from that day onwards I took care of my family. I became a son to them and I became strong to face this evil society. Somehow I completed my studies. And I don't want pari to face any of this. I want pari to be happy so I didn't let them know about my so called mamaji told geet.

U know one thing geet I am very much proud of u. u took care of everything and never let them know the reason behind ur dad's death. U sacrificed ur life and ur career because of them. I promise geet that I never ever let your past come into our life again. Your dad will be so happy seeing u today told maan and kissed her forehead.

U know maan if I am with u then it will be like I can face the whole world, thanks for coming into my life maan told geet and kissed his cheeks.

Don't thank me geet, maan aur geet alag nahi hain. They are two bodies one soul told maan.

Sach' told geet and lost in his eyes.

Maan pecked on her lips and told chalo geet, maa with be waiting for u.

Geet nodded and they drove back home happily. Today geet is so happy. The birden on her shoulders are relieved now. She closed her eyes and saw the smiling face of maan. She too smiled and leaned closer to maan and kissed his cheeks and told I love u maan.

Maan smiled at her seeing her happy and also whispered I love u too mishty.

Maan dropped geet to her home and left to his house. They all slept peacefully that night.


Next day morning:


Maan got up with continous ringing of his mobile. He picked the call and told hello.. with a sleepy voice.

Maaan shouted geet from other side.

Maan kept the phone away from his ear listening to her shouting.

Kya hua jaan? Asked maan.

I am very happy maan told excited geet.

Maan smiled and asked mujhe bhi batao kya baat hain.

Geet shied and told wo.. wo..

Ab kya hua tumari bolti band hogayi teased maan.

Geet pouted and told u r teasing na I wont tell.

Acha baba sorry ab bolo told maan.

Hamari engagement ka date pakki hogayi told geet and shied.

Maan almost jumped in joy and his smile widened.

Wow geet subah subah kiyne ache news diya tumne, thanku so much mishty. Date kab hain asked maan.

1 week later told geet.

One week baad u will be officially mine told maan with so much love.

Geet shied listening to him and told I am always urs maan and cut the call.

Listening to his words her heart beat rised and she started dreaming about her life with maan.

Here maan is not less he is eagerly waiting for his mishty to come into his life forever.


Precap: maneet engagement..

             Ufff teasing session of friends..

              Oops shopping mein romance..


Hii friends I am here with par t 18. Hope u all like it.

Plz hit LIKE n do COMMENT..

Will be waiting for ur response.





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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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maan taking geet to orphanage to celebrate birthday roshni scenes amazing geet opening her past to maan geet mama is b... cheap man maneet engagement

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--Ratna-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Jyothi   Hug...thank u for the awesome update...loved Maaneet in the orphanage scenes...very touching...Roshini is so cute...Geet's past was painful Cry...what an evil mamaji Angry...Maaeet phone convo was sweet...plz continue...TC Smile

Engagement songs...

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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice part...Finally Geet told him about her update engement..

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2012 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Loved the part a lot...
Maan took her to orphanage... that was too lovely..
Loved roshni's antics..
Geet had a terrible past,,, And that mamaji s a shameless creature...
Wow!maneet's engagement..
can't wait for that..

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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so dis d truth...geet's mom should knw abt her brother's deed...

awesome  n beautiful update...

loved it...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

continue nxt prt son plz...

eagerly waiting fr the update...

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