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FF:Worth of Water! *NEW* EPILOGUE PG.111 (Page 67)

hira_arnie IF-Rockerz

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update soon...

Mahi1219 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 7:

"Do you want to eat something sweet?"

"Um. . . sure!"

"Okay." He smirked and pulled the car over.

'This is perfect!' he thought

They walked to the salesman, "What would you like Mrs.Malik?" Arnav asked politely.


"Give us 2 plates of jalebis."


"Yeah, I want some as well!"

"But you can't have sugar!"

'BINGO!' he smiled 'This is my Khushi!' "How did you know?"

"I. . . I. . ." 'Hey Devi Maiyya! What should I say?' "Your assistant told me!"


"Yeah, he said to make sure you don't eat something sweet at the dinner!"


'Aman saved me today! Thanks Devi Maiyya!'

After finishing the plates of jalebis, Harshita and Arnav went to the dinner.


When the food arrived, Arnav watched as she scarfed down the food. 'Just like my Khushi.'

"Mrs.Malik, I want you to meet Mr. and Mrs.Sharma." He led Khushi towards a mid-aged couple.

"Hello." The woman said as she extended a hand which Harshita gladly shook.

"They are the host of this wonderful dinner."

"Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs.Sharma." Harshita smiled.

"Mr.Sharma, Mrs.Sharma, this is Harshita the head designer of Diva Fashions."

"You're the Harshita Malik? We have heard so much about your designs!"

"Thank You!"

"Excuse me, shall we go Harshita?"


After dinner Harshita and Arnav were going home in the car when Arnav's phone rang.

"Hello Di?"

"Chottey, Nani's health has worsened! The doctor says we need to try to get her out of her shock!"

"What can we do?"

"We need to convince her Khushiji is dead!"

"She's not DEAD!"

"Chottey, that's what you both believe but Nani needs to think she's dead so she can recover. Only you can do that by accepting her death."

'How will I save Nani? Maybe I can. . .. No! She won't agree to it. What if I. . . Maybe?'

"Di, I will get back soon, try and take care of Nani."

"Okay Chottey!"

"Is something wrong?"

"No, my nani's health is worsening. She also still believes my Khushi is alive."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that her health is worsening. Umm Arnav Can I ask you something?"


"You really loved you wife a lot right?"

"Yeah! She meant everything to me, but I wronged her a lot."

"Did you abuse her?"

"No, I did manhandle her though. I treated her like she meant nothing to me! I forced her to marry me, a contract marriage for 6 months."


"She was having an affair."


"My jeeju! I saw them together many times! It was confirmed when I confronted my jeeju!"

"You trusted your jeeju more than your wife?"

"Yeah, maybe that's why she left me."

"How are you so sure she left you and didn't . . . you know . . . die?"

"I love her and although I don't believe in god, she does! She trusts her Devi Maiyya more than anything! Devi Maiyya isn't so cruel to take Khushi away from me after taking my parents."

"Then what happened, according to you, that made her leave?"

"Well, it's a long story."

"We have time."

"Fine," He narrareted what happened at the cabin and Harshita had a flashback to the event.

"Iii'mmm veveeerry cccooolddd." She was shivering so badly. He tried to call a doctor but there was no cell reception, and there were no other houses or cabins for miles. He had no other option to save her then give her body heat. He lied down next to her, and tried warming her up at the same time he was consoling her that everything would be okay.

The next day, when they both woke, Khushi was shocked to find Arnav sleeping next to her in the state she was in.

"Arnavji?" she called loud enough to wake him.

"Khushi?" He whispered in a sleepy voice.

"What happened? Who changed my clothes? What going on? What happened?"

"You where shivering and there were no doctors so I gave you body heat, and your clothes were wet and making you feel colder so I changed them."

She looked worried. "No! This can't be happening!"

"Khushi, I know you're probably really mad but listen to me."

"How could this happen? Why did you save me? You should've let me die! I would be free from your torture!"

"KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA, I only saved you because if something happened to you people would ask for answers! You don't mean anything to me, you never did! For all I care, after this contract is over, you can go to hell! Do whatever you want, just stay away from me, and my family. Oh, I almost forgot; don't think that just because I slept with you, I fallen in your trap! You will never extract money from me! "

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't act innocent!"

"What have I done wrong? How have I hurt you? Please tell me! I don't understand a thing!"

"FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF! I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU. LEARN TO TAKE A HINT! I'm just glad after 2 months I won't have to see your ugly face!"

"IF YOU HATE ME THAT MUCH YOU SHOULD'VE LET ME DIE! I would've been free from this torture! Do you think I'm going to take advantage of this? Do you think I'm going to pretend to get pregnant?"

"Girls like you would do anything for money!"


"Harshita? Are you alright? We are at your house."

"What? Oh yeah I'm fine. Thanks! I feel bad for you and your wife."

"Don't feel bad for me. I was wrong; she had every right to leave me."

"Before I leave, how did you wife supposedly die?"

"In a plane crash, Di says she went to Lucknow and her plane crashed on its way there. I don't and won't believe it until I see her dead body!"

"You love you wife a lot huh?"

"I do and I would do anything to have her back."

"That's nice! And I'm sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you by asking you all this stuff."

"No, It's fine!"

"Well Goodnight!"

"Yeah, goodnight."


"What is this Arshi? You are still up? It's 12:30 am!"

"I'm still up, but where were you missy?"

Harshita stood there her mouth in and O shape. "Arshi ki baachi! Come over here!" They laughed.

"By the way mom, what were you doing till 12:30 am?"

"That's none of your business!" she joked

"Oh but it is! I need to know what my best friend was doing alone with a guy till 12:30 am! Don't you think you are getting too serious too fast?"

"Arshi! That's bad; you shouldn't say things like that. " She was laughing on the inside "It was just a business dinner! Now go to sleep!"

"But tomorrow is Sunday!"

"Aren't you going to help me design?"

"I totally forgot!"

"Now go to sleep, I need to change!"


'He still loves me? Maybe all this is a mistake? Should I forgive him? But how can I forget what he said to me? I didn't mean anything to him. Is Sarita right? You never know the worth of water till the well is dry. He does think I'm dead, well atleast Di and the rest of the family do, except nani. And nani, she's sick! I should be supporting my husband through this; I never actually signed the divorce papers. If he only knew that I never took the flight to Lucknow, instead I took a flight to Mumbai with Dhruv. No, Harshita! Did you forget why you left him? He hurt you and he says WE were a mistake! If he finds out about Arshi, he will say Arshi was a mistake!'


"Di, you? Here? How did you get here?" Khushi asked.

"Khushiji, I called the hotel because you guys never called me, but they told me you never checked in! I got scared and so I called Amanji and we decided to come and look for you! We saw your car out on the street and we guessed you guys were stuck here!"

"Di, you shouldn't have come in this condition."

"Chottey, we were so worried for you so I had to come!"

"We better go!" Aman announced.

2 Weeks Later*****

"Khushi, you're pregnant!"

"What are saying Dhruv?"

"You're pregnant! If you want, I can schedule an abortion. I know it's against your principles and you would never even think about it, but the circumstances you're in. . ."

"No, Dhruv I want to give birth to my child! I want it to live; I just can't get an abortion! It's a sin. Plus, it's mine and Arnav's child."

"How will you give birth to it? If you tell Arnav then he will tell you to get an abortion too!"

"He might change his point of view towards me and him."

"Look, I'm your friend more than your doctor; I know what's best for you! Alright, if you really want your child and you want to split from Arnav then I have a plan."

"What plan?"

"You can start your life over again!"

"Over again?"

"We will move to Mumbai together, with Sarita. Her parents live there so they can help you get settled and you can get a job there. Also, I got a transfer there! You can raise your child there and change your name to. . . Harshita!"


"The one who spreads happiness, you are always spreading happiness!"

"Thanks! But the job. . ."

"You can get a degree there!"

"For what?"

"Anything! You have fashion experience from AR! Why not get a fashion degree?"

"Okay and?"

"You can get remarried. . ."

"NO! I won't betray Arnav like that. I will leave him in a month but there is no way that I will get remarried! I love him, and I will always love him."

"Okay, ixnay (pig latin for no or cancel!)  on that! But you can still get a nice job and live there happily!"

"Fine, but how are we planning on doing this?"

"Okay, tell Arnav you are going to Lucknow on a flight but instead take a flight to Mumbai, or a train."

"That could work! If he ever looks for me then he will check in Lucknow not in Mumbai!"

"And about your name Harshita. . . Harshita Raizada? No, What do you think?"

"Malik, Harshita Malik! It was Arnav's name before became ASR."

"Well from August 15, 2011, you will be known as Harshita Malik!"

"I like it, but how did you know what Harshita meant?"

"Simple, parents are always naming their kids, a women a few days ago told me she liked the name and she told me a little about so I know what it means! I know a lot of names, but Harshita is perfect for you!"

She giggled and went home, hiding the fact about her future from everyone even her jiji.

She looked at the time; 1:15 am!  'I'm still awake, it's so late I better sleep!'


"Chottey, she's not responding to anything. The doctor says she might be like this for the rest of her life!"

"Di, I will do something I promise! I need some time to think."

"We don't have much time! Please."

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again prob wid my like btn..
 first of all thanks for updating!! it's been a long..
 i dropped  u a pm to reg updates.. but finally happy that i got the update!!! v nice one..
 will khushi forgive arnie as she still somewhere down loves arnie or may be she"ll melt coz of nani's health??
pls update ASAP

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AnuLovesBarun Senior Member

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after a long time...i thought u forgot this ff...
awesome update...hope arnav finds about his daughter 
continue soon 

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like button for me is not working.. but i liked the update..

arnav is gonna ask harshita to pretend to be his wife,.even though he knows she is khushi.. that is gonna be great,

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lovely update
tanx for pmSmile

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u updated after a looong time !!
is khushi going to forgive so fast ? my opinion is she shudnt...

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