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Sex In His (Rajeev Khandelwal) FC Pg 52 HiHandsome

yazh. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 8:46am | IP Logged

Unfolding story of a voyeur cum exhibitionist

Apart from money   


The celebrities who come on the show to reveal private matters do so to clear the air about a few things that were made public by them, 
to tell their side of the story, to get maximum mileage from events in their lives and for publicity. 


A few contestants who came on the brastachar ke kilaf episodes said they wanted to tell about the widely prevalent deep rooted corruption, 
how they had given and taken bribe, how the system cannot be changed, and took oath to start afresh

But why does every tom, dick and harry and their female counterpart want to reveal their private, shameful truths in front of the whole world


Why expose truth in public, why not seek forgiveness in private! 


Why reveal sach that have to be revealed within the four walls of a home or bedroom or not revealed at all! 


Why be selfish and not bother about repercussions or hurt caused to others!
Why lay down their heavy burden in front of everyone!

Are they brave sipahis or are they fools; fools who rush in where angels fear to tread...

What motivates them, apart from money...


It must also be the love to be in the limelight. 
Love to have an audience. 


The common man seems to be more of an exhibitionist and a showoff than a celebrity... 
wants to tell the world about every single aspect in his life with images and videos. 


Do not want to see whining 'oh poor me' women and their cuckold husbands 


or cheating men and their sad wives.


Do not want to be a voyeur of the exhibitionists on the laal khursi 
and hear their sordid tales 


See it only for the man who is laal khursi khi khareeb.


Season 1 was a daring and shocking show unlike any other seen on Indian TV. 

It was also the first time we saw him differently.

Much earlier the mirey tharin song, a few stage performances, 


 photo shoots like this, the lrl group dance, the fumbling stammering half naked rajveer in the towel scene, made one feel... 


huuunnn who is this guy (felt uneasy and shocked like rajveer) 

 Many must have experienced different kinds of embarrassment and shyness for different scenes.  

Could have had the sneha rajveer dialogue with oneself
 tumne dekha,  

 nahii mein kuch nahii dekha 

The mind baulked, it cringed'

So when heard him say the erotic sounding shareeerik sambandh it was like...
he is saying all this!!!!! 


He and sex... No way. You don't relate sex with him.

You cannot create a sambandh between sujal/rajveer's shareer and sex


The mental trauma one had to go through...

Had to leave behind the 'naive, tremulous teen fan' kind of mentality to see him as a worldly wise grown man of 33 who talks about and asks questions related to sex in a very matter of fact way. 

The shareerik sambandh questions should have prepared the mind for the shareerik sambandh simulations in soundtrack, two years later...


Hahaha it did not.


If the mind baulked and cringed earlier it gasped with shock 
sex and  Rajeev???
It finally became
sex and rajeev!!!

Enjoy the heart squeezing moments his intese performances create. 


"nahi dekhna chahtha hai kya" asks sneha


that's what the low waist pants wearing strutting peacock too asks. 
so only only only for him, as a perfect fan will see enjoy and admire


When so many would not dare take off their shirt without a perfect six pack abs he is extremely comfortable with his body and is inhibitions free

So as a fan let go of inhibitions to do some ogling


From seeing with lots of reservation the pelvic thrusts on the stage in the Dhoom song four years back...


 to actually seeing a whole different kind of thrusts and humps... have travelled faaarrr

Soundtrack has helped free him from the set image the mind had confined him in.

Handsome is that handsome does
luuvv seeing everything this handsome does. 
Happy that we did not see him do what shonali's boyfriend did. 
But then if the script demands he is sure to do that too in the future'


But please please please no full monty not even a veiled/suggestive one. 


Take the fan shapath to be a perfect voyeur of this exhibitionist's vertical, horizontal, oblique front and back blatant cocksure display.

Only to give him very valuable feedback like 'you are so handsome' 'you are looking so sexy', 'you have good broad shoulders and nice tapering waist', etc. 


Sach ka Samna of a Die Hard Loyalist

Host: aap kisi se pyaar karte ho
Fan: Yes.

Screen flashes True


Host: Kaun hai woh? batana chahthe?

Fan: (Doing a Dolly Ghai who said Obama)
Rajeev Khandelwal, love his thought process and views. Bahut accha insaan hai.

Host: (Points to himself) Me.

Fan: Yes!


Blushes... moves onto the next question.

Host: Kya aap ek shaadhi shudha mard (married man) ka shareer ko admire/ogle karte ho?

Fan: yes

Screen flashes True

Host: Yeh sahi jawab. 


Host: (facing the audience): pehli baar aisa hua. Polygraph  machine attached to the body of this contestant got confused, the lines on the graph moved like crazy and it blew a fuse. The polygraph machine had to be replaced with a latest version. 


Host: Kya hua polygraph test mein

Fan: Weelll a thousand thoughts were going on in the mind. In a few secs there were innumerable yes and nos. 

Host: Phir anth mein aap 'yes' kaha. 

Fan: Yes, because that is the sach.


Host: aap ek shaadhi shudha aadmi ko kaise admire kar sakthe... 

Fan: That was difficult to answer... but thanks to yooouuu it became aasaan


Host: Thanks to me, kaise

Fan: Remembered all your interviews. 
Bingo!!! Finally got it!!!! 
Do not admire the shareer of the 'real' Rajeev Khandelwal.  
Admire the guy on the screen, the one on TV and in the theatre. 

Admire the actor
Raunak and Rajveer are sooo seeexxxyyy. 

The image is the 
Raj eve(s) love to ogle


Host: mmm... mmm... mmm... 

Fan (winking): Not for nothing are we called thinking women. 


Host: iss sahi jawab keliye aap ko ek karor mila. 
Zordhar taaliyaan. 


Thanks to all the SKS contestants for coming on the show.
But for them and their stories the world would not have witnessed such fine hosting skills. 

He had said he wanted to do the intimate scenes to make the downfall of raunak seem more effective. 

Just like the questions in SKS none of the intimate scenes too were done to titillate. 

Loved him in WYMM, rajveer was even more fun than raunak. 
Thanks to both the directors for showing us a different Rajeev.

This pic tells why when there were younger, taller, more handsome men with deep baritone voice, dancing skills and perfect dialogue delivery in KTH and LRL he made the most impact. 

It tells why he stole the show...
when one among many in shaitan and wymm.

His reaction at 0.03:05 when he removes his graduation cap and shouts...
is proof why his acting makes him stand apart even in a crowd. 

Who thought the Rajeev we first knew would give such a fine performance as Raunak and do comedy this well. And dance too...
A huge thanks to him for constantly surprising us.  


jo kholna hai khol dena, dil mat khol na...  

said a wise rascal on his graduation day

but the only thing we khol/exhibit online in this FC are our dils/thoughts that sambandh mostly his image and also his real.

It is stimulating fun being his exhibitionist fan!!!

From feeling it is blasphemy to even read a few IF FC posts with sexual undertones to actually making this frontpage... definitely travelled far.


Thanks to the mgmt team for asking me to open this FC. Smile
Surya for the title siggy.Smile
A huge thanks to Purnima for most of the pics and for all the merging and cutting. 
 He appeared shirtless for maybe two seconds in wymm, but that does not escape our eyes. Thanks to purnima for getting that still. 
Dont think anyone has ever given her more sexciting assignments.Smile

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yazh. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Posted this in the RPFC at the time of Brashtachar ke khilaaf SKS season 2. Thanks to the RPFC girls for letting me post it here...Smile

Handsome Is That Handsome Does 


Handsome is... 

Rajeev Khandelwal sponsors a girl child 

...that handsome does 


This was a proud moment. A rare honour. But it seemed exploitative. 
Still not... because in an entertainment world where relationships, religion, surname and so much of everything is exploited for money, fame, box office success, etc this poster posted on the web does not seem to be very so. 


  "When I read Mahatma Gandhi's saying - 'Be the change you want to see'- it really inspired me. After doing the show I understand what these lines mean. It will show the viewers the unfortunate ground reality of deep rooted corruption in our country. (Rajeev Khandelwal)

Every word or thought or view against brashtachar can make one feel cynical and ask so many questions he asks in his 'Tomorrow Never Comes' blog post. 

"He asks them pointed questions, demands some serious explanations and doesn't judge them even once. He's definitely one big reason you come back to the show every night and of course, end up asking yourself some unsettling questions".    (screenindia.com)


 "It is not easy to be just a spectator. Before the beginning of each show, I get panic attacks. As I go through the research materials on the contestants, I feel more nervous than them". (Rajeev Khandelwal)

His face mirrors all he feels, and what we feel as audience.


All emotions including his bobbing adam's apple are visible for saare duniya to see. 

"Life is anything but OK, these days. Take Rajeev Khandelwal. ...he's caught Anna's germs and developed an allergy to corruption. Hey, do you think we could include the idea of paying people to be honest as a clause in the Lokpal Bill, otherwise Khandelwal will begin an indefinite hunger strike on his show?" (Shailaja Bajpai)


This senior journalist can joke about SKS and equate his role as a host to Anna H. 

laymen cartoons, laymen cartoon, laymen picture, laymen pictures, laymen image, laymen images, laymen illustration, laymen illustrations

Can compare him to a catholic priest who listens to confessions, counsels and acts as an intermediary between god and man, 


in this case between the man and his inner self and with family members and help get absolution.


And in reply to a question he might say, 'Look, I am just the host, not the messiah'.

But all these somehow tell about the responsibility he takes on as he does the show. 


He shoulders the burden of making it somewhat easy for a wife who hears truths she has no clue about. 
This is not just an entertainment show, although the disclaimer says so. 


Somehow in a bizarre way he is the medium through which they hope to get forgiveness and start afresh. 


He makes everything decent and dignified and comes out smelling clean in a show that has so much filth.
Just how could he do it so well!!!  


Just being him.

This encouraging, motivating, saying the right words that connects, offering suggestions and advice to those who share problems must be an inborn trait. A gift. 
He is doing in front of the whole world what he did in private one on one and through mails, letters and blogs.
A natural progression.

"I have never thought about what kind of an image I want to build. My choice of work is never a conscious decision. I want to associate myself with issues that lead to some change in the society. "          

Right from his documentary making days he has been associated with projects with human interests; Indo Tibetan border police force, the army, gallantry awards, literacy, women labour, and a few more. 

People need fictional characters like Rajveer, need men like Rajeev, to highlight a few facts about life and living. Some more than others.  


Do not know where, how, or through whom a message can touch a person, make him think and make a change. 
Sincere efforts and every small step and initiative for a right cause counts.  


This is not a movie. The characters are not make believe. 

You cannot ask a contestant who is revealing his darkest secrets or a family member who is sitting shattered to put on hold their emotions for a retake. 

"I believe viewers will find Rajeev's superbly controlled handling of a difficult show riveting and dramatic".  (Siddharth Basu)

So much is spontaneous, impromptu and unrehearsed.

The actor and the showman are visible 


 but a man who is sincere and genuinely feels is more visible.


He tells it like it is without mincing words. 


Reaches out 


 yet maintains a distance. 
Rajeev Khandelwal

"He has to be the most dashing host ever - hot, charming and straightforward". (TNN)


In the first he had a wild exotic long haired look (thanks to peter), smiled a lot, flirted, was sad a lot even looked as if he was going to cry any minute. 
Then he was a bachelor boy in love, happily wooing his woman.

He dresses more soberly, smiles less, flirts less, is more in control and more serious.
Haha ha a very happily married responsible husband.

He had his sks moment about saath pheras/mangalsutra, must have had about so many other things as well. 

Sure his new status helped him do the episodes with even more sensitivity. 


In normal circumstances the show should evoke revulsion. But I think the reason that doesn't happen is because host Rajeev Khandelwal is so good: He's matter of fact yet empathetic. And he never looks like he's getting any pleasure from uncovering these deep and dark secrets. (Poonam Saxena, Hindustan Times)


They bring to the fore
truths buried in their heart's core.
The misdeeds galore
 all gore
however have been since yore.
The show can be a bore
but for the host we adore.  :) happy

Nice seeing him everyday of the week. But would rather see him 4 days a week for a longer duration.
Can never be a satisfied fan. Big smile

A huge thanks for the 'behind the post' 
efforts of a 'comrade-in-arms' Smile


StarFresh new face - Indian Telly Awards (2004)

StarBest TV Personality - Indian Telly Awards (2004) 

StarFavorite jodi (with co-star Aamna shariff for Kahin to hoga) - Indian Telly Awards(2004) 

StarFavorite jodi (with co-star Aamna shariff for Kahin to hoga) -Star Parivar Awards (2004)

Star Best TV Personality - Indian Telly Awards (2005)  

StarMost stylish Actor - MTV Style Awards (2005)

 StarMost stylish Anchor - MTV Style Awards (2006) 

StarBest Actor in a Cameo role (for CID) - Aap jaisa koi Awards (2006)

StarBest Actor (for Left Right Left) - Sansui Awards (2007)

StarBest Actor (for Left Right Left) - Gold Awards (2007)
StarSpecial Recognition ~ Rotary Award (2008)

StarSpecial Felicitation - Indian Telly Awards (2008)
StarBest Anchor for 'Sach Ka Saamna' - Indian Telly Awards (2009)

 StarFavorite Host for ' Sach Ka Saamna' - Star Parivar Awards (2010)

StarBest Anchor for 'Sach Ka Saamna' - Indian Television Academy Awards (2010)

StarYouth Icon Award - Big Rajasthan Achievers Awards (2011)

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The image
Please Follow The Following  Rules In Order To Keep The RKFC, Clean, Neat Tidy & Warning Free...
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 1. Please avoid more than double or triple quoting of posts. Members can quote thrice but more than thrice quoting is not allowed.

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4. Please avoid saying hello or welcome posts

5. Please discuss Rajeev in every of your replies

6.Discussion about SK can be done but please do avoid discussing RA in the FC

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8. If there is any disagreement regarding any post of any member in the FC then the members should first bring the matter to the RKFC Management Team before reporting the post to the moderators. Unnecessary warnings in the fc are not wanted.

9. No one should open new RK FC or any Fc relating to Rajeev Khandelwal without informing the Management team and getting a yes form them. this is to avoid multiplicity of FCs and clash between members regarding the new FC.

Please keep the FC clean and  warning free .

This measures are just to avoid unexpected fights and chaos and warnings over here...Youur co-operation is sincerely expected.

RKFC management team


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Link to the next FC

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Welcome to the 88th Rajeev Khandelwal Fanclub guys...yipeee... congooo for the new FC, to all of you...party time...DancingSillyParty

@Yazh: good work dear...Sach Ka Saamna - The Unfolding Story...nicely done...just simply superb...ClapClapClapClap

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
congrats on new fc Rajeevians

Nice Title n description
I got shocked at first moment but then i read it completly n got relaxed

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Bluefalls IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
A very Nice and well organised FC.

Well, what shud be the word...ermmmErmm...I wud term it as a very different FC with a different topic and message. And I must say A  very matured front page too. Smile
There's a huge difference in the "The Rajeev"whom we saw in KTH and "The Rajeev" whom we are seeing today in SKS or in WYMM/Soundtrack. His performance as well as those brave bare scenes on screen shocked us as it was against the image of him that was created for sooo many years. As far as SKS goes then definitely I personally feel that his hosting skills have improved in the second/third season than the first one. At present I wud say that may be Rajeev is hosting the most difficult show on IndianTelevion almost flawlessly.

Must Say, This FC is very. different from the previous ones...but with change in Rajeev, his image and his work, I guess, this change shud also be welcomed.

Thanks yazh for the FCSmile. You just made us realise what a long journey we had with him and also the drastic changes that we saw very recently.

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